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17 Sep 2007

Which of the charming people that we meet are Zionist agents who want to manipulate or kill us?

The Holocaust is fiercely protected

Note: I assume you already know my opinions on the Holocaust so this article will not bother to explain them.

The Holocaust is probably the most important deception to Zionism. They are still, as of 2007, getting pity and making money from this deception. In September 2007, for example, 8000 more Israelis discovered that they were Holocaust survivors who deserved payment from Germany:

Professor Finkelstein wrote about their moneymaking scam in his book The Holocaust Industry. Since Finkelstein's parents were prisoners at the Nazi camps, and since they had been in more than one prison, Finkelstein could have written a book about what his parents saw at the camps, and he could have explained why prisoners were sometimes transferred from one camp to another.

However, that type of exposé would have shown that the Zionists had fabricated the stories of the gassing and burning of 6 million Jews, and boiling of Jews into soap, and the making of lampshades from Jewish skin. Finkelstein restricted his book to implying that the Holocaust really happened, and some Jews are simply trying to make money from the tragedy.

There is a lot of evidence that the Zionist Jews were responsible for the both World Wars, and the Nazi movement, and the Nazi prison camps. The Nazi philosophy appears to be a slight modification of the Zionist philosophy. A full investigation of the Holocaust might show that Finkelstein's parents were put into those camps because the Zionist Jews did not want them. Finkelstein should look more closely at the connection between the Zionists and the Nazis before he provides any more assistance to Zionists.

This strange behavior -- namely, of a victim supporting his abuser -- is actually quite common. Consider that thousands of people in New York City are suffering from health problems because of the explosives in the World Trade Center buildings, but many of them continue to defend the official story of 911.
Some information on the health problems: DeceptionDust.htm

The Holocaust is a dangerous lie

The Holocaust is a very dangerous deception. If people -- especially those who suffered from World War II -- were to realize that the Zionists were instigating and manipulating the World Wars, the Nazi movement, and the Nazi "death camps", it would likely cause tremendous anger towards the Zionists.
Nobody disputes that Alfred Rosenberg, of Russia, was the person behind the Nazi philosophy, and had a big influence on Hitler and Mengele. Even the Encyclopedia Britannica's brief summaries mention this:
If an investigation of Rosenberg shows that he was a member of the Zionist crime network, it would be even more evidence that the fight between Nazis and the Jews was a staged event controlled by Zionist Jews, as this cartoon from the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest shows.

Not surprisingly, there is an incredible effort by Zionists to prevent people from investigating the Holocaust. For example, many European nations have been tricked into supporting the arrest of "Holocaust Deniers". The Zionist Jews are also refusing to allow the release of all Nazi historical documents, as I wrote about here:
There is also a tremendous and relentless effort by Zionist Jews to use movies, television, books, and museums to saturate us with Holocaust propaganda.

Another entry in the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest

Considering how important it is for the Zionists to maintain their Holocaust deception, don't you think that the Zionists would make a very serious effort to stop people who expose the Holocaust fraud?
The Holocaust truth movement

Incidentally, those of us who investigate the 9/11 attack are referred to as 9/11 truth seekers, or 9/11 researchers, not as "9/11 revisionists". However, the people who investigate the Holocaust are often described as "revisionists". This description may have developed because widespread attention to the Holocaust lies first came from history teachers, such as Paul Rassinier and Robert Faurisson.

It would probably be more helpful for the ordinary people if we describe ourselves as Holocaust researchers or Holocaust truth seekers. Don't let people refer to us as Holocaust Deniers.

How are Zionists stopping Holocaust research?

Markus Wolf, of the East German Stasi, would often take advantage of people's loneliness and sexual desires. For example, he would set people up with prostitutes, or have agents pretend to be in love with them. The Stasi would also convince ordinary citizens to spy on one another. article/2006/11/09/AR2006110901967

Since these techniques have been very successful in the past, don't you think the Zionists are still using them today?

Those of us who expose Zionist crimes are constantly being contacted by wonderful people who want to help us. How can we figure out which of them are honest citizens, and which are Zionist agents who are gathering information about us, or trying to set us up for blackmail, jail, or death? If we can understand and expose the tricks they use to control us, we can avoid becoming their victims.

Did you hear about New Jersey governor McGreevey?
During the 1990s James McGreevey was a married man who had been elected mayor of a New Jersey city. He ran for governor of New Jersey in 1997, but lost. In the year 2001 he decided to try once again to become governor.
An Israeli citizen, Golan Cipel, left his home in Israel in 2001 and moved to America in order to help McGreevey get elected.

McGreevey won the election, and on his first day as governor, he rewarded Cipel with a job in homeland security.,9171,682286-3,00.html

Virtually all government officials have suspicious relationships with lobbyists, organized crime, or Israelis, but the relationship between McGreevey and Cipel was more suspicious than "normal". In 2004 McGreevey decided to resign because of that relationship and his other problems:

McGreevey claimed that Golan Cipel was his lover, and that his first sexual affair with Cipel occurred while McGreevey's wife was in the hospital giving birth:

Cipel's response was to deny that he is homosexual and claim that he was an innocent victim of a dishonest governor:

Cipel expects us to believe that he left Israel to help McGreevey get elected because he was more interested in New Jersey politics than he was in Israel. While this is certainly possible, we would be fools if we didn't consider the possibility that Cipel is a homosexual Zionist whore, and his assignment was to fake a romantic interest in McGreevey in order to manipulate McGreevey into allowing him to infiltrate the American government.

This possibility requires that the Israelis knew that McGreevey -- a married man with a child -- was homosexual, but how would the Israelis know that? As I mentioned in my Axis of Perverts articles, if the Zionists are operating sex-related businesses, then they know their customers. They would be able to identify people who were purchasing homosexual paraphernalia, S&M products, beastiality videos, trips to Thailand to have sex with children, etc.

The Israelis have also been caught spying on Americans. Of course, the Zionist media portrays the Israelis as spying on evil Arab terrorists, not Americans. An example is Carl Cameron's propaganda on the "Israeli spy ring":

Zionist whores and their victims

It is difficult to believe that a person would move away from his home and form a long-term sexual relationship with somebody simply to manipulate him and infiltrate his nation, but this would certainly explain the strange relationship between Cipel and McGreevey. Besides, there are reports that the East German Stasi and other secret agencies have been doing this trick for decades.
Kay Griggs believes Monica Lewinsky was working with Linda Tripp to manipulate president Clinton. Lewinsky may be another Zionist whore.
We should consider the possibility that Chandra Levy was also a Zionist whore. This would explain her strange disappearance, and why her body mysteriously appeared a year later. Specifically, somebody may have realized what she was doing, stopped her, and sent a message to her network.
Peter Kawaja's video provides evidence that Joyce Riley is also a Zionist whore. This might make you wonder, why did Dave vonKleist, of thepowerhour, marry her? Is he a sucker who fell for her charm? Or are both of them Zionists?

Who can we trust?

As of 17 Sept 2007, I still believe that Christopher Bollyn and his family are prisoners. His writing style has changed, his behavior is odd, and mysterious people on the Internet are encouraging us to forget about him or fight over the issue rather than discuss or investigate his strange disappearance. We would be fools if we didn't consider the possibility that the Bollyns were tricked by friendly people who offered to help them get out of the country.

Would the Zionists be so foolish as to kidnap the Bollyn family?

Some people find it difficult to believe that the Zionists would do something so risky as to kidnap the Bollyn family. However, the Zionists may have been kidnapping and murdering their critics for decades. This type of crime has become risky only since the Internet has become popular.

The Zionists seem to be following the Protocols of Zion, which was written in an era before there were computers, the Internet, and other technology. Their diabolical tricks for getting rid of critics would have worked well in a primitive era. Consider what would have happened if the Bollyn family had disappeared in 1907 instead of 2007

We would not have heard from the Bollyns for months, and then some of us would have received a letter via the postal service in which they announced that they are safely hiding in a secret location. We would have no way to contact them if they did not provide a return address.

Even if they did provide a return address, and even if we traveled to that address (remember, there were no airlines in that era), the resident of the address could tell us that the Bollyns had been temporarily renting some rooms in the house and had recently moved away without leaving any contact information.

A hundred years ago the people who received letters from the Bollyns would not have known about the other people who also received letters. They would not be able to compare their letters. Furthermore, if some of us received a letter from somebody else who confirmed that the Bollyns were safe, how would we know if that person can be trusted?

It is only because of the Internet that we can sense that something is wrong with the Bollyn family. For example, the Bollyns sent e-mail messages to some of us, and many people have forwarded their messages to one another. We can compare and analyze the messages, and we can see that something is wrong.

Some of us also received e-mail messages from Bollyn's "friends" who confirmed that the Bollyns are safe, and it is easy to investigate those people and their associates. For example, James B. Phillips and Dr. Linda Lorincz Shelton of Chicago, and Jan Gillberg of Sweden. We can see that many of those "wonderful" people are actually very suspicious. For example, Dr. Shelton claims to be a pediatrician, and her address is 3815 W. 95th St, Evergreen Park, according to this website. However, a real estate company has that property listed for sale here. It is described as a three-bedroom house in foreclosure.
It is the brick structure next to the LePar Animal Hospital in the photo below:

That same address is listed on some of the pages of congressional candidate Jason Tabour (scroll to the bottom to see the address):

We would be fools if we didn't consider the possibility that some of Bollyn's "friends" were part of the Zionist crime network. Jason Tabour may also be part of the network, which would explain why he has the same address as Shelton, and why he wants to get into our government.

Zionists are leaving trails wherever they go

It's difficult for people to do anything today without leaving a trail. For example, there are security cameras and cell phone cameras everywhere, and almost every monetary transaction creates some computer record. Every year it becomes more difficult for organized crime gangs to get together for secret meetings.

Consider how quickly and easily we can do a search on "Dr. Linda Shelton". It takes only minutes to search her name, discover her possible address of 3815 West 95th, Evergreen Park, IL, 60805, and then search for information on that address.

If we wanted to pursue this matter, we could spend a few more minutes and call the animal hospital and ask the employees if they know if a Dr. Linda Shelton was running a pediatric business in the house next to them. We could also call the real estate agent who is selling the property to find out if he knows anything about the people who are selling the home.

I called two of the phone numbers for Jason Tabour to find out why he has Shelton's address on some of his webpages, but I got his answering machines both times, and I didn't bother pursuing it any further. Update: Tabour eventually sent me an e-mail message asking me to remove his name from this article. I responded by asking for an explanation and information, but I never received any response.

The point I'm trying to make is that it is easy today to analyze people. We can even use Google to see what an address looks like from a satellite, although Google never seems to put the arrow on the correct location, so you have to do a bit of work to find the exact address. This seems to the address associated with Shelton.

Technology allows us to  analyze and expose crimes

Each of us has only a small amount of information about what's going on in the world, but when we put our information on websites and message boards, other people can look through it and combine it with information from other people.

This is how I created my book and video. I analyzed the information, photos, and video of the 9/11 attack that had been posted on the Internet by people around the world, and then I created a book and video.

It was impossible for somebody to do what I did in 1980, and it was not even conceivable a hundred years ago for one person to create DVDs or a book with so many color photos in such a short period of time. The technology we have today is allowing individual people to do the type of work that required teams of people a few decades ago.

Decades ago it was very difficult to gather information about people who are scattered around the world, and it was difficult to identify their friends and associates. Today it is very easy for us to analyze people and notices patterns.

The Internet allows us to find patterns

If you had been given the following quiz in school, how would you answer it?

Find the Patterns!
1) An analysis of the people in China shows that 90% of the diet of poor Chinese is rice; 40% of the diet of the middle class is rice; and 20% of the diet of wealthy Chinese is rice. What is the pattern:

a) The wealthy Chinese can afford more vegetables, fruits, and meat.
b) Money may not buy happiness, but it certainly buys better food.
c) Everybody in China eats a lot of rice.

2) An analysis of the people in China who are part of the 9/11 truth movement shows that rice makes up only about 2% of their diet, and that most of their diet consists of McDonald's hamburgers, Hostess Twinkies, Gefilte fish, and Matzah balls. What is the pattern:

a) The truth seekers live near a better shopping mall.
b) The truth seekers must be extremely wealthy.
c) The truth seekers are not Chinese, and many are probably Jewish.

The Holocaust investigators are not "normal"

A certain percentage of the American population does not believe the official story of 9/11, the JFK assassination, or the Apollo moon landing. We would expect the Holocaust investigators to be similar to other people, or more informed than other people, not more ignorant.

Now that we have the Internet, we can easily do an analysis of the Holocaust investigators. For example, Google allows us to do a search on a specific website for a specific phrase. Do a search for "Apollo" at some of the Holocaust revisionist sites. Here are some examples of how to do it:

• search
• search John Bryant,
• search Peter Shaenk,
• search
• search Mark Farrell,
• search Edgar J. Steele,

The peculiar pattern we find when we do these type of searches is that only a tiny fraction of the Holocaust researchers are willing to admit that the Apollo moon landing might be a hoax. Most of them ignore Apollo, or defend the official story. Peter Shaenk criticized me on his forum for believing that the moon landing was a hoax, and Germar Rudolf defends the official story:

There are millions of issues that I don't discuss. Nobody can discuss everything. I am not criticizing any particular person for not discussing Apollo. Rather, I am pointing out the pattern that virtually every 9/11 and Holocaust researcher is either ignoring the Apollo hoax or defending the hoax. 

Normal people have differences of opinion, so there should be differences of opinion between these "truth seekers". The lack of differences is a sign that they are coordinated; that they are part of a giant crime network.

If 30% of the world's population believe that the Apollo moon landing was a hoax, then we would expect about 30% of the Holocaust researchers to also believe that Apollo was a hoax. The fact that almost none of them exposes the Apollo hoax is a sign that they are not legitimate investigators.

Furthermore, when a Holocaust researcher mentions the Apollo moon landing, they don't provide convincing evidence that it was a hoax. Rather, they are like Alex Jones when he talks about Zionism; specifically, they mention a few odd aspects about Apollo and then move on to some other issue. They don't expose the lies in an effective manner.

Information on the tricks Alex Jones uses to deceive us are at this page:

They don't properly expose 9/11, either

You might respond that the Holocaust researchers simply haven't bothered with the Apollo moon landing because they consider it insignificant. Okay, then do a search of their sites for 9/11. You'll find the same pattern. Specifically, they either or do a terrible job of exposing 9/11 and the Zionist involvement, or they ignore the issue.

Since 2002 I have had created articles, a book, and videos about 9/11, and since 2001 Christopher Bollyn has written dozens of articles related to 9/11. The Holocaust investigators have had years to discover our information. However, searching their sites for "Bollyn" or "Hufschmid" will show the pattern that they ignore almost everything we have done on 9/11. There are only a few sites that mention only a few of Bollyn's articles. I don't expect everybody to mention our work, but there should be a few Holocaust researchers who find our material to be of value.

When the Holocaust researchers do "expose" 9/11, they don't provide an intelligent analysis. Rather, they either promote the liars, such as Alex Jones, or they encourage hatred of Jews to create the impression that the researchers are anti-Semites.

For example, do this search of for "9/11" and notice that he promotes Alex Jones, Douglas Herman,, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and virtually everybody else in this truth movement who is a liar. As I've mentioned many times, you can identify thousands of criminals as soon as you realize that they are promoting one another. They identify themselves in their attempt to dominate the truth movement and saturate us with their propaganda.

The lack of a difference of opinion among the Holocaust researchers is evidence that they are coordinated; that are following orders, not expressing their personal opinions.


An analysis of Ernst Zundel shows that something is wrong

The only Holocaust investigators who seem to be honest are Paul Rassinier (who died years ago) and Robert Faurisson. All the others have very peculiar characteristics. For example, consider Ernst Zundel.

Zundel was born and raised in Germany and moved to Canada when he was 19 years old. Around 1980 Zundel published a small book about the Holocaust, Did 6 Million Really Die?

This book caused a lot of trouble for Zundel. In 1983 a "Holocaust Survivor" pointed out that the book had some errors, and he filed a complaint against Zundel for spreading false news. Zundel had to defend himself in two trials, one in 1985 and one in 1988.

David Irving was one of the people who provided testimony in order to defend Zundel. However, Irving appears to be a Zionist agent, as I explained in another article, so why would he want to help Zundel?

Despite the testimony from David Irving and others (or perhaps because of it), the Canadian court found Zundel guilty during his 1988 trial. Zundel was sentenced to prison, although it was later overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada.

In 1994 Zundel, who lived in Canada, met a wonderful woman named Ingrid Rimland, who lived in America. In 1995 Ingrid Rimland began helping Zundel promote his opinions on the Internet at the site

She was born in the Ukraine, but she describes herself as a German who was living in the Ukraine because her family had been displaced from Germany.

In 1997 Zundel's marriage to his second wife ended. In the year 2000 Zundel and Rimland got married. He moved to America to be with her.
in Palm

Despite being married to an American citizen, in the year 2003 Zundel was deported to Canada because of visa violations, and he was put in jail. Considering how many people are in America illegally, this doesn't make much sense.
Paul Fromm was one of the wonderful holocaust investigators in Canada who tried to help Zundel by staging rallies in his support.
Dr. Lorraine Day, a friend of Ingrid Rimland for many years, was one of the wonderful American women who tried to help by testifying that jail was causing health problems for him.

Unfortunately, despite these wonderful friends (or perhaps because of them), Zundel remained a prisoner, and in 2005 the Canadian government deported him to Germany so that he could be put in jail as a Holocaust Denier.

The Internet shows that something is wrong with the Zundel case

If your only source of information about Zundel is the newspaper and television, then Zundel appears to be a man who published a book with sloppy errors, which caused anger among Holocaust survivors, and various wonderful people tried to help him but were unsuccessful.

Your conclusion would be that you better be very careful about writing about the Holocaust because if you make any mistakes, you could end up in jail, even if lots of wonderful people rush to your defense.

The Zundel case only seems strange when you use the Internet to analyze the people who came to Zundel's defense. Most of them are turning out to be liars or people who associate with liars.

Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm promotes the American Free Press and the other white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

As explained in some of my other articles, these people are not truly trying to expose the Holocaust lies, 9/11, the Apollo moon landing hoax, or any other crime. Rather, they seem to be trying to dominate the truth movement, confuse people, collect the names of Zionist critics, and set people up for murder, blackmail, threats, or jail.

Whether Paul Fromm is working with the Zionists voluntarily or because he is one of their victims of blackmail or threats is known only to him, but I would advise you to avoid him and the people he associates with.

Ingrid Rimland

If you only look at newspaper reports, you would think she is a wonderful woman who is trying desperately to help her husband get out of jail. However, when you look at who she associates with, who she promotes, what she says, and what she doesn't say, you have to wonder if she's a Zionist whore who faked a romantic interest in Zundel in order to set him up for jail.

Did you see the video I made about the strange connection between Ingrid Rimland and Mike Rivero?

Rayelan Allan

One of the women who promotes Ingrid Rimland is Rayelan Allan, who runs Rumor Mill News. Her website promotes all sorts of propaganda. She married Gunther Russbacher in 1989, but during most of their marriage, he was in prison, and after seven years, he disappeared. He was also tortured. She wrote about it here, and has some photos of the torture.

She creates the impression that she is an honest woman who was dedicated to helping her husband, but we would be fools if we did not consider the possibility that Rayelan was a Zionist whore who set him up for torture and death.

Theresa Durbin

One of Rayelan Allan's friends, Theresa Durbin, runs the website Surfing The Apocalypse:

Her site promotes very similar propaganda as Rumor Mill News, and some of the same people post propaganda on both websites. Durbin is involved with Hollywood to some extent:

I'm not aware of any men or women that she has been romantically involved with, but when you consider she is a friend of Rayelan Allan, I would advise everybody to avoid her and her associates, and consider her website as Zionist propaganda.

Judy Andreas

Judy Andreas claims to be an anti-Zionist Jew in a Zionist Jewish family. Sure, this is possible, but use the Internet to do an analysis of her. Look at her articles, who she promotes, and who promotes her, and you will see the pattern that she doesn't really do any research or expose anything. She's just another person promoting other deceptive people.
Her site is:

One of her lovers was John Kaminski, who frequently tries to incite hatred of Jews. She lived in New York and he lived in Florida, so they would take turns flying to one another's homes, even though he had almost no money. After a few months Kaminski ended the relationship and wrote an angry article describing her as a parasite:

John Kaminski also complains about me and Daryl Bradford Smith in that article because he doesn't appreciate our criticism of him, but why shouldn't we criticize him? When someone behaves in a bizarre manner, we ought to wonder what his problem is.

I can't figure out if Kaminski is an honest but neurotic man who has been manipulated by Judy Andreas and other Zionists, or if he is a Zionist agent whose assignment is to stir up hatred of Jews so that the Jews can complain about all of the senseless anti-Semitism and the crazy anti-Semites.

Was Judy Andreas truly in love with John Kaminski? Was he truly in love with her? Only they know for sure, but when you see strange behavior like that, you should be cautious about trusting them and their associates. Judy Andreas may be another Zionist whore, and perhaps John Kaminski is, also.

You better take this seriously!

I don't know exactly what's going on or why there are so many people behaving in suspicious manners. However, those of you who don't play an active role in exposing Zionist crimes probably don't experience what people such as myself experience. We are frequently contacted by "friends" who want to "help" us and meet us. How many of these friends are truly interested in helping us? And how many are looking for ways to set us up for something diabolical?

During 2002, 2003, and 2004 I was aware that most of the truth movement were Zionist agents, but I didn't realize it was virtually everybody. I trusted some of them during those years, and I visited some of them. There were a few times that they could have easily set me up to be killed in an accident. However, during those years they were not yet worried about me. They probably were thinking to themselves, "We have been through this before; we can easily deal with these idiots who think they're going to expose us!"

By 2005 it was becoming obvious that they were worried that the Internet and DVDs were making it impossible for them to control the 9/11 truth movement. That's when they started trying to push me aside. They no longer wanted me to appear on radio shows or to speak at meetings. Fortunately, by that time I was starting to realize that virtually everybody in the truth movement was a Zionist agent or one of their blackmailed puppets, so I didn't want to be at their meetings or talk to them. Today I am much more cautious, and my advice to you is be very suspicious of people in this truth movement.

Until the Internet came along, it was extremely difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for an individual citizen to do a background check on people. Today you can easily acquire information about a person, their associates, and what they have been doing with their lives.

You should use the Internet to check out people. Take a look at who they are, who they associate with, how they make a living, which theories they have been promoting, and what issues they avoid discussing.

Keep in mind that it's possible to use the Internet to expose a person's Zionist connections, but it's impossible to confirm that somebody is honest. When you investigate certain people, you will come up with nothing, but that doesn't mean you can trust them. It only means that you haven't found anything.

Be cautious of audience members

Another pattern that I've noticed is that some of the audience members of 9/11, Holocaust, or other events appear at more than one of the meetings. Sometimes they travel to be at meetings in difference cities, and sometimes they travel to other nations.

It is entirely possible that some honest citizens enjoy hearing the same lectures over and over, but you would be foolish if you didn't consider the possibility that some audience members are Zionist agents, and their job is to observe the people who show up at the meetings.

Unless you travel to more than one meeting, you will never realize that some people are appearing at more than one meeting. I noticed it because I have been to more than one meeting.

Furthermore, some Zionist agents may only attend meetings within their own city, so don't assume that you can trust a person simply because he doesn't travel beyond his city.

The best solution from your point of view is assume everybody in the audience is a potential Zionist agent. Be suspicious of everybody who goes to these meetings. In fact, you might wonder if it's a good idea to go to the meetings. You can get the same information from the Internet, and then you don't take the risk of Zionists agents identifying you.

Be cautious of vendors

Some of the vendors who sell books, DVDs, and other items at the meetings, such as Gabriel Day, have already shown evidence that they are trying to protect Zionism. He is even listed as a member of the Advisory Board of the deceptive By the way, Professor Steven Jones is also on that Advisory Board.
One of Gabriel Day's sites:

By selling products, these vendors have an excuse to be at lots of events. This allows them to watch what is happening, meet and identify some of the people who show up, and sell propaganda.

Don't trust anybody in the Holocaust movement

The Zionists have been working on the Holocaust movement for decades, and they seem to have completely dominated and destroyed it.

Many of the Holocaust investigators offer free newsletters, but when you sign up for one, they know who you are. They also know who you are if you go to one of their meetings, donate money, or buy products from them.

My advice is to assume every Holocaust investigator is a Zionist agent. The people who go to the Holocaust meetings should also be considered possible Zionist agents. I recommended that you avoid all of them! They have accomplished almost nothing during all of their years. The information on my Holocaust page is much more useful than all of theirs put together, with the exception of Robert Faurisson.

By the way, Faurisson also exposed Anne Frank's diary as a fraud decades ago, in 1978:

The Holocaust investigators are doing a terrible job of spreading Faurisson's research around the world. Don't think it is because they are incompetent. Don't make excuses for them.

Was Germar Rudolf set up?

Germar Rudolf is a Holocaust investigator from Germany who was sentenced to prison in 1994 for Holocaust denial. He fled to Spain, and then to England, and later to Chicago.

The Zionist Jews in Germany continued trying to have him arrested, and mysterious people in the American government would not let him become an American citizen, so in 2004 he married a US citizen. As with Ernst Zundel, this did not protect him from deportation. In 2005 he was deported to Germany, and then he was sentenced to jail for more than two years.

A photo from his wedding is below; from left to right are Professor Arthur Butz, Germar Rudolf, Rev Robert Countess, and Fredrick Töben.

A few years ago Töben voluntarily traveled from Australia to Germany so that he could be put in jail for a few months as a Holocaust Denier. He behaves like a Zionist agent who was happy to be put in jail so that he could frighten you with stories that no matter where you are, the nasty Jews will find you and put you in jail for exposing the Holocaust lies.
Töben's site:

Rudolf, by comparison, may be an honest person who was trying to expose the Holocaust, but he may have trusted the Crypto Jews within the Holocaust "truth movement". He may have written that ridiculous article that defends the Apollo moon landing because he was threatened or blackmailed.

Rudolf also trusted the mysterious people who run the website That site has a lot of useful information, but that site might be intended to identify Holocaust investigators and set them up for blackmail, jail, or death. It is also possible that the person who created the site is honest, but that Crypto Jews are working with him.

I don't know who is a Zionist agent and who is one of their victims, but it is important that you understand that the Zionists must protect the Holocaust deception; this is not an option for them. Therefore, don't underestimate the effort they will go to protect it.

Don't expect to be able to figure out what's going on; instead, be suspicious of all of these Holocaust investigators and 9/11 truth seekers.

We can protect ourselves by exposing them and their tricks

Once you identify a few of the Crypto Jews within the truth movement, you can easily identify others by looking at who they associate with and who they promote. And once you identify some of the tricks they use, you can avoid getting caught in variations of those tricks.

We don't know for certain what happened to Christopher Bollyn, and we don't know for certain if Rayelan Allan is a Zionist whore, so the best policy is to encourage people to discuss these issues so that people become aware of these possibilities. If people are aware of the tricks, they will be less likely to fall victim to them.

Watch out for people who appear to switch sides

Some honest people may get involved in the truth movement and help us to expose Zionism, but if they become a victim of one of the Zionist traps, they may start promoting Zionist propaganda.

You can't judge a person solely by something they did in the past. You must also look at what they are doing in the present, and who they are associating with today. For example, Christopher Bollyn's behavior and work has changed, and this is a sign that he is now under Zionist control.

Watch out for people who get worse over time

A truly honest person will improve his opinions as time goes on. For example, when I created my video, Painful Deceptions, I was under the impression that Dave vonKleist, Alex Jones, and some other people were honest investigators. I have since discovered they are liars. If you look at what I've been producing over the years, you will find that it is improving.

If a person's work becomes more deceptive over time, that is a sign that he is a Zionist agent, or he has been caught by the Zionists and is now under their control.

You can see this with Mark Glenn and WingTV. Both of them started out writing articles that attracted people's attention, and after they built up a reputation for being honest investigators, they began producing propaganda.

Don't allow people to disappear mysteriously

Prior to about June 11, 2007, Christopher Bollyn would freely walk around in public, and he would often interview people for his articles. Both he and his wife would go to the store to buy food; they would go to the library to do research; and their children were free to go outdoors. Where are they today?

Mysterious people want us to forget about the Bollyn family. We are supposed to assume that they are safe somewhere and don't have any interest in talking to us or being seen in public. We are supposed to believe that the family is living in a basement and coming out only at night when nobody sees them.

There is an attempt to make you forget about me, also. Almost all of the "truth seekers" are pushing me aside, pretending I don't exist, or insulting me. They do not want you to promote me.

If you let them get away with the mysterious disappearance of the Bollyns, then they might have the confidence to make me disappear. And then they might have the confidence to make some other people disappear, and so on, until they have no critics remaining.

These mysterious disappearances and arrests were occurring for years in Russia and East Germany. Prior to the Internet, it was difficult for people to understand or talk about these disappearances. We must take advantage of our technology and use the Internet to expose these tricks. So please, pass these articles around!

“And then I told the sucker, "I'm a lesbian, but you're so attractive that I almost feel like switching", and then I let him push me into sex so that I could accuse him of rape!”