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Brian Gerrish

A hero?
Or another Zionist agent?

 5 April 2009
updated 6 April 2009 with information on Barbara Jean
Gerrish exposes how the diabolical and secretive organization Common Purpose has been "training" people for British and EU governments. He also shows they are controlled by the CFR, the Tavistock Institute, and other groups created by the "elite".

But is he really trying to protect us? Or is he part of the controlled opposition? Or is he working with a rival Zionist gang that is fighting for control of us?

Gerrish has a lot of evidence to support his accusations. The BBC5 TV produced a video of his presentation on 24 January 2009:
In September 2007, MEP Roger Helmer was a guest host at one of his earlier presentations:
However, the British Broadcasting Corporation does not have a BBC5 TV.

The BBC has one through four and HD, but no BBC5.
The lower left corner of a page from BBC5.
It should be obvious that the people who created the BBC5 TV are trying to fool us into thinking they are part of the BBC. And I shouldn't have to tell you that this is notthe way respectable people behave. Why would the deceptive, manipulative, dishonest people at BBC5 want to promote Brian Gerrish?

The BBC5 promotes Zionist propaganda

Take a look at the films that the BBC5 promotes. For example, they promote Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo, The Obama Deception by Alex Jones, and Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph.

They appear to be a British organization, and they appear to be providing us with lots of useful information and a variety of opinions, but they are promoting the exact same Zionist propaganda that mysterious and suspicious groups are promoting in America, Australia, and other nations.

Can you see the international Zionist network?

Take a look at think tanks, truth groups, whistleblowers, and patriot groups around the world and you'll discover that these mysterious groups are promoting the exact same Zionist propaganda regardless of which nation they are in. There are even mysterious groups in Russia promoting Alex Jones, as I mentioned in my article about Radio Free Europe.

How is it possible for independent organizations around the world to promote the exact same people, videos, and websites? Because they are part of an international network of criminal Jews. They are getting control of the world's media, 9/11 groups, anti-war groups, and every other organization.

Before the Internet existed, it was very difficult to realize that these groups had a connection to one another, but today it's very easy to see their connections.

For example, the BBC5 promotes Brian Gerrish, Aaron Russo, Peter Joseph, and Alex Jones, and Alex Jones also promotes Brian Gerrish, Aaron Russo, and Peter Joseph.

Note: the interview with Peter Joseph and Alex Jones in October 2008 shows one of the tricks that Harold Rosenthal described. That interview shows Jones and Joseph disagreeing with each other on many issues, and it appears to be a serious discussion between two men with different opinions.
The nearly two-hour interview has been posted on Google video here, in case you are interested.

However, Rosenthal explained that criminal Jews take all sides of every issue so that they can dominate every discussion. Virtually every discussion on television and radio is between one criminal Jew and another criminal Jew. This is why television discussions are so idiotic, superficial, and full of Zionist propaganda.

The BBC5, Alex Jones, and all of the others are promoting only the criminals within their network. As you click from one link to the next, you appear to be getting different information at each site, and you may even find yourself at a site in a different nation, which creates the impression that you're getting information from around the world, but in reality you are remaining within a Zionist maze of websites. You are never going to find my website in their lists, for example.

The only time the criminal Jews mention my website is when they are trying to appear unbiased, or become my friend, or gain some credibility. However, they give themselves away by mixing my site among a bunch of Zionist sites, and giving most of the attention to the Zionist sites.

Take advantage of their fear!

As I described in other documents and audio files, Alex Jones, Dave von Kleist, and other people were willing to interview me on their radio shows from 2002 to 2004, and they were selling my book and video.

However, during the past few years they have begun to worry that they're losing this battle. They are becoming frightened. As a result, for the past few years they've been pretending I don't exist.

Furthermore, we can be certain that they're avoiding other people, also, not just me. Therefore, this makes it easy for us to identify members of their network. All we have to do is look at who they promote!

We should assume that everybody they promote is part of their crime network. The police don't have much work to do; the criminals are inadvertently providing us with lists of their names.

For example, the John Birch Society has this list of their interviews. Their president, John McManus, was interviewed on March 26, 2009 by Alex Jones, and on April 3, 2009 by Barbara Jean

Important note about Barbara Jean: She was willing to interview me many years ago, but no longer. However, after I made accusations that Christopher Bollyn and his family were kidnapped, she interviewed Bollyn a few times on her radio show in an attempt to prove that Bollyn was safe and free.

During one of those interviews, Mike of called her radio show to talk to Bollyn, and he also called me to make a three-way phone call, and that gave me the opportunity to talk to Bollyn, also.

I mentioned this here, and I have an excerpt from the show so you can hear how they turn down the volume when I come on, and then they cut us off. I consider this to be evidence that she and her radio station are connected to the crime network that kidnapped the Bollyns.

Barbara Jean was a radio host for k-talk AM 630 in Salt Lake City for the past few years, and today she is a host for the Republic Broadcasting Network. This is more evidence that she is indeed a member of the Zionist crime network. 

Some MP3 files and descriptions of her k-talk shows are here. You will notice that she promoted the same group of Zionist agents that are promoted by websites and radio shows all over the world, such as Edgar J. Steele, Joel Skousen, and Barry Chamish.