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Christopher Bollyn meets Giulietto Chiesa

Plus I get an e-mail message from Bollyn!

7 Dec 2008

At Bollyn's website is a photo of him with the Italian 9/11 researcher and journalist Giulietto Chiesa. Nobody has seen any of the Bollyns since they disappeared around June 11, 2007, and now he shows up with Giulietto Chiesa. How do you interpret this?
I say this is evidence that Chiesa is in direct contact with the kidnappers of the Bollyn family.

Bollyn also promoted Anders Bjorkman again, who I mentioned briefly a year ago here.

Furthermore, where was the above photograph taken? A bookstore of the crime network? And in which nation? A book in the background looks like it has Russian words on it.

Update #2: somebody told me it is the book "Great Encyclopedia of Folk Medicine":

And look at Bollyn's eyes. Either he was in the middle of blinking, and the low resolution of the image is distorting his eyes, or his eyes are swollen and discolored.

Send E-mail to Chiesa!

A man in Italy who read this article quickly translated it into Italian (the Italian version is here). He had already sent e-mail messages to Chiesa, but he didn't get any reply. He was hoping that if more people send messages, he will respond, and if he doesn't respond, he will at least realize that we are watching him.
Click here for a message that he wrote for us.

Update 13 December 2008

Chiesa responded to one of the messages:

English Italiano

Update #1

A couple hours after I posted this file, someone told me that Giulietto Chiesa has been interviewed several times by the mysterious group of Russians that produce the website Russia Today for English speaking people:

This is even more evidence that Chiesa is working with the Jewish crime network. I wrote about this group a while ago when I pointed out that they approve of Alex Jones:

An e-mail message from Christopher Bollyn

I haven't heard from Christopher Bollyn since January 2008, and a few weeks ago I got the message in the box below. I was on the cc list. He was responding to somebody in Japan.

In a message dated 11/23/2008 10:54:14 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

Dear Megumi,

Yes, I am really Christopher Bollyn. Eric Hufschmid has been spreading disinformation about me for almost two years. He says that I am being held by the Mossad, that my articles are Zionist "bait", and other bizarre things. You should know that I have been betrayed by many people. In fact, I have been betrayed by practically everybody that has been a position to betray me. I was betrayed by the people at American Free Press, by my lawyers, by the local police, by my own brother, and unfortunately, by Eric Hufschmid.

The odd thing is that I do know Eric Hufschmid. In fact I am the person who introduced him to the Israeli involvement in 9-11 angle. I am copying him on this note, as you see. He and Darrel Bradford Smith began to attack my credibility in the summer of 2007, when I was forced to leave Chicago or face a prison sentence in Cook County Jail for assaulting the undercover police who attacked me and TASERed me in my front yard. I had warned Hufschmid about Smith, but he did not heed my warning and continued to work with a person that he did not know and whom he had never met.

I live in Europe now. My wife is a Swedish citizen who was born in Estonia. I am attaching a recent photo of me and my family. If you are interested in my relationship with Eric Hufschmid and Darrel B. Smith, you can do a Google search of Hufschmid and Bollyn and read all about it. They have done a great deal of harm to my readership by spreading disinformation and suspicion. After asking Eric, many times, to stop, he has refused to change any of his disinformation. This tells me that it must be intentional. There is no other logical explanation for his actions to harm my credibility.

Thanks for your question. The photo of my family was taken a few weeks ago. I have been on radio programs and interviewed in the European media several times in the past year. There is no question that I am Christopher Bollyn and that I am free and alive. 

Best wishes,

Christopher Bollyn

--- On Sat, 11/22/08, Megumi.Y <*****> wrote:

From: Megumi.Y < *****>
Subject: Question@ Megumi.Y
Date: Saturday, November 22, 2008, 11:55 PM

Dear Christopher Bollyn,

This is a second email for you.

In fact, I've just read Paul-McCartney.html

and then I've been litttle bit confused.

He writes:
Christopher Bollyn claims to be alive, but he is hidingfrom everybody, and his articles and e-mail messages seem to have a different tone. His strange behavior is causing some of us to wonder, is he a prisoner? Is he alive? 

If any of these people have been killed and replaced, the question we should ask ourselves is, How long has this killing and replacement of people been going on?

At least, you article helps to  know Real life for ordinary people, I'm sure.

Do you have a  good relationship with Eric Hufschmid, recently ?

I really hope so. And if you are NOT Christopher Bollyn,
would you please not to use my donation to prepare something terribe ?

Yours sincerely,
Megumi ******.

My response to Bollyn's e-mail

As of December 7, I have not heard from either of them.

Subject: Re: Note from Christopher Bollyn 
Date: 11/23/2008 
To:, ***** 

Hello Christopher and Megumi,

Christopher, since you're afraid to come back to America, how about if I buy tickets for your family to travel to Japan?

I've never been to Japan, and so it would be an interesting vacation for me, and then I can see for myself that you really are alive and free to travel. 

And the people in Japan who admire you will be able to meet you and see for themselves that you are not a prisoner.

Why not settle this issue once and for all? It won't cost you anything. Now that my mother is retired, she does some part-time work for a travel agency, so it will be easy for me to buy your tickets and arrange for the hotel room for your family, and you can have a nice vacation. 

You don't have to spend your time with me. You will only meet me just to show me that you're alive. Plus, I will give you some money when I meet you so that you have money for food and other expenses. Then you can go on your way. 

Do you have an excuse for not taking a free vacation to Japan? Most people would love the opportunity. There is a lot to see in Japan. They have islands, cities, and mountains:

The Yaeyama Islands:

Yakushima is a subtropical island:

Takayama is a city in the mountains:

Kamikochi is a popular resort in the Japanese Alps

Or, if you want to visit a warmer climate, how about Singapore?



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