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Christopher Bollyn and his family
interviewed by Estonian television!

1 April 2009

Just when I thought the Bollyn situation couldn't get any stranger, he sends an e-mail message to a group of us on April 1, 2009 with a link to a television interview of him and his family! (It is at the bottom of this page here)

A crude, computer translated version of this page is here, in case you know somebody in Estonia to send it to.

The video starts with Christopher's wife, Helje, and their two children getting out of a car, but Christopher is not with them. The three of them are then seen walking away from the car.

The license plate is: 988 TGU. Since the Bollyns do not have a car, I suppose it belongs to a television crew member.

In the next scene the three of them are walking down a sidewalk, with Christopher behind them by quite a distance.

Helje turns around to look at him, as if she's wondering, "Where's my husband?"

Such a happy family!

There is one scene where Christopher and Helje are together.
The scene at the market has Christopher walking behind Helje again.
His son is interviewed, and he speaks in Estonian, so I don't know what he says.
His daughter does not know much Estonian, so she speaks in English about the children around her:  
They don't know much Esto... English at all. They are... only some of them speak a little bit of English.
High-quality video excerpt of her:
Bollyn-daughter-on-Estonian-TV.wmv  400 kb
Christopher also speaks in English:  
Working in Estonia uh, calmer and quieter. I'm less distracted. I'm able to think more... more profoundly because, um... I'm not distracted... I don't speak the language, and... in many ways... ummm, I'm left alone to my own thoughts.
High-quality video excerpt of him:
Chris-Bollyn-on-Estonian-TV.wmv  660 kb
The Estonian television company posted  the video at this page, but since it's coming from Estonia, it can take a long time to load. Just open the page, and then do something else while you wait. And if they delete the video, here is a lower quality wmv version that is only 9 MB: Bollyn-family-on-Estonian-TV.wmv

Issues to contemplate

Do television interviews prove that the Bollyns are free?

Anybody who looks at my website probably already knows that the media is dominated by Jewish criminals, and that all reporters are either criminals, mindless nitwits, or blackmailed or bribed puppets. Our news reporters routinely lie to us, and they routinely suppress important evidence.

And have you seen the video in which actor Dirk Benedict says there are "hundreds of murders in Hollywood"? (It is at 1:49) He doesn't provide details, and most people don't care since Hollywood is full of freaks, but by ignoring these murders, we allow a Jewish crime network to get control of our media companies.

I do not consider a television interview by criminals to prove that a kidnap victim is free, especially this particular interview in which Christopher looks miserable.

Why do the Bollyns talk to everybody but us?

As I mentioned in my audio file for March 22, 2009, just before Christopher vanished, he called me and said he needed money, and I sent him $1000 by PayPal. He never even acknowledged receiving it.

He has been interviewed a few times by a radio station in Salt Lake City, by a television station in Estonia, and by other people, and he personally met with the Italian journalist Giulietto Chiesa, among other people.

But he won't say "Thanks!" to me for sending him that money, and he is ignoring everybody else who has helped him in the past and who is concerned about his safety.

Christopher says he is left alone to his own thoughts

He pointed out that since he doesn't speak Estonian, his life in Estonia is more calm and quiet. So, since life is so relaxing for him, why does he look so miserable? And why doesn't he talk to some of us who speak English?

Also, does he plan to learn the language? Is he going to look for a job? Or does he expect us to send him money for the rest of his life? He used to travel around the world to interview people, but since June 2007 he has become a journalist who is secretive. Why should we give money to a journalist who hides from us?

Why is a woman in the background of one of their audio files?

For a while the Bollyns were creating audio files to prove that they were alive and free.

In one of those audio files they spent some time promoting Linda Shelton, and a woman's voice can be heard saying the word "or".

It appears to me that she is reminding them of what to say.

Here is the excerpt, and you will hear her at 11 seconds:
Bollyn-voice-in-background.mp3  160 kb

Incidentally, in February 2009, Linda Shelton was acquitted of charges that she was cheating Medicaid out of thousands of dollars. Was she truly innocent? Or was this a reward for helping to set up the Bollyn family?

Shelton has been in and out of courts and jails. Here is one of her articles about how she has been abused by the police and courts, if you're interested.

The Estonian TV crew should be considered armed and dangerous

As I pointed out in my article about the Italian journalist, Giulietto Chiesa, everybody who comes into contact with Christopher Bollyn should be regarded as having a very close contact with a very dangerous group of criminal Jews.

The crew of the Estonian television company that interviewed the Bollyns should be added to the list of people who should be investigated as close associates of that crime network.

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In the white box below is the e-mail message that Christopher Bollyn sent to a group of us:
In a message dated 4/1/2009, writes:

Dear Prothink and others,

I am not kidnapped and have never been.  Facing sentencing in a corrupt Cook County court headed by a Zionist judge, Hyman Riebman, after being maliciously prosecuted by a Zionist prosecutor, I decided to leave Cook County and the United States in June 2007 and go someplace where my family could get away from the intense pressure we had been under since August 2006.  I had no desire to wait for the other shoe to fall after having been through a very corrupt and taxing court process.  It would be the height of irresponsibility to allow myself to be thrown in Cook County Jail for a year and put my wife and young children through even more torture.  I did the sensible thing and left.  To hang around and let the corrupt police and court have their way with me would have been utterly foolish.

We went to Scandinavia and Europe and visited my wife's hometown in Estonia.  An Estonian news magazine and television channel even conducted interviews with us on several occasions.  Here is the link to one of them.  It is in Estonian, but if you know the Bollyn family you will recognize who we are.  It was done because my wife's first husband was a famous singer who died on the Estonia ferry in 1994.  You can see that my son, who is gifted in language skills, picked up Estonian with no problem. He also speaks fluent German.

The television news clip about the Bollyn family is here:

Several of my articles about 9-11 were published in Eesti Ekspress, a national weekly news magazine.  One of the reasons we went to Estonia was to organize two truth tours about the sinking of Estonia in the fall of 2008.  One was with Jutta Rabe and the other was with Anders Bjorkman.  Both of these events, organized by my wife, were covered in the international media.  I don't know how much more visible a person can be. 

If you look at the television clip above and still think we are kidnapped than you probably have a hidden agenda.  Eric Hufschmid, for example, says we are being kept hostage.  He has continued this rumor because he clearly does not want my supporters to support me -- he even says so.  Unfortunately, his rumors have sown doubt and suspicion, which is what he intended.  To attack a person's income is the first line of attack of intelligence agencies.

I am working on my book, Solving 9-11 and the price I had to pay, which will be coming out this summer.  I have two websites, and, which has been hijacked since mid-March.  One of the things about being a truth seeker is that one is always surrounded by people who want to obstruct your work.  I have always worked by myself and have been betrayed my many people who tried to befriend me or associate themselves with me.

Best wishes to all,

Christopher Bollyn