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The Chicago City Flag Patch

21 February 2008

Mike of was in Chicago in January 2008 and took the photo (at the bottom of this page) of the Chicago police. Mike said every policeman had this patch on his right shoulder.
The police claim that the four stars represent four important events, and the two blue stripes represent the North and South branch of the Chicago River.

Is it just a coincidence that the patch closely resembles the Israeli flag? Or is this a subliminal trick to get people accustomed to seeing the Israeli flag?

In part 3 of my Masquerade Party videos, I show some of the subliminal tricks the Jews are using.
There are a few variations of the patch. This is the desert camouflage version for when the Chicago police are fighting crime in the deserts of... uh... Chicago?

Chicago has always been known as a corrupt city under the control of organized crime, but most people assume that the Italian gangs are in control. However, the police are not wearing Italian gangs logos. They're wearing the Israeli flag.

Chicago is the city where the police arranged for Christopher Bollyn to be arrested for resisting arrest. Chicago is also where Linda Shelton and James Phillips live, and both of them went to Bollyn's trial.

Today Shelton is supposedly in jail, hopefully because the police are wising up. The police should also investigate Phillips as a suspect in the kidnapping of the Bollyn family. By the way, Phillips wrote an open letter to me: 109293

Help the police realize that they are being used by Jews as attack dogs. Don't fight with the police or military, educate them. If the American and European police and military knew what the Jews are doing, they could put an end to their crime network quickly. They have the manpower, financing, and weapons to deal with the Jewish crime network. Tell the police and military to stop following orders from Jews!


Michael Moore wants us to ridicule and fear police
Sure, some of his jokes about the police are funny, but Michael Moore, Alex Jones, and other Zionist agents want us to fear or ridicule the police.

They don't want us to work with the police because the police could easily put an end to their crime network. Don't fall for their tricks! Help the police get a clue!

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