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Can we trust the 
False Memory Syndrome Foundation?

What about the television shows that investigate crimes?

31 January 2008
updated 13 February 2008

James Randi, the magician, is involved with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

This group claims that many adults who have memories of pedophilia are actually having false memories!

"Some of our memories are true, some are a mixture of fact and fantasy, and some are false."
If a group of pedophiles wanted to protect themselves from accusations of pedophilia, what would be the best way?

How about if the pedophiles form an organization and claim to be experts in false memories, and then claim that the victims of pedophilia are actually having false memories?

I don't know whether anybody involved with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation is actually trying to protect pedophiles, but when we find somebody is lying to us, or when they promote a liar, we should be suspicious of them. So, before you trust this "foundation", take a closer look at the people in that foundation, such as James Randi.

James Randi promotes liars
Randi's web site is His bio is here. He achieved credibility as an honest investigator by exposing such con artists as Uri Geller and Peter Popof. He boasts about it in this video (new link).

People assume Randi is honest because he exposed some con artists, but everybody whose brain was functioning already knew that those people were con artists. There were even teenagers who knew it. The only thing Randi did was show us how they did their tricks, but it's possible that all magicians would have been able to figure that out. As far as I know, Randy hasn't done anything that deserves a special prize.

However, notice that at the beginning of the video he mentions winning the MacArthur award in 1986, and that most of the prize money ($272,000) was wasted on defending himself against libel suits. There is not much information about these libel suits, other than there were accusations of pedophilia going back and forth.

Who controls the MacArthur Foundation?
By the way, who is in control of the MacArthur foundation? A billionaire, John MacArthur, was convinced to create the foundation, but he died in 1978, so other people have been managing the money.

The Nobel prize organization was similar, and notice that it has degraded into a Zionist propaganda awards center. The concept of leaving money for an organization doesn't work because the organizations get taken over by Zionists and parasites.

Who's telling the truth about Randi's libel suits?
The Wikipedia article about Randi makes it appear as if Randi is an innocent victim of Uri Geller and Eldon Byrd, but we can't trust the Wikipedia. You can determine that Wikipedia is a Zionist operation just by looking at their information about "Eric Hufschmid" (Wikipedia promotes David Ray Griffin and Andreas von Bulow as 9/11 investigators, and both of them refer to my book, but they won't allow any information about me), 9/11, the Apollo moon landing, and the Holocaust.

We can't trust James Randi, either. His website promotes people who lie about 9/11, the Apollo moon landing hoax, the Holocaust hoax, and other Zionist crimes, such as Michael Shermer and Phil Plait. And at Randi's forum, Christopher Bollyn is insulted as a "Nazi nutball" and they don't like me, either.

Randi has regular conferences in which liars such as Phil Plait are the speakers, such as this in January 2008, and this cruise to the Galapagos Islands during August 2008.

James Randi promotes himself as an honest person, but if he was honest, he wouldn't promote blatant liars. Take a look at some of them, and notice that they promote one another and other people who lie about Zionism:

  Michael Shermer
Michael Shermer has the sites of and He is one of many Jews who create the impression that they are honest investigators who expose "urban legends" and con artists, but they expose only a few frauds in order to give themselves credibility. He is like, who also expose a few "Urban Legends" to gain credibility but who promote Zionist propaganda.

Shermer was on a book tour during January 2008, and some of the Jews who are trying to give themselves credibility as 9/11 researchers confronted him about his lies about 9/11. Shermer responded by writing the article 9/11 "Truthers" a Pack of Liars, which was promoted by such people as Arianna Huffington:

  Arianna Huffington

Her site is In the photo she's holding one of her awards. The Wikipedia has more about her. She gets a lot of publicity. For example, Time magazine interviewed her, and Time also published Al Franken's brief article about her. 

As I pointed out in my article, What is Zionism, when she was living in the extremely wealthy section of Santa Barbara, California, she hired a woman who was in the country illegally to help her raise her daughter. My opinion of her is that she is not interested in a "normal" life. Rather, her goal is to become famous. You should avoid people who show cravings for fame, money, sex, drugs, gambling or alcohol because these people are easy targets for Zionists.

All of the people she promotes should be considered Zionists or their Useful Idiots. One of the people that she promotes is Phil Plait; she posts his articles here at her site.

  Phil Plait

Phil Plait's site is He is dedicated to defending the official story of the Apollo moon landing. He was working in the astronomy department at Sonoma State University in California, but he quit in 2007 (let's hope that he was forced to quit by people who are fed up with these liars). The Wikipedia has a Zionist approved article on him.

The photo shows Plait with Rebecca Watson, who has the site She is another person trying to fool us into believing that she's skeptical of conspiracy theories. She is also part of, and everybody in that group should be considered as Zionist agents.

Anybody who promotes Phil Plait should be considered a Zionist agent, such as this man in Norway.

Can we trust television shows that fight crime?

There is a television show called To Catch A Predator, but they never investigate the pedophilia among people in the government, media, or universities, even though there's lots of evidence that the orphans of Boystown are raped on a routine basis by such people as congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts.

Don't make excuses for these television investigators. Don't assume that they're stupid, ignorant, or incompetent. You should assume that they're part of the Zionist pedophilia crime network, and that they arrest only the people who are not part of their network, or who need to be disciplined. You should assume that they are deliberately ignoring all the pedophilia that goes on in the government, media, and universities. 

This television show works with the group Perverted Justice, which has mysterious training programs for the police.

The true purpose of these investigators may be to fool victims of pedophilia into trusting them and contacting the television show to provide information about the crimes. This allows the Zionists to find out who has important information about pedophilia.

For example, if somebody comes forward with information about Barney Frank, or somebody else that the Zionists are trying to protect, then the Zionists will know who that person is, and they may quietly arrange for him to die in a car accident or a suicide.

And what about the television show America's Most Wanted? They claim to be interested in stopping crime, but when are they going to investigate Larry Silverstein or Wolf Blitzer? Don't make excuses for this television show, either. They're ignoring all forms of organized crime. They're only investigating trivial crimes. Perhaps they're afraid to expose Zionism, but don't take that chance. Their true motives may be to fool us into trusting them and contacting with information about crimes.

The host of that show, John Walsh, claims that his son was kidnapped and murdered, and many people assume he must be honest because he's a victim of crime. But just because somebody is a victim of a crime doesn't mean that he is honest. Criminals are also victims once in a while.

What do you do with information about a crime?
If you have information about a crime, put it on the Internet. Don't contact the television shows, FBI, or James Randi.
If I had gone to the FBI or James Randi with my information, you wouldn't have known of any of it. I published my book by myself, and I made my videos by myself, and I made my website by myself. It is the Internet that is bringing down Zionism. Take advantage of it! You can also burn DVDs and CD-ROMs and pass them around.

Be  suspicious of people who protect crime!

All of the people on television, and all of the other investigators of crimes are silent about 9/11, pedophilia, Zionism, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing hoax, and other crimes.

Provide people with information about Zionism so that you can rule out the possibility that they're naive, and be very suspicious of the people who don't seem to be responding properly to the information.