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posted 12 Apr 2005 -- updated 24 June

Do we suffer from
an "Axis of Perverts"?

  • How are the managers of NASA selected?

  • How does our military decide who to promote?

  • How do book publishers decide which author to promote?

  • How do television networks decide who becomes a news reporter?

    Imagine that many decades ago some employees in the FBI or military decided to secretly work together to sell pornography and operate travel agencies that arrange trips to Thailand and Morocco to provide sex with children. When the Internet became popular, they could pretend to be children looking for sex.

    We might call these people the "Axis of Perverts".

    In this scenario, the Axis of Perverts would know the names of the people who purchased their products.

    For example, Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector, was arrested in June 2001, but he will not explain why. Some news reports claim that in April 2001 he tried to arrange a sexual encounter with a 14 year old girl that he met on the Internet, and in June 2001 he tried to arrange an encounter with a 16 year old girl, but in both cases he encountered police officers instead.
    For more info on Ritter's arrest: #1 #2

    A judge had the case sealed, so only a few people know what Ritter was arrested for, and only a few know why the case was dropped.

    Scott Ritter insists that fires caused the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 to collapse. Is Ritter really so naive? Or was Ritter offered protection from the law in return for defending the perverts in our government?

    Books such as The Franklin Cover-Up and women such as Noreen Gosch, provide lots of evidence that high ranking government officials are involved in the kidnapping, rape, and sexual abuse of children. Perhaps the Axis Of Perverts are setting "sex traps" and catching people like Scott Ritter.

    The Axis of Perverts might expand their list of people by buying the list of customers from other pornography producers. Imagine the value of a list of the customers of the "Max Hardcore" video. (The page that I originally linked to has been deleted, so here is another: Warning! This is not a pleasant site: Max Hardcore)

    Was Scott Ritter caught by the Axis of Perverts?

    Click here

    When a member of the Axis of Perverts has to hire somebody or support a political candidate, they might give first preference to people on their list of customers. This would help the Axis of Perverts grow larger because they could pressure the newly hired pervert into joining the organization.

    After decades of helping other perverts obtain high-level positions in government, churches, universities, and the military, they could end up with a significant amount of influence over the nation.

    Could there really be an "Axis of Perverts"?

    Does this imaginary scenario seem too outrageous to believe? Take a look at a few of the suspicious organizations that provide pornography and travel arrangements. For example, here is a site on the Internet that some people might describe as a porn site:
    Warning! Another shocking site:

    The web site shows as being registered to with an address of:
    230 Park Avenue, Suite 864
    New York
    Tel: 212-295-2121
    Fax: 212-295-2153

    You can find the info here:

    Also listed at that address is:

    That particular Park Avenue address belongs to a company called Landmark Virtual Offices, Ltd. They offer "virtual offices"; ie, they offer this address to anybody who wants a New York City address. As of April 2005, they have about 60 different companies using this address.

    If you send a package to a company using the address of 230 Park Avenue, Suite 864, it actually goes to a person at Landmark Virtual Offices, who then sends it to the particular company you addressed it to.

    Landmark Virtual Offices provides a fax number for all their customers: 212-295-2121. Oddly, this fax number is listed as the voice phone number in the registration of the stileproject web site.

    Global Holidays offers travel arrangements using this virtual office. 

    Take a look at their web site. Can you figure out who are they? What sort of travel arrangements do they offer?

    Other web sites that show the same registration as stileproject:

  • This site provides news (or propaganda?) about Venezuela: 

  • This is a publisher that you pay to publish your book: 


    A company called "Allied Testing, Inc." also has that same fax number of 212-295-2121 and address but instead of Suite 864, they have Suite 854:

    Allied Testing does not make software. Instead they offer outsourcing for the testing of software, and they have offices in London and Moscow. (Since their office in New York is a "virtual office", perhaps their offices in London and Moscow are also virtual.)

    What could this mean?

    Landmark Virtual Offices provide people around the world with the opportunity to pretend that they have an office in New York City. Perhaps some companies have a sensible reason for a virtual office, but it seems to me that the main use for virtual offices is to allow con artists to deceive us, and it makes it easier for criminals to hide their true location and identities.

    Furthermore, it is difficult to figure out who is in control of Landmark Virtual Offices. Christopher Bollyn called their office in London but could not get a clear answer about who is in charge of the company. Perhaps their London office is also virtual, in which case a virtual office in London is offering virtual offices in New York City. There may be many levels of deception.

    If an Axis of Perverts are secretly operating from virtual offices, they might be able to avoid detection by the more honest government employees.

    People who request a trip to Thailand to have to sex with children (ie, to rape children) may be arranging it from the Axis of Perverts. Anybody who purchases sex toys, sex videos, or other sex related items from the Internet, pornography magazines, and sex clubs might be purchasing them from the Axis of Perverts.

    This would allow the Axis of Perverts to blackmail those people into taking top positions in NBC, NASA, Harvard, the military, the FBI, and FEMA.

    Once the top positions in government, universities, and media are filled in with child molesters and lunatics, the nation can be manipulated by a small number of people. This would also explain why our top government, media, university, and military officials are so incredibly incompetent.

    Why are people defending the US government?

    Hundreds of people, maybe thousands, are defending the US Government's story of the September 11 attack, the Apollo moon landings, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the bombing in Oklahoma City. These government supporters post messages every day on the Internet to ridicule those of us who complain that the US Government is corrupt.

    Some of the government supporters write books or appear on radio shows. The July 2004 issue of Astronomy magazine has an article to support the government's claim of putting men on the moon. The March 2005 issue of Popular Mechanics had an article to defend the government's version of the September 11 attack.

    Have you noticed that the people who support the government's story of the September 11 attack also support the the government's story of the Apollo moon landing, the Oklahoma City bombing, the assassination of President Kennedy, the attack of the USS Liberty, and other suspicious events?

    I think the Axis of Perverts are in control of the US government, the universities, and the media.

    Art Bell

    For example, Art Bell, the radio show host, insists that Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, and he supports the Bush administration's story of the September 11 attack. Art Bell also supports discussions about all sorts of issues that I would describe as idiotic, such as ghosts and UFOs.

    Does art Bell truly believe that astronauts walked on the moon? Does he truly believe that fires caused the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 to collapse? Does he truly believe that Martians are creating "crop circles"?

    A few years ago there was a confusing conflict between Ted Gunderson and Art Bell, in which Art Bell felt that Ted Gunderson was accusing him of child molesting.

    Art Bell quit doing his radio show, supposedly because he was so upset by this. He later decided to return to the radio. Today he supports the Bush administration, the Apollo moon landings, and discussions about UFOs and ghosts. You can determine the truth from the lies simply by taking the opposite of whatever Art Bell tells you. Coincidence?

    Or was Art Bell offered protection from the law in return for resuming his radio show and defending the perverts in our government?

    Secret homosexuals

    Let's assume for a moment that a man, such as George Stephanopoulos, is homosexual. Homosexuality is not a crime, but if that man is hiding it, he is open to blackmail. This would give the Axis of Perverts a reason to help him get promoted in government and media.

    By comparison, a man who was open about his homosexuality might be ignored by the Axis of Perverts for being too honest.

    Bill O'Reilly

    Bill O'Reilly of the Fox television network was recently accused of having phone sex with a woman who had no interest in participating. Was Bill O'Reilly given an important position in television because he truly provides America with quality television shows? Or did the Axis of Perverts help him get his position because of his sexual behavior?

    Or was that woman a member of the Axis of Perverts, and was she trying to lure O'Reilly into doing something that he could be blackmailed over?


    Celebrity Matching Challenge

    Can you match the famous celebrity with
    the reason they are remaining silent about the corruption?

    Who is afraid to talk?
    Who is as naive as they appear?
    Who is a member of the Axis of Perverts?
    Who is blackmailed, and over what issue?

    Famous person
    Reason for Silence
    A) John McCain, Senator 1) Nitwit Without a Clue
    B) Ann Coulter, Fox News 2) Too afraid to talk
    C) Karl Rove, Bush Administration 3) A Transsexual
    D) Hillary Rodham Clinton 4) Homosexual orgies
    E) Oprah Winfrey 5) Executive in the Axis of Perverts
    F) Chris Matthews, MSNBC Hardball show 6) Member of the Axis of Perverts
    G) Elizabeth Vargas, ABC News 7) Sex trips to Thailand
    H) Tom Sneddon, District Attorney in Michael Jackson case 8) Committed Murder
    I) Sean O'Keefe, NASA Administrator 9) Coprophagy
    J) John Bolton, President Bush wants as US ambassador to the UN 10) Emetophilia
    K) Alan Colmes, Fox News Radio 11) Harpaxophilia
    L) John Kerry 12) Hybristophilia
    M) Larry King, television 13) Pedophilia
    N) any suggestion? 14) Sacofricosis
    O) ? 15) Sitophilia
    P) ? 16) Symphorophilia
    Q) ? 17) Zoophilia
    NOTE: I do not have the answers to this Celebrity Matching Challenge. The purpose for this is to encourage you to wonder why our nation's leaders are ignoring the corruption, and to wonder why they were selected for these important positions rather than somebody who might do a proper job.

    Also, take a serious look at the "9-11 activists", the anti-war activists, the MoveOn organization, the Green Party, and other activists who claim to be struggling to educate the world and stop corruption.

    Information about the corruption has been available for decades, but how much have you learned from those "activists"? You learn more about corruption from unknown, "ordinary" people.

    Why are the leaders of these "truth movements" so ineffective at educating people about the corruption in the world? Are they really as incompetent as the appear?

    The large groups are dominated by people who repeat almost the exact same nonsense that comes from the reporters of NBC and CBS. Coincidence? Or have The Axis of Perverts put their perverted puppets into leadership positions in those groups?

    Judge a leader by what he accomplishes in making the world a better place, don't judge him by his title or appearance.