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Will you help expose the corruption?
Here are some of my videos and ideas to introduce people to the corruption we suffer from. YouTube deleted some of my videos already, but the following wmv videos are at my website, so they cannot delete these.
Short videos:
1) Israel is not the Ashkenazi Homeland

2) If Korea had attacked on 9/11; Jews need to back off!
Or download it: Back-Off-Jews.wmv

3) Ernst Zundel, Mike Rivero, and the Holocaust

4) The Northwoods Document , Jon Stewart, propaganda

5) Dr. Bill Deagle is typical of  'truth seekers'; he lies!

6) What is a False Flag?

7) Why is slavery the fastest-growing industry?

8) Victor Ostrovsky; an ex-mossad agent?
Or download it: Victor-Ostrovsky.wmv

I have a more information about Ostrovsky here:

9) Jew caught smuggling diseased eucalyptus leaves into Australia

He was not arrested.
Or download it:  Jew-smuggles-diseases.wmv

what a
"False Flag"
operation is?

Silence of the Sheeple
What should we do with the traitorous, selfish, cowardly jerks who interfere with our attempts to replace the "ruling elite"? On youtube here. A direct link to my video:

Eisenhower or Hilter; whose death camps were best?
Compare the Auschwitz death camp to Eisenhower's death camp. On youtube here. On BitChute here. A direct link to my video:

Videos about 9/11
I have a special page for 9/11 information:

Zionism, Blackmail, Deception
My Masquerade Party videos
Part 1: Holocaust Denial
Part 2: Little Piggies
Part 3: The Wizards of Zion

"A Bug's Life"

In the movie A Bug's Life, the leader of the grasshoppers (the Zionists) explain what would happen if the stupid ants (the Goyim) were to realize that they don't have to be under the control of the grasshoppers. Some interesting remarks:

• "if they ever figure that out..." 
• "If you let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up!"
Will the little ants figure it out? Watch the excerpt, and/or click here for a transcript of that video segment:

Shimon Peres boasts about Jewish dominance

Help us find people with the courage to stand up to this abuse! By the way, I have Peres on my main Neanderthal page.

This video was deleted from YouTube, but it is available as a Microsoft Windows WMW video:
Shimon-Peres-boasts-about-Jewish-dominance.wmv 600 kbytes

Photos to promote my site and educate people:
Israeli bombsRudy Guliani
Bollyn's arrestPolice dogs
St John's ChurchKidnapped boys

Print "business cards" about 9/11
Here are three styles of cards. These are PDF files that will print a sheet of 10 cards on the peforated sheets similar to the Avery lables 5371 or 8371:




Or print on regular sheets of paper and cut them into rectangles.

Send email also!
You can also send e-mail messages with links to my site -- or make phone calls -- to your relatives, police departments, military bases, university professors, and other people.

Not many people do anything, so don't assume other people will do something. America is getting beaten badly because there are only a few people who help us spread information and expose the corruption.

So, once in a while you could send an e-mail to somebody in our government, businesses, or universities.

You don't have to know the people you contact. You are not sending spam when you do this; rather, you are trying to expose a major crime network.

If anybody complains that they don't want e-mail messages about 9/11, you can respond, 

“Well, millions of us are fed up with the corruption, the incompetence in the government and police, the pedophilia, the lies about 9/11, and the adults who hide from these problems like frightened children. Help us expose the corruption!”
Since our police departments and government officials are not doing anything, it is up to the citizens to stop this corruption.