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Painful Questions
An analysis of the September 11th Attack

The chapters are free on-line as PDF files at this page.

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This is the book referenced by David Ray Griffin in his book "The New Pearl Harbor"; Andreas von Bulow (a retired Defense Minister of Germany); and other people to support the accusation that some government officials were involved in the 9-11 attack.
  • Why is the military hiding the video of Flight 77 as it crashes into the Pentagon?
  • Why do so few people know what Building 7 is and why it collapsed at 5:30 PM?
  • Why didn't seismic stations pick up the crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon?

    Popular Mechanics magazine conducted an investigation of the 9-11 attack. Their conclusion was that the Bush administration's explanation of 9-11 is correct.

    Art Bell, on his March 5th, 2005 radio show asked Ben Chertoff of Popular Mechanics:

    “What made you, and/or Popular Mechanics, decide to pursue this madness anyway?”

    Chertoff responded that they saw Jimmy Walter's full page ad in the New York Times for a book called Painful Questions.

    Why would a philanthropist spend millions of dollars to sell somebody else’s book? And why would Popular Mechanics want to discredit this book?

    Perhaps an investigative reporter can help us understand this:

    Painful Questions is far and away the best book about 9/11. The rarely seen high-resolution color photographs put into the hands of the reader the essential evidence that exposes the lies of the official version.” -- Christopher Bollyn

    For an example of the importance of the photos, consider the woman (on page 27, and in photos at right) who walked through the fires that were supposedly hot enough to cause the towers to collapse.

    More reasons to be suspicious of the official 9/11 story:
    Senator Dayton's accusations  (a 4mb Windows Media Player video)

    Painful Questions;
    An analysis of the September 11th Attack

    The PDF files are free at this page.

    Update: All books and DVDs are sold.
    Look at the free versions on the Internet.

    I am not going to make any more because almost everybody who wants to know about 9/11 already knows that we have been lied to about the attack. Also, it is now practical to get books and videos for free on the Internet.

    The sheeple cannot cope with the truth about 9/11, but most people who can face reality are now learning that Israel - along with Jews around the world - are responsible for the 9/11 attack and numerous other horrible crimes, and that the Jews are using the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" trick to manipulate and deceive us. As a result, this minority of higher-quality people are moving to such issues as:

      • How do we destroy this disgusting crime network?
      • Are any Jews not involved in this crime network?
      • What should we do with Israel?
    My website has lots of articles and videos about these issues, so take a look at them! 

    Pass around links to, or CD ROMs with, my videos and articles. They have proven to inspire people to join the "Invisible Army" to battle ignorance and propaganda, and who want to help create a better world!