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Scott Ritter

He is a former United Nations
inspector searching for weapons in Iraq

Scott Ritter promotes the story that Arabs attacked us on 9-11. Here is an MP3 excerpt of him on June 2005.

Why would an intelligent man promote such nonsense? It is called blackmail.

Don't listen to a man who was caught in a sex trap!
We need to get rid of the Axis of Perverts, not give them money or promote their propaganda! 

Read about Ritter's arrest before complaining that we are harsh on him.

We must clean this "truth movement" of its blackmailed puppets and Zionists.

Some people respond, "But Ritter was set up!"

But where is any evidence of a setup? A non-crime would not be sealed; it would be dismissed. The sealing of Ritter's arrest is evidence of a crime.

Some people also respond, "But some of what Ritter says is true!"

So what? Some of what George Bush says is true. Jeffrey Dahmer also made truthful statements on occasion. Hillary Clinton and Al Gore also occasionally let out some truthful remarks.

It is time we raise standards for our leaders! Learn from Kay Griggs and her explanation of why certain people are promoted in the military. We must remove all the blackmailed people from our government.

If  9-11 is Exposed,
the Zionist Empire Fails

The explosives in the WTC expose the 19 Arab terrorists as Americans, Israelis, and Brits. If the 9-11 lie unravels, it will bring down the media executives who covered up the crime from the first day; the governments that took advantage of 9-11; and the Zionists who are abusing the world to develop Israel.

The criminals will give Ritter and other useful idiots whatever is necessary to maintain the lie and deflect attention to Arabs, the CIA, or Bush, and away from Zionists. More on this issue is here: