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A Ponzi Scheme?
Or another Zionist scam?

20 Dec 2008

"I, Bernard Madoff, confess to running a Ponzi Scheme. I even cheated my best Jewish friends!

I'd love to give the money back, but I lost every one of the billions of dollars that people trusted me with. Me and Dov Zackeim looked everywhere, but we couldn't find even one little shekel.

Well, that's my story. Let's move along, now. Nothing more to discuss. Case closed."

Our information about Bernard Madoff comes from:
1) The same criminal Jews in the media who lie to us repeatedly about 9/11, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and lots of other events.
"Pity the innocent victims of Madoff's scam.

The Goy taxpayers, not Israeli taxpayers, should be responsible for their losses."

2) The same criminals in the FBI who repeatedly lie to us about organized crime, Zionism, 9/11, etc.

3) Madoff himself, and his two sons!

Only a fool (such as the majority of our mindless relatives and neighbors!) would believe criminals who routinely lie to us.
Assume they're lying again!
We're told that Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme, but how can anybody run a Ponzi scheme of such magnitude by himself, and for so many years, and in front of the SEC and lots of investors around the world?

A Ponzi scheme requires a certain amount of secrecy to be successful.

The official story is ridiculous

We're told that all of the money that people invested in him has mysteriously vanished. However, consider:

a) Madoff collected billions of dollars from investors around the world. Therefore, there are lots of banking records of people transferring money from their account to Madoff's account.

There are records that show us who gave him money, on which date, and exactly how much money was transferred.

b) After receiving the money, Madoff transferred the money to.... what? A different bank account? The stock market? Or did he withdraw the billions as cash?

Whatever he did, there are records to show exactly how much money Madoff transferred, on which date, and to which account. So, what do the records show?

Some possibilities of what happened:

1) Failed attempt to create economic chaos

Perhaps Madoff used the money in repeated attempts to help Zionist Jews buy and sell stocks, gold, dollars, Euros, or whatever, in order to manipulate the financial markets and create economic chaos for America.

However, perhaps the banking Jews were counteracting Madoff and others with the secretive "government bailout". As a result, Madoff and others may have lost enormous amounts of money.

2) Provided financial support to Zionism
Who supports the Zionist movement financially? Where do they get their operating expenses?

A lot of Zionist agents are begging for money right now, such as the RBN radio network, the GCN network, Alex Jones, and even Daryl Smith. And who is buying food for Christopher Bollyn and his family? There may be thousands of Zionist agents who need money. Perhaps some of their money came from Madoff. 

3) Investments that lost money
Perhaps Madoff simply made bad investment decisions. Rather than admit to the world that his investments failed, which would cause all of his investors to lose their money, he claims that he was running a Ponzi scheme, and then his Jewish friends in the government can insist that the government should help the "victims".
Why did Madoff's sons turn him in?
I think his sons are trying to fool us into believing that they are two of those rare and elusive honest Jews
Historical trivia: The last time somebody reported seeing an honest Jew was in 1432, in a forest in Czechoslovakia, when one of the mythical creatures was spotted riding a unicorn.
In other words, Madoff's sons are using their sacrifice a Jew trick in order to save their criminal network and limit the damage to the fewest number of Jews as possible.
"Ahhh, yes.. the old 'sacrifice a Jew' trick. Similar to their 'shift the blame' trick, but they put the blame on a member of the tribe instead of a Goy."
Madoff doesn't get in trouble!
Normally, if a person admitted to such a big Ponzi scheme, he would be in very serious trouble, but our courts are corrupt and under the control of criminal Jews, so as of December 20, 2008, Madoff is only being told to remain inside his luxury apartment, which is what most people his age would do anyway, especially during the winter in the Northeast of America.

Don't worry about the details!

We don't have to know the details of 9/11 to figure out that Israel and the Zionist Jews were the primary group responsible for it, and that the media is part of that same crime network and trying to deceive us about the attack.

Likewise, we don't need the details of what Madoff was doing in order to realize that an enormous network of criminal Jews in the media are lying to us once again, and that the government is also lying to us again, and the FBI is lying to us again.

We have plenty of evidence to support the theory that there really is an international network of criminal Jews. So spread the information, and eventually we will find enough people who have the courage to stand up to this network.

But be warned! If you decide to stand up to the Jewish crime network, you'll face bribery attempts, blackmail attempts, poisonings, and kidnappings. 

You'll have to be careful of what you say, where you go, and what you do. You'll be constantly wondering who you can trust. You'll be living in constant danger!

"And loving it!"
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