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20 February 2010

Joe Stack - A new and improved style of terrorist?
Robert Wone - An example of blackmail?
Don't worry about the details!
Don't let the Jews instigate another war!
Joe Stack - A new and improved style of terrorist?
Suspicious aspects of the official story 
We are told that Joe Stack, an "ordinary" American who showed no signs of mental disorders, "flipped out" one evening.

It's very common for us to lose our temper, but Joe did much more than that. He set fire to his house, posted a suicide note on the Internet, and went on a suicidal mission to fly an airplane into the IRS offices in his city of Austin, Texas.

However, there are some suspicious aspects to the official story. For example:

The fire and damage to the building was incredible, but only one person in the building died, and only 13 were injured.

Did some people know that the attack was coming? Why did the fire spread so quickly, and to so many different offices?

Update 22 Feb: The only victim has been identified, a black man! Coincidence?

A small plane crashed into a different building, and the damage was minimal.

Although this building was probably much stronger, and this airplane may have had much less fuel, we ought to wonder how there could be such an incredible difference between these two events.

There is no evidence yet that Joe Stack was suicidal or suffering from mental problems, but a former FBI agent made such idiotic accusations as "He was a wound collector".
“I'm a wound collector, also, so don't mess with me!”

Suspicious aspects of the media and "truth seekers" 

Alex Jones initially speculated that the attack was a false flag operation by the US government, but while talking with Bob Chapman, ex-Congressman James Traficant, and Mike Rivero, he began wondering if the official story is correct! Mike Rivero claimed that the government doesn't want us to read his manifesto. Here is an excerpt from his 19 February 2010 radio show:
Jones-not-false-flag-19Feb2010.mp3  840 kbytes. His full audio is at this page.
The suspicious website WhatDoesItMean posted this article to promote Joe Stack as a "Gray Champion", and the next day they posted another article to link to this website about Gray Champions, which also promotes Joe Stack as a hero, and which implies that there will be more violence! They write: "Joe Stack’s blood has now flown into the Tree of Liberty’s roots, and his will not be the last."

Furthermore, these proud patriots beg for donations!

•  News reports, such as this, are pointing out that many people consider Joe Stack to be a hero.
Many people, such as this from the Christian Science Monitor, are claiming that there is a growing anger towards the government, and that there may be more of these violent acts.


Were the witnesses prepared for the attack? 

Jerry Cullen (misspelled as Jerry Colon in some reports), a former flight instructor, was one of the witnesses interviewed by television. At 1:20 in this report, when asked what he thinks about the people inside the building, he responded, "I guess I'll find out this afternoon". Does he seem like he really cares about the victims? Another of his interviews is here.


What is going on?

One possibility is that the Jews are trying to create the impression that "ordinary" Americans are becoming angry at the government - and at the IRS and Federal Reserve in particular - and may flip out at any moment and engage in suicidal acts of violence.

If they can fool people into believing this idiotic theory, then they will be able to use any of us, including you, in one of their false flag operations. For example, they could kill you, put your body in a truck, then have it explode in front of an IRS office, and then claim that you "flipped out" because you were "collecting wounds" and went on a suicidal rampage to get revenge against the IRS.

“Another patriot just flipped out! We must crack down on these extremists and their hate-filled Internet sites!

They are stirring up anger with their crazy conspiracy theories. We must protect the nation from their violent, suicidal rampages!

Robert Wone - An example of blackmail?
The murder of Robert Wone 
 In 2006, attorney Robert Wone was murdered in a bizarre manner in Washington DC. (The photo shows him with his wife, Kathy.)

Next month (May 2010), the trial will begin for three homosexual men who are accused of obstruction of justice, but not murder! Prosecutors believe that the three men know who killed Robert Wone.

The lives of these three men have already been severely disrupted, which should make you wonder, why are they willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the murderer of Robert Wone?

Eric Holder knew Robert Wone because they both worked for the same law firm, Covington & Burling. After the murder, Eric Holder provided legal advice for Kathy Wone. President Obama later selected Holder to be attorney general.

Consider the possibility that Eric Holder was somehow involved with the murder. In such a case, he can be controlled by the Jews who arranged for this blackmail operation. This would explain why the Jews feel safe putting a black man in the position of attorney general. And it would suggest that he provides legal advice to Kathy Wone only to watch and control her.

Learn their tricks!

After the Jews commit a crime, they set up many organizations to investigate the crime. They also pretend to be victims of the government, and they have women who pretend to be damsels in distress. Their purpose is to identify and manipulate the people who have information about the crimes, or who want to truly expose the crime. Your only protection is to be suspicious of everybody.

For example, my advice is to be suspicious of the four men (Craig Brownstein, David Greer, Michael Kremin, and Doug Johnson) who operate WhoMurderedRobertWone.

To the blackmailed puppets: help us destroy the network!

The Jewish crime network is becoming weaker every day, so you blackmailed puppets should stop being frightened and start looking for ways to secretly sabotage the network!

Don't worry about the details!
The propaganda can be confusing!
What is the truth about Joe Stack? Or Robert Wone? Or 9/11? Or the Holocaust? Why is Mike Rivero trying to convince us that Joe Stack flipped out? It's useful to investigate these issues, but keep in mind that none of us have the time or resources to thoroughly investigate them, so we will never be confident that we know the details of what truly happened. We have to accept the fact that we are going to be confused by these events.

The reason I warn you about this issue is that there are a lot of Jews trying to fool us into wasting our time investigating such details as how the World Trade Center towers were demolished, or whether Hitler was working with the Jews. We don't need the details! All we have to know is that we are being lied to, and that the main group of criminals are Jews. The details of their crimes will be revealed after we find enough angry people to demand that the Jews be arrested and investigated.

For an example, here is a screen image of a stupid message posted on the Surfing the Apocalypse forum. (The message is here, and the Flickr image is here.)

A person responded that the "smoky trail" was steam coming from the bowl of soup.

Two days later, the identical message was posted here on the Godlike Productions forum.
It's possible that the message was posted on other forums, also. That message is an example of how you can become frustrated trying to figure out what's going on. Why would a Jew post such a stupid message even one time? Is he an idiot? Or have the Jews discovered that these types of messages help them in some manner, such as by turning people away from the forums, or giving a bad image to the Internet? Or is he trying to encourage people to believe in ghosts? Or is he watching the reaction to see if there is an interest in ghosts? Is that woman in the photo really his wife? Furthermore, did one person post both messages? Or was that message created by somebody in Israel, sent out to a group of Jews for posting, and some of the Jews posted it on the particular forums that they belong to?
Don't be arrogant; be suspicious
I don't know how to explain those stupid messages, or thousands of others that I see on the Internet. My advice is to control your arrogance. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you are capable of figuring out what is going on. If you make a mistake, you could become one of their victims. The best policy is to assume everybody is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Be suspicious of all people and all information. Be careful of who you talk to and what you say.

Sometimes the Jews are fishing for information, sometimes they are promoting propaganda, and sometimes they are trying to confuse us. Furthermore, I think the situation is becoming increasingly confusing because some of the Jews are secretly abandoning the network, and some are sabotaging it. I also think there are fights among the Jews in regards to who is in control of the network, and what the network should be doing.

Don't let the Jews instigate another war!
Right now there are a lot of websites promoting the theory that America and Europe will start World War III by attacking Iran. Two examples are:
• Carl Herman writes "US “leadership” and their corporate media minions are pushing juvenile-level propaganda for war with Iran". 

• Michel Chossudovsky, a Jewish professor, was interviewed by the Russia Today and said "I know for a fact that this war has been prepared since late 2004."

These people try to convince us that they are concerned citizens who oppose war, but they're not really trying to prevent a war from occurring. Rather, they are trying to convince us that Americans and Europeans want the war. They are preparing us for the war by shifting our attention away from Jews.

You can easily figure out that these people are working for the Jewish crime network simply by looking at who they promote. For example, in Carl Herman's article about 9/11, he promotes other criminal Jews and their agents, such as the Loose Change video, and in his article about the war with Iran, he promotes Project Camelot.


Important message:

Help counteract the propaganda!
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