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Start dreaming about our future!

The crime networks are being destroyed, so...
 start thinking about what we should do with our world!

My comments on some events up to August 2011

21 August 2011
Update, 4 Sep 2011: the removal of Gaddafi

1) Despite their "damage control", pedophilia is being exposed!
2) Is it possible that the entire Bollyn family was kidnapped?
3) Will the crime network outsmart enough people to survive?
4) Most people don't care about abuse
5) Why are we wasting money on NASA?
6) We must routinely review the performance of our leaders
7) The Jews are failing everywhere
8) Every military needs to learn from Egypt and NATO
9) Don't be intimidated into caring for misfits
10) We must maintain human DNA
11) Microscopes and telescopes caused humans to become less passive
Conclusion: So, start dreaming of our future!

1) Despite their "damage control", pedophilia is being exposed!
Have you seen the interview in which the actor, Corey Feldman, says that pedophilia is "rampant" in Hollywood, and that he was surrounded by pedophiles who were "like vultures"? He got involved in the entertainment business when he was only three years old, and this brings up an issue that I've complained about before (such as my audio file for 26_March 2008). Specifically, I don't think children should be used by adults as a source of money, and we should not use them as a source of entertainment, either. They should be allowed to have a childhood. Michael Jackson and JonBenet Ramsey are good examples.

Corey Feldman refuses to mention the names of the Hollywood pedophiles. Is he afraid of retaliation? His family is Jewish, so perhaps he is secretly trying to do "damage control" and not truly interested in exposing or stopping the pedophilia.

Have you heard of Frank Serpico? He became famous when his biography was published, which described his attempt to expose corruption in the New York City Police Department. That part of his life was made into the movie, Serpico, and his role was played by Al Pacino.

His attempt to expose corruption gave him a reputation of being one of the few honest policemen, and he may have been honest at that time in his life. However, on 20 August 2011, he was a guest on the Alex Jones radio show, and that is a sign that he is now working for the Jewish crime network!

It is very important that you realize that the Jewish crime network is gigantic, and one of their most successful tricks is the "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" trick. The Jews, their criminal associates, and their blackmailed puppets become 9/11 investigators, policemen, Muslims, Catholics, Holocaust revisionists, etc. They are trying to fool us into trusting them so that they can mingle among us, observe us, figure out what we know about them, and identify which of us are actively fighting them. You have to control your arrogance so that you don't boast about what you do and what you know, and you have to be very careful about trusting people. We cannot even trust our "honest" policemen!

Regardless of whether Frank Serpico was ever honest, his appearance on the Alex Jones radio show is more evidence that the Jews realize that they are losing this battle, and so they're bringing out more people for damage control. And regardless of why Corey Feldman is exposing pedophilia, the fact that his discussion of the issue was broadcast on "mainstream" television is another sign that the Jews are having trouble controlling the flow of truthful information.

The Internet is allowing us "ordinary" people to analyze events, and expose the Jewish crime network and all of their horrible behavior. The Jews can interfere with the spreading of information by loading the Internet with lots of deceptive websites, but they can't stop the truth from reaching more people.

Pedophilia is turning out to be much more common than any of us had imagined. Church officials have been accused of pedophilia for centuries, but the Internet is now letting us see arrest reports from around the world, and it is becoming obvious that a lot of supposedly respectable members of society, such as policemen, government officials, and doctors, are also involved with pedophilia.

So, I tell a female executive at a hospital to check for pedophilia

One of my readers gave me information about the possibility of pedophile policemen using children at a hospital, and a couple weeks ago I mailed a paper copy of that article to a female executive of a hospital to inform her of this possibility. I called on 12 August 2011 to see if she received the article. Her secretary said I should contact the female vice president who was directly involved with the children's section of the hospital. So I talked to that vice president's secretary, and she gave me their e-mail addresses, and I sent them a link to the article. The vice president quickly responded with this brief message:
-----Original Message-----
From:  <***@***.com>
To: painfulquestions <>
Cc: <her secretary's e-mail address>
Sent: Fri, Aug 12, 2011 2:59 pm
Subject: Re: Pedophilia at children's hospitals

Mr Hufschmid, I am happy to meet with you in person to discuss your email.  You may contact <her secretary's name> to assist with an appointment early in the week.  Meanwhile, I assure you that we have a multilayered security plan to ensure the safety of our team members, patients and visitors.

<her name>
V.P. Of Operations
<hospital name> Medical Center

Isn't that wonderful? She is willing to meet me in person, but I don't have to worry about pedophilia because they have a "multilayered security plan"! Could a vice president really be this stupid? Most organizations have security, but all systems can be beaten, especially by people who work inside the organization.

Furthermore, if she has such confidence in her security, why is she willing to meet me to discuss my e-mail? If you have looked through my articles, then you should know that Jews and their blackmailed puppets are constantly trying to meet me, and some have offered to let me stay at their homes if I'm in their city, and Peggy has been begging me to marry her for years! In fact, she is still occasionally calling me on the telephone. Her latest call was in August 2011. Can you explain why she will not stop calling? What is wrong with her? She behaves like a flea, not a human!

Getting back to that vice president of the hospital, I assume that the reason she gave me such a rapid and stupid response, and was willing to meet me in person, is because she knows about the pedophilia, and she is either trying to cover it up, or she is too afraid to stand up to the network. I'm not sure if I should mention her name or the hospital, so for now I will keep it to myself, and perhaps update this article later with that information.

Let's hope that eventually there are so many people who are disgusted with the crime networks that our military starts investigating every police department, hospital, school, media company, etc.

Observe the people around you!

The reader who pointed out to me that policemen are visiting the children's hospitals all throughout the day and night wasn't doing any investigation into pedophilia. Rather, he had simply become aware of how large the Jewish crime network is, and this caused him to wonder how many of his coworkers and neighbors were involved with crime. This in turn caused him to start noticing patterns, such as policemen visiting a children's hospital for no apparent reason, often at suspicious hours of the night.

We don't know which doctors, policemen, school officials, journalists, or church officials are involved with pedophilia, the 9/11 attack, the sex slave trade, or other crimes. Therefore, it is best that you be suspicious of everybody. Join the increasingly large group of people who are observing the people around us, and become more aware of who is suspicious, parasitic, abusive, destructive, psychotic, or antisocial. 

You may not be able to do anything with the information right now, but it might come in very useful later when the military starts investigating and arresting people, or even later when we start designing a new society and wonder who among us we want to live with.

Look for opportunities to sabotage them

When you closely observe the people around you, you are likely to come to the conclusion that you are wasting your time, but if you happen to be in an area where the Jews are planning to stage a false flag operation, then as soon as their operation begins, you may realize that some of the strange behavior that you had observed was due to the Jews setting up the false flag operation. This might allow you to sabotage the operation, or maybe you will be able to tell somebody else what is going on, who in turn might be able to do something.
For all we know, a lot of their operations have already been sabotaged by "ordinary" people who have been observing them. For example, Jared Cano was planning to conduct a Columbine-style bombing at his high school, but he was arrested before he had a chance because somebody told the police about his plot. Prior to 9/11, I didn't pay any attention to Jews or weird people, but today I and millions of other people are becoming aware of them, and we are observing their behavior. This might be stopping a lot of crimes!

Furthermore, if you follow my advice to be especially observant of people who seem parasitic, anti-social, unhappy, neurotic, or abusive, then you would have been especially observant of Jared Cano and his father because both of them had histories of bad behavior and arrests. Unfortunately, as I described in other files (such as Part 10), we have a tendency to ignore and tolerate the freaks. We treat them as pigeons; ie, they live among us, but they are not part of our lives.

Ideally, we would raise standards of behavior and remove the freaks, but if we are going to continue this idiotic policy of allowing freaks to live among us, then we should follow the philosophy of closely observing them. This brings me to the next section of this article; namely, the kidnapping of the Bollyn family.

2) Is it possible that the entire Bollyn family was kidnapped?
Some people have a difficult time believing my accusation that Christopher Bollyn, his wife, and two children, could be kidnapped and transported throughout Europe without anybody noticing. If this confuses you, just look at the children who were held as prisoners for years in ordinary neighborhoods without anybody noticing, such as Jaycee Dugard, (I mention her in section 4 of this article), and the children of Josef Fritzl (I mentioned him in several files, such as this).

Part of the reason the kidnappers were never arrested is probably because the police departments are corrupt, but the main reason is because the neighbors were ignoring the freaky kidnappers. When we ignore a freak, we allow him to get away with a lot of horrible behavior. Ignoring freaks is as stupid as ignoring rats and cockroaches.

If people in Europe had been closely observing their freaky neighbors, then somebody may have noticed the Bollyn family many years ago, and then they could have called the police and told them to investigate those freaks. Incidentally, if we were observing policemen, also, we would sometimes identify a corrupt policeman. In the corrupt world that we live in right now, our best policy is to be suspicious of and observe everybody.

Christopher Bollyn contacted me last month, in July 2011!

I put the e-mail messages here in case you are interested in our latest communications. What was his reason for contacting me? Also, take a close look at the latest photo he sent me (click here for the full-size). It looks like another staged photo to fool me into thinking he is free and walking around in public.

Ever since the Bollyn family disappeared mysteriously in June 2007, they have never all been seen together in a truly public location. There have been times when one or more members of the family have been in a public location, but not all of them together. This is a sign that those who are allowed in a public location have been told that their family members who are remaining in the dungeon will be tortured to death if they dare try to escape or yell for help.

Also, take a close look at the previous photos that he posted on his website or sent to me, such as this one of him holding a magazine. You should notice a pattern; specifically, Christopher is always by himself, or with his family members. If the Bollyn family was truly free, then their holiday photos would resemble the photos that everybody else takes of their holidays.
Update 23 August 2011: Christopher Bollyn posted a photo of himself with Andreas von Bülow so, in response, I posted these additional photos.

3) Will the crime network outsmart enough people to survive?
The Internet has allowed us to so thoroughly expose the Jewish involvement with 9/11 that during the past few years, a lot of Jews have come to the conclusion that they can no longer blame 9/11 on George Bush or the CIA. The Internet is also allowing us to expose the Jewish lies about the World Wars, the Holocaust, and lots of other crimes. A lot of Jews now realize that some Jews must be blamed for these crimes, but which Jews will be blamed?

It's not easy to determine who should be considered a criminal because a lot of the people who were involved with 9/11, the Apollo Moon Landing scam, and other crimes were actually innocent people who were tricked by the Jews. Most of the millions of people who were involved in the World Wars, for example, were not criminals or murderers. They were fighting with each other because they were trusting, honest people who became victims of Jewish lies.

A lot of Jews are trying to take advantage of this confusing situation by creating the impression that most Jews are innocent victims of a small number of bad Jews and their associates. For a few examples: 

• The title for this article starts with: "The world is waking up, Illuminati bankers treason exposed". 
Well, since the entire world is waking up to the Illuminati bankers, then you and I should wake up to them, also!

• The title for this article is: "The London Riots and How They Will be Used to the Elite’s Advantage". 
This implies the London riots were true race riots rather than false flag operations, and that those mysterious and elusive "elite" will take advantage of the situation.

• The title of this article is: "21 Books The Ruling Elite Doesn't Want You to Read".
Wow! Aren't we lucky that somebody has found the courage to come forward and let us know what those horrible elites are hiding from us? We should read all of those 21 books, shouldn't we?

If there are not enough high-quality humans who can see through the propaganda and resist the bribes of money, fame, and sex slaves, then it is possible that the militaries of the world will be fooled, bribed, blackmailed, intimidated, and/or tricked into believing that a few hundred wealthy bankers, corporate executives, and CIA officials are responsible for all of the world's problems. Those few wealthy people will then be arrested, and the bulk of the Jewish crime network will remain intact and will continue to dominate our media, government, schools, etc. So, it is important for you to help us find the humans who are scattered among the sheeple. Educate them about the tricks these Jews are using, and inspire them to find the courage to stand up to the criminals.
“So I said to the stupid goy,
'The elite bankers staged the 9/11 attack, and they control Israel, the media, the police, and even China!'
And he believed me ! What a fool! This is too easy!”
Three examples to learn from
I will give three examples of how the Jews are trying to fool us right now, as of August 2011. Help other people understand these tricks so that they can identify them on their own.

   • Example 1, the secretive "Anonymous"

This is the most significant of the three examples because I think we will see more of this type of deception occurring in the near future, but there will be different variations, so make sure people can understand the concept.

Anger is building all over the world towards corruption, but there is also widespread confusion about who is a criminal, and what to do to improve a nation, and this confusion creates an opportunity for some group to organize the angry but mindless sheeple. We can see this problem right now in the Middle East. Millions of people, including military personnel, are tired of the corruption, but who among them will determine who is a criminal? And after they remove a  criminal from a government position, how do they select a replacement that is more honest? And how do they replace their dictatorship with a better government system? Who is going to design a better government system?

The Egyptians - and all other nations! - have to consider the possibility that the criminal Jews will secretly mingle among us, and secretly manipulate the investigations, trials, and other decisions. They may succeed in directing anger towards a small number of bankers, or whoever they are willing to sacrifice, thereby allowing the majority of criminal Jews to remain free. And they may also influence the development of a new government system, and the people who are selected to become leaders.

The mysterious group called "Anonymous" recently posted some videos and created a website to explain "The Plan", which calls for freedom of speech and "government transparency". Their complaints seems valid, and their goals seem wonderful! However, they don't want "transparency" to apply to themselves or their friends. I think they are actually a group of Jewish wolves in sheep's clothing who realize that they have lost the battle, and so they are now trying to get control of the upcoming revolution.

As it becomes more obvious to more Jews that they have lost the battle, I think that more groups of Jews will form in an attempt to get control of the sheeple, and we can be certain that some of them will be better at manipulation, intimidation, propaganda, and/or deception than Anonymous. Therefore, it is important that you help people understand that a lot of criminal Jews are going to try to put themselves into leadership positions of this upcoming revolution, and that we must watch out for the Jewish Pied Pipers and the Jewish wolves in sheep's clothing.

    • Example 2, the attack on Rupert Murdoch

During 2011, most media companies were involved with exposing a "phone-hacking scandal" at one of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers, the News of the World. If you have seen my Masquerade Party videos, then you know that I think the network of criminal Jews is divided into two primary groups; namely, 1) the large group of "liberal" Jews who support Israel and Zionism, and 2) the smaller group of "conservative" Jews who support corporations, the banking families, and the monarchies.

Most media companies are controlled by the liberal Jews, but Rupert Murdoch seems to support  the conservative Jews. Therefore, if the liberal Jews can get control of Murdoch's publications, or if they can drive his publications out of business, then the liberal Jews will have nearly complete control of the world's media.

Unfortunately for the liberal Jews, their attack on Murdoch must be so superficial that I don't think they can possibly benefit to any significant extent. In fact, when I read the news reports that expose the "crimes" committed by News of the World, I find images of ballet dancers who are making trivial accusations against one another while the orchestra is playing Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. The reason that this "expose" reminds me of a ballet is because the Jews cannot truly expose the crimes of the Murdoch media for three primary reasons:
• A true expose of Murdoch would expose an enormous number of crimes that all of the Jews are trying to protect, and it would expose a lot of corrupt government officials, policemen, schoolteachers, etc.
• If they make any of the Murdoch people angry, then those people could retaliate by exposing crimes committed by the liberal Jews.
• I suspect that the most disgusting of all crimes are being committed by the liberal Jews. Therefore, the liberal Jews have more to fear from an investigation of crimes than the conservative Jews.
The end result is that the liberal Jews are cautiously making only a few superficial accusations about Murdoch, and this gives me images of ballet dancers who are tiptoeing around in a very delicate manner while making meaningless accusations about one another.

The "phone-hacking scandal" is so trivial that I don't think many people care about it. Furthermore, even if people did care about the accusations, and even if every Murdoch publication were shut down, and all of the employees of all Murdoch publications were put in jail, what good will it do the Jews? The Jews have been exposed, so all of them are going to lose the battle. 

The only way the Jews could possibly win this battle is if some group of Jews is much better at deception than the group Anonymous. However, I think there are enough humans among the hordes of sheeple to see through all of their deception, but we need all of those humans! So, help us search through the sheeple to find those few humans! And help promote the concept that every person in every media company needs to be investigated. We also need to investigate all of the policemen, lawyers, judges, school officials, and military officials. Everybody needs to be investigated. Don't let anybody intimidate you into thinking that they are so honest that we do not need to take a close look at them or their associates. Don't be a sucker! We must investigate everybody, as I wrote years ago here. I am not afraid of being investigated; why should anybody else be afraid?
  • Example 3, the "truth seeker" eyezopenwide2
As I've mentioned many times, virtually everybody who is describing himself as a "truth seeker", "investigator", or "historical revisionist" is actually a criminal Jew using the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" trick. Here is another simple example that might help some of you learn this trick. A secretive person posted this video in July 2011:
Our Government Is Run By Satan Worshipping Rothschilds, Rockefellers & Royal Families
Take a look at the end of his "Profile" in which he promotes "being different" and motivating one another, which creates the impression that he is a loving and beneficial member of society who supports our freedom to have different opinions. Also, notice his phrase, "helping the network". He wrote:
  Being different is not a "crime", staying in your own integrity being appreciated for your talents. We do not have to agree on everything, as long as we do not impose or hijacking other channels to force 1 issue or 1 group demonizing & generalizing. We need a different kind of unity against tyranny. We can inspire & motivate each other in so many ways, KEY is allowing each-other to be different as complementary forces helping the network:
The above is from the Profile of eyezopenwide2
His remark about "helping the network" is followed by his recommended links (some of his links do not work). This is his network:
Educate people so that all they have to do is glance at those websites and immediately realize that all of them are part of a giant network of criminal Jews that are promoting UFOs and other Jewish propaganda. 

Why are the freaks still in control of us?

The point of this section of my article is that the Jews and their crimes have been exposed. Therefore, all we should have to do now is tell the police and military to start arresting the criminals! So, what is our problem? Why is the world still dominated by criminals, psychos, freaks, incompetent officials, and Jews?
I think our main problem is that the majority of people, even though they are much more intelligent than an animal, are emotionally so similar to animal that most people don't care that they are abused by crime networks, corrupt government officials, church officials, or anybody else! Which, incidentally, is the point of the following section of my article, so please try to understand the significance of the next section.

Also, please understand the importance of standing up to the crude members of your own family. Don't allow the bonds between you and your family members to interfere with our desire to improve the world. Don't allow the emotional bonds between you and your family members to ruin your life. Walk away from your crude family members and join the humans who want to make a better world. Don't follow your family members; rather, tell them to follow you.

4) Most people don't care about abuse
Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped when she was 11 years old by Philip Garrido and his wife, Nancy. However, instead of holding her for ransom, they kept her in their backyard as a sex slave. She got pregnant twice, and gave birth to two daughters. She was freed after 18 years of captivity.

The kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard is interesting for several reasons. For one, it is more evidence that we are not curing criminals by punishing them. This kidnapping would not have occurred if Philip Garrido had been removed from society the very first time he was found guilty of criminal behavior. However, I won't bother discussing that issue. Instead, this time I want to point out that Jaycee Dugard's behavior is typical of the "sheeple". Specifically, the sheeple ignore and tolerate abuse, even when it occurs over and over.

Jaycee Dugard's childhood was completely wasted. However she, her mother, and most other people don't seem to care enough about this abuse to wonder how we can reduce these kidnappings in the future. And nobody seems to care that there are supposedly tens of thousands of other children sold every year as sex and labor slaves. Our government issues a report on this subject every year, but how many people look at the report? And how many people care about this issue? (The report for 2011 is here.) How many people care about the accusations that Congressman Barney Frank was flying orphan boys from Nebraska to parties on the East Coast so that they could be used as sex slaves by government officials and other leaders of society?

As with the majority of people, Jaycee Dugard doesn't have any interest in learning about the problems of society, or making life better for anybody. She merely exists from one day to the next.

Most people allow abuse over and over
You can see this idiotic behavior in your own friends, neighbors, and relatives. For example, the media personnel routinely lie to us about 9/11, the Holocaust, and other important events, but most people continue to watch the TV reports and purchase the magazines.

Political candidates use the same lies during every election, such as promises to reduce taxes and government, but the majority of people elect one of the liars anyway rather than demand a more honest group of candidates.

Our disgusting schools are promoting Jewish propaganda about 9/11, the Holocaust, and other events, and they demand absurd amounts of money, but most people don't care. The students study the Jewish propaganda, and the schools get all the money they want.

We routinely waste lots of our time on e-mail spam and computer viruses, but most people don't demand that the police and FBI start going after the criminals.

Most people react to vandalism by teenage gangs by quietly painting over the graffiti and fixing the broken windows.

We are routinely abused by banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, and financial institutions, but most people never complain about the abuse, or ask for a better economic system.

Does Elizabeth Smart care?

The case of Elizabeth Smart is similar to that of Jaycee Dugard. For example, Elizabeth was also kidnapped as a young girl, and also by a man and woman, and also by a man with a history of bad behavior. It is another kidnapping that would not have occurred if our society had been following a policy of removing psychos and criminals as soon as they are identified. Elizabeth Smart and her family members also seem to be just like the Dugard family and other sheeple; ie, they do absolutely nothing to stop abuse from occurring in the future.

Most people react to abuse by running home and whimpering, like a stupid animal.

And then they resume their life and repeat the cycle, over and over.

Elizabeth Smart (left) and her kidnappers, dressed as "good" Mormons.

What is the Elizabeth Smart Foundation doing for society?
Elizabeth Smart is involved with the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, but who is benefiting from this? Is this organization trying to stop kidnappings or sex slaves or labor slaves? If so, what have they actually accomplished with the money that they have raised?

Judging by their website, I suspect that this foundation is similar to the 9/11 truth groups, the Holocaust revisionist groups, and the groups that claim to help us understand pedophilia, such as the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which the magician James Randi is involved with (I wrote about it here). Specifically, I think the criminal Jews are exploiting Elizabeth Smart for money, and to trick people who have information about kidnappings to come forward, which allows the criminal Jews to identify the people with information on their crimes.

Phillip Garrido; did a motorcycle accident damage his brain?

Phillip Garrido, who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard, dreamed of becoming a musician. He and some friends formed a rock 'n roll band, but before he graduated from high school, he suffered a head injury from a motorcycle accident, and his father says his behavior changed for the worse as a result. If his father is correct, then the motorcycle accident caused significant brain damage. This brings up an issue I wrote about in my book about 9/11 (it is online for free here); namely, a lot of psychotic people seem to have become psychotic, or more psychotic, as a result of brain injuries.

No society is yet concerned about the quality of a person's brain, or whether people are injuring their brains during sports or automobile accidents. Most people have the attitude that the human brain is capable of fully healing itself, but our brain only has an ability to compensate for damage; it has never shown any ability to regenerate damaged brain cells. Once certain parts of your brain are damaged, you will never be the same person. 

Furthermore, I think there are certain portions of our brain that give us our unique, advanced, human qualities, and if those parts are damaged, then you lose your human qualities and should no longer be considered a "person". Without those human qualities, you are just a piece of meat that exists from one day to the next.

If Philip Garrido had not been involved in that motorcycle accident, he may have ended up as just another musician. His incredibly bizarre behavior as an adult may have been the result of brain damage from the motorcycle accident rather than from a genetic disorder. This brings up a very important issue that society should deal with rather than continue to ignore. Specifically, should we allow people with brain damage to freely wander among us?

I think people with brain damage should be observed, and that we should pass judgment on whether the damage is altering their behavior, or if it can be considered insignificant. If their brain damage only reduced their ability to memorize information, then we may have to give them some other job, but if their brain damage has destroyed some of their more advanced human qualities, then they will behave more like a savage, in which case they are no longer "human", and we would be fools to let them wander around among us. A human who does not have the human portion of his brain is not a "human". He is just a "creature".

We are fools to ignore non-human, non-functional creatures

Every society is currently tolerating people whose brains are not functioning correctly, either because of genetic defects, or because their brain was damaged after birth. The people with non-functional brains are causing trouble for themselves and society, and we are fools to tolerate their horrible behavior. Feeling sorry for them doesn't help them, and it doesn't help us.
The mugshot of Carlos Sosa shows that the top of his forehead is missing. His brain is not regenerating itself. Nobody is benefiting by allowing these mentally defective creatures to live among us. Since they cannot fit into our society, their lives are lonely and miserable, and we waste our money putting them in jail over and over, and we suffer as a result of their crimes.
Steve Gater was beaten so severely by two teenage boys that his forehead was destroyed. He is now suffering serious brain damage. Incidentally, he and the two teenage boys who beat him are free to wander around in public! Nobody is concerned that one or more of them will cause trouble in the future.

Other people with partial brains are here.

Human societies are becoming increasingly complex, and this requires that people become more intelligent, more responsible, and more considerate of one another. For example, our ancestors could throw unwanted items anywhere they pleased because all of their possessions were organic, but today we have to follow rules for the disposal of trash, but many of our citizens are too irresponsible or stupid to follow our simple rules for the disposal of waste. How could we possibly set up even more advanced recycling systems when many people can't even follow the simple rules we have right now?

There are also lots of people who cannot properly maintain their automobiles, computers, or other advanced material items. You may think that these irresponsible people have no effect on your life, but they have an effect on all of us because they are wasting resources and increasing garbage.

Differentiate between mistakes and destructive behavior

I think one of the reasons that some people are afraid to raise standards for citizens is because they imagine themselves making a mistake, and then being evicted from society on the grounds that they are an idiot or freak. However, we have to make a distinction between mistakes and people who are destructive or parasitic as a result of their inability to fit into society and function properly.

All of us make mistakes on a routine basis. We cannot expect perfection from anybody. We have to judge a person by his overall effect on society. Is the person contributing something of value to society, or is he destructive? Does he bring happiness to other people's lives, or does he irritate us? When he is around children, does he encourage them to behave in a pleasant manner, or does he encourage obnoxious, noisy, or criminal behavior? Is he respectful when he is around women or children, or does he grab at them or make lewd remarks?

We are all badly behaved as children

I think another reason people are afraid of raising standards is that virtually all children could be described as selfish, crude, irresponsible, and parasitic animals. And many children commit what could be described as "crimes". Children are frequently disobeying their parents. Teenagers also frequently missbehave.

However, I think a lot of the bad behavior that we see among children is because of our idiotic society. For example, I've seen young children imitating some of the stupid behavior that they picked up from the MTV television network. Also, I've seen a lot of adults encourage obnoxious behavior with children because they find it amusing.

Therefore, I think that if we had better people in control of society, and if we were to remove the badly behaved adults, then the children would grow up in a more pleasant society, and they would be around adults who encourage good behavior, and then we would be able to safely raise standards of behavior for both teenagers and children.

5) Why are we wasting money on NASA?
NASA spent a lot of our money and on the space shuttle and the space station, but now they are abandoning the space shuttle, and they seem to be losing interest in the space station. What was the purpose of the space station? Why did we put all that time and effort into building that space station if, after completion, NASA simply walks away and lets it slowly fall back into the atmosphere?

Why did we build a space station?

I wonder if the space station was part of an idiotic fantasy of the Jews to take over the world. If they could build a space station and fool people into thinking that NASA is capable of flying people of importance to the station, then they could tell people:
"We will start a nuclear war, but you needn't be concerned because we have both underground bunkers to stay in, plus we have room for lots of people in the space station. So we will use the nuclear war to destroy billions of sheeple, and then we will wait in the bunkers or the space station for the radiation to disappear, and then the Earth will be ours!"

Why are NASA scientists promoting space aliens?

Have you noticed how many NASA employees are involved with promoting the concept that there is alien life in the universe? Many of their probes to other planets are justified on the grounds that they are looking for life. Why don't they do something useful? Why are they always looking for alien life?

More amazing yet, there are news reports right now about a scientific research paper that warns us about the possibility that an alien civilization will destroy all human life because we are not controlling our greenhouse gases! One of the three authors has been described as a NASA "scientist", although some news reports claim that he is actually a NASA "intern".

Even more amazing, the website has posted the abstract for that research paper, but we have to pay $31.50 to read the entire article. How can they sell it when Cornell University has posted it as a PDF file here for free on their website? Furthermore, why did Cornell University post this article in the section for physics articles, thereby promoting it as serious, scientific, physics research?

If we would raise standards of behavior for everybody, including scientists, then we could analyze the authors of that article and pass judgment on why they wrote it. If we determine that their article was deliberate deception, then those authors are not "scientists", or even "interns". Rather, they are "educated criminals", and they should be removed from society. Or, if we determine that the authors are intellectually defective, then they are "educated retards", and they should either be removed from society, or given a job that they are capable of performing properly at.

Note: The Earth might be getting warmer right now, but don't expect Al Gore or his friends to solve any of our weather problems. I think they promote carbon taxes so that they can make money and manipulate businesses and governments. If the Earth was cooling down, they would promote carbon taxes to increase the temperature.
Here are some of my opinions on global warming.)

I think our universities, NASA, and many other organizations are like sponges that are soaking up criminals, parasites, and other freaks. These organizations consume a lot of resources, but what do we get from them in return? We get lies, propaganda, and deception!

I think the reason that NASA and many other people are promoting the concept that there is life on other planets is because, as I wrote years ago here, I suspect that one of the fantasies of the Jewish criminals is to convince us that their are aliens on other planets so that they can either fake an alien invasion, or to pretend to be intelligent, loving, generous aliens who offer to help us by taking control of our crazy world. Either scenario - if people were foolish enough to be deceived by it - would allow the Jews to kill whoever they please, and get control of the planet.

Why are we building - or discarding? - a space telescope?

American taxpayers have already spent $3 billion on the James Webb space telescope, and we have to spend a few more billion in order to complete the project. However, as of August 2011, some government officials want to cancel the project and... do what with the partially built telescope? Throw it into the trash?

Certainly you have seen evidence that some of the projects that our government provided funding for are "pork-barrel projects" that were intended only to please certain businesses or crime networks, or to create some jobs in order to impress the crude voters who can be abused over and over. What about the space telescope? Was it intended to be a serious project, or was it just another pork-barrel project? Are the executives of that project just parasites looking for an easy way to make some money?

How many of our government projects and agencies were intended to have a useful value to society? How many of the NASA executives and scientists are truly interested in helping society? How many of the projects that NASA is involved with are serious scientific programs that are intended to have a useful value? Also, how many of the threats to cancel a project are due to government officials who are seriously analyzing the situation and coming to the conclusion that the project is a waste, and how many of the threats are nothing more than fights between our disgusting and dishonest business executives and government officials?

Why not eliminate NASA?

NASA is turning to private companies to build their next generation of rockets, and they just picked seven companies, including Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, to help with "suborbital flight services". Why can't NASA build rockets and do suborbital flight services by themselves? Why does such a large organization with so much money and so many supposedly intelligent, educated, and talented people need to ask small companies for assistance in developing rockets?

Once you realize that NASA is lying about the moon landing, and that people such as Cathy O'Brien claim NASA is involved with bizarre mind control experiments with children, you ought to wonder, until we create a better government, why don't we just eliminate NASA? When the government needs to launch a satellite, or if they decide to create a new space telescope, they can give the contract to Richard Branson!

6) We must routinely review the performance of our leaders
My criticism of NASA and our universities brings me to an issue I want to briefly emphasize once again; namely, we should not behave like stupid animals who mindlessly follow whoever happens to be in a leadership position.

Do you admire or respect any of our "leaders of society"?

Many businesses routinely review the job performance of their employees, but it is much more important for a society to do reviews of people in leadership positions and law enforcement. The Internet is making it possible for us to take a close look at leaders from around the world, and the more I learn about our leaders, the more disgusted I become. All of them seem to have earned their position through crime networks, blackmail, plagiarism, deception, inheritances, marriages, or nepotism.

I don't understand how anybody can admire any of the people in leadership positions. Some of our leaders cannot even pronounce words properly, such as Congressmen Barney Frank and Alan Grayson.

The monarchies will be destroyed, also!
The Europeans like to think that they're better than Americans, but they continue to support dozens of royal family members, all of which are worthless as leaders. 

I have heard some British citizens defend their monarchies by comparing them to the pampered Hollywood entertainers, but America's entertainers have some talent.

By comparison, the royal family members have no singing talent, no dancing abilities, no useful skills, no special intellectual abilities, and never contribute anything to society.

The best of the royal family members are parasites, and a lot of them seem to be much worse than parasites; they seem to be involved with the Zionist crime network, or the Rothschild network, or some other  disgusting, organized crime network.

The recent wedding in Britain of Prince William received a lot of favorable publicity, but I think it was because the royal family is desperate to improve their image. I think they realize that every day more people become disgusted with monarchies.

There is nothing the royal families can do to save their monarchies. They appeal only to the sheeple, not to the advanced humans who are going to rebel against the corruption and the criminal Jews. The monarchies will be destroyed.

Here is a list of nations with monarchies.

What they want us to see.

They are actually crude creatures!

None of our leaders are talented or intelligent, so they never solve any of our problems or help us to learn about ourselves or life. Instead, they commit crimes and lie to us, and in return for the abuse, we provide them with incredible amounts of pampering and material wealth!

You might find it entertaining to imagine yourself growing up in the distant future, and looking back at this era. What will the people in the future think about the people of today who tolerate all of this abuse?

The people who dominate Hollywood and television saturate us with toilet humor, sexual titillation, Jewish propaganda, and all sorts of crude attitudes. They don't even have the creativity to develop new plots for movies or television shows, so they give us remakes and sequels of previous movies and television shows. I could create more interesting plots for movies in my spare time!

I don't speak German, so I don't know if Angela Merkel can pronounce words properly, but every time I see her on television, she seems dreary, emotionless, and miserable, and I get unpleasant images in my mind of a pithed frog. She also has a massive, angled neck and short, massive body of a Neanderthal man.

Fortunately, the Internet is allowing people everywhere to take a close look at our leaders, and every day more people realize that the human scum is rising to the top of society. Eventually there will be so many people who are disgusted with the crime and corruption that we will be able to raise standards for people in leadership positions.

How many of the mainland Chinese are "human"?

There is a phenomenal difference in the behavior of the people in Taiwan and China. The island of Taiwan is barely noticeable on a world map, but it can outperform the gigantic nation of China in intelligent opinions, technology, manufacturing, and art. I wouldn't be surprised if the Taiwanese restaurants were producing better tasting and higher quality food, also! As I described a couple years ago, the areas farther away from central Asia seem to have a higher quality people. South Vietnam also seems to have higher quality people than North Vietnam, and South Korea is noticeably more advanced than North Korea.
Did you hear about the fight that broke out at a basketball game in China between a Chinese team and an American team? We are probably not going to be told the truth about that game, but we ought to wonder, were the Chinese judges cheating, as some Americans claim? And did the fight gets started when the Chinese players lost their temper because they were losing the game?

China is also arguing about the control of the South China Sea, and they are building aircraft carriers and other military weapons to intimidate their neighbors. However, China already has an incredible amount of resources. They are not suffering from a shortage of resources. They have more resources than Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and many other nations put together.

Millions of Chinese people are suffering from hunger, overcrowding, ugly cities, unemployment, sex slavery, gambling problems, drug abuse, and loneliness, but getting control of the South China Sea will not improve their lives. China doesn't need any more resources. China needs much higher quality leadership in their government, businesses, schools, police departments, and military.

We should impress and inspire one another!

The Chinese people should stop fighting with, and being envious of, Taiwan, Japan, and other nations. They should stop fantasizing about conquering Taiwan, and stop trying to intimidate and frighten other nations. They should instead concentrate on making their nation so wonderful that they can proudly invite people from around the world to look at and learn from their advanced farms and greenhouses, and their beautiful architecture, and their gorgeous city parks. They should create a nation in which they can boast that everybody, even children, can walk around anywhere without fear of crime.

The Chinese are currently boasting about their advanced trains, but they purchased them from Germany, and now they are simply duplicating the technology. They are behaving like the Russians who boasted about developing a supersonic aircraft when they merely stole the technology from the Europeans.

Instead of impressing us, both Russia and China try to frighten and intimidate us. They both also steal from us. They behave like animals; like savages. Both Russia and China are gigantic nations with enormous amounts of resources, but you would never know by looking at the millions of miserable people that live in those nations. Those nations do not need any more resources, or any more military weapons. Both of those nations need to replace their leaders in government, business, schools, media, and banking. They need to join the human race rather than fight with us.

Every nation should stop fighting over territory and instead focus on raising standards for both their leaders and citizens. Every nation should be trying to improve itself. We should try to inspire one another, not intimidate or frighten one another.

7) The Jews are failing everywhere
The police killed Mark Duggan, who is a member of a violent gang. In my opinion, everybody of every race should be happy when gang members are removed from society, regardless of whether the gang member has been removed because the police killed him, or whether he committed suicide, or whether he died from an accident. Furthermore, we should not care about the race of a gang member, or his religion, or whether he is male or female. All gang members should be considered disgusting, destructive creatures.

We should dampen the philosophy that the death of these destructive jerks is a sad event. The entire world benefits from the death of destructive people. There is nothing sad or tragic about their death. The fewer destructive people are, the better for all of us.

The news reporters in virtually every nation struggled to convince their readers that the British citizens of African descent were so upset that this disgusting gang member was killed by the police that they decided to have demonstrations in the streets, throw objects at the police, burn their own neighborhoods, and steal from retail stores.

However, both the riots and the news reports seem suspiciously similar to the Rodney King riots of 1992. Rodney King was another badly behaved man, but the media told us that lots of Americans, mainly those of African ancestry, regarded him as one of the finest of all men, and that the police beat him simply because of his African ancestry. And, as with the British riots, these emotionally distraught people decided that the solution to this problem was to burn their own neighborhoods and steal from their retail stores.

Is Britain suffering from race riots? Or desperate Jews?

I suspect that Jews secretly instigated both the Mark Duggan riots and the Rodney King riots in an attempt to start racial fights. For example, although the media focuses our attention on the black people who are rioting and stealing, if you closely watch the video that shows the beginnings of the riots, you will notice that there are caucasians in masks and hoods instigating the violence.
These are just two of many of the caucasian instigators of a "black" riot.
In the photograph above, from Sunday, 7 August 2011, a caucasian in Tottenham is throwing an object at the police. His other hand has something that resembles a knife. On 9 August 2011, this news report showed two caucasians, one hitting a police car with a board, and the other throwing a bottle.
I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews had arranged for the police to stand there like idiots while these instigators threw objects at them. Police departments and law enforcement agencies around the world, especially those in large cities, seem to be infiltrated with criminals.

Incidentally, this shows another reason of why people should observe Jews and freaks. If the British citizens had been closely observing their neighbors and coworkers, then they might recognize some of the instigators, and they might have noticed some of them acting suspiciously prior to the riots, and they might have also noticed some of their associates.

The British newspaper, The Sun, has published photos of some looters, but notice that none of the media show any interest in capturing the caucasian instigators, removing their masks, and asking,

"Who are these Caucasians?
And why are they instigating riots for black people?"
As with the Rodney King riots, since these are not "true" riots, they cease as soon as the Jewish instigators are either arrested or realize that they can't get the sheeple interested in rioting.

The suspicious attack in Norway

It should be obvious that the news reports about the bombing and murders in Norway are deceptive. For example, the bomb was so powerful that it stripped concrete from some reinforcing bars, but only about seven people were killed, even though it was detonated in the center of a crowded city. This is a pattern that we find with false flag operations; specifically, tremendous destruction of property, but low death rates. The World Trade Center towers and Building 7 are other examples of this pattern.

We are also supposed to believe that after Anders Breivik detonated that bomb, he drove to a summer youth camp where there were lots of teenagers from families of government officials and other "important people". However, we find that the pattern reverses itself at this camp; specifically, there is virtually no destruction of property, but a very high death rate (about 68 deaths). Therefore, he killed almost 10 times as many people simply by chasing after them with a gun than by detonating a gigantic bomb in the center of a crowded city.


Don't feel that you need to investigate these crazy events

I'm not bothering to investigate the bizarre events that are occurring right now for several reasons, mainly because I think it's a waste of time. As far as I'm concerned, as of August 2011, we have enough information to prove that there is a gigantic, international crime network that is dominated by people who refer to themselves as "Jews", and that those Jews are responsible for most wars, terrorist attacks, murders, and arsons. I don't think we should waste our time looking for more evidence of their existence, or their crimes. I think we need to put our effort into finding people who have the decency and courage to help us destroy the network and bring about a better world.

I also suggest that you start thinking about and discussing what you would like to do with our future. Let's not get into the situation that the Egyptians are in; specifically, overthrowing a government and then wondering, "Duuuhhh, what do we do now?" We should be thinking about our future now! Don't procrastinate!

Fill in the details as you please!

Instead of wasting your time investigating the Norway bombing, or the British riots, my suggestion is to fill in the details in whatever manner helps keep your morale high. For example, we may as well believe that there are people in Norway who are closely observing the Jews and freaks, and after that bomb was detonated, some of the Norwegians figured out that the suspicious behavior they had been observing during the past few months was the Jews who were setting up for that bombing. These Norwegians also knew that some of the children of the corrupt government officials and Jews were at a youth camp, and so they took a man with psychological disorders, rushed over to the youth camp with rifles, and killed some of their children to show the Jews that we are aware of them; that we are not afraid of them; and that we are not going to hesitate to kill them or their children.
Then they told the mentally unstable man to admit to the killings, and they reassured him that he probably will not go to jail, and if he does, have you seen the description and photos of Norwegian jails? They seem to be a better deal than some of the apartments here in America!

It's over! The Jews have lost!

Although the Jews still dominate most nations, there is no possible way they can remain in control of the world. The only hope the Jews have now is to hide among us and manipulate the upcoming revolutions.

The reason that the Jews are going to lose control of the world is because maintaining control requires having the respect and cooperation of millions of people, but they are losing respect every day. The Internet has removed the secrecy that has been allowing them to deceive us with a false image of themselves. We can now use the Internet to look through history and current events and we can see how they have been abusing us during the past few centuries. Every day the Jews gain more enemies. Every day there are more people who are disgusted, appalled, and sickened by their horrid behavior.

It doesn't matter how many Holocaust movies they make, or how many of us they kill. They could kill everybody in Europe or America, but that would not save them. They have been exposed, and there is nothing they can do to undo the exposure. Actually, at this point in time, when they do more killings, they create more anger and hatred of Jews. The longer they continue to fight, the more enemies they create.

Furthermore, they cannot control the Internet, cell phones, CD-ROMs, DVDs, or e-mail messages, so there's nothing they can do to stop the information about them from reaching even more people. Eventually the entire world will be aware of their disgusting behavior, and even though the sheeple will do absolutely nothing, there will be a very large minority that will destroy their crime network.

Don't fear the "Samson Option"

Some people worry that the Jews are suicidal maniacs who will commit a Samson Option, but history does not show that behavior among any group of people. The Jews are simply trying to frighten us. Jews are not suicidal.

Besides, some of the "Jews" in the crime network are only partly Jewish, so why would they die for the Jews?  If somebody has both French and Jewish ancestors, or Chinese and Jewish ancestors, why would he choose to die for the Jews? Why not die for the Chinese or the French? Think about yourself. You may have ancestors from different nations. If a nation was threatening to commit a Samson Option, would you join in their suicidal activity simply because one of your ancestors was from that particular nation?

A lot of people with Jewish ancestors, and a lot of people who are only partly Jewish, have spent a lot of their time and effort struggling to become dentists, engineers, business owners, homeowners, farmers, or carpenters. A few of them might be so psychotic that they will throw it all away for a lost cause, but most of them will either abandon the network or secretly turn on it. However, even if only a tiny percentage of them decide to turn on the network, that is going to be very significant. As we can see with the Italian gangsters who turned on their network, the criminals know a lot of very important information that none of us would ever be able to figure out. Therefore, we only need a small percentage of the Jews to turn on their network in order to bring the entire network down.

Of course, we can be certain that some of the Jews and their criminal associates will fight to the death, either because they are psychotic, or because they are such hopeless losers (eg, Daryl Smith!), that they realize they have no other option. Nobody likes people like Smith, and Smith doesn't like anybody. Smith claims to love his wife, but I think he's just a parasite who uses women for emotional and financial support. I don't think he cares about her.

For example, a couple times he made remarks to me about how he could not get through life without his wife (in the photo below). He didn't seem to be referring to her financial support; rather, he seemed in tremendous need of her emotional support, but in the manner in which a neurotic adult is afraid to leave his mother. Smith reminds me of some of the other Jews I've seen that go from one woman to the next, such as Bob Hall (I describe him here).

Smith wasn't attracted to her intelligence, either. For example, a couple years ago, when I was still working with him, his wife decided to learn how to drive a car so that she would be able to get a job (Smith doesn't have any income, which is why he begs for donations at his website), and Smith made remarks to me about how incredibly stupid she was, and how long it was taking take her to learn simple concepts.

Smith met her when she was in New York City to take a brief dancing class, and then she went back to France. Why would he be willing to marry her, move to France, and learn the French language if he wasn't attracted to her mind? What was his attraction to her? I had the feeling that he was just an emotional freak. 

I also wonder why she was willing to marry him! Of course, if she is as stupid as Smith describes her to be, that would explain her willingness to marry a man who has been in and out of jail throughout his life, and who still has serious problems with alcohol and drugs! Smith also said that her sister had mental problems and committed suicide years ago (or was it her mother? I forgot), so it's possible that his wife is also mentally ill.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I think the crime network is full of psychotic and hopeless losers, and many of them will fight to the death. However, since they are mentally defective, it will be easy for us to beat them. The Jews who could potentially put up a significant fight are going to be too intelligent to throw their life away for a lost cause.

The Jews have only two sensible options

The smarter Jews certainly realize that they have only two sensible options; 1) move to a new location and try to start a new life with a new identity, or 2) secretly turn on their network in return for some type of deal.

As more Jews decide to turn on their network, the situation in the world is going to become increasingly confusing, so my advice to people is: Don't worry about world events! For example, why was Dominique Strauss-Kahn released from jail? You could drive yourself crazy thinking about the possibilities. Regardless of whether he was innocent or guilty, we have the possibility that he or somebody else agreed to turn on the network in return for getting him out of jail.

Contemplate our future, not current events

You are wasting your time if you try to figure out world events. It would be better for you to put your effort into spreading information, finding the humans among the sheeple, and, especially, start thinking about our future. We would be fools to wait until the last minute to figure out what we want to do with our future. We need to start thinking about such issues as:
• How do we help our military get rid of the Jewish crime network?
• As we remove criminals from the government, businesses, police departments, etc, how do we know that the replacements will be any better?
• What should we do with the criminals? Put some in jail for a while? Exile some of them? Execute any of them? Use others for medical purposes?
• What do we do with the nation after we remove the criminals? Do we simply keep everything as it is and try to improve the nation? Or do we try developing new cities, or split the nation into pieces, or join with other nations?

8) Every military needs to learn from Egypt and NATO
Eventually every nation will have such a high percentage of angry people who are disgusted with the corruption that they will be able to do something about the corruption, but what should the angry people do? Who among us is going to decide who should be arrested? And who is going to be involved with the trials? Who is going to decide the fate of each criminal? Will some criminals be executed? Will some be used as live organ donors and medical experiments for the soldiers and other people who are in desperate need of skin transplants or kidneys? Will some be exiled to a special city that we set aside for them to finish their lives in peace in return for helping destroy the network? Will any of them be forgiven?

I think that only our military has the manpower, resources, and weapons necessary to fight such a large crime network, but our military seems to be infiltrated and dominated by criminals. The military is also suffering from the parasites who joined the military only for money or retirement benefits. Therefore, the first thing that needs to happen is that the higher quality people within the military have to secretly get together and form their own group. I suggest that all of you start wondering if any of you are capable of helping the military accomplish this task, or if you can help them identify the criminals within their organization. Most of us cannot do anything to help them, but unless you consider the issue, you may not realize that you can indeed help some of them.

Did you notice that NATO is bombing Libya without authorization?

If the higher-quality people within a military can create a large enough subgroup, then they will be able to do what NATO has done for Libya. Did you notice that some people within NATO quietly got together and began bombing Libya without asking for permission, weapons, or funding? 
However, they did not attack indiscriminately, or try to start a war. All they did was to provide some assistance in the fight against corrupt government officials and the international, Jewish crime network.

Follow the path that NATO and Egypt are blazing!

Militaries around the world should do what NATO did for Libya. Specifically, military personnel around the world should secretly get together, and then start attacking the Jewish crime network without asking the public or the government for weapons, funding, or authorization. They simply have to take the money and weapons that they need, and start killing the criminals.

They should not care what the sheeple or government officials say or do. They should not be afraid of the police, either. Look at the title of this Associated Press article: Egypt fires 669 officers to cleanse police force

Militaries around the world have to do what the Egyptian military is doing; namely, cleanse their police departments, government agencies, media companies, schools, businesses, and other organizations.

Encourage a sensible way to celebrate victory

Incidentally, I am shocked that every time the Arabs achieve a victory, it seems that dozens of them shoot rifles - and even machine guns! - in the air. When the Americans start fighting the Jews, try to keep the guns away from the idiots who don't realize that the bullets eventually fall down on us!

What do we do after we remove the criminals?

Removing criminals is only the first step in making a better nation. We then have to deal with the more complex problem of ensuring that we replace those criminals with higher-quality people. And I hope that we have enough people to go even further than merely replacing the criminals. I suggest that we consider replacing our social systems also, such as developing new and better governments, completely new cities, better school systems, and a new economic system.

As of August 2011, the Egyptian military has arrested or fired thousands of criminals, but they have not done much to improve the nation. Since the Egyptian military is among the first to stand up to this crime network, we have to expect them to be cautious, confused, and make a lot of mistakes. Their slow progress is a good example of why I suggest that you ignore the bombing in Norway and instead put your effort into wondering about what you want to do with our future.

Ignore the sheeple, including your own close relatives!

It's important to notice that the majority of Egyptian people seem to be behaving just like stupid, selfish animals. They do not seem interested in helping the Egyptian military identify and arrest the criminals, and they do not show any interest in discussing the future of Egypt.

The widespread attitude is that the majority of people are wonderful, innocent creatures, but this is false. The majority of people may be honest, but they are selfish savages who don't fit into this modern world. They are analogous to balls and chains around our legs. They interfere with progress. We should not ask them their opinions about anything, or try to appease them. They should be treated as talking monkeys.

Everybody can contribute!

Eventually the militaries of other nations are going to do what the Egyptian military is doing, and all of us who are not in the military should look for ways to help the military. Although most of us will not be able to help the military directly, everybody can help in some manner. If nothing else, we can help to keep morale high. For example, the sheeple have a tendency to become fearful, panicky, or frightened when something changes, so when our military starts going after criminals, we can help by dampening the idiotic, irrational behavior of the sheeple, such as by explaining to the sheeple that we have been abused by a giant crime network, and the military is destroying it.
You might also enjoy telling the sheeple to either behave like a human, or you will ask the military to give them the "Mochi-boarding" torture.

In this variation of waterboarding, the victim is tied to a board and forced to eat the most outrageous flavors of Mochi, such as Lychee, Sakura, and Tiramisu!

9) Don't be intimidated into caring for misfits

Amy Winehouse recently died, or was murdered, and lots of news reports describe this as a tragic event, but as I mentioned earlier in regards to Mark Duggan and Rodney King, we should pass judgment on whether the person was a valuable member of society, or a destructive person. It is very sad that there are so many people who cannot fit into modern society and enjoy life, but when those destructive people die accidentally or are murdered, we should regard their deaths as beneficial to both them (since they are put out of their misery), and to the rest of us (since we are spared more of their destructive behavior).

A lot of people will try to intimidate us into feeling that we are terrible people for not caring about human life, but we should respond that people who care about human life help to make the world a pleasant, safe place to live, and this requires we remove people who are destructive.

The people who protect gang members, criminals, and freaks are not loving people. Rather, they are disgusting freaks who promote crime, corruption, violence, selfishness, retardation, pouting, and other detrimental attitudes. We don't owe anything to people who are destructive or parasitic. We don't have to protect them, or feel badly when they die or are murdered.

Why should we give special treatment to criminals with toy guns?

In Pakistan, a man who supposedly robbed somebody, was caught by the Pakistan military, and a video shows him apologizing to the soldiers and claiming that his gun was just a toy. One of the soldiers lost his temper and shot him, and he bled to death, and the soldier who shot him was just found guilty of murder.

Why should anybody be guilty of murdering a criminal? Furthermore, why should we tolerate people who commit crimes with toy guns? Why should carrying a toy gun make criminal activity acceptable? We should raise our standards of behavior and create a society in which we can trust and respect one another. We should stop tolerating all forms of crime, regardless of whether the criminals are children, sexually attractive women, old people in wheelchairs, or men with toy guns.

Some people stimulate pleasure, others cause misery

Some people inspire us, cheer us up, and make life worth living. We enjoy some people so much that we want to become their friends, or work with them, or get married to them.
At the other extreme are the people who join crime networks, have bad attitudes, make lewd remarks, abuse drugs, gamble, kidnap, or steal. We are frightened by them, or appalled, or disgusted. They are like that character in the Peanuts comic strip, Pigpen, but instead of leaving behind a trail of dust as they travel around the world, they stimulate unpleasant attitudes and thoughts, leaving behind a trail of sadness, fear, anger, disgust, suspicion, and other unpleasant emotional feelings. These people are destructive to society, and we are fools to ignore or tolerate the bad effect they have on our lives.

We don't have to tolerate toilet humor, either!

Have you seen the statue of Marilyn Monroe that was recently completed in Chicago? If you don't agree with me that this is toilet humor, then how extreme would the statue have to be before you did agree with me? What if the statue had removable underwear, and if her sexual organs were made of soft rubber, and if people were encouraged to have sex with the statue? Would that be enough for you to consider the possibility that we don't have to tolerate this behavior, or the people who enjoy it?

I don't want to live with people who enjoy this type of art, and they don't enjoy being around people like me, so what is the point of living together and irritating one another? Every society should set standards of behavior, control immigration, and be allowed to exile people who don't fit in. The "melting pot" philosophy is unrealistic and creating a lot of problems for society.

We should stop allowing ourselves to be intimidated, lied to, abused, manipulated, and irritated. There is no rule in life that requires our cities to contain the unwanted people who we dislike or fear. We don't have to live among freaks or criminals. We can choose to live among people we enjoy, trust, and respect.

Misfits of all types need to be removed

This image is a portion of a large poster that the Japanese used years ago in a futile attempt to stop the bad behavior of people on public trains. Every society has struggled for centuries to control and cure bad behavior. How many more centuries are we going to follow this obviously unrealistic policy? We cannot change a person's mind. When will we face this fact?

Children should be taught manners, but people who cannot follow the rules of society should be regarded as outcasts; misfits; savages. My attitude is that we should exile the misfits rather than feel sorry for them or try to control them.

Some people would describe it as "cruel" to exile a person simply because he has bad manners, but I would respond that the people with bad manners are rude when they force themselves on us. They should have the decency to realize that they irritate us, and they should voluntarily move to an area where they can live among people like themselves. However, they don't want to live among their own people. They want to live with people like me and you!

The crude people impose themselves on us; we don't impose ourselves on them. When we exile them, we are simply removing the people who don't fit into our society. We are not being cruel; rather, we are being "selective" with our friends and neighbors. We are simply setting standards of behavior, and removing the people who don't meet those standards. There's nothing cruel about setting standards of behavior.

Defective people should be removed, also

Some of the freaks that we live among seem to be nonviolent and honest, but that doesn't justify allowing them to live with us. We don't want them as friends, spouses, coworkers, or neighbors, so what is the point of tolerating them? An interesting example is Frankie MacDonald, who has posted many videos, some at this CNN page. He has several blogs, also.

Many people are passing links to his videos, but only to laugh at him. His videos and blogs are idiotic. People like him are cluttering the Internet with psychotic and mindless junk. Check out his report about a rainstorm in Chicago, or his Earthquake Warning. Incidentally, he is another of the people with a gap between his two front teeth, and he cannot pronounce words properly. 

People like Frankie McDonald are treated like circus animals. We use them for entertainment, but we don't want them in our lives. They have lonely, miserable lives. Some of the defective people can find jobs, but as computers and robots become more advanced, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to find jobs. Even if they have a job, they are a burden on their parents and society. Furthermore, I suspect that defective people are murdered, raped, and cheated more than any other group of people, but since we ignore them, we don't notice or care when they become victims of crime. Allowing them to live with us is as stupid as allowing wild animals to live in our cities.

We should not use retards as entertainment
Some people are gathering photos of weird people in order to entertain us, but I don't think this attitude creates a pleasant society. I don't think we should use defective people for entertainment, or as a cheap source of labor.

We should change the course of the human race. Our world is becoming increasingly complex, and humans must become more intelligent, more honest, more trustworthy, and more sociable. The defective people should be sterilized and sent to the "City of Unwanted or Unemployable Misfits". They can have their own standards of behavior, and they will be free of our insults, laughter, and reprimands.

We should start showing a concern about the quality of our lives. There is no rule in this universe that requires us to suffer abuse, tolerate freaks, or live in fear of other people.

We should take control of the human population and require everybody to behave in a respectable, honest, and productive manner. We should refuse to tolerate all types of destructive and parasitic behavior.

With higher-quality people, we can support useful activities
Most people do a terrible job of analyzing life and setting priorities for themselves. For example, millions of Americans have purchased guns to protect themselves from criminals, and many people are worried about salmonella, Al Qaeda terrorists, teenage gangs, and cell phone radiation. However, one of the biggest threats to most of our lives are automobiles. This is especially true when we think or daydream while driving, or when we have conversations with people in the automobile, or on the telephone.

Millions of Americans have already been permanently injured or killed as a result of transportation devices, and an even larger number of Americans are suffering health problems as a result of their unnatural diet and their excessive consumption of food, alcohol, and drugs, but most of those people believe that they are going to protect themselves and their health by purchasing guns, or by praying to God or Jesus. If we had better leadership and better citizens, two of our top priorities would be:

• Redesign cities and transportation devices so that we can travel in a safer, more comfortable manner
• Fund research projects into health and nutrition with no regard to the profit potential of the project.
In regard to transportation systems, I think we already have the technology to develop a computer-controlled transportation system for our cities. Some industries have extremely advanced and reliable "transportation systems" for components that they assemble into products, and there is an incredibly large and complex miniature train system in Germany (Wunderland).

A video
of it is

We already have the technical ability to build quiet, underground train systems that are so full of sensors and multiple, redundant computers that we can safely let computers operate the entire system. People are only needed to monitor the system, as with the Wunderland trains and the assembly lines at manufacturing plants.

Furthermore, by removing the human crew, it becomes more practical to have a lot of smaller trains. It is more useful to the people if they have lots of trains of various sizes that are running every few minutes, rather than a few large trains that run every hour or so. This type of highly automated train system would allow everybody, even young children, old people, cripples, and people recovering from surgery, to rapidly and efficiently travel around the city while they daydream, have conversations, or take naps.

I would bet that we also have the technology right now to design passenger airplanes that can be controlled by the same type of ground-based control center, rather than requiring human pilots be inside the plane. This would allow planes to travel faster, with fewer delays, and more accurately. The remote control of passenger airplanes would also make smaller planes more practical, and a large fleet of small planes would be much better for transportation purposes than a few large planes.

At the moment, all societies are wasting enormous amounts of talent and resources on the entertainment of the sheeple, but we can make wonderful cities for ourselves simply by raising standards of behavior and creating a society in which the people want to do more with their lives than play games on their cell phones, look at pornography, gamble, and get drunk at strip clubs. All we need is higher-quality people who want to put some of their resources into useful projects.

10) We must maintain human DNA
As I explained years ago here, everything slowly deteriorates through time, so everything requires maintenance. It's easy to understand how this concept applies to material items, but we resist applying this concept to the human race.

Our DNA will degrade if we don't do something to maintain it. We must routinely cleanse the human population of destructive and parasitic people. It is very unpleasant to deal with defective humans, but we no longer have any choice in this matter. We are no longer "children" who are taken care of by "nature". We have entered an era in which we must "grow up" and take care of ourselves.

It is now up to us to determine who reproduces and who doesn't, and who lives among us and who is exiled, and who lives and who is executed. People who cannot handle this responsibility are misfits in this modern world. We have to deal with them, even if they are our close family members.

How do we protect ourselves from abusive policemen?
Most people believe that the best way to protect themselves from stupid, corrupt, neurotic, and sadistic policemen is to pass laws that restrict what the police are able to do. This is a ridiculous policy that is similar to a frightened animal that is hiding in the bushes.

The best way to protect ourselves from abusive policemen is to remove them from the department. We have to stop hiding from problems like a stupid animal! If we create a police force that is honest and responsible, then we can admire and respect the police rather than fear them.

This concept also applies to government officials, school teachers, businessmen, and journalists. We must routinely perform maintenance on all of our organizations to ensure that people in positions of importance are talented, honest, and behaving in a proper manner.

We should not hide from destructive, parasitic, or abusive people. Instead, we should be like gardeners who routinely look for and remove the weeds.

The removal of criminals and parasites is a never-ending task, and we have to accept the fact that the troublemakers are not likely to voluntarily identify themselves and leave society in a quiet and peaceful manner. We also have to accept the fact that some policemen will occasionally lose their temper. However, there is no reason for us to feel sorry for people who fight with the police!

Why waste criminals?

Centuries ago, a few criminals who were sentenced to death were used by medical researchers to understand human anatomy, as in the drawing below. Today, however, after we execute a criminal, we discard his body in a manner that nobody benefits from. Why are we wasting useful criminals? Who benefits from this policy? Why should honest people, who are in need of kidneys, livers, skin transplants, corneas, or medical research, have to suffer when a criminal has an organ that could be given to them? If the criminal is useful to any of these people, then we ought to "recycle" him rather than throw his body in the trash.

11) Microscopes and telescopes caused humans to become less passive
It's not easy to analyze history and explain the changes that we see in human life, but I think the development of microscopes and telescopes played a very significant role in helping people realize that religion was nonsense, and that humans have more control over their life and the universe than they realized. Up until the microscopes and telescopes were developed, religion seemed to be a very important aspect of most people's lives, and most people would react to problems by praying to some god, or conducting some idiotic ritual, or crying.

The microscope showed people that there is an incredible world of tiny creatures all around them, but none of it was mentioned in any religious document. The telescope showed people that the world is much larger and more complex than any religion had claimed, or could explain.

Those two devices showed people that no religion was capable of explaining the world, but with the appropriate tools, humans were capable of closely analyzing the universe, and that we could understand at least some aspects of it. These devices also helped people realize that a better understanding of the world gives us more control over our bodies, our toothaches, and our diseases, as well as getting more control over the plants, animals, and other aspects of the universe.

Those devices brought significant changes to some people's attitudes. Although the majority of people continued to react to problems by crying or praying, an increasingly larger percentage of the population began to react to problems by studying the issues and looking for ways to improve their lives. These people became less passive and more active. They began to take more control over the world.

Humans are becoming less passive with social problems

The microscope and telescope helped people realize that they don't have to be passive creatures that simply accept whatever happens; that we can study, understand, and take control of the animals, plants, and other aspects of the universe.

The course of human life is changing once again right now, but this time the changes are much more dramatic, and much more rapid. However, this time the changes are not the result of the development of tools that help us analyze the world. Rather, it is due to our better understanding of human and animal behavior, and the growing awareness that all of the social problems we suffer from are the result of human behavior, not a shortage of money, technology, food, oil, or gold.

This intangible information is helping people realize that we don't have to be passive creatures that ignore or tolerate social problems. Although the majority of people will continue to react to social problems by crying or praying, every day more people realize that the human mind is capable of studying, discussing, and dealing with our social problems. These people are becoming less passive with culture and social problems and more active in determining what our society and culture will be.

People are starting to realize that we do not have to tolerate incompetent governments, crime networks, or even lewd remarks. We can take an active role in determining what our culture will be. We can make our life be what we want it to be. We are the masters of both the physical world around us, and the intangible human social world.

We are not helpless victims of gods, crime networks, aristocrats, or devils. We don't have to wonder what the future will bring to us. Instead, we can discuss social issues and make decisions on what we want our future to be. We can take control of our culture, our society, our governments, our economic system, and even the human population. We don't have to cry or pray when we encounter problems. We have a lot of ways of dealing with crime networks, incompetent officials, and badly behaved people.

Eliminating the Jewish crime network will free the human race

We have a lot of social problems to deal with, such as a crude school system and economic system that developed thousands of years ago, but which is ineffective in this modern, technically advanced era. However, before we can deal with those issues we have a very serious problem that must be dealt with first; namely, eliminating all of the crime networks in the world, especially the one dominated by people who refer to themselves as "Jews".

Some of the small crime networks, such as teenage gangs, seem to consist of people who are stupid, or defective in some manner, but the Jewish crime network seems to be dominated by a genetically different group of people; a very crude, savage creature that I don't think is as human as the rest of us.

This network is like a fungus that is smothering people, concepts, discussions, and technology. The Jews have achieved tremendous control over our world, and this has allowed them to force their crude attitudes on us. Our television, Internet, schools, and businesses are constantly promoting their toilet humor, sexual titillation, cravings for money, and other crude attitudes. They also promote the propaganda that they are the specially chosen people, and that they are more intelligent and talented than the rest of us, but in reality they are a disgusting group of people who achieved their success by suppressing their competition through murder, deception, crime, plagiarism, and nepotism. These disgusting Jews also suppress serious discussions about the differences between men and women, euthanasia, abortion, crime, religion, and most other social issues.

As soon as we destroy the Jewish crime network, we will be free to explore the universe and openly discuss whatever issues we please. We will be free of their attempts to instigate fights between different races, sexes, and nations, and free of their whiny complaints that some people and issues are "controversial" or "anti-Semitic". We will also be able to clean our societies of destructive and parasitic people and transform this planet into a human garden in which we can trust, respect, and love one another.

We will be free to explore everything!

We will be free to experiment with society!
We will be free to live among people we trust and enjoy!
So, start dreaming of our future!
And let your imagination run wild!
Here are some of my fantasies.
We will be free to develop new cities with new economic systems, new monetary systems, new transportation systems, and new schools.

We will be able to design cities that are better able to resist extreme weather, and which have beautiful parks, covered gardens, canals, and decorative pedestrian zones.

Social Activities
We can create activities for teenagers to prepare them for adulthood, such as helping them to find friends and a spouse, and becoming accustomed to public speaking.

We can create activities for adults to meet people, explore the world, learn new skills, get involved with society, and experiment with new activities.

We can eliminate the feminist movement, thereby allowing us to study the differences between men and women.

We will be able to experiment with different jobs and working conditions for women, such as providing them with more part-time jobs so that they have more time to spend with their young children, or with social activities for society. We could also provide girls with different courses in school, and separate them from the boys.

We can provide every city with farms, greenhouses, and ranches, and make our economy much more efficient by providing food and other basic necessities for free.

We can design a society in which there are lots of restaurants to provide us with all of our meals so that we don't have to be bothered making meals for ourselves. This provides us with a greater variety of fresh and healthy meals, and lots of opportunities for socializing and entertainment.

Join in on the fantasies!

The human race achieves progress when we find our pioneer spirit, climb into a covered wagon, and start exploring. We will make lots of mistakes, and often embarrass ourselves, but we should enjoy the adventure rather than worry about it. When we are older, a lot of those mistakes and embarrassments will turn out to be entertaining stories for children, or interesting historical events that other people can learn from.

By comparison, the people who refuse to take risks are like animals that merely exist from one day to the next. They may avoid embarrassing themselves, but they also miss out on the adventure of bringing the human race to a better life.

Even if you don't have the technical talent or skills to design new cities, new transportation systems, or new economic systems, some of your "silly" fantasies might provide inspiration to other people. I created the drawing below as an example. Although the colorful glass structures are a bit unrealistic, drawings like that might inspire a few architects and engineers to develop a more decorative city.

Our cities don't have to consist of rectangular buildings, and some structures, such as recreational centers, don't need "normal" windows. So, why not design a recreational center that looks like a cluster of iridescent crystals? Why not enclose a group of restaurants, social clubs, or entertainment centers inside colorful and translucent structures that allow the sunlight to diffuse through the walls? Why not put all major transportation systems, electrical power stations, and storage centers, underground so that the surface level of the city is a mixture of beautiful structures, canals, walkways, bicycle paths, parks, and gardens?

Furthermore, this drawing might encourage some engineers to do windtunnel tests on cities with different shapes of buildings, and they might develop cities that have less of a problem with wind, and even fewer tornadoes.

We are in a transition period during which the human race will transform from living like animals to taking control of our culture and our future. If we do this correctly, we will put the human race on the proper path, and there will never be another transition like this. 

So, inspire other people to join us in this amazing period of human history.
Encourage them to dream about our incredible future!
And enjoy our exciting adventure!