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28 August 2009

Mike of responded to Bollyn's e-mail, and he included a link to an interview between the two of us on 22 February 2008 that I had forgotten about. I think it has a lot of important information:
Prothink and Hufschmid 22 Feb 2008:
(click the word download at that page if you want the mp3 file)


Bollyn's e-mail to me, Mike of, Leon, and some other people: 

From: Christopher Bollyn <>
Subject: Avoid Hufschmid - He is a controlled lunatic
Date: Friday, August 28, 2009, 10:44 AM

Brandon, et al,

I became suspicious of Eric Hufschmid a long time ago when he told me that I should stop doing 9-11 research -- back in 2005.  He is clearly NOT interested in 9-11 or the evidence of super-thermite, so why engage him in anything -- unless of course you are interested in his wacko recycled theories about Neanderthals and eugenics, which are nothing but racial theories from the late 1800s.  He doesn't have an original thought in his head.  The questions about the NASA moon landings originated many years before he got involved in the subject.  Hufschmid does not do any research, he just stirs up other people's work and puts in stupid images.  He was not even interested in visiting Professor Jones in Provo in the spring of 2006 when the question of thermite was proven in the WTC from my visits to Provo and U.C. Davis.

Why is Hufschmid spreading confusion and suspicion as he brags?  One has to remember that Hufschmid's relative, Rupert Murdoch, is tied into the 9-11 false-flag terror attacks and the illegal wars at the highest level with Israel.  Murdoch is a close friend of Frank Lowy, who is the driving force behind the Silverstein-Lowy lease of the WTC.  Lowy is, after all, a former Israeli commando.  Murdoch made The Lone Gunmen episodes with Arnon Milchan -- Shimon Peres' best friend.  Hufschmid is part of the Murdoch family -- remember that.

Eric Hufschmid's father -- who worked closely with him on his book project and visited him daily -- is the father of James Murdoch's wife (heir to the FOX News and News Corp. empire) and grandfather of the same children that Rupert is grandfather to.  Eric is uncle to these children.  Murdoch was the first one from the media to attack me and Eric's attacks are the same strategy differing ONLY in their approach.  He is clearly HOSTILE to real 9-11 researchers.  That is a label he will wear the rest of his life!  He is not a friend; he is a FOE.

Lastly, Eric is told what to do by his handlers on the phone and by email.  That is how he was controlled by DBS and others for years.  When I showed him evidence of bad faith by DBS concerning me, he ignored it!  I only spoke with them on their radio shows because I felt it was more important to get the information out that hold the feet of DBS to the fire.  Hufschmid, however, is clearly unable to think for himself -- that was very clear when he could not decide for himself whether to talk to me, someone he knows, or not. He even had to put the question out for his handlers to give him direction.  What a moron!  I have no interest in speaking with someone who can't think for himself.  He is, as I have said before, a very pathetic personality.

I would advise you to sever all contact with him, as I have done.  He is worse than a lunatic -- he is a controlled lunatic.



Mike of responded to Bollyn's e-mail: 

In a message dated 8/28/2009 3:09:59 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

After reading this I am sure now that this isn't Bollyn and that something has happened to him. It is quite obvious the Jews are having a hard time keeping the Bollyn saga under wraps after the all the great work he put out (prior to his 'disappearance). I have still yet to see Bollyn make any reasonable contact to anyone of creditbility. It was pretty clear what has happened to Bollyn since after making 9/11 Missing Links and openly using most of his research in the film he presented not a care in the world or any intention of wanting to contact me in regards what so ever. If someone made a film like this using a lot of my work I would at least be interested in speaking with them. The people who control Bollyn and his family are hard at work as obviously stated. 

Its funny because you'll hear rampant paranioa come out of one side of people's mouth that don't pose a threat at all to Jews and think the 'government' or Jews will come to get them but out the other side of their mouths the most prolific investigator and exposer of 9/11/Israel/Jews is completely safe and nothing has happened to him even though he refuses to speak to any of us. People are simply retarded and aren't really worth anything no have the mental capacity to speak on such matters. Here is an excellent interview I did will Eric about the Bollyn incident here:

I dare someone the challenge the FACTS in this interview to look like anything less then Bollyn being kidnapped.