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Should we investigate
the "Truth Seekers"?

updated 31 Jan 2006
by Eric Hufschmid

So I told the sucker, "If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a liar!", and now he is certain that he can trust me! What a fool!

Some people have complained to me that I should not criticize people in the 9-11 movement.

It is considered acceptable to investigate political candidates -- and even insult them -- but when we investigate the people in the "9-11 truth movement", we are chastised for "dividing the movement", "creating fights", or "spreading gossip".

"Background Checks"

Many businesses do background checks on prospective employees. The managers of some apartment buildings do a "background check" on a person before they allow that person to rent an apartment.

Some jobs require a security clearance from the government, and those people are given a much more thorough investigation.

There are so many businesses that want to do background checks that some businesses have been created specifically for doing it for businesses that cannot do it themselves.

Since background checks are considered acceptable for businesses, why are we not allowed to investigate people in the 9/11 movement?

Do background checks hurt businesses?

If investigating 9/11 researches is bad, what about investigating prospective job applicants? Does that hurt business? Does it divide the economy? Does it cause fights? Is anybody harmed by it?

Some people certainly are harmed by the investigations. Specifically, the investigations hurt the people who lie, and it hurts the people with mental disorders.

However, investigations help the people who are honest, talented and respectable. And investigations help the businesses.

What would happen if we investigate 9/11 activists?

What would happen if we looked at their finances, their friends, their past performance, and their association with organizations and nations?

The answer should be obvious. Investigating the 9/11 activists will show is who among them is getting funding from outside sources, and it would show us who is lying about who they are.

Investigating the activists would expose who is a member of the criminal network, and who is being influenced by the network, possibly without their knowledge.

In other words, removing the secrecy from the 9/11 movement would allow us to cleanse the movement of its criminals. It would not divide the movement, nor would it hurt the movement.

We have a responsibility to investigate

J. Edgar Hoover has been accused of wearing women's clothing and having homosexual affairs. Some people might complain that we have no business talking about his personal affairs.

I say we have a right to investigate people who are influencing our world and our lives. Actually, we have a responsibility to ensure that people in influential positions are respectable, free of blackmail, and honest.

If FBI officials are being blackmailed over their personal, private activities, their private life becomes public, and it is our responsibility to expose the blackmail and put an end to it.

We have a right to know if our leaders are compromised, and we have the responsibility to ensure that our leaders are free of outside influence.

However, when we question the members of, or Tom Flocco, or Dylan Avery, or other self-appointed 9/11 truth seekers, we are reprimanded.

I say we have a responsibility to investigate the truth seekers. We should not allow the 9-11 truth movement to become as corrupt as our government and military.

I say there is nothing wrong with investigating a person who is trying to influence our lives and our future. I suggest we take a look at all of the truth seekers.

If you can't stand the heat,
get out of the kitchen

If you apply for an engineering job in a defense contractor, you should expect the government to conduct a background check on you.

If you were to run for President of the United States, you should expect tens of millions of people to look critically at you, and you might find some of those people writing articles or books about you.

If you decide to become a 9/11 Truth Seeker, you should expect people to wonder, "Who is this person? Is he really trying to help the 9/11 movement? Or is he part of the criminal gang that is trying to deceive?"

If what Kay Griggs says is correct, most of the top military leaders are being blackmailed and threatened. But how will we know if Griggs is correct unless we investigate?

You can watch the excepts of her for free at:

You can buy the DVD set of Griggs at:

If we were to investigate the top military leaders, would we be dividing the military? Would we be causing fights? Or would we be exposing the criminal network that is manipulating our military?

Ideally, people in influential positions would be free of pressure from criminal networks. This applies to people in the 9/11 movement, also, not just the government.

Anybody who leaves the anonymity of a private citizen and promotes himself to "9/11 crime fighter" should expect people to wonder about his motives, and whether he is being blackmailed, influenced, or deceived.

If you don't want to be closely examined, then get out of the truth movement. It is not my fault if you are embarrassed or ashamed of your private life.

However, I don't think many of the truth seekers are embarrassed of their private life. Rather, I think 99% of the truth seekers are somehow connected to the criminal network, and they are terrified that an investigation will expose their connections.

We will not be able to figure out which of the truth seekers are honest until we take a close look at them.

So let's stand up to the pressure and investigate any of them that seems suspicious.

This is a war of intelligence

There is a battle going on for control of the planet. However, this is not a battle with guns and fists. This is a battle in which the primary weapon is deception.

The 9/11 attack is a great example. Almost everybody was deceived on September 11, 2001 into believing that the Arabs attacked America. However, as time passed, people began to see through the deception. Unfortunately, large numbers of people are still incapable of seeing the deception, and others are still refusing to see it.

The enemy has also deceived most people into funding the propaganda that deceives them. Specifically, people have been fooled into subscribing to the New York Times, Newsweek, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, and other propaganda publications.

They have even fooled millions of Europeans into believing that anyone who questions the official story of the Holocaust should be put in jail.

Don't be a sucker

A good example is the American military. The Zionist Mafia has deceived the American military into becoming a pack of attack dogs.

The American soldiers who are dying and suffering health problems from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not sacrificing their lives to protect America from terrorism. Nor are they dying for the Jesuits, the black pope, or the New World Order.

The American soldiers are suckers; fools; Useful Idiots. They are sacrificing their lives -- and destroying the lives of Arabs -- for Israel, the Rothschilds, and other people who probably best described as members of a Zionist Mafia

Some of America's military leaders are members of the Zionist Mafia, while others are bribed or blackmailed into allowing the military to destroy itself.

Unfortunately, many of our military leaders seem too stupid to understand what is happening. They may be physically strong, but they are intellectual weaklings.

The military should investigate the people who sent them to war. They should investigate Dov Zakheim, who was in charge of the Pentagon when they lost $2 trillion. They should also investigate Chertoff, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Kissinger, and the media executives.

Unfortunately, nobody investigates any of these people. Our military gives blind obedience to these people.

I am not going to give blind obedience to any of the Bush administration, and I will not give blind obedience to any of the 9/11 truth activists. As far as I'm concerned, the vast majority of them are part of the criminal network, and the remainder are emotionally disturbed people who want to be the center of attention.

99% of the 9-11 truth seekers are worthless

Take a look at all of the web sites on the Internet that expose 9-11, and ask yourself, how many of those web sites actually have intelligent, unique information?

There are only a few people doing actual research about 9-11. The vast majority of truth seekers are simply regurgitating research done by other people, and mixing in their silly opinions or disinformation.

Almost all the web sites, books, and videos about 9/11 can be thrown in the trash, and nobody will be harmed by it. In fact, the exact opposite will happen. Once they are discarded, we can clearly see who has something intelligent to say about the subject.

Why are so many people creating web sites, blogs, and videos? Are they really adding intelligent information to what already exists? Or are they doing this merely for their own self gratification? Or do they do this for fame or money?

Or could this situation be more sinister? Could some of them create worthless sites in order to bury the few good sites? Could they be deliberately mixing disinformation into their sites to confuse people?

What is the purpose of Tom Flocco's site? There is no intelligent or original research or analysis on his site:

If we could delete Tom Flocco's site, Karl Schwarz's site, and most of the other 9/11 sites, and leave only the few that actually have some intelligent information, it would increase the rate at which we educate people.

As it is right now, when people search the Internet for 9/11 information, they have to spend a lot of time sifting through a cesspool of idiocy and disinformation. Could that be the purpose of these idiotic sites?

Why investigate
"Loose Change"?

Why would anybody want to investigate the three, wonderful young men (Korey Rowe, Dylan Avery, and Jason Bermas) who created Loose Change? 

The reason is that the criminal network that staged the 9/11 attack may be promoting Loose Change in order to push aside more important people and videos.

From the criminal's point of view, there is a big advantage to promoting Loose Change rather than somebody like myself. The main advantage would be to create the illusion that they are exposing corruption.

Millions of people around the world are demanding that 9-11 be exposed. The media companies and the 9-11 truth groups are under pressure to expose it. 

In order to create the illusion that they are trying to expose corruption, they are selecting the Loose Change video. This fools people into thinking they are trying to expose 9-11, when in reality they are hiding some of the most important information and people.

For example, in a news article, Korey Rowe implies that the 9-11 attack and the war in Iraq is for oil and President Bush:

The creators say it’s only more evidence of who is really responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Film producer Korey Rowe says his experience serving the military for 12 months in Iraq and 6 months in Afghanistan, leads him to believe first hand that we are not fighting a war on terror. “If you ask any Iraqi, why we are there they will say Oil, and political power for President Bush and his administration to do anything they choose under the pretense of terror” Rowe states.
(it is at the end of the Page 2)

Korey Rowe did not risk his life in the Middle East for the oil companies, or for President Bush. The evidence shows that the conspiracy is much larger than that, and the criminal network is much larger than a few oil company executives and Bush family members. However, Korey Rowe will not tell you about Zionism or related issues.

If you want a more diabolical possibility, consider that Dylan Avery and/or Jason Bermas are connected to the criminal network through relatives. In such a case, their relatives may have encouraged Avery or Bermas to create this video in order to give them something to push aside "Painful Deceptions."

Or, am my simply jealous that their video is getting a lot more attention than mine?

Listen to a conversation I had with Avery, Rowe, and Bermas at this page:

Then think about it!

Only the smart will survive

The winners of this battle will be the ones who are smart enough to avoid becoming a victim of deception. It will also be the people who have the emotional strength to stand up to the Zionist Mafia.

Take a look at the people in this 9/11 truth movement. Are you capable of figuring out which among them has something of value to say?

We need to put together a team that can understand the deception, and avoid it. We are not going to win this battle if our team is full of people who are easily deceived.