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The photos on this page were posted at Bollyn's website, 
and/or he sent them to me via e-mail. Do they convince you that he is free?

22 August 2011

Update 23 August 2011:
I posted these e-mail messages and these remarks about Christopher Bollyn, on the night of 21 August 2011. The next morning I looked at Bollyn's website and noticed a new photo of him, with the date of 22 August above the picture. So I wondered if he had posted that photo in response to me, but I was just informed that he had posted that photo the day before I had posted my articles.

I just looked at Bollyn's website this morning, and I find that he changed the text under the photo, and he also changed the date to 23 August. Therefore, the date is identifying the last editing rather than the date that he posted the photo.

Anyway, in response to his posting of that photo, I posted the photos below to show that all of his photos are suspicious.

In August 2011 Christopher Bollyn posted a photo of himself with Andreas von Bülow!

You can download the full-size photo at his website (click here) by clicking your right mouse button and selecting the option to save the file. (If he deletes it, I will put up a screen image that I saved, and the full-sized photo.)

I think his kidnappers are trying to prove to us that he can freely walk around in public, but where are his wife and two children? His children should be in school, and he and/or his wife should have a job. Also, who took this photo?

This photo makes me wonder, why would the kidnappers trust Andreas von Bülow? This is more evidence that von Bülow is part of their damage control team, not a true 9/11 investigator.

In his description of this photo, Bollyn claims to have visited von Bülow at his home in Bonn, Germany, and he describes this photo as a walk along the Rhine River at Remagen in August 2011.

This photo of him holding a cat is one of the first photos he sent to me to prove that he was free and alive. I think this was taken around October 2007. 

The background makes it look like he's in some type of studio, not a home.

The background in this photo, and in the photo below, seem similar, so I wonder if both were in the same location.

This photo shows Christopher and his wife, Helje, doing an Internet audio show, which they did a couple of times after they disappeared mysteriously on 11 June 2007.

Christopher Bollyn was fired by the American Free Press before he disappeared mysteriously, and his wife wasn't working at the time, and they had used up all of their savings. So, how did they afford this audio equipment? And where are they doing this audio show from? They couldn't afford to buy a house, so where are they? And who took the photo?

Christopher Bollyn and his wife did only a couple audio shows, and then quit doing them. Why did they stop? Why not continue and interview people?

I think the Bollyns were told to do these audio shows in order to prove to us that they are alive, and to fool us into thinking that they were also free.

Here is another photo of him with that cat. 
I think this photo was from January 2008.

The photos below are supposedly when he is on vacation and traveling around with his family.

Some of these photos have been erased from his website already. I suppose his kidnappers decided that these photos make him look like a kidnap victim, not a person who is truly free.


So, do you think these photos of Bollyn are proof that he is free?

I don't.