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Stadtmiller demands I explain this article!

Eric Hufschmid talks with 
Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas

 updated 5 July 2006
by Eric Hufschmid

Dylan Avery
Korey Rowe
Jason Bermas
In a phone conversation on Monday 24 April 2006, I discussed a few issues with the three young men who made the video Loose Change.
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A follow-up interview on the Republic Broadcasting radio show:

John Stadtmiller of RBN called to put me on his radio show and demanded that I explain the accusations that I made in this document. My explanation and the audio files of that radio show is at this page:

What are we talking about?

To help you understand why we were talking and what we were talking about, here are some important points.

1) Their video gets much more promotion than my video

Their video (Loose Change) is promoted all over the nation, and by people who will not even acknowledge the existence of my video (Painful Deceptions). Am I jealous?

My concern is that the criminal network is promoting Loose Change because they consider it to be the least dangerous to them.

Also the criminal network will promote the investigators who are the youngest, most gullible, most naive. They will try to push aside the investigators that could truly expose them, and promote the investigators who are incompetent or easily deceived.

As you might expect, Dylan, Korey, and Jason do not believe that their video is being promoted because of their age or naivety. However, when I asked them if they had listened to Benjamin Freedman's speech, they said no.

Have you listened to Benjamin Freedman's speech yet?

If Freedman is correct about the Zionist criminal network, then naturally the Zionists will promote people who do not have any clue about what Zionism is.

What was the Israeli role in 9-11?

Dylan, Korey, and Jason believe the Israeli involvement in 9-11 is similar to what Wayne Madsen tells us. For example, Madsen believes that the Israelis were following the Arabs simply because they suspected the Arabs were up to something diabolical, and the nice Israelis tried to warn the US government about a possible attack in the future.

Here is one of Wayne Madsen's articles:

My opinion is that Madsen is a liar. I say that Israel and other Jews were the primary group involved in 9/11 and most of the big crimes:

On 15 April 2006 Dylan, Korey, and Jason were interviewed by Air America radio host Fred McChesney. In that conversation they also promoted the idea that the nice Israelis were trying to warn the US government:
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Who do you think has a more accurate view of the Israeli involvement in 9/11?

2) Example: KPFK radio censors me

Radio stations all over the nation are censoring me. I used KPFK radio as an example because Dylan, Korey, and Jason are familiar with that radio station.

Quite a while ago KPFK used my book and video during one of their fund raising drives. Months later they wanted to do it again, but this time somebody told them that they were not allowed to promote me or my material.

However, they promote the Loose Change video, and they will interview Dylan, Korey, and Jason.

Why will they promote Loose Change but not my video? Because the radio station does not like my views on such issues as the Holocaust.

This is also the reason I am not promoted by other 9/11 truth groups, and other radio stations.

My conclusion is that most of the 9/11 truth groups and the media are controlled by Zionists, and they censor anybody who brings up these issues.

I can understand that each radio station will have a different viewpoint and purpose, and each station will censor people who do not fit in, but the censorship of people who are critical of Zionism is almost universal in the media of North America, Australia, and Europe.

I think this nearly total censorship of views critical of Zionism is evidence of a worldwide Zionist network to take control of the media.

As you might expect, Dylan, Korey, and Jason disagree with me. What do you think? Who do you think has a more accurate view on the media, and on why the Loose Change video is getting so much promotion, and on why I am being censored?

3) Who can we trust in this 9/11 movement?
There are several articles at my web site that encourage people to be suspicious of the 9/11 investigators. Dylan, Korey, and Jason do not approve of them.

One particular document points out that there are some interesting relationships between some of the 9/11 investigators that could be a sign that Dylan, Korey, and Jason are being manipulated by the criminal network, or are a part of the criminal network:

This diagram shows some of the liars who are in direct or indirect contact with Dylan Avery:

People who work with Deborah Simon insist that she is trying to help the 9/11 movement. However, if she really wants to help us expose this crime, then why doesn't she expose the Simon's family financial ties to people such as Lee Hamilton, who were on the 9/11 Commission?

Furthermore, why doesn't Deborah Simon finance people like me, or Christopher Bollyn, or any of the other people who are investigating 9/11? Why does the Simon family only provide financial and other assistance to people who lie about 9/11?

Karl Schwarz
He appears to be a liar. Daryl Smith refers to him as a "grifter", and Smith assumes Schwarz is posting articles under the name "Jon Carlson": 

Update: Schwarz's site is gone, and the site for his company is gone also.

Schwarz claimed that Patmos was a large, scientific research company involved with nanotechnology, but when I called the company phone number during normal business hours, all I got was the answering machine for his personal cell phone.

Furthermore, the recorded message did not identify the company or the person I was calling or the phone number. It was a crude message like, "Leave a message and we will get back to you".

If you didn't recognize his voice, you would assume you accidentally dialed somebody's private phone rather than a multi-million dollar, high-tech corporation.

Schwarz promotes himself as a 9/11 investigator, and Jon Carlson and also promote his theories, but his theories are stupid.

However, Dylan Avery included Schwarz's theories in both the first and second editions of Loose Change. He also praised Schwarz as a 9/11 investigator. Why did he consider Schwarz to be so important? Was he influenced by Deborah Simon?

Deborah Simon admits that she invested money in Schwarz's company, but there is no company, so why did she give him money? Is this how they pass bribes? Specifically, do they give money to one person, who distributes it to others, and then to more people, thereby making it difficult to determine the original source of the money?

What is Schwarz doing with Simon's "investment"? The RBN radio network is very friendly with Schwarz, and the RBN network is promoting a lot of liars. Coincidence? Or is Schwarz giving RBN some money?

Tom Flocco
Tom Flocco appears to be a liar:

Phil Jayhan reassured me that Flocco's news item are true, such as this news report that Barbara Olson has been arrested:

Jayhan told me that Flocco is simply getting news items much sooner than everybody else, so we just have to wait a while longer in order to discover that Flocco is correct.

Obviously, Jayhan trusts Flocco (or he is working with Flocco to promote the lies).

John Stadtmiller
Stadtmiller operates the RBN radio network ( He also published Karl Schwarz's book, and he was supporting Schwarz for president in 2008.

How can anybody consider Schwarz to be an improvement over George Bush or John Kerry? Has Stadtmiller been fooled by Schwarz? Or do they work together to deceive us? How can we respect Stadtmiller when he looks up to Karl Schwarz? Something is seriously wrong here!

Also, look at his radio network. I realize that it is difficult to find people to do honest radio shows, but take a look at some of the radio hosts on the RBN radio network:

Greg Szymanski 
Szymanski is pushing the theory that the Vatican is behind all the world's corruption. Update: he is frequently changing his website so it's hard to keep the links to his articles working properly, so here is his main page:

He also promotes the idea that the US military has some aliens that are 8 feet tall, run 40 miles an hour, and live 800 years:

Szymanski is a mental defect, a con artist, and/or a member of the criminal network that is trying to deceive us about 9-11 and Zionism.

Webster Tarpley 
Webster Tarpley denies that Israel plays any role in world corruption. Supposedly, the Bush family, and a few other mysterious people, are behind the world's corruption, and Israel is an innocent victim.

Tarpley is too intelligent to not realize that he is lying. He must be a member of some criminal network.

Frank Whalen
On 26 April 2006, Frank Whalen told the audience that it appears that Eric John Phelps was correct about the Vatican being behind the world's corruption, and that the Jews will be "demonized":
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Whalen refers to this article (from Jews!) as proof (it has been deleted, but it is still on the Internet and in the archives):

Whalen mentioned several times that the mysterious evil monsters behind the world's corruption are going to demonize the Jews:
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Dave vonKleist, Joyce Riley
Dave von Kleist is another person who tries to deny or minimize the role of Zionism in world corruption, but the strangest accusations on the Internet are about his wife Joyce Riley. There is more information in this document:

Even if the accusations against his wife are false, there is no denying the fact that he is defending Zionism, and he is a Holocaust Promoter.

The only question I cannot answer is why is he lying? Has he been bribed, blackmailed, or threatened? Or is he part of the criminal network? Or is he just some mentally unstable, religious whack job who believes that his God wants him to drive the Muslims out of Palestine? Or is he a Crypto Jew?

Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, Mike Rivero
Jeff Rense ( promotes both Karl Schwarz and Jon Carlson.

Alex Jones ( promotes Jeff Rense, and appears on Rense's radio show.

Mike Rivero ( promotes Alex Jones and appears on Jones' radio show. He admits that his family were "Crypto Jews".

Thousands of us used to trust Alex Jones, but it has become obvious that he is trying to minimize the role of Zionism and blame the world's corruption on mysterious entities, such as Germanic Death Cults, Luciferian Controllers, and the New World Order.

You can find more information on why many of us believe Rense and Jones are part of the criminal network in such documents as:

You will learn more about Zionism by avoiding Jones and Rivero and remaining on my website.

Also, take a close look at how stupid Rivero's defense of the official theory of Flight 77 is:

You should at least read the first three paragraphs of that article. Rivero expects us to believe that in the "near future" photographs or video will be discovered that shows Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon, and we will all be embarrassed for suspecting the government lied about Flight 77.

You might expect that after five years Rivero could have figured out that Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon. His defense of the Apollo moon landing is also stupid.

Rivero is obviously lying about many issues. The question is why?

Why wouldn't we investigate Dylan Avery?
Look at all of the liars that have been in contact with Dylan Avery, either directly or indirectly. Why wouldn't we wonder if some of those liars influenced Phil Jayhan, and/or Dylan Avery?

In fact, we would be fools not to wonder if all of them are part of the criminal network.

A real detective doesn't give college students immunity from an investigation simply because they claim to be nice people.

Why shouldn't we wonder if the videos that were created by Dave von Kleist and Dylan Avery were intended to push my video out of the way? Their videos are basically the same as mine, except they edited out the criticism of the media, and Loose Change also promotes Karl Schwarz.

Zionist Deniers
Furthermore -- and more importantly -- Dave vonKleist, Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, and Korey Rowe deny that there is any Zionist involvement in 9/11. They are Zionist Deniers. In addition, they are Holocaust Promoters.

If the criminal network is controlled by Zionists, then of course they would promote the people who deny Zionism!

If Europe can arrest people for investigating the Holocaust, we in America should arrest Zionist Deniers.

So listen to the telephone conversation I had with Dylan, Korey, and Jason, and ask yourself, are these three students being honest? Or should they be arrested for Zionism Denial? Or Holocaust Promotion?

If you don't know much about the Holocaust, try this page: