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Eric Hufschmid, 21 November 2009
Millions of people now realize that Jews are responsible for 9/11, the world wars, and lots of other appalling crimes.

I think we're close to the point at which a group of men will be able to form to start the process of identifying the Jewish criminals and destroying their network.

So, let's stop wondering what the Jews will do to us, and start wondering how we can get rid of these criminals, and what we want our future to be!

We need a group of men who understand the wolf in sheep's clothing trick, and who will not be manipulated by praise, tears, threats, or offers of fame, sex, or money.

Where will we find such men? Can the Military Police supply the necessary personnel?

As we remove the criminals, we should discuss our incredible opportunities.

For example, we could eliminate the Federal Reserve and prevent private citizens from controlling our banking and money.

We could also experiment with completely new cities, as I described in my social technology articles.

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Part 4 and Part 5 (the end) is here.

At midnight on November 18 a meteor shattered into particles over Utah, creating a tremendous noise and flash of light.

As the sun was rising seven hours later, the amazing trail of ...? what? dust particles? was still in the sky, and it remained visible for several more hours!

Sure, it may have been a meteor, but the propaganda about it from the suspicious site WhatDoesItMean may be trying to confuse us so that we don't realize that the Jews were trying to stage an attack on America, and perhaps blame it on angry Muslims within the US military and working with Mideast terrorists.

More False Flag Failures?

Fort Hood shooting, November 5
  (the propaganda from whatdoesitmean)

Flight 188, October 21

Balloon boy, October 15

“Angry U.S. Muslim”
Some strange events may truly be just strange events, but the Jewish crime network is now so thoroughly exposed, and so despised by so many millions of people, that we should assume that they are desperately trying to stage some big operation in order to get total control of us before we rise up against them. 

Don't become one of their dogs!

World War I, World War II, the Korean War,... the Jews fool the Goyim over and over into having vicious wars with one another, while the Jews benefit.

Learn the Jewish tricks or you may become a victim! 
Here are some excerpts from the Howard Stern show on September 11, 2001. Listen to their attempts to instigate hatred and nuclear war:

Video of his entire show is on youtube here. Why is that black woman, Robin Quivers, helping the Jewish criminals?

Are you learning to watch out for their tricks? 
Alex Jones proudly boasts that “the ADL’s hit piece” refers to him as a “Conspiracy King”.

When you realize that both the ADL and Alex Jones are covering up Jewish crimes, you should wonder if this "hit piece" is a trick to give Jones some publicity and counteract the accusations that he's a Zionist agent.

When two criminals cover up the same crimes, you have to wonder if they're working together, even if they criticize one another.

Wal-Mart customers and eugenics 
I played an excerpt from the Alex Jones radio show in which a caller said that he supports eugenics, and he said that most of the customers at Wal-Mart are examples of people who should not be allowed to reproduce.

There is no Wal-Mart in my area, so I don't know what he's talking about, but here is a website that has photos of Wal-Mart customers.

We could develop robots for 
gardening, surgery, mowing lawns 
I'll add some links to explain this later, so check back!

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