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Painful Questions; 
An Analysis of the September 11 Attack

by Eric Hufschmid

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both English  and Deutsch 

Some chapters in Français  are here.

A FAQ about the book to answer some questions is here.
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If you believe the official story for 9/11, try to explain the mysteries that I discuss in my book. It is now 2009, but even after 8 years, nobody has yet been able to explain the official story.

In 1946 some Zionist Jews pretended to be Arabs and set off bombs inside the King David Hotel (a BBC video about it is at my page here). And in 1967 Israel attacked the unarmed USS Liberty in 1967 with unmarked aircraft (info here). Is the 9/11 attack another Zionist operation to create anger towards Arabs? Learn about Zionism and 9/11, and think about it!

Note 1: The images are in the CMYK color for printing. I gave up trying to figure out how to make the PDF files use RGB color.
Note 2: The images are lower quality than the printed book because they're compressed in order to make the PDF file smaller

Free PDF files of the Chapters

Painful Questions;
An Analysis of the September 11 Attack

Chapter 1 What went wrong with the investigation?
   545 kb PDF file

Chapter 2 When nobody knows nothing, we are all experts
   274 kb PDF file.

Chapter 3 The Location and Structure
   Info and drawings about the buildings
   520 kb PDF file

Chapter 4  The Attack
    What effect did the airplane crashes have?
    The temperature was high, but was there enough heat?
    The fires were probably suffocating
    700 kb PDF file

Chapter 5  The Towers Collapse
    South Tower tilts; FEMA cannot explain it
    North Tower; the Pancake Theory is no good here, either
    Building 7; a strange collapse
   1.5 mb PDF file

Chapter 6  After the collapse
    The World Trade Center Volcano coats the city
    Buildings 4, 5, and 6 didn't crumble; why not?
    Thermal data shows hot rubble
   390 kb PDF file

Chapter 7  Analysis of collapse
     Can explosives explain it?
   380 kb PDF file

Chapter 8  Could it really be a scam?
   Why were the casualties so low?
    The odd seating arrangements in Flight 11
    The scam possibility makes more sense
    Building 7
   640 kb PDF file

Chapter 9  The Pentagon Plane Crash
    Did Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon?
    Or was it a drone under computer control?
   570 kb PDF file

Chapter 10  The Phone Calls
   180 kb PDF file

Chapter 11  Is our government corrupt or inept?
   The JFK assassination; Lee Oswald was a patsy
  290 kb PDF file

Chapter 12  More on JFK
   870 kb PDF file

Chapter 13  What happens now?
   Anthrax, the FBI, corruption, is this the best we can do?
  320 kb PDF file

The German version of my book has a different ending. Instead of the information about JFK, and ends with this chapter:
Chapter 11 for German edition (This PDF file is in English)


Schmerzhafte Fragen
Eine Analyse der Attacke des 11. Septembers

Kapitel 1 Diverse Ermittlungen

Kapitel 2 und Kapitel 3
2: Wenn niemand etwas weiß, ist jeder ein Expert
3: Die Lage und die Baustruktur.

Kapitel 4 Welche Auswirkung hatten die Feuer?

Kapitel 5 Drei Gebäude kollabieren

Kapitel 6 und Kapitel 7
6: Nach dem Zusammenbruch.
7: Können Sprengstoffe die Erklärung liefern?

Kapitel 8 Könnte es wirklich ein Betrug sein?

Kapitel 9 und Kapitel 10
9: Flug 77 stürzt auf das Pentagon?
10: Die Telefonate

Kapitel 11 Die Wahrheit benötigt keine Hilfe