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Exposing corruption
can be entertaining!
Do you get tired of having your own relatives ignore the corruption and accuse you of being a conspiracy nut or an anti-Semite?

Well, this page has what you need to keep you in good spirits as you expose corruption!

Do your friends or coworkers consider themselves to be "smart"? Or are they just educated monkeys?

You might be entertained by their reaction when you ask them to help you solve my amusing "Science Challenges" about NASA and the Apollo moon landing, or this one about terrorism.

I have this page with music!
Tired of being insulted as a "conspiracy nut"?

I have this page!

I help people find jobs!


Is your business having financial troubles?

Don't reduce salaries or lay off your employees!

Do what government officials do, Work Furloughs!


The Israelis have provided us
with these photos of themselves
writing amusing phrases on bombs

I have comic books!


I have photos that prove that our relatives were indeed trained to mindlessly repeat phrases:


I have DVDs about the Rothschilds!


I have T-Shirts to show your audacity!

I have links to amusing audio interviews
I have links to audio interviews that make you wonder, "Is this a real interview? Or is this a comedy routine?"

Here are some short excerpts of an interview between Pastor Wickstrom and Rabbi Finkelstein: #1#2#3#4

The complete 50 mb audio file is here. Note: that interview promotes Hal Turner, who seems to be another of the phony "white supremacists". If you don't understand why Zionist Jews are pretending to be anti-semites, take a look at my document: Ashkenazi-Nazis.html

I have Official State of California birthday cards

Click here !

I have awards for "Goy Handlers"!


I have games!
Have you heard Michael Piper refer to me as fish bait? Perhaps his remark is meant to imply that Zionists toss troublesome Goy into the Chesapeake Bay.

If you don't know who Michael Piper is, I wrote this about him:

Rather than be frightened by their subtle threats, play The Hufschmid Fish Bait Game:


I have Churches for you to donate to!
The Republic Broadcasting Network and most other "truth seekers" are trying to fool us into having faith in their honesty and giving them money. I am trying to help these con artists start a Church to make this scam more obvious.

If you don't know much about the Republic Broadcasting Network, try this:


I have the news that was suppressed!

CNN Suppressed Headline News

The news you're not supposed to know about
Click here

I offer trips to the Laughing Wall
Our neighbors and relatives who believe they are Christian Superheroes who protect Israel from the Muslims are the greatest fools the world has ever seen.

We often become discouraged after trying to help our mindless relatives and co-workers understand 9/11 and Zionism. To cheer you up, I offer trips to Israel so that you can join people who laugh at these mindless zombies. If that doesn't put you in a good mood, just turn around and let your feelings out at the Wailing Wall.

And that's not all!

Here is a radio show prank that you might find funny in which a Jewish college girl's parents are fooled into believing their daughter is dating an Italian: