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The Israeli government defends itself
Israel backed by army of cyber-soldiers
We are not paranoid when we say that most of the "truth seekers" are Israeli agents who are trying to deceive us. Israel admits to it, and has special software to assist their agents. Don't let them fool you. Counteract their propaganda by promoting my website.

Watch out for "friends" who want to contact you
Here is an excerpt from a radio show in which one of the callers desperately wants to contact another caller. A possible example of a Zionist agent sneaking up on the unsuspecting Goyim.


Can we trust Victor Ostrovsky?
Victor Ostrovsky claims to be ex-Mossad, but is there any such thing as an ex-secret agent? Does any secret agency really allow their agents to expose their crimes? Or is this a clever trick to dispense propaganda?

What about Anthony Hilder, Mark Weber, and other "truth seekers"?


TheAmerican Free Press and The Barnes Review
With so much evidence that these two publications are Zionist operations, you should take a look at who works for them, and be cautious of those people. For example, Reverend Ted Pike, Ted Gunderson, Edgar Steele, Fredrick Toben, and Rick Adams, Mark Glenn, and Anthony Hilder (notice also that Alex Jones promotes Anthony Hilder, such as this this)

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Can we trust the False Memory Syndrome Foundation?
What about the television shows that investigate crimes?

A group of pedophiles could protect themselves by creating an organization of "experts" who claim that the victims of pedophilia have false memories. James Randi is involved with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Should we trust him or the foundation? 

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To get away with crime, become a crime fighter
A trick that works over and over with most people is for criminals to become "truth seekers", policemen, lawyers, and investigative reporters. By investigating their own crime, they can confuse the public, shift the blame to somebody else, and identify the witnesses.


Learn their tricks... or you will end up like Christopher Bollyn
Daryl Bradford Smith is another Zionist agent: EnglishFrançais

Don't believe me? Listen to this: EnglishFrançais

Did I delete Smith's audio files? Click here.

"I was ready for a casket"
Daryl Smith's recent, inadvertent exposure of one of his own lies gave me a better understanding of:
a) We are fools to ignore crimes.
b) Jews must continue to promote the lie even when it is exposed.
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Why are so many scientists lying to us?
They lie about 9/11, global warming, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing.... Are scientists nothing more just educated apes? Or, has the global Jewish crime network taken control of science? If so, how are they controlling the scientists?


Voice of Reason are Jews
Mishko of VoR calls me to complain, but all he does is expose the "white nationalists" as Zionists

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A Ponzi Scheme? Or another Zionist scam?
Unless you're new to my website, then you know that the news media routinely lies to us, and so does the FBI, the "truth seekers" and "whistleblowers", our government officials... etc.

So... why should we believe the official story about Bernard Madoff?

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Who and what is a Jew?
A lot of the people who are lying to us about 9/11 and other issues are insisting that they're not Jewish. Considering that we don't even know what a "Jew" is, don't be too concerned about who is a Jew.

Judge people by their behavior, not by what they call themselves. This file is in response to my remark in my 2_July_2008 audio file in which I said that that Andy Hitchcock is Jewish.

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Ninjas to fight Illuminati?
Will the Chinese and Japanese be tricked into believing that the Rockefellers are the primary enemy? Benjamin Fulford, a Zionist agent in Japan, exposes himself and other Zionist rats.



David Shayler: MI5 "whistleblower" and God
David Shayler, a British "whistleblower" and ex-MI5 agent, gets lots of favorable publicity by the media, which is a sign that Jews approve of him.

He is like Morgan Reynolds; both of them began as honest investigators, and today they act crazy. Please learn about these wolves in sheep's clothing and their techniques. His ex-girlfriend, Annie Machon, another ex-MI5 agent, should also be considered a Zionist agent.

Update July 2009: Shayler has become a transvestite squatter named Delores!

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Michael Moore
Why do I complain about his jokes about the police? He claims to be an ordinary working-class man, but he is extremely wealthy; he associates with Zionists; and lies to us about 9/11, the Columbine shooting, and other crimes. Furthermore, he encourages smart-ass attitudes in regards to the police:

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Hallelujah! The "Globalists" have been identified!
Who was responsible for 9/11, the world wars, and other crimes? Bob Dacy, Alex Jones, and others blame the Rockefellers, the CFR and the Bilderbergs. Try to understand this deception so that you don't get fooled by it. Can you see that the "Bilderberg" is not an organization?

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Ron Paul and his connection to white supremacists
Here is another trick to learn from. Ron Paul works with Zionists, and other Zionists set him up with "Nazis", and other Zionists try to gain credibility by defending Ron Paul. Don't become a pawn in their game. Learn their tricks.

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Alex Jones - an example of a wolf in sheep's clothing
Alex Jones is typical of the "truth seekers", so if you understand his technique, you will be less likely to be fooled by it.

Also, you might find this amusing: Jones gets a speeding ticket!

Bollyn and the Zionist tricks
The Zionist crime network has depended upon secrecy, but the Internet allows us to expose them. Please learn about their tricks so that you don't become one of their suckers.
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Bollyn meets Giulietto Chiesa
Nobody has seen any of the Bollyns since they disappeared around June 11, 2007, but in Nov 2008 he shows up with  Giulietto Chiesa, who I believe is helping the Zionist crime network get control of the truth movement in Italy. Chiesa promotes David Ray Griffin, also, as I mentioned in March 2008 here. Plus I got an e-mail message from Bollyn!
Bollyns appear on Television !!!
The entire Bollyn family was interviewed by Estonian television!


He also appeared recently on the Barbara Jean radio show. See this page for all of latest articles about the Bollyns.



Zion's Little Helpers, part 1
Have you noticed how many "friends" a person attracts when he criticizes Zionism? You have to be suspicious of these friendly people or you'll end up like the Bollyn family, or worse.

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Zion's Little Helpers, part 2
Did they destroy the Holocaust "truth movement"? Do they have a team of "Zionist whores" to set us up for blackmail, jail, or death? Do they offer free newsletters to identify their critics?

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The Knights Templar
Why is Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News telling us that the Knights Templar are our heroes?


Zion's Provocateurs
Andrew ‘Don’t Tase me, bro’ Meyer, who calls himself a "Good Jew", was interviewed on television to promote Zionist propaganda. Help the police realize that Andrew Meyer and the media are taking advantage of the police -- and the rest of us.


The Axis of Perverts
Are the Zionists in the sex industry using their customer lists to find Useful Idiots? People who go to strip clubs, prostitutes, to Thailand to have to sex with children, etc, may be doing their business with the Axis of Perverts, who can then blackmail them.


Ed and Elaine Brown; more "Useful Idiots" to fool the people
Do you remember Ed and Elaine Brown? They refused to pay income taxes. Ed Brown accuses the Jesuits of controlling the world. Notice the similarity between the Browns and David Irving, and learn these Jewish tricks.
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Educational Courses to help you earn your
Masters in Deception
Lesson #1: Aliens and Religion
The fine line between Beliefs and Deception
Lesson # 2: The Deception Dollar
Deception for who?
Lesson # 3: Who are the "Illuminati"?
Don't be fooled by the words Illuminati, Globalists, or New World Order
Lesson # 4: What are "Handlers"?
What is the connection with Deb Simon, Phil Jayhan, John Kaminski, etc?
Lesson # 5: What is a "Strawman"?
UFOs, Normal Livergood, The Pod Theory
Lesson # 6: Deceiving with the Truth
Example: The World Trade Center dust:
Lesson # 7: Crypto Jews and Crypto Zionists
The "truth movement" is infiltrated
 English • 
Lesson # 8: Criticize your own Assumptions
Example: Sam Danner
Lesson # 9: Expose your own false information
Example: Flying saucers
Lesson # 10: Blame the Goy for Jewish crimes
Example: Rosenblats and Oprah Winfrey

Have you heard about Radio free Europe?
I have to thank Alex Jones for bringing this group to my attention. He appeared on the Russian equivalent, Russia Today.


The "truth movement" is full of Crypto Jews
Their attempt to silence Bollyn caused some of the criminals to expose themselves.

1) Can we trust the American Free Press?
2) Michael Collins Piper blows his cover
3) Piper wants another beating

Judge "truth seekers" the same way you judge carpenters
Most people demand high quality from carpenters, dentists, and plumbers, but they tolerate incompetence among leaders. If I were a carpenter, and you wanted a table, would you visit my showroom, or turn to Dylan Avery or some other "truth seeker"?
1) More information on deception
2) I talk with the creators of "Loose Change" DVD

The arrest of Christopher Bollyn backfired!
The Zionist Jews thought that arresting Christopher Bollyn would silence one of their critics, but with the Internet, these tricks are backfiring. WingTV and other "truth seekers" are exposing themselves in their attempt to cover their crimes.

WingTV blows their cover
The kidnapping of Bollyn backfired also. Learn about it here

New 9/11 videos for 2007!
Are "9-11 Ripple Effect" and "ShadowPlay" exposing 9/11? Or are they more propaganda? Are you smart enough to figure this out?


A Putsch for USA?
What did Alex Jones mean about an upcoming putsch? Was it those 6 nuclear missiles that were accidentally loaded onto an airplane at the end of August? And why is he claiming that the Chinese are controlling the weather?

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The criminals are determined to remain in control
The expression "9-11 Bowel Movement" is an unpleasant but accurate way of describing the BS that comes from most of the 9-11 "Truth Seekers".

Have you seen this article yet?


Fraudulent e-mail
Once again someone sent hundreds of e-mail messages using my e-mail address, and it looks like Karl Schwarz fell for the trick. Learn about it so that you are not fooled, also.

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Examples of the odd behavior that I have to put up with
Friendly people try to manipulate and watch me, and I receive insults, accusations, and threats. Recently I received complaints from Karl Schwarz and Dr. Linda Shelton. If you wonder what I have to deal with, click here

Why are so many people insulting us?
Most people have trouble distinguishing between insults and evidence. If anybody had evidence that my opinions are incorrect about the Holocaust, 9/11, and Zionism, they would proudly present the evidence to discredit us. When somebody provides insults, it's a sign that they have nothing intelligent to say.

Contaminating the Truth is a Crime
• Rense's writers send people in the wrong direction, and some articles have serious mistakes that are never corrected.

• Rense may be influenced by Sam Newhouse or other Zionists who routinely deceive us.

• Most important, Rense's mixing of absurd UFO stories with 9-11 and Zionism is giving a bad image to research on 9-11 and Zionism.

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Do you know who Scott Ritter is?
We have enough evidence that our government is corrupt. We don't need Ritter, Skolnick, Flocco, or other suspicious people to mix nonsense with truth. Some of these liars appear to be blackmail victims.

Morgan Reynolds and the Bovine Gas Theory
Morgan Reynolds joins Jimmy Walter in promoting The Blue Screen Theory!

Click here for the Bovine Gas update

Click here for Walter's theory

What is wrong with Reynolds?

A Black Pope special
While I was working with Daryl Bradford Smith, I created this page for him to help people understand that the Black Pope theories are deception.


Is this a threat to George Noory?

Are threats used to control Noory or other?

More confusing fights
Greg Szymanski accuses Professor Steven Jones of deception. Most of the "truth seekers" are deceptive, and they try to start fights with one another to confuse you. Professor Jones and Professor Fetzer also argue over idiotic issues. Don't get caught up in their fights.

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Note: This the following joke about Tom Flocco is from Daryl Bradford Smith in October 2005. It may not make sense to you today because Tom Flocco's article that caused Smith to joke about him has been forgotten. Flocco's article is: CIA, French intelligence kill 4, capture 5 Israelis in NY subway attack
The case of the Flocco Flambé
Three White House chefs from Texas were caught flambé-ing Flocco steaks on the New York City subway. When a Langley chef and three Parisian food critics descended upon the scene, tempers flared and the Flocco Flambé was doused. Injuries were reported.
Hufschmid wrote about Flocco's article about Barbara Olson, the wife of Ted Olson. She died on 9/11, but Flocco claims that she is alive: