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Exciting news from “Team Danner”!

Sam Danner has located Christopher Bollyn!

23 Jan 2010   - updated 24 January 2010 here

Note: this article assumes that you already know who Christopher Bollyn and Sam Danner are. To refresh your memory, many people have told me that I'm wrong to assume that the Bollyn family has been kidnapped.
Well, Sam Danner recently put together a team of Special Agents to investigate Flight 77 and the Bollyns. We could refer to this group of investigators as "Team Danner".

They not only discovered where Bollyn was hiding, but they lured him to America with $15,000! As of today, the Bollyn family is in Chicago!

Why should you care about "Team Danner" or Christopher Bollyn?
This article has information that I received from Team Danner. I refer to one member as Agent C (a CIA official) and another as Agent G (a three-star US Military General) because they are important government officials who want to remain anonymous. I have been receiving updates about Bollyn from Team Danner since January 15, 2010, but I remained quiet about the updates because I didn't want to interfere with the important investigation that they were conducting. However, Agent C told me to post the information, so here it is!

Agent C suspects that Christopher Bollyn is "not a very good example of mental health", and he suspects the same about Donald Rumsfeld. Agent C also sent me some comments about Dick Cheney. As you read through these remarks about Bollyn, Cheney, etc, you should ask yourself: "How could a crime network of such goofballs possibly take over the world ... unless we foolishly allow them to do so?"

You don't have to spend much time investigating crime networks to figure out that crime networks all throughout history have been unstable associations of mentally defective people. Their success comes from intimidating, bribing, blackmailing, and murder.

We should not be afraid of Larry Silverstein, or the people in the media who are covering up 9/11. We should not be afraid of corrupt policemen, government officials, or military officials, either. Rather, those freaks should be afraid of us!

We can defeat crime networks very easily if we can find enough people who can resist the bribes, avoid the blackmail traps, and find some courage! Our friends, relatives, and neighbors who are afraid to help us expose 9/11 and other crimes should be ashamed of themselves.

“Oh, I'm so afraid to talk about 9/11, or Christopher Bollyn, and especially the HoloHoax. I'm so afraid of those criminals! I want my mommy!”

E-mail messages from "Team Danner" about Christopher Bollyn
Here is the first important message, from Agent G, and the red colored <Agent C> replaces the person's name in the original e-mail, and <•••> replaces the three letter acronym for their tracking device (Hint: Gl-b-l P-s-t--n-ng Syst-m. I don't know why they wanted me to hide the acronym):
In a message dated 1/15/2010 5:07:36 A.M., Agent G  writes:
      Christopher Bolynn is located south of Israel and we have notified other agencies. We have to be careful about this. We do not want the Administration to find out want we are doing. My wife tells me the house has been wired back home. She is afraid and I had to send relatives to her. Some are ex agents and patriots as Sam and they know what to do. We have arranged for Sam to bait Bolynn with cash so we can trace it. On January 18th this year we have a booking for Christopher Bolynn on British airways for the 18th due at New York City. Transfer to Chicago then. Sam would like to stop at your place for one hour tomorrow and <Agent C> wants to grill you. Sam said for you and <Agent C> to get your selves together as He wants to meet you but I have promised Him to view aircraft Body count. We need good cause to intercept Bolynn. Sam is tired as I am also. Major decisions to be made today. I agree with Sam that we are telling you too much information as you are clear. He just wants you informed.
By the way, Team Danner had to cancel their plans and go back home due to "security issues", so I never met any of them, and I was never grilled by Agent C. Meanwhile, Team Danner continued their investigation of the Bollyn family, and they sent me the following updates:
In a message dated 1/18/2010 4:33:52 A.M., Agent C writes:

...Christopher Bolynn is landing today via British airways in New York city. He has a work visa for 90 days and tomorrow will take Delta fight to Chicago.

In a message dated 1/20/2010 10:40:04 A.M., Agent C writes:

Bolynn landed at 12:30 PM @ Chicago. He did not go to his brothers home. We have intercepted his phone calls and now have numbers. I want to tell you right now that if you ever try to contact most of the people we talk about there will be complete denial form both parties. First of all if Bolynn called you and you started to tell him that you know where He goes and try this Rambo thing you are going to blow it. Sam tells me that you are cool with that. He is protecting you Eric. We had a turn coat one time and that person got a personal visit.

In a message dated 1/20/2010 1:14:29 P.M., Agent C writes:

Bollyn is at a very exposed Marriot in Chicago. He is staying still as I have had a 2 pm update ESDT. I will tell you where most of the Zionists work on there influence and that is at the United Nations.

In a message dated 1/21/2010 8:36:16 A.M., Agent C writes:

It takes time to gather and release information on Christopher Bollyn and I am not suppose to do this. However in order to expose these networks of the dark side of out United States Government Sam wanted you in Cue with us. Yes Bollyn is a very confused man and wasting his life. He needs help as well as many so called Government servants.

In a message dated 1/21/2010 3:55:58 P.M., Agent C writes:

...Two Bolynn Vehicles have been <•••> Tagged. We know where He is at this moment and the plane is on the tarmac engines on and warm for Sam as soon as we get the labs. Do not get upset Eric. But the Bollyn issue with you will be brought out in private and you will indeed be asked to testify. Now is the time. Sam Danner paid his dues' but as to you and Bolynn it remains to be seen. Once again. Have no fear. You are not in any trouble' but the State Department has an interest in this. Sam and I are protecting your behind'...

By January 22, Agent C  was wondering why I wasn't posting any of these updates:
In a message dated 1/22/2010 9:23:49 P.M., Agent C writes:

Eric= We put Sam on a Jet to Chicago and both <•••> Identifiers are in place for Bollyn. We could not wire his Luggage as there was not time. We hate the TSA. He is missing or frozen at the airport. Cell phones are dead. Agent Z gave Sam another bunch of ID,s with permit and 9mm. Sam used to have his Brothers Phone and address. Now Eric give it up. If you perform and action is taken you will be well paid. Sam is trusting you and so are we. Do not let us down. You better protect you self by breaking some kind of news on one of these web sites you have because the Dark side is going to start looking. 
Do you really give a Damn about Sam Danner after Gates confessed that He was the con man? I really want to know. Eric ' I am not picking on you. I just want you to be straight up with this friend. He came to you and trusted you. So if you hold back info on this Bolynn issue there will be an Issue. I am not threatening you Eric. Not all all. You got the good side of the CIA Behind you. Do you know that? I do not think you do or how serious all of this is. 
You better tell me what site that you are going to break on so I can see how you approach this. This Eric is for your Protection and yours only and if I were you I would stay up all night to write a decent Page or two and if you want names' then I will Damn well give you names. We are now moving people to protect you. And Arnold is not paying for this. Are you going to co-operate Sir? Or do you think that this is a game? 

My response:
Date: 1/22/2010 
From: Eric Hufschmid
I will gladly put information on my website but I thought I should wait until you're all finished with this operation. What if I post some information, and then Bollyn sees it? 

I was worried I would mess something up.  Or what if some people in the government were to see my webiste and cause trouble for Sam? 

Shouldn't I wait until Sam has finished what he's doing? It seems a bit risky to put information on the Internet right now while he's in the middle of this operation.

Let me know what you think is best. I thought I was doing the best thing by waiting until everything was completed.

Last night Agent C  told me to go ahead and post it:, and that I should not worry about how my information could affect the investigation of the Bollyn family:
In a message dated 1/22/2010 11:12:06 P.M., Agent C writes:

Eric, I am the white side of Government. Sam is up there for us! Any change in Bolynn which you worry about is with us. Any screw ups any we will spin it for you. 
You are a good writer as we can see' so you are first in Cue. Think Eric!!! And start writing. You now have the lead. 
Danner counts on you and we are watching.

Update 24 January 2010
Agent C has reviewed my article about Team Danner, (this article that you are reading right now), and he told me to let you know that $15,000 was used to lure Bollyn to America, so I'm adding this update with his permission, as you can see from his latest e-mail:
In a message dated 1/24/2010 6:43:03 A.M., Agent C writes:

Remember this Eric, this is an on going CIA operative you are writing about. The 15.000 Dollar Bait money that we sent in Sam,s name was your tax Dollars.
You should say Monies have been confirmed to have been sent to Bollyn in the amount we quoted 
This is a real war with real agents and it is priority. Correct your article once again and just use it with my permission. Sam knows your style and I trust you as a writer. 

Agent C also provided information about Zionism
Agent C  told me that he was an expert on Zionism, so I asked for some information:
Subject: Re: Zionism 
Date: 1/18/2010 
From: Eric Hufschmid

If you know a lot about Zionism, then perhaps you could provide some information about what is the biggest source of confusion for everybody.

There are millions of people who realize that some of the people involved in 9/11 are calling themselves Jews, but are they really Jews or Isralies? For example, do the Bronfman's really practice the Jewish religion? Or are they actually just criminals who have some Jewish ancestry and are using their religion as a way to hide and get protection from other Jews?

It seems like their are some Japanese banks involved with 9/11, also, and they're obviously not Jewish.

Do you know much about the people involved in this crime network? Do you have any guess as to what percentage of Jews are involved with it? Do you know how many other nationalities are involved?

He replied with:
In a message dated 1/19/2010 7:42:11 P.M., Agent C writes:

Eric: Bronfman is somewhat of a mystery to me. He is an over extreme Jewish Israeli person. Like an extreme Islamic cleric. I do think He is somewhat dirty thought. He is not a Zionist as you and I would know it to be. We Feel that He is a Zealot  and He is on the watch list but his school and Himself pose no threat to us.
        The millions you refer to that call themselves Jews during the Nine eleven caper are a few. I mean in the thousands and this is because everybody wants to have the Jews or Zionists take the rap for 9/11. This whole 9/11 Debacle is a world wide planed incident involving some 22 Governments making the European union 1st in line with Bush' Cheney' and Rumsfeld being a sinister team.

He also provided some information about Dick Cheney:
In a message dated 1/20/2010 12:41:30 A.M., Agent C writes:

Eric: Cheney is always on war footing and likes to criticize the Obama administration who is the other extreme and will not do anything in Afghanistan. We should either go to full scale offensive and invaded the country and clean it up or get out. But if we leave then all Hell with break out over Pakistan nuclear weapons. This really where Cheney botched up. Cheney we believe here at VA. is mentally ill. Rumsfeld 'was just told on purpose about the Sam Danner Pentagon comrades and He saw the reports as his office is bugged and H e just laid his head on the table. Sam wants to use Gates to go after Him, Sam takes Flight 77 to Heart and saw Rumsfeld in the distance that day. The words ring in Sam,s ears form a transcript "Sir the plane is ten miles out' should we continue? Well have you heard any different." 
Rumsfeld has no Zionist connections to our knowledge. He really is out of the Pentagon now ' but still has a office. We are using all of my staff to connect the Zionist dots. We have a lot of work to do.

Agent C also provided this information:
In a message dated 1/20/2010 9:26:33 P.M., Agent C writes:

Eric: This form of Zionism that a lot of you adhere too is in existence. But as extreme Islam is' Zionism is hard to follow as Jewish people tend to work big banks and run shadow deals and finance anything of worth wild cause to further build Israel influence in the world. Money attracts money and and all hell broke loose in 1948 when Israel became a nation state. In a CIA thinking tank  we have Pro-Israel "Never again type thinking" and this is where the pro-right Christian protectionism issue comes together. But the True Zionist want the country re-mapped and the Palestinians all booted out and this is where Sam,s biblical knowledge has been a big help. Sam shows me maps of Biblical Palestine and Israel that are about 3000 years old. Zionists will stop at nothing to regain the country as it should be according to there thinking. This causes splinter groups in which causes more confusion. What is the real Jewish way?
           Jimmy Carter was a big instigator in the 1970,s of his Evangelical faith and Reagan added to this. True founding Zionist's fed on this and the beginning of a Money backed Plot supplied by the Rothchild's and such bled over to Osama Bin Laden who at that time worked for the CIA. Remember the Russian take over of Afghanistan. The seeds of Bin Laden were started at the end of that war to bleed over to the Zionist as they go back hundreds of years. There was a German holocaust to element the Jewish issue all together. The German's did not gave a damn and make light shades out of the Zionists also and a Jew was a Jew and the German third Reich did not care. Zionist influence began to grow in the year of 1945 and has been the extreme right of Jewish thought every since. They really have a We want to take over the world agenda and then they got involved with Banks from all over the European union and Asia to draw attention to themselves and this is where the United States Government CIA gets involved. We needed a false Flag operation to panic the world. So with major players like Tony Blair and the Russians and the department of the Treasury and Islam Jihadist working with major financial funding from radical Jews we have created Chaos and everybody is in on it. We have the names of every Jewish Banker in this deal.
          It now appears that Christopher Bolynn is working for the Mossad as a double agent but really canters to the Zionist interest as his personal agenda. His purpose was to reconciled the real Israel and Zionist thought, but we fell the Mossad even now sees through this. This could endanger Helje and the kids and we may have to pick Him up. He like Rumsfeld is not a very good example of mental health. Why do you think that He wrote that open letter to you? What did you do to Him Eric to inflame Him? You can start your story now. But I am not finished with the Bolynn family just yet. Thank you Sam Danner for your exhausting work.


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