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Patriots and 9/11 Victims

Are you insulted as a "conspiracy nut"?

Do your friends and relatives try to ignore the 9/11 attack?


Well, you came to the right place!

Tell them that since 9/11 means nothing to them, then they might enjoy some "Conspiracy Products"! This is guaranteed to upset them, and that in turn might get them to think about what jerks they are.

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Jumper Earrings
Silver plated hooks. Jumpers made from WTC rubble and bone fragments.

Excellent gift for firemen and college students who ignore 9/11

Here is the message to include on the gift card:

"Since you don't care about 9/11, why not laugh at the victims?"

The Holocaust Guessing Contest

As you should know (watch my Masquerade Party if you don't), most Europeans are not allowed to investigate the Holocaust.

Therefore, the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust has been rounded to 6,000,000.

Now you can enter a contest to guess at a more accurate figure!

All you do is record your estimate on a special Holocaust T-shirt

As soon as the Europeans permit investigations of the Holocaust, a more accurate figure will be determined, and the person with the most accurate T-shirt will win a special prize!

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Yes, please enter me in the Holocaust Guessing Contest!

Send me a Holocaust T-shirt(s) at $12.95, free shipping.
Size: _____   (s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl)

I believe the number of dead Jews is ______________
(Please do not include Goyim in your estimate)

Select between two styles of T-Shirt:

Official Rules

You must play the official song for the Holocaust Guessing Contest at least one time:

Or watch "Tanzen macht frei":

Must be 18 or older

Holocaust survivors, ex-Nazis, and their family members are not eligible.

Flight 77 vibrator
No wings, engines, or passengers to bother you. This amazing device can quietly slip into holes too small for conventional vibrators, and without leaving any marks or pieces of itself.

Use on yourself, or better yet, the idiots who believe Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

Nobody will be able to figure out how it gets into tiny holes, not even if they take photos of the vibrator as it glides through the air into your intended target!

Excellent gift for pilots who think they can fly a plane inches above cars and grass. Don't forget to tell them where to put it!