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Is Peter Kawaja alive?

And why should we care?

18 August 2009

During the 1990s, Peter Kawaja investigated the "Gulf War Illness". Joyce Riley, of The Power Hour radio show, was also investigating this mysterious illness. Riley fell in love with Peter, and she sent him an audio cassette tape in which she talked about her romantic interest in him.
“Peter, you are the man I have been dreaming about all my life! I am soooo in love with you. I already feel devoted to you. Lately I've had uncontrollable fantasies of having wild sex with you. I hope I haven't embarrassed you. I would never want to hurt you.”
Fortunately, Peter realized that she didn't really like him at all. She seems to be one of the women I describe as a Zionist whore in this article. Peter made a video in which he played her audio cassette. I have a link to the video here. If you've never met a Zionist whore, you should listen to her try to fool Peter.

Don't ignore these issues! There's lots of evidence that criminal Jews have been kidnapping and killing people for centuries. It's important to understand how their victims are fooled into trusting them, and how these Jews get away with pretending a kidnap victim is actually free.

Have you heard the accusations from some US military personnel that Air Force pilots were set up to be captured during the Korean and Vietnam War so that they could be sent to Russia for experiments?

If you don't learn how these criminal Jews operate, you might end up as one of their victims. So learn about them, and help us expose them.

Don't assume that hiding from the Jewish crime network will save you. An enormous number of people have already died in their wars, fires, airplane crashes, and false flag operations. You can't protect yourself from crime by hiding from it. The appropriate reaction to crime is to help us find men with the ability to learn how the criminals operate, and then destroy their networks.
Why are so many people using Kawaja's phone number?
Kawaja's website has his phone number (321) 282-6328 and the best times and days to reach him. However, a search on that phone number shows that there are lots of companies using that same phone number, such as Samuel King of the, which sells such wonderful products as the Refrigerator E Crystal and the EP2 Stress Pendant. The description for the pendant begins with:
EP2 Stress Pendant now uses our Quantum Bio-Energy technology adapted for personal protection and cellular coherent energy support. By accessing exceptionally high harmonic frequencies found naturally in our environment and amplifying them, we cocoon ourselves in an expanded bio photon activated field of coherence. Like darkness meeting light, chaos when encountering this coherence simply cannot stay chaotic.
That same phone number is also used by Dr. Miller's Holy Tea Club, which is described as "solely owned by Chuck Dhuey working directly with his longtime associate, John Rosanbalm." There is no reference to Peter Kawaja on their site.

I decided to call the phone number to find out who answered. I got a recorded message that told me of a different phone number (I called twice to make sure I dialed the correct number):

"Automatic voice message system. 321-794-0210 is not available."
Phone-number-321-282-6328.mp3   25 kb
I wasn't expecting a reply from Peter...
Since Kawaja's phone number is being used by more than one suspicious company, I suspect that Kawaja is dead or kidnapped. However, I decided to send him an e-mail message just to see if somebody would respond, so I sent this brief message:
Date: 8/16/2009 
Subject: Peter, are you really alive and free? 

Your phone number is used by "Dr. Miller's Holy Tea Club"

Are you kidnapped? Are you a prisoner?


 I was amazed that I received a reply the next day: 

In a message dated 8/17/2009 10:12:37 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Peter Kawaja is now on MARS with three lovely blonde Martian ladies feeding him Grapes and Cheese.

YA, and swamp land is also available.

OK – whoever you are. I kinda know an Eric, not sure which or who you are, and seriously, this IS Peter Kawaja

and thank you for inquiring if I am alive.

Well this is me; I am alive, just messed up in having a busted Arm and one knee/leg needing minor surgery to fix

but trying an alternative method to have it heal.

Flesh versus Steel – STEELE WINS.

Have brace on left arm, trigger finger on both hands work well though.

Websites hacked, some offline, and have not had time to get around to fixing etc.

Plan to get back On Air in a (hopefully) few weeks, with a regular broadcast.

If you care to identify yourself, that would be nice.

Be Well.

Peter Kawaja.

 My response: 

Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009 3:56 PM
Subject: Peter, I am Eric Hufschmid

I have the websites and

I am concerned that Christopher Bollyn and his family have been kidnapped.

I have articles on my website that show evidence that the Jews kidnapped Bollyn.

It seems as if you are another kidnap victim, or dead, and that Carol Valentine, if there was such a person, has also been kidnapped or killed.

I was wondering if you are willing to provide some evidence that you are actually alive and free, such as allowing me to talk you directly on the phone and ask you questions that you actually answer rather than evade.

Or, would you be willing to allow somebody to meet you at a public location during the day somewhere in your city, preferably where there's lots of security, such as near a police station?



In a message dated 8/17/2009 2:40:27 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Hello Eric.

I’ll check into Carol Valentine.

AND – All this carp about me being kidnapped or dead – is a ruse by detractors/provocateurs/Zionist Intel.

What kind of evidence do you want to prove I am alive? – that I am me?

And how do I know you are YOU, and how can you prove you are YOU?

Figure out something, let me know – would be happy to accommodate but then how will you knowing I am me/alive make any difference to people like Kennedy et al claiming I am not me and I am dead and have been replaced?

So you put it up on your website that you talked to me or you saw me in person – then how does anyone know you are YOU?
Where does this end?

Who do you recommend to come see me and look at me and look at my Federal ID?

As to answering questions – that depends on what the questions are – same as if I asked you some questions, some you would want to answer, others not.

I’m not worried about security and wouldn’t need to meet at a police station; I can provide better security at a location of my choice.

WHY all the concern about me being me? Thanks for caring though.

So Eric, send back some idea what you want to know in reference to my response.

Peter Kawaja/Keeping The Faith!

My response: 

Subject: Re: REPLY TO: Eric Hufschmid 
Date: 8/17/2009 

Hello Peter,

Should I call (321) 282-6328 during the days and times you suggest on your website? I would like to have an interview with you, and then post it on my website.

There are a lot of questions I would like to ask. I used to trust Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley, but they have both turned out to be involved in the Jewish crime network. I would like to ask you about them, and Linda Kennedy, but mainly what I would like is some evidence that you are alive and free. The best way to put that issue to rest is to provide us with information about where you live and where you work. That would allow people in your area to verify that you really do live at that address and work where you claim to work.

It looks like you have several websites.

Some of the articles you promote are from such people as Sorcha Faal and Paul Joseph Watson. Are you aware of the evidence that these people are working with criminal Jews? 

Promoting their articles makes it appear as if you are working with the Jewish crime network, or that the criminal Jews have taken control of your website, which implies that you are a prisoner or dead.

If we could do an interview, we could answer some of these questions. 

So, how about it?


As of 18 August 2009, I have not received a reply.