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Christopher Bollyn
offers to let me interview him!

However, I must first send him $500

What advice would you give me?

18 August 2009

On 14 August 2009, Christopher Bollyn sent me an e-mail message in response to my "latest article" (he didn't specify the article). He suggested we do a telephone interview! Here is a summary of the e-mail messages, all of which have been posted below because as with the five "dancing" Israelis I want to document the event.
Bollyn suggested that I interview him via telephone so that he can clear up some issues.

I agreed, and  I asked him if he will call me, or if  I should call him.

He responded that he's not sure how we would get into contact, but first I must send him a $500 gift "as a sign of good faith".

After discussing this issue back and forth a bit, he became bitter and sarcastic, and he insisted that I send him $500 or there will be no interview.

Would you believe a young girl is in love with you?

Before I continue with the Bollyn saga, consider the situation a man named Leon recently found himself in. (Leon has been sending e-mail messages to both me and Christopher in an attempt to get us together.)

Leon is a divorced man in his early 60s. As with millions of other men, he was looking on the Internet for a woman. A few months ago he told me that he discovered a beautiful, young Russian woman named Tatyana. They communicated with one another via e-mail, and she quickly fell in love with him. She decided to visit him in America. However, when she was ready to fly to the USA, she told Leon that she needed $980, and that she would pay him back later. What advice would you have given to Leon? 

A. It's a scam!
B. Leon, you lucky, old man! Send her the money immediately!
If you need help making a decision, the following text is a portion of one of her e-mail messages to Leon, along with two of the photos she sent to him.
Note: I added the text to the photos - there was no text in the originals.
A portion of an e-mail message from Tatyana:
I have some money but it's not enough to complete my trip. Please send me $980 US dollars and I will complete my trip! After it please write me all details about the transfer - your FULL NAME and Money Transfer Control Number.!!

I will call you as soon as I receive it. When I receive the money I will pay for my trip and only then the embassy will put all final stamps on my documents.

I've bought you few souvenirs with Russian attributes!!! I'm sure you will like them!

If you need something more please let me know, they are not expensive. Also I bought two boxes of Russian chocolate!

I hope so much when I come to you we will like each other! You are already very special to me! 

Please when I come to you tell me more about you and your country!  I will listen to everything you tell me and I will do everything you tell me! I trust you really much!

I hope you will not do something to hurt my feelings.... I think you are really good man. I will never do anything to hurt yours!!!


What do you suggest I do about Bollyn's request for $500?

Leon didn't send any money to Tatyana because he decided she was a con artist. However, Leon doesn't believe that the Bollyns have been kidnapped, so he told me to send the $500 and stop my ridiculous accusations that the Bollyns are prisoners. What do you think I should do? (All of the e-mail messages between me and Christopher Bollyn are below if you want to read them first.)
A) I agree with Leon! Show good faith and send $500!
B) Don't send anything! Don't give money to kidnappers! That will encourage more crime!
Have you seen Weekend at Bernie's? 
I think some Hollywood movies are based on actual crimes committed by the international, Jewish crime network. Did you watch any of the excerpts of videos that I provided links to in my article about Michael Jackson's mysterious death? Try the Hostel movie excerpts.

The plot for Weekend at Bernie's is that two men are pretending that a man who accidentally died is still alive. I suspect that this movie is based on the actual crime that some Jews are committing in which they kill or kidnap a person, and then pretend that their victim is alive.

For example, where is Peter Kawaja? Just like Christopher Bollyn, he is no longer seen in public, and all contact with him is weird. For example, I sent an e-mail message to him two days ago, on 16 August 2009, but his response is a bit strange, and his phone number is being used by several suspicious companies. I put some info and the e-mail messages here:


My e-mail messages with Christopher Bollyn

Here are the e-mail messages I received from Christopher Bollyn, in the order that I received them and replied to them.
In a message dated 8/14/2009 2:47:47 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Eric,

I read a bit of your latest article and will read the whole thing tomorrow.  I read the part about what DBS said about me.  I think we should do an interview that you can post.  I want to clear up the issues and think that a "radio" show interview would be the best way to do this.

Let me know if you would be willing to do a discussion for an audio file.

Best wishes,

Christopher Bollyn

 My response: 

Sure, we can do an interview!
How am I supposed to call you? Or are you going to call me?

Do you have a telephone number that I can call? Or do you have Skype?

I still have the same phone number.
Eric, 805-968-5351


In a message dated 8/14/2009 11:13:47 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


I have not worked out the details for the phone connection yet but would think that you would probably have to call me.  I need to find a good phone line to receive the call.  When I used a mobile phone last time I was on a radio show, I was cut off every time I started to talk.  I would prefer not to use a mobile phone.

I think we can plan to do the audio file later this week, at the earliest.  I am in the process of putting the first 14 chapters of my book on-line with illustrations and want to have this finished before we do the show so that I can tell your listeners that they can read my book online, at least as far as it is finished.  I want to find who made the super-thermite that was found in the dust of the World Trade Center and who put it in the building.  That will be the final chapter of my book.  I suspect that Burton Fried's LVI was involved in the application of the super-thermite as a spray on the interior surfaces of the Twin Towers.  His son-in-law, Matthew Dembin, comes from a family that had a criminal member on the FBI's most wanted list during the 1930s and 40s.  The bank robber and gangster Meyer Dembin is probably Matthew's great uncle.  Matthew is head of sales for LVI and is married to Fried's daughter, Shari.

Despite all the terrible things you say about me and my work, I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt.  The purpose of making this audio file is to clarify my position on many things and your attitude to my work since I was forced to leave Illinois.  You certainly don't need reminding that you still call my work "Zionist bait" and "Mossad approved."  Since you maintain this position to this day, I don't consider you to be sympathetic to my work or thesis about 9-11.  All of my appeals for you to change these things have fallen on deaf ears as did my early and repeated warnings about DBS.

Because of your hostile position regarding my work and the damage you have caused me, I expect you to cover the costs of this show and make a contribution to my work as a sign of good faith.  This is not something that will make amends for all the pain and damage you have caused me, but is simply a donation for my research efforts and a sign of good faith.  I think a donation of $500 would be a suitable donation although you are free to send more if you like.  The best way to send it would be as a GIFT to me via PayPal using my email address at  If you send it as a GIFT there is no money lost in the process.  Your sign of good faith would have to come before I speak with you on the phone.

You may not want to make a donation to my work, since you claim that I am working with the Israelis and that my articles are all approved by the Mossad.  You may think that the $500 is going to the Israelis that are holding me and my family hostage.  I would not be surprised if that is what you think at this point.  These are some of the things that need to be addressed and clarified.  If, however, you really want to do the audio file -- as you have said before -- you will need to show a sign of your good faith and donate to my work.  The best way for a doubting Thomas, such as yourself, would be to send a small donation first.  You can do so by clicking on my donation button or directly via PayPal.  Send a small amount, say $100 first and we can see how it goes.  I will let you know when I receive it.

When we do the audio file, I would certainly expect to clarify all the issues that are outstanding between us.  That, I hope, will get you to change you mind about my status and my work.  I would hope that by doing this audio file (more than one are probably required) we could make sense of these misunderstandings and get you back on the right track.  You might not think that you are on the wrong track, but I can tell you that at least as far as I am concerned, you are completely on the wrong track and deep in a very dark tunnel.  By discussing these things I would hope that you can see the errors in your assumptions. I would also hope and expect that you would then see fit to remove such hostile comments about my work being Zionist bait and Mossad approved.  As I said, I would like to give you and your intelligence the benefit of the doubt.

When you send a donation we can plan our telephone conversations in more detail.

I look forward to your response and contribution to my work.

Christopher Bollyn

 My response: 

Hi Christopher, 
Since you don't know how we can make phone contact, let's do something that would be more fun and practical. I could buy airline tickets for you and your family, and then we could meet somewhere, such as Japan, or perhaps somewhere closer to you, such as Europe.

That way I can have a vacation, and we can meet in person. It would be much easier to have an interview in person anyway. And it would be more fun, also!

Or I could buy  airline tickets for you to fly out here to Santa Barbara. I know my house is a bit cramped for so many people, but all of you could stay here as long as you want. 

So, how about meeting somewhere and doing an interview in person?



In a message dated 8/16/2009 5:32:44 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Eric,

I can certainly do a "radio" show audio file with you, as I offered.  As I said, the end of the coming week would be the best time for me.  There is no problem arranging a phone line, but there will certainly be some costs involved and time required for preparation.  I am not sitting in my home in California with an established land line, as you are.  A mobile phone simply does not work for a two-hour radio show.  Sometimes I rent a hotel room to do a show.  Sometimes I have to pay to use a phone line in a Internet call shop.  In any case, there are significant costs and time for preparation to consider.

The school year begins next week and we have a lot of things to arrange for our two students.  I have been teaching them advanced math skills during the summer:  arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.  They are starting 6th and 8th grade this year so we used the 8th Grade Mathematics book (review for the Illinois Standards Achievement Test) as our main study text.  Both kids now speak three languages:  English, German, and Estonian.  This year they will begin their fourth and fifth languages.  Although your offer to fly us to California is very generous, we have made other plans and are not ready to go anywhere at this point.  Perhaps we will take you up your offer later, thank you very much.  We need to take this one step at at time.

Leon from Fresno really wanted me to get in touch with you and appealed to me to do so, at least until he lost confidence in you recently.  Then I saw a slew of emails about somebody being afraid of talking to you or something to that effect.  As I said, I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, although you have really stretched me on that.  Since you have been so hostile to my work since the summer of 2007, I thought that we should talk about this in a audio file and clear the air, so to speak.  You have often complained that I speak with K-TALK and others but won't speak with you.  I would think that this radio show could be very important in straightening you out on some points and assumptions where you are way off.  That should be of interest for you, if you are really interested in the truth.

The fundamental difference between you and Barbara Jean (Born on the 4th of July) and others is that they are not spreading vicious lies about me and calling my articles "Zionist bait" and "Mossad approved."  Furthermore, Barbara Jean and her listeners are steadfast and generous supporters of my work.  This is why I have asked you to show a sign of good faith by making a suitable donation to my work.  Your campaign of spreading fear and doubt about me since 2007 has done a great deal of damage to my credibility and fund-raising efforts.  You have also spread vicious and slanderous nonsense about my wife and family.  Although $500 will certainly not compensate for the losses I have suffered, it would be a sign of your good faith.

I won't be hostile or rude to you on the phone.  I would be only polite and honest.  But I do think that you would be a very good person for an interview, despite your hostile position to my work since 2007.  So, Eric, the choice is yours.  If you are willing to do a short radio show with me (of about 30-45 minutes) then show your good faith and send me the basic questions you want to discuss.  This way I can see what it is you would like to talk about.  If you want to do a show, I will also send you the main talking points that I want to cover.  In the meantime, I am posting the first 14 chapters of my book online at  When that is finished, I will be ready to talk.

With all the best wishes,

Christopher Bollyn 

 My response: 

Hello Christopher,

What about using Skype for a phone call? Then you don't have to worry about the cost. Or, I can call you, and then you don't have to worry about it. Regardless, you don't have to worry about the cost of a phone call.

Since you have been interviewing people for years, I'm sure you realize that I can provide you with some basic questions that I'd like to ask you, but exactly what we talk about will depend on how you answer the questions.

So here are three issues I'd like to discuss with you.

1) Can I or other people meet you in a public location? 

My primary concern about you is that you and your family have been kidnapped. Other people - some in other nations - are also concerned that you are dead or kidnapped. It doesn't matter whether I am responsible for causing people to worry about your safety, or whether people are worried due to their own analysis of your behavior. The fact is that a lot of people are now worried. Therefore, the most important issue for you to respond to is whether you are truly free and independent.

What sort of evidence can you provide of your freedom? Before you left America, on 11 June 2007, you occasionally traveled to interview people. Are you willing to allow somebody, such as myself, to meet you in person in a public location, such as inside an airline terminal? Or how about at a police station? If not, why not? It would be at our expense, not yours.

2) Why are you promoting General Stubblebine?

In July you wrote the article "Plane Did Not Hit Pentagon: U.S. Major General Stubblebine".
Even the most superficial analysis of Stubblebine will show that he is best classified as either mentally ill or as a con artist. Even the Wikipedia article about him shows this. 

The US military should be ashamed that they have such disgusting men in leadership positions. So, why are you promoting this man and his theories? My assumption is that you have been kidnapped by Jewish criminals, and they are forcing you to promote this particular man because he is working for the criminal Jews. What is your explanation for promoting this man?

3) Why don't you look for a job?

You have been complaining about a lack of money for years. Are you ever going to look for a job? Or are you going to spend the rest of your life begging for donations?

My assumption is that you cannot look for a job because you have been kidnapped by Jewish criminals. What is your explanation for refusing to look for a job?



In a message dated 8/16/2009 10:43:38 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


I don't have Skype and would prefer to use a telephone.  I could either call you or vice-versa.  In either case the cost per minute should only be a few cents. 

You can ask me whatever you like.  I am hoping that this interview will allow you and your listeners to realize that your assumptions have been quite wrong, at least as far as they concern me.  It is unfortunate that you have labored under false assumptions for so long, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.  I understand how people often hold onto beliefs that have been proven wrong in spite of evidence showing that they are wrong.  You must be in that category of people.  This interview will give you the possibility to correct your views on my status and proceed on a factual basis, rather than to continue to labor under false assumptions.

I, of course, am most interested in discussing the latest evidence about super-thermite from 9-11 and the connections between 9-11 and the huge Zionist rip-off that occurred via Maurice Greenberg's A.I.G. and the banks which he provided insurance to for the mortgage-based securities.  The dismal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would also be important talking points.  The Israeli control of the White House is also a key subject.  After I post the 14 chapters of my book, you will have a better idea of my line of my thesis about 9-11 and the financial meltdown.  These are the main issues I would want to discuss.

I think we could discuss all of this in about thirty minutes.  I look forward to the opportunity to talk with you.

Best wishes,


 My response: 

OK, when do you want to talk? You can pick the day and time. I am available most days and times.
 On the morning of 17 August 2009, I found two messages waiting for me:
In a message dated 8/16/2009 11:26:13 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


We can talk at the end of this week, as I said.  I need to finish posting my book on my website and have a lot of things to do.  We can arrange the details for the interview after you send the donation to show your good faith.


In a message dated 8/17/2009 5:33:06 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


In your emails and website you often use the plural pronouns "we" and "us."  For example, in one of the recent emails you sent, you wrote this: "It would be at our expense, not yours."

Who are you referring to when you say "we" and "our."  Who are the people you are working with?  How many people are in the group you refer to?  Who are they?

Best wishes,


My response:

It's amusing that you want a small amount of money for "good faith", as if I'm purchasing a product that is in high demand, and I need to put a deposit down!

Since the donation is just a meaningless value to make you feel better, I could send you a dollar when you are finally ready to talk to me. Just let me know when you are done with your work and ready for an interview and I will send a dollar. In the meantime, perhaps this image will make you feel better:



My response:

Remember when you are staying at my house? You would ask Helje and/or me to take a look at what you wrote to help correct your mistakes. I don't have anyone to check for mistakes, and I don't even look over my own e-mail messages very closely. 

Unfortunately, many people assume that I have spent hours composing my e-mail messages and reviewing them, and that I have carefully selected every word.

A lot of people have been analyzing my e-mail messages and articles and then trying to make something of a particular word or phrase. They are looking for hidden meanings.

You shouldn't take any of the words I use too seriously. I write my e-mail messages quickly, and I'm often interrupted with phone calls, and sometimes I do copy and paste without noticing that there are mistakes in what I'm doing.


In a message dated 8/17/2009 9:43:35 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

You are the one who makes a big deal of the fact that I have not been making radio interviews with you since 2007.  You says things like, "Bollyn talks with K-TKK but he won't talk with us." 

You are also the one who has made many false assumptions about me and then written a great deal based on your false assumptions.  With this offer for an interview, I am offering you the chance to speak directly with me and get your facts and information straight, but you don't seem very interested.  Why would that be?

You have even offered to fly me and my family to California or Japan.  But you are unwilling to post any of my articles since the summer of 2007 and now you are unwilling to make a suitable donation to my research.  How much sense does that make?  Why would you be willing to spend thousands of dollars to fly us someplace but unwilling to make a much smaller donation to my work?  That's why I say this donation is a sign of your good faith and required before we do an interview..

I am very sorry, but there won't be an interview without a donation of $500 or more.

Best wishes,


In a message dated 8/17/2009 11:03:10 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


Your response to this question simply does not make any sense.  Are you saying that you don't know whether to use the singular pronouns, I, me, and mine when talking about yourself?  When you write your notes or post your articles, you are speaking to yourself as you write, and many of the times you use plural pronouns such as we, us, and ours when referring to yourself, or are you referring to others?

You used to work with DBS, who was clearly an agent of some dark force.  As a matter of fact you worked closely with him for several years in spite of the fact that I warned you repeatedly about him and gave you solid evidence of his lack of good faith.  You told me that you were working with a person who was nothing more than a "voice on the phone."  I remember how you were not at all interested in dealing with the fact that DBS was evidently NOT on the side of the truth.  So what side are you on, Eric?

Now, although you say that you are no longer working with DBS, you still use the plural pronouns.  So, who are you working with now?  Who is the voice on the phone that now tells you what to do now?  Who has replaced DBS?  You have often said that you write your articles in response to people who call you and communicate with you.  So, who are your handlers?  Who are these people who call you and tell you to forget about 9-11?

It is not credible that a native speaker of English (like you) would use a plural pronoun to refer to himself if there were not some other people included in the mind of the writer to warrant the use of the plural form.  I, for example, would never say "we" when referring to myself.  It doesn't make sense, does it?  Are you referring to those voices on the phone?

By the way, you do know what the term "good faith" means, don't you?  Your comments about sending me $1 indicate that you don't understand what is meant by showing a sign of good faith.  Offering to send me one dollar is a clear sign that you lack good faith and proves that I was right to ask for this donation.  There is no sign of good faith on your part.

In your writings, I notice that you seem to have a chip on your shoulder about not having finished university.  That is really a shame, because you certainly ought to do that for yourself.  You should attend classes at UCSB and get your degree.  You really should.  It would be good for you.

Best wishes,


My response:

The reason I'm willing to spend money flying your family to Japan, or some place, is to allow me to meet you in person and verify that your family is alive and free. And the reason I would like to talk you on the telephone is to verify that you are alive and free. I'm not making these offers because I want to entertain myself.

I'm not the only person who wonders about the safety of your family, or about the safety of Carol Valentine, Peter Kwaja, or Ahmed Rami. There are people around the world you have to convince.

You can't even guarantee that the interview will take place. If you cancel this interview simply because you want some money before you even arrange for it, you will reinforce my accusation that you are a kidnap victim, and that this is a trick by your kidnappers to get some money.

By the way, Leon, who mailed a $50 check to you, just called me on the phone and reminded me of an incident a while ago in which a woman tried to get more than $900 from him. You should ask him about that. He suspected a con artist. Telling people to give you money is NOT the way to gain their trust.

It is you that is in the sticky predicament, not me. I don't have to convince anybody of anything. It is you who must convince people that you are safe and free. I think one of the expressions is: "the ball is in your court". It is you who must act, not me. I don't have to do anything. 

If you continue to behave like a kidnap victim, you will continue to support my accusation that you are a kidnap victim. 

So, what will you do? Will you continue reinforcing my accusation that you have been kidnapped? Or will you show me that I am wrong?


My response:
I'm saying that I have lots of typos in my articles, and even more in my e-mail messages. And lots of mistakes are due to interruptions from phone calls. They're mistakes, not a misunderstanding of the use of pronouns. Besides, people often use the word "we" when they mean "I". 

Why are you making an issue out of this? The Christopher Bollyn that I remember never wasted his time on such meaningless issues. Are you really Christopher Bollyn?

Furthermore, if you want to get picky about words, when you say that I was "working" with Daryl Smith, I wasn't really "working" with him. I would describe it as "helping" him with his website and his interviews. By comparison, you were actually working with the American Free Press, so we could say that you were the one working with the dark forces!

Note: I just looked over the preceding paragraph and noticed I used the pronoun "we" in the last sentence!

I managed the website for the "scholars for 9/11 truth" when they first got started in 2005, and they've all turned out to be criminals. So, why don't you make an issue out of that?

I also spend time answering questions from David Ray Griffin, and he has turned out to be a criminal. I helped Sofia, who made the video 911 Mysteries, with various images that she wanted for her website and video. I also help Sofia with some of her audio recordings.

Furthermore, when she was making her video, 911 Mysteries, she wanted to include some burning wood, and a pencil poking through a screen, and so I set up both of those situations here at my home, filled them with my camcorder, and then send her the video, and she put them into 911 Mysteries. I didn't charge her for the work I did. And I did all that other work for everybody for free.

The point I'm trying to make is that you could complain that I spent a lot of my own time and money helping and "working with" a lot of criminals during the past few years, not just Smith.

Regarding the expression "good faith", from what I understand, it is mainly used by salesmen, often con artists.

I think it would make more sense if you behaved like a high quality restaurant. In other words, provide the interview, and then I can send some money after I am satisfied with your high quality service. 


In a message dated 8/17/2009 10:02:22 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


You wrote:   "Will you continue reinforcing my accusation that you have been kidnapped? Or will you show me that I am wrong?"

I don't know if you are being completely honest when you say "my accusation that you have been kidnapped."  This may very well have been something that you and DBS dreamed up together since it began in the summer of 2007 when you were working very closely with him.

This is exactly what I mean about your incredible tenacity to hold on tightly to completely false assumptions in spite of ample evidence proving them to be quite wrong.  Do you really think that my family appeared on national television in Estonia while being held kidnapped?  Do you think that my wife and children worked and attended school in Estonia while being kidnapped? Evidently so.  That means that you are either very stubborn in holding onto false beliefs or you are working to spread disinformation about me.  Since I know you are not that stupid, I believe the latter.

You are the one who came up with this ridiculous story about my family being kidnapped and who stubbornly refuses to admit that you are completely wrong -- and that I have been telling you this via emails and telephone calls since the summer of 2007.  Once again, we see that you are the one unwilling to correct false information which you have created and spread.  You have shown yourself to be utterly lacking in any good faith.  You have libeled and defamed me and lied to your readers for years about me.  You even told me on the phone that it didn't matter if your claim was true or not because it brought attention to your website.  I guess that says it all.

I don't have to prove to anyone that your ridiculous claim is false.  You are the one who is making the false and slanderous claims, not me.  There is already a great deal of evidence in the public domain that your claim is preposterous and false.  The only person who seems unwilling to admit this is you.

By the way Eric, what is your job?  Who pays you to write all this nonsense and how much are you paid?  It seems to me that you spend all of your time in a dark and stuffy room in a little suburban house in Goleta, California.  (We know you spend a lot of time looking at some very strange photos on the Internet.  You even showed us.  I won't go into the nature of these photos in this email.)  How do we know that you are not getting paid by the Murdoch family to do all the dirty work you have been doing on the 9-11 movement?  How do we know that you are not being black-mailed?  How would you like it if people made such allegations about you and then asked you to prove that they were not true?  This is exactly what you have been doing to me and others.

You are the one who will be held to account for the damage you have done to me and others.  People will not forget what you have said about them, Eric.  I certainly won't, nor will my family.  You are making some pretty big enemies -- you should remember that.  You have shown that you are lacking any good faith and are wilfully spreading disinformation about me and my family.  There are not many alternatives to this.  This means that your disinformation and slander campaign aimed against me and my family has been malicious all along.  You are the one who will be held to account Eric, not me.  Life and memories are likely to be much longer than you might think.

CB and family 

In a message dated 8/17/2009 9:28:39 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


Right.  I am not really Christopher Bollyn -- somebody has hijacked my email and is writing in my name.  And the person who ran around Paris with you chasing after William Rodriguez loading up at the Burger King was not Bollyn either.  As a matter of fact, we don't even know if Bollyn actually exists, but if he does he is being held by the Mossad on a river boat in Germany.  At least that is what Eric Hufschmid says.

Are you really so goofy in your thinking or is this all an act?  This is where I give you the benefit of the doubt.  I think you really could be that goofy.

I was an independent contractor with AFP, which I think I have told you before.  I was not an employee and was not included in any of their fraudulent employee-owned schemes which began in the summer of 2001, when AFP replaced the Spotlight.  I had been an independent contractor since the fall of 2000.  This meant that I was paid a salary and my only job was to write articles.  I saw it as the only way to get my information about the Estonia sinking and other important matters out to the reading public.  AFP served as a vehicle for my work, articles that never would have been published in any mainstream media outlet.  I don't know if AFP can be called dark forces but they certainly have some pretty dodgy characters working there.  AFP paid me to do 9-11 research, something you are unwilling to do and I don't know of any connections between AFP and Rupert Murdoch...

Your relationship with DBS, however, went much further.  You worked closely with him, producing radio shows and a website long after I showed you how he had worked to defame me with a person in Canada.  DBS defamed me very much in the same way that you have done.  You didn't care about it then and you don't care now.  At least you are consistent in your defamation policy.

You say that David Ray Griffin is a criminal.  If you have evidence to support that claim you should go the local police and turn it in.  What do you mean when you say he is a criminal?  Criminal means a person who engages in criminal activity.  What criminal activity is your neighbor Mr. Griffin engaged in?  What evidence do you have to prove this allegation?

This is the same kind of thing that you have said about many people.  You slander and libel people in your campaign of sowing suspicion of everyone who is investigating 9-11, including me and my family.  Who would be interested in sowing suspicion of people like Dr. Steven E. Jones, the person who identified the evidence of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center?

Eric, I am sorry but I am not a restaurant where you can eat first and pay later.  If you are unwilling to show a sign of good faith (evidence of good intentions and honesty) there will not be any conversation on the phone.  I have work to do.

Best wishes,


Bollyn's final message to me: (as of 18 August 2009) 

In a message dated 8/18/2009 1:55:44 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


If you really want to do an interview on the phone for your website to verify that I am alive and well (and free), you will need to send a donation of $500 to prove your good faith.  If you don't want to do an interview on these conditions then we can forget about it.  I have a lot of things to do and time is money.  I have been compensated for all the radio shows I have done lately.  The people affiliated with Barbara Jean have been generous supporters of my work for years.

With all the best wishes,

Christopher Bollyn


(Two more photos of Tatyana. I added the text)