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What is "Zionism"?
And why are some Jews complaining about it?
30 Oct 2005
By Eric Hufschmid

Many of us have made remarks about Zionists that are causing concern that we are encouraging hatred of Jews, or that we are disguising our "anti-Semitism" as anti-Zionism. So let's look at such as issues as:

  • What is "Zionism"?
  • If Zionism is good for Jews, why are some Jews, such as, condemning Zionism?
  • Since Jews are permitted to condemn Zionism, why can't goyim?
  • What is anti-semitism, and how does it differ from anti-Zionism? 

    What is "Zionism"? 

    The word was created in 1890 by Nathan Birmbaum to refer to his goal of creating a nation for Jews.

    However, because violence is used to create Israel, the word Zionism has become closely associated with images of dead Palestinians, suicide bombers, the attack on the USS Liberty, the 9-11 attack, and numerous other violent acts. This gives the word Zionism an unpleasant image.

    In order to make Zionism appear more pleasant, some Jews give it a more vague, confusing definition.

    For example, try to make sense of this explanation of a Zionist from the World Zionist Organization. If you can handle that article, you might want to look at their other articles on Zionism.

    To confuse the issue, Orthodox Jews who belong to Jews Against Zionism wrote this article. They tell us that "Zionism thrives on anti-Semitism".

    They want to get rid of Zionism. Are they anti-semitic? Or are they simply better educated about Jews and Zionism than most people?

    If goyim create a web site called, would the site be "anti-Semitic"?

    I shall define Zionism

    After asking a dozen Jews what Zionism and anti-Semitism is, you will be more confused than before you started. 

    I suggest we will give the word its original meaning, which is an organization of Jews whose goal is to create a nation for Jews.

    Or, since they already created the nation Israel, and they are actively trying to get control of other nations through false flag operations, blackmail, and other crimes, it could be "A nation for Jews, who rule the world through deception."

    There are a lot of Christians who want to help Israel become established, so some people refer to them "Christian Zionists". However, I doubt that Theodor Herzl and the other Jews who started the Zionist movement had any intention of allowing Christians, Muslims, or other goyim to be equal members of Israel. Therefore, I would not describe the goyim who support Israel as "Zionists". Instead, I think a more accurate description for them is useful idiots.

    Zionism is alive and thriving

    Some Jews are aware of the unpleasant aspects to the word "Zionism", so they claim that Zionism ended in 1948 when Israel became established. They insist that there are no more Zionists in the world today; therefore, complaining about Zionism is as absurd as complaining about the Roman army.

    However, Israel is not self-sufficient yet. Therefore, it does not make sense to say that Zionism ended in 1948. Israel is still in its developmental stages, so Zionism is still very active.

    Israel requires billions of dollars every year from America and Europe. Also, Israel is still hiding behind America's military, as well as using America's military to destroy Arab nations.

    The Zionists are still working very hard to ensure the river of money flows into Israel. They also work very hard to control the American and European media. They suppress serious critics of Zionism, which is why so few Americans realize that many Jews are complaining about Zionism.

    The Zionists also struggle to to fool us into believing that Israel is a friend of America, and that we are providing freedom to the Iraqi people by bombing them.

    In reality, the Zionists are using the American soldiers as attack dogs.

    Since Israel is not ready to survive on its own, Zionism will be active for a long time in the future. Furthermore, since Iran, Syria, and other nations are serious, potential enemies of Israel, hundreds of Zionists around the world may be struggling as you read this to find a way to fool the Americans into destroying those nations.

    Is it wrong
    to complain about Zionism?

    If we define Zionism as the struggle to create Israel, then complaining about Zionism is complaining about the struggle to create Israel. This has nothing to do with Jews, Catholics, atheists, or any other race or political party. Therefore, anti-Zionism is not anti-Jew.

    If a group of Mormons decide to create a nation for themselves in New Zealand, am I required to provide financial, emotional, and military support? Is Cindy Sheehan required to send her children to New Zealand to help develop the Mormon nation? If I complain that I do not want to support the creation of a Mormon nation, am I anti-Mormon?

    If a group of Catholics decide to create a nation for themselves in Palestine, am I required to provide them with financial, emotional, and military support? Is Cindy Sheehan required to send her children to Palestine to help develop the Catholic nation? If I complain that I do not want to support the creation of a Catholic nation, am I anti-Catholic?

    A hundred years ago a group of Jews decided to create Israel in Palestine. Why should any of us be required to support their activities? Why are we anti-Semitic when we complain that we are tired of giving tax money to Israel? Why should Cindy Sheehan be required to send her children to die for Israel?

    Many Jews have no desire to support Israel, and if they can oppose Israel, so can us goyim.

    Or, if opposing the creation of Israel is "anti-Semitic", then there is nothing wrong with being anti-Semitic.

    The Goyist Movement

    In the 1890s the Zionist movement was established to create the nation of Israel. If they can do this, why can't I?

    I am officially announcing the Goyist Movement to create a new homeland in North and South America for intelligent goys. I want the Israeli army to drive all of the stupid goyim from North and South America. I also want Israelis to provide billions of dollars a year for my new nation. If the Israelis refuse to help me, they are anti-Goyist.

    I want hate crime legislation to arrest Israelis who criticize the Goyist Movement. Anti-Goyism is a serious crime, so I am starting the Goyish Defense League (the GDL) to protect the innocent Goys from the evil anti-Goyicks.

    Do I hate Jews for
    destroying Europe and America?

    Before the Zionists get mad at me, let me provide some more details on how I look at the world's situation.

    As I try to explain in other documents, such as this one, life is a competitive struggle, and I am not interested in feeling sorry for the losers or hating the winners.

    If you were to see a cat catch a mouse, play with it a while, and then eat it, would you hate the evil cat for torturing the innocent mouse?

    How is the human world any different? I see Zionists constantly outsmarting Europeans, Russians, Americans, and Australians.

    I see the Zionists as being analogous to an organization of cats who work together to catch thousands of stupid, unorganized mice. Why should I feel sorry for the mice? Why should I hate the cats?

    Sure, you can complain that the Zionists are often committing immoral acts, and using all sorts of deceptive and treacherous methods to achieve their goals. But so what? Nobody is forcing the stupid goyim to fall for their treachery. If all the goyim were like me, the Zionists would have to find some other group to exploit.
    Hundreds of millions of Europeans and Americans are being eaten by a few thousand Zionists, but is it accurate to say the reason is because the Zionists are evil? It is more accurate to describe the majority of Europeans and Americans as too mentally defective to take care of themselves and their nations.

    I will not cry for the Europeans or the Americans if their nations are taken over or destroyed by Zionists, nor will I hate the Zionists. 

    As I describe in that previously mentioned document, the European immigrants to North America took the land from the natives. Today the goyim are in the position of the Native Americans, and the Zionists are the pioneers who are developing a nation for themselves at our expense.

    When I was a child it was common for children to play a game called "Cowboys and Indians". A hundred years from now -- if Israel gets established and dominates the world -- Israeli children may play a game called the Zionists and Goyim.

    Many thousands of years ago the people in the Iraq and Egypt were the most advanced societies on the planet.

    They had a written language, arithmetic, and cities, while everybody else on the planet was living like animals. But their success lasted for only a few centuries.

    For a while the Greeks were advanced, but that did not last long. Then the Romans became advanced, but that did not last long, either.

    Eventually the Europeans rose to dominance, and at the end of World War II, America found itself in the position of world leader. But today we find Europe and America are disintegrating.

    Why should I feel sorry for any of these failed societies? Feeling sorry for a nation will not help that nation, and it will not help me. Pity does not help anybody.

    Why should I cry
    for people who ignore me?

    I spent a lot of time and effort trying to explain to people that the World Trade Center towers were blown up with explosives, and I tried to explain numerous other scams, but the majority of people ignore me, or ridicule me. Why should I feel sorry for them when they get eaten by Zionists?

    I do not hate the Zionists. Rather, I am astounded by the pathetic mental qualities of the majority of American and European goyim. Very few goyim can think properly. All they do is entertain themselves. A few times I even wondered, "How am I related to these idiot goys? Or am I actually a Jew, and I was mixed up at the hospital by the stupid, goy nurses?"

    The problems of America and Europe are self-inflicted. For example, consider the media. Many goyim complain that the Jews control the media, but as I explain in other documents, the Jews are not forcing us to buy the New York Times, Newsweek, or Scientific American. The dumb goyim are doing this voluntarily. And they purchase these publications even though I repeatedly tell them to stop funding the people who lie to them.

    Nothing I say seems to have an effect. I could teach arithmetic to a dog faster than I could help the average goy.

    The issue of illegal immigration is another example. Americans complain that millions of Mexicans are coming into the nation illegally every year. However, it does not take much intelligence to realize that they are coming into this nation because there are jobs everywhere for them.

    Nobody is forced to hire illegal aliens. The American people are doing this voluntarily, but they refuse to take responsibility for their behavior. The hypocrisy and selfishness is incredible.

    As an example, when Arianna Huffington was living in Santa Barbara, she was accused of having an illegal alien helping her to raise her child. Since Huffington was born wealthy, she cannot use the excuse that she was too busy working to care for her children. How can this nation take care of itself when the people who provide guidance are such selfish hypocrites?

    Eventually the Mexicans will dominate America, but I will not feel sorry for the American people, nor will I hate the Mexicans.

    What are we struggling for?

    On one of his radio shows, Daryl Smith brought up the question, "What are we struggling for?" This is an important issue that everybody should consider before they try to expose 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Dyncorp sex slaves, or other crimes.

    Why are we risking our lives to expose these crimes? Why are we working so hard and spending so much time and money to expose these crimes? Are we doing this for the mindless goyim who ridicule us as "conspiracy nuts"?

    Some of the goyim have already tried to turn us into the FBI on the grounds that we are terrorists.

    For example, an American woman showed several 9/11 videos to her visiting relatives. One of them asked if she could borrow the videos. Weeks later, when asked when she would return the videos, she was told that the videos were in Washington, DC. She sent them to the government as evidence that we are all terrorists.

    If it were legal for Americans to arrest "terrorists", many of us would have been put in jail long ago by our relatives and neighbors. Are we struggling to help these imbeciles?

    Is it surprising that a small handful of Zionists can get control of this nation? How many Americans have a brain that is functioning properly? How many of them are capable of discussing issues? How many of them can face reality?

    A man sent me an e-mail complaining about one of my documents. Among other things, I told him that he should look into the Apollo moon landing, and I gave him a link to my Science Challenge. His response was:

    I hate to brag, but I have a degree in physics (and in Computer Science, but certainly not in PolySci), and I can disagree with you endlessly on it.

    If my science challenge is flawed, then show me the evidence. Boasting about a college degree is not providing evidence.

    Sweep the USA in the trash and start over

    Most Americans believe that the nation will improve if we remove George Bush from the presidency, but that will not do anything to make America a better place. Even with a different president, we still have the same crummy cities, the same corrupt and greedy corporations, the same corrupt unions, the same crummy school system, and the same crummy media.

    Daryl Smith says that America needs a "Mulligan", which is a golfing expression to start over. I agree. America is hopeless. We need to learn from our mistakes and redesign this nation. We need new attitudes, a better method of selecting government leaders, and a better school systems.

    I am not struggling to keep America as it is and merely replace George Bush with John Kerry or Al Gore. Rather, I would like to see the nation become better. With the technology we have today, we can make an incredible world for ourselves. We no longer have to rush out every day to search for food and water. We could have beautiful cities, beautiful trains, wonderful gardens, and healthy food to eat.

    I am not struggling to help the stupid goyim. Rather, I am hoping to reach that small number of goyim whose brains are functioning properly, and who would like to make a better world.