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If Jews can kill “enemy combatants”,
can we kill the Jews that we regard as enemies?

20 February 2010

Jews get caught committing another murder! 

There is a lot of evidence that Jews, under the supervision of the Mossad, are responsible for the recent murder in Dubai of  Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

It's also important to notice that the Jews found some traitorous Palestinians to assist with their murder. They don't seem to have trouble finding Goyim who are willing to assist with their crimes!

We know that the Jews killed Americans on the USS Liberty, and I think that they murdered General George Patton.

More horrifying, many of the Americans who vanished during the Korean and Vietnam wars may have been set up by Jews to be captured!  (I mentioned that 27_Jan 2008, and  notice that the white supremacists don't want this issue exposed, as I mentioned here)

The Jews also kidnapped the Bollyn family, staged the 9/11 attack, and are lying about the Holocaust! Jews seem to be involved in every major crime and war!
Although the British government doesn't care to investigate the World Wars, the HoloHoax, or other crimes, their "Serious Organised Crime Agency" will investigate the murder in Dubai.

However, after a 14-minute meeting, we find that Britain "turns diplomatic screw – but Israel refuses to crack". Israeli Ambassador Zion Evrony was subjected to a more brutal, 20-minute meeting, but still nothing! Those Israelis are tough!

The British media is trying to help investigate the murder in Dubai, but even after "British papers insist Israel owes UK an explanation" the Jews remained silent!

If the Jews who control the media can't convince the Israelis to cooperate, what can the Brits possibly do? Can the Brits figure out how to make the Jews talk?

Can Britain survive without the Mossad? 
Some commentaries defend Israel, such as this which claims that "Mossad ties are vital for the security of Britain".

Are the British people really a nation of  helpless babies? Perhaps, so I wrote this open letter to the British people:

Dear Brits, 
   Try surviving on your own! Take the risk! Judging by your recent arrest of Ray Gosling, you obviously have a brave police force that is capable of protecting your nation, so use it against the murderous, parasitic, and disgusting Jews!
Best Regards, Eric Hufschmid


The British police weren't afraid of Ray Gosling!

If their swift arrest of Gosling doesn't frighten the criminal Jews and prove that the British can survive without the Mossad's help, then what would?
The British police wasted no time in arresting Ray Gosling, a dangerous criminal who had been terrifying Britain for decades.
“Assisted suicide is such a terrible crime! Thank God that the police are protecting us from this danger. I finally feel safe.”


Don't be afraid of Jews!  

The Israelis try to frighten us into thinking that they will use the suicidal, "Samson Option" if we dare to stand up to their crimes and abuse. For example, two remarks from Israeli Professor Martin van Creveld:
“We possess several hundred atomic warheads ... ”
“Most European capitals are targets of our air force.”
This SHARE THE PAIN article also tries to frighten us with the Samson Option, and it tries to bring pity to Jews with such remarks as:
“The Arabs need no excuses to kill Jews. It is part of their culture and  essence. Jews may be slow learners, but most Israelis seem to be catching on.”
The Jews are trying to fool us into thinking that they are an extremely unified group of suicidal maniacs who are willing to use the Samson Option, but that is ridiculous. Humans are not suicidal, and neither are Jews. The Jews won't even put all of their money together to help their cause, and since they're not willing to sacrifice their money and possessions, they certainly won't sacrifice their lives.

Therefore, as it becomes increasingly obvious that the Jews are losing the battle with us, and that they are eventually going to get in trouble for their crimes, more Jews will secretly abandon the network or secretly help to destroy it. This in turn means that the Jews who continue to fight will find that their operations are either failing or not working as well as they should, and this in turn will create even more confusion for both us and the Jews. So, expect an increase in confusion as time goes by!

For example, was the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh supposed to be exposed as an Israeli operation? In this news article, Peter Hounam writes that the Mossad is reckless because they don’t care what we think about them, but I think they do care. I don't think they are reckless, either. Rather, I think they plan their operations very carefully, but when one of their operations fails, instead of admitting failure, they pretend that everything went exactly as they had planned.

The Jews are constantly bluffing. They try to impress and frighten us. However, the image that they have created for themselves is phony. They are not a tough, courageous, intelligent, unified group of superior humans. They are criminals, freaks, and parasites. So don't fall for their propaganda! And don't be afraid of them, either!

However, don't become so confident or arrogant that you allow yourself to become one of their victims. We are fighting a war with possibly millions of Jews, and possibly millions of traitors and blackmailed puppets who are working with them, so be careful!

Don't be impressed by the Mossad!
Meir Dagan, is director of the Mossad. He is a short, Jewish Neanderthal who was born in 1945 in Russia to two more of the unbelievable number of HoloHoax survivors.
Instead of referring to Dagan, the Mossad, or the Israelis with such adjectives as violent, parasitic, disgusting, dishonest, sickening, or murderous, the media - even the Egyptian media! - use adjectives that try to impress or frighten us. Some examples:
• According to this Israeli article, an Egyptian newspaper referred to Meir Dagan as "The Superman of Israel".

• The British Telegraph carries this article by the mysterious and suspicious Gordon Thomas who describes the Mossad as if he's a Hollywood movie critic. It is important to note that Thomas wrote for the American Free Press for a while, and Christopher Bollyn suspected Thomas of being a Zionist agent!

• has this earlier article (December 2002) from Gordon Thomas in which he tries to frighten us and into believing that the Mossad is "The World's Most Efficient Killing Machine".

This British article refers to Meir Dagan as "the powerful, shadowy Mossad chief".

If Jews are allowed to kill us....

Alan Dershowitz wrote an article to defend "...Israel's right to kill enemy combatants...". Dershowitz writes that "Not all extrajudicial killings are unlawful."

Can Goyim practice this policy also? Can we kill Jews that we regard as enemy combatants?

Can the Chinese kill Jews?

If the Chinese get fed up with Alex Jones and others who try to create hatred of China, are the Chinese allowed to send teams to America to kill the people that they regard as enemy combatants?

Can the Germans kill Jews?

If the Germans get tired of Jordan Dern (I mentioned him 11_Dec 2009) and other Jews who promote HoloHoax propaganda and encourage anger and hatred of Germans, are the Germans allowed to send teams to America to kill the Jews that they regard as enemy combatants?
Jordan-Dern-YomHashoah2009-sustain-anger.mp3  only 130 kbytes 

Can you and I kill Jews?

It should be obvious that criminal Jews dominate the truth groups, peace groups, veterans groups, political groups, and other organizations. These wolves in sheep clothing are trying to shift attention away from Jews and blame the corruption on Americans, corporations, or bankers, and they are watching us, manipulating us, and setting us up for blackmail, kidnappings, and death. Are we allowed to kill these enemy combatants?

 Don't follow "The Golden Rule"! 

The Jews promote the theory that we should react to their abuse by treating them nicely and giving them pity. However, we don't apply the Golden Rule to mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, or bacteria. Instead, we get rid of the creatures that hurt us.

Don't be a sucker! As I described in my audio file for 13_Feb 2010, we should get rid of the criminals!

A former member of Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces was recently sentenced to death for assisting with Israeli murders. All nations should cleanse their police, military, and government of traitors and criminals.

Furthermore, the people who refuse to help us expose and destroy this Jewish crime network should be considered as deserters during a time of war.

Stop tolerating abuse!

Our ancestors allowed Jews to emigrate into their nations, and the Jews were treated with generosity and kindness. However, instead of becoming contributing members to society, the Jews worked together to cheat, lie, murder, kidnap, and abuse. The Jews have also been starting wars, promoting toilet humor, taking over the banking system, instigating fights between men and women, and arranging for people to be blackmailed. We are fools to allow these disgusting, murderous, parasitic, abusive creatures to ruin our nations!

So, let's cleanse the world of abusive people.
Let's create a paradise where we trust and enjoy one another!


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