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Michael Moore

Leading the Gullible Goyim to the slaughter
while they laugh at their police force

19 March 2007

“I'm just an ordinary
working dude, like you!

Follow me into this nice Goy Pen!”

In this video Michael Moore makes funny jokes about the police:

Yes, his jokes are definitely amusing. However, instead of laughing at the police, we should be educating them and telling them to arrest criminals such as Larry Silverstein, the executives at CBS, NBC, and other media companies, the Bronfmans, and thousands of other Zionists.

Laughing at the police is laughing at the American people. Our police, laws, government officials, economy, schools, cities, railroads, and everything else about America is whatever we make it. Our nation is our responsibility.

We're not going to make America better by laughing at the police. We need to ask some serious questions, such as:

Why did the police arrest Christopher Bollyn?

Your first reaction to the arrest might be to get angry at the police, but this is equivalent to getting angry at a soldier in Iraq who kills Iraqis.

Hating the American soldiers in Iraq will not help the soldiers to understand that they have been tricked by the 9/11 attack into becoming Zionist attack dogs.

Likewise, hating the police will not help them to understand that they have been tricked, also.

Actually, hating the soldiers and the police will make them less likely to listen to the information we offer them.

The policeman who arrested and TASERed Christopher Bollyn did not make the decision to do it. Somebody with authority over the police told them to do it.
You can find evidence that this arrest was planned at this page:

For example:
• Bollyn_Facts-of-Police-Assault.html
• Timeline_of_Events-arrest.html

If we don't stop the people who planned the arrest of Bollyn, they may plan another arrest, and another one after that, and so on. Is that what you want?

We're not going to solve this problem by laughing at, insulting, or fearing the policemen. While people laugh at the police, Bollyn's court case is still going on, and there is not yet any sign -- as of March 2007 -- that he has enough support from the public to get out of it.

We must figure out who is in control of our police departments, who is teaching them that people such as Bollyn are America's enemy, and who is arranging for these illegal arrests.

It is very likely that the people who arranged for Bollyn's arrest are the same Zionists who are stopping the police from investigating the September 11 attack and other crimes.

Michael Moore encourages us to laugh and insult the police, and Alex Jones wants us to fear the police. But if you follow the advice of Michael Moore or Alex Jones, then you are a sucker; a fool

If the Zionists get away with Bollyn's arrest, they will realize that they can continue with these arrests until they've arrested everybody they don't like. Is there anything funny about that?

There is nothing funny about an organized crime gang using the police as attack dogs. There is nothing funny about an organized crime gang using the military as attack dogs.

We need to deal with this gang of Zionists. Michael Moore is assisting that gang by fooling people into laughing at the police.

If Michael Moore was truly the liberal, freedom loving person he claims to be, he would be helping to get Christopher Bollyn's case dismissed, and he would help to expose the arrest as an attack of an innocent American citizen, and an abuse of the police force.

Don't policemen have rights, also? Don't the police have the right to be free of Zionist propaganda?

Why don't the Liberals protect the police and military from Zionist manipulation? Why don't the Liberals care?

Do something constructive!

Hating and laughing at the police causes their job to become less desirable, and that will result in police departments that have to lower standards in order to find people willing to take the job.

In other words, hating the police is adding fuel to the fire. We don't solve problems with hatred, laughter, or ridicule.

We must figure out who has taken control of our police departments, and arrest those people. Who is stopping them from investigating the September 11 attack? Who is arranging for innocent Americans to be arrested? Is it Michael Chertoff? The FBI? The ADL?

Who trains the police?

The ADL and Israelis provide training for American police:

Are those really "training programs"? Or are they propaganda programs to convert the police into Zionist attack dogs?

Why are the police ignoring Larry Silverstein, and other obvious criminals? Why are the police attacking innocent people like Christopher Bollyn? Do the ADL training programs have anything to do with this?

Can't you see that Michael Moore, Alex Jones, and other Zionist agents are trying to trick you into laughing at and fearing the police rather than investigate these problems?

We need to investigate, think, and discuss. If you fall for the trick of laughing at or hating the police or military, you are a fool; a sucker.

Why are police trying to stop anti-Semitism?

Take a look at the business card of this particular policeman:


The police have no desire to stop anti-British-ism, anti-catholic-ism, anti-atheism, or anti-Goyism.

Why are the police only concerned about anti-Semitism? Who is teaching the American police that there is such a thing as anti-Semitism? How can the police stop anti-Semitism when there is no sensible definition for the word?

Former President Jimmy Carter has recently been described as an anti-Semite by some Jews:

Listen to Mike Savage complain about Carter:
savage-on-Carter-16May2006.mp3   only 160 kbytes

Would you think it's funny if the police arrested Jimmy Carter on the grounds that he was spreading anti-Semitic hate speech?

Can you see that Michael Moore, Alex Jones, and the others avoid such issues and encourage us to laugh at or fear the police? If you fall for their trick, should we ridicule you for being stupid? If you can't see through the deception, and if you think you're smarter than the police, then how do you expect the police to see through the deception? Why don't you use your intelligence to help the police?

There is nothing wrong with being stupid

Most people in the world are average, and half the people are "below average".

A lot of the food you eat was grown, harvested, and delivered by stupid people. A lot of stupid people helped create many other products you enjoy.

Ridiculing soldiers, policemen, farmers, assembly line workers, or retail store clerks for being stupid is not going to make the world better.

In fact, when people in a society ridicule each other, they ruin life for everybody in their society. So how smart are the people who ridicule each other?

Why do police use TASERs so often?

As Christopher Bollyn shows, the police have been fooled into thinking TASERs are so safe that policemen can use them on themselves for fun:

Fooling the police into thinking that TASERs are toys is a crime. Who is responsible for this deception? Is it the company executives that produce the TASERs? Did they do it merely to make money?

Or is this part of a Zionist plot to destroy America? Are the Zionists fooling the policemen into hurting themselves and others, just as they fool the American soldiers into thinking that uranium is safe to use in weapons?
This Marine, who was permanently injured in the Iraq war, is probably average or below average in intelligence.

He trusted his leaders to provide him with guidance.

Go ahead and laugh at him for being stupid, but no amount of laughter will help you, Iraq, or America.

Another soldier you might enjoy laughing at is here:

It might make you feel intelligent to laugh at the stupid policemen and the stupid soldiers who trusted their government and the media, but you accomplish absolutely nothing by laughing at or fearing the police or military.

If a horde of dumb soldiers or policemen were sent to your house and fooled into thinking that you were an anti-Semitic, terrorist sympathizing, Islam-o-fascist, laughing at them would not stop them from killing you.

You don't stop a horde of dumb people with laughter. You stop them with education. You stop them by providing society with better leadership.

“We don't have to worry about the police.”

“I fooled the stupid Goyim into hating the police instead of working with the police to arrest us!”

So, if you are smarter than the dumb soldiers and police, then you will understand that we must get rid of the Zionists in positions of authority, and bring better people into leadership.

Most of us have some resentment toward the police 

In Santa Barbara, California, in 1992, a woman with a baby was shopping at the Nordstrom department store. When her baby became hungry, she walked over to the area near the bathrooms where there was a bench to sit on, and she nursed her baby.

She was not naked; rather, she was covered up like women normally do when a nurse their babies in public. However, somebody call the police. The police arrived and told her to leave the store.

Why would fully grown adult men with guns harrass a woman who was nursing her baby? Is that your idea of sensible police procedures? Is that your idea of a sensible way to spend our tax money?

The police routinely harass women who nurse their babies. Meanwhile, more than a hundred Israelis were sent back to Israel without any investigation of their role in the September 11 attack. The police will not investigate Larry Silverstein's role in September 11, either, or Michael Chertoff's role.

Furthermore, there is sexual titillation everywhere in America. Television, magazines, and Hollywood movies titillate both adults and children every hour of every day. The police don't care that their own children are being titillated.

The women on many television shows are dress like prostitutes, enlarge their breasts, and wear absurd levels amounts of makeup. This behavior is encouraging young girls to crave breast enlargements and makeup, including the daughters of policemen, but the policemen don't care. 

Is this your idea for an outfit for ballroom dancing?

This is the background image at ABC's website for Dancing with the Stars.

Nobody cares that the television executives encourage the women on the show to dress like Las Vegas showgirls.

There are numerous reports of children being bought and sold as sex slaves, but the police never do anything about that, either.

Paul Bonacci complained that Barney Frank, the senator from Massachusetts, raped him and other boys at parties on a routine basis, but the police don't care about that.

Why is hemp illegal? Why is Stevia illegal?

It is illegal for Americans to grow hemp for fiber or paper, and it is illegal for us to use Stevia as a sugar substitute:

Many of our top military and government officials have serious alcohol problems, but the police don't care. Instead, they arrest people who smoke marijuana.

Our laws don't make sense

It is impossible to make sense of the laws that the police enforce. The reason is because the laws were not created to make sense.

Rather, some laws were created to serve selfish businessmen; some laws were created to serve Zionism; and some laws are the result of pressure by religious fanatics.

Ridiculing the police because of these corrupt, stupid, and selfish laws will not make the situation better. The police merely follow orders.

We should be asking ourselves, who is responsible for creating these laws? Who is in control of our court system? Who is allowing Zionists criminals to run free?

Discuss, don't ridicule

When something isn't working, we have to do some research into what is causing the problems, and then discuss possible solutions.

However, Michael Moore, Alex Jones, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and other Zionist agents are trying to fool us into ridiculing or fearing the police.

Some of them are trying to fool us into thinking George Bush, the Vatican, or the "Islam-o-fascists" are our enemy.

Some of them are trying to fool us into thinking that mysterious, secret organizations beyond our control, such as the Illuminati, are turning us into a "police state".

If you fall for their tricks, you are a sucker; a fool. And you are one of the reasons this world is incapable of dealing with its problems.

Our problems will be dealt with when people stop the laughter, the ridicule, and the fear, and when we start serious discussions.

The police are victims, also

Would you like to be a policeman? Consider what policeman have to go through:

• Would you like to harrass women who nurse their babies?

• Would you like to arrest Israelis who seem to be involved in 9/11, and then be told to let him out of jail very quietly and send him back to Israel? 

• Would you like to be told to take part in an illegal arrest of Christopher Bollyn?

• Would you like to be told to ignore all of the complaints coming out of Boystown that government officials are routinely raping boys?

The more undesirable we make the job of a policeman, the more difficult it will be to find people who are willing to become policemen.

In fact, the big cities have been complaining for years that they have to occasionally lower their standards in order to fill the jobs. If this continues, the police departments will eventually drop all qualifications. Is that what you want?

People who ridicule the police should realize that they are partly responsible for the mess that this country is in. We don't solve problems with ridicule or fear. The people who laugh at the police or military are making our situation worse.

The people who laugh at, ridicule, and hate George Bush are also making our problems worse. Who voted for George Bush? Who voted for Bill Clinton? If you want to laugh at or ridicule somebody, why not ridicule the stupid voters?

Unfortunately, laughing at the voters will not help us, either. We're not going to fix any of these problems with laughter or ridicule. So don't be a sucker. Don't be an arrogant, angry jerk who ridicules and laughs at other people. Instead, start encouraging people to discuss our problems.

And warn people that Michael Moore, Alex Jones, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, and almost everybody else who gets publicity is a Zionist agent who is trying to deceive us.
Bill Maher might make some funny jokes, but the "liberal" comedians promote propaganda and bad attitudes.

They and their associates should be investigated and arrested, not paid to deceive us.

Have you seen my short video on Jon Stewart? It is on this page:

The Emanuel family should be investigated

Michael Moore's agent is Ariel Emanuel, the brother of Rahm Emanuel. As Christopher Bollyn shows, this is a hard-core Zionist family:

Michael Moore may be a Crypto Jew, or perhaps he is a dumb Goy who sold out to the Zionists for wealth and fame.

We don't know what is going on with Michael Moore, but it is obvious that he is lying about 9/11, the Columbine shooting, and probably everything else he speaks about.

Anybody who follows Michael Moore or other "Liberals" who offer to save us from President Bush is a sucker.