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Common rebuttals
to the Apollo Scam

1) It would be too difficult to fake a moon landing.

From Tim: 

If Apollo was a fake it would have to be a very professionally carried out fake.

They would have done their homework which means they would know how the sky looked from the moon!

My response:

Yes, you are correct! Faking the correct position and motion of the stars, Venus, etc, would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible. That is why the Apollo astronauts never mentioned or took photos of the stars, Venus, and Mars. NASA had to avoid the issue of stars, just as the government has to avoid the issue of what caused Building 7 of the World Trade Center to collapse.

During the many days that the astronauts were supposedly traveling to and from the moon, they could have looked out the window and talked about and took photos of the stars, the planets, etc, but they never even mentioned the stars. They were in a cramped spacecraft for many days, but they could not talk about the stars because they had no idea what the stars really look liked from such a position in space.

The issue of stars reaches the point of lunacy when NASA claims that stars cannot be seen from the moon! This is what myScience Challenge is about.

To help keep the Apollo scam going, all the astronauts in the space station have to keep quiet about the stars. NASA wants us to believe that nobody can see stars except those of us on the earth and in airplanes. Once we travel above 20 kilometers, the stars vanish!

2) The Russians would have exposed the Apollo fraud

This is a common argument. I heard it from my own father. Here are some examples of what people have written:

From Tim:

The Russians would have known what space looked like from the moon since Luna 9 and succeeding craft took photographs. If US Apollo photographs looked dodgy the Russians would have noticed and made the Americans look like frauds and idiots. It is that simple.

The Soviet Union in the 1960s was an advanced military and scientific power. It would not be fooled by a fake moon landing. It had its agents within the western scientific community to feed information. It had an advanced space program. What US gov. would take the almighty risk of being found out by the USSR and exposed as a fraud?!! It would be the joke of the century. 

Posted on
Who better than the Russians, would benefit more, would have more to gain than they to unmask this great alleged American hoax?

The Americans beat them to the moon a place they would have never made it to anyhow but the whole "space race" of the 50s and 60s had only one prize, and come hell or high water, either the Russians or the Americans were going to catch that prize first.

If the Americans had not and did not make it to the moon, the Russians would have certainly exposed the hoax by now. It's that sort of ammunition they most greatly desire(d).

So, if the Russians say we went and they most certainly do then we did.

My response:

Do you think the Russians are smart enough to know whether Apollo was a fake? Do you think that the Russians would take the opportunity to make the Americans look like frauds and idiots? What about the Chinese? Would they take the opportunity to expose the fraud, also?

If you think the Russians would love to expose scams, here are just four of many questions you should answer:

  • Are the Russians smart enough to know whether Building 7 was destroyed with explosives, and would they take the opportunity to make the Americans look like frauds and idiots?

  • Are the Russians smart enough to know whether 9-11 was a scam, and would they take the opportunity to expose the American government as liars, murderers, and con- artists?

  • Are the Russians smart enough to know whether the killing of President Kennedy was a scam, and would they take the opportunity to make the Americans look like frauds and idiots?

  • Are the Russians smart enough to know whether the Oklahoma City bombing was a scam, and would they take the opportunity to make the Americans look like frauds and idiots?

  • I think the answer to such questions is: all nations have corrupt governments, and all commit scams. None of them want to get into a scam-exposing fight.

    Update: Bart Sibrel thinks that the Russians used the Apollo scam to blackmail America to get special deals on wheat, and who knows what else, during the 1970s. My interview with him is here:

    Apollo would have been an incredible achievement

    Initially, in 1969, there was tremendous excitement about Apollo 11 landing on the moon. I was 14 years old, and I and other people were excited to watch it on TV. But after a few Apollo missions, the excitement was wearing off.

    Supposedly some people even complained to the TV studios that Apollo coverage was getting in the way of regular TV shows. How could Americans not care about such an incredible achievement?

    Looking at myself, I can see the reason enthusiasm disappeared. Landing on the moon was the most incredible achievement of the human race. The astronauts should have been excited. They should have looked up at the sky, down at the ground, and all around them.

    Instead, they ignored the sky completely, and they did not even look much at the moon. Instead, they put their time into posing for photos with the US flag, and putting samples of moon dirt into bags.

    Watching the Apollo moon landings was equivalent to having your friend invite you over to watch videos of his trip to the Galapagos Islands. He then shows you hour after hour of him posing with a US flag and playing golf at the hotel.

    It would not occur to you that he faked a trip to the Galapagos Islands; instead, you would think to yourself,

    "What a jerk! He spends all that time and money to visit the Galapagos Islands, and then all he does is play golf and pose with a US flag." 

    I have no problem with the astronauts posing for photos, but as Bart Sibrel pointed out in an interview with Daniel Ott, the Astronauts probably would have posted for photos with the earth in the background. What kind of idiot would go to the moon without getting some truly spectacular photos?

    Apollo reminds me of those T-shirts that have something like:

      "My parents went all the way to Paris, but all I got was this lousy T-shirt

    I was a teenager at the time Apollo was landing on the moon, and my assumption was that the astronauts were selected for the job because they were the best at resisting dizziness, and they were in good physical shape. I assumed there were mental nitwits. My interest in Apollo slowly vanished simply because of the stupidity of the event. After one or two missions, I was wishing that they had sent a few intelligent people.

    I was also upset when I saw an astronaut take a golf ball out of his pocket while on the moon. Even though I was a teenager, I considered the smuggling of anything to be irresponsible. For one reason, weight is serious issue in spacecraft. Also, what if the ball exploded in the vacuum of space? Or what if the extreme temperatures caused it to explode? Couldn't it tear a hole in the spacesuit? What kind of irresponsible jerks were the astronauts? They behaved as if traveling to the moon was as safe as a visit to Disneyland.

    Why no concern for their safety?

    A moon landing would have been very dangerous. The first astronauts should have been cautious about walking around. For example, what happens if they fall down? Were the rocks so sharp that their suits might get punctured? Would the space suits keep them cool in the sunshine, and warm in the shade? What about the radiation?

    If I was the first astronaut on the moon, I would have been concerned about my safety. I would want to check radiation levels on the moon, for example. I would also observe my space suit, and the suit of the other astronaut, to see what effect the intense heat and cold had on it. These suits had never been tested on the moon before, so how would anybody know for sure they would survive? And what about tiny meteors? Would they cause trouble? How many meteors might hit an astronaut per hour? And would the spacesuits protect against the meteors?

    Since there were no toilets in the spacecraft, I would also be concerned about the bags of poop and pee in the spacesuit. Why doesn't NASA let us know how they performed the miracle of keeping grown men in space suits for up to 2 weeks? Leaving a baby in diapers for just a few days would be considered "child abuse". So how did NASA keep Apollo astronauts in suits for 2 weeks? Why doesn't NASA tell us how they did it?

    And what would it be like to walk around on the moon with several days worth of crap inside your suit? What would happen if the astronaut falls down, and the bag of crap gets squeezed open? And with vomiting so common in space, what would it be like to have vomit in the suit?

    Why not show the unique aspects of the moon?

    If I were to visit the moon, I would have shown the TV viewers that dust falls down as fast as rocks, and that everything falls much slower. The astronauts showed a feather and hammer falling down at the same speed, but the quality is so bad that I think the feather had a metal core and the hammer was a hollow plastic toy.

    I would also like to have a temperature sensor with me, and I would have observed and talked about the temperature in the sunshine, and in the shade.

    The blast-off from the moon

    Apollo 17 astronauts left a TV camera on the moon to film the lunar module as it blasted off to the earth. As I watched it I was thinking to myself,
      "Oh, well. I suppose the real video was such low quality that NASA substituted this simulation." 

    I sensed the video of the blast-off was a fake because the rocket did not seem to accelerate properly, and because there was no sign of rocket exhaust. But instead of assuming the entire Apollo mission was a hoax, I assumed the blast-off was an innocent simulation, similar to when singers lip-sync to their music on TV.

    Bart Sibrel, in that interview I mentioned, points out that the video from inside the lunar module does not have any noise from the rocket engine. NASA certainly did a tremendous job of isolating the vibrations of a powerful rocket from the people inside!

    Scams are hurting us, not helping

    I suppose the people who faked Apollo thought it would help the USA, but I think the Apollo scam and the President Kennedy scam destroyed morale during the 1960's for a lot of America's best behaved and most talented people. There were lots of people in the early 1960's who were proud of America, and there were lots of dreams for building nice cities, railroads, etc.

    However, the endless lies, puppet governments, scams, and corruption resulted in apathy, disgust of government, and attitudes of "Why should I care about this corrupt nation?"

    Perhaps in the future the human race will advance beyond this animal-like existence. But will the human race improve if we assist these scams by keeping quiet about them? I think we should let people know about them so that the human race can learn from them. We need to design better governments, and that requires we discuss the problems we currently have with our governments.

    Bonus Question

    For those of you who read this far, you get a special, bonus question!

    Click on this link to the NASA photos from the SOHO telescope which shows the sun.

    This brings you to a page where you can select which type of photo to look at. Click on one of the two photos of the sun's corona (LASCO C2 or LASCO C3).

    Notice that the images are full of white spots of various sizes, and there are a few white streaks of various lengths. (The images at 1024 × 1024 pixels show the most details.)

    Your bonus question: "Are those white spots the stars?"

    If so, that means stars are visible through the sun's corona. This should make you wonder, if the stars are bright enough to shine through the sun's corona, should stars be visible to astronauts in the space station or on the moon?

    This should also make you wonder, if an astronaut held his hand up to block the sun, would he see the corona and the stars around the sun?