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More of my devoted admirers have turned on me!

14 Jan 2010 updated on 15 Jan here, and on 18 Jan here
Updated 26 June 2013

Background information  
Emotional candy comes in a variety of flavors
“I need it now!  I can't wait any longer!”
People who turned on me years ago
Recent backstabbers  
Leon Catchatoorian
Anthony Hmura
Current situations  
Websites that pretend to like me
The Jews try to associate me with freaks
Sam Danner contacts me, once again!
“I need you, Eric! Now!  I want to marry you!”

When does a “normal desire” become a “psychotic craving”?
How can so many people be certain that the Bollyns are free?
So, who should you trust?

Many people worry that the Jewish criminals will kill those of us who expose them, which is similar to Katie Piper's fear of retaliation. However, murder is risky, and it takes resources, so the Jews prefer to bribe, blackmail, and manipulate us.

Therefore, you are not likely to encounter assassins. Rather, you're likely to encounter hundreds of wonderful people who love you, want to be your friend, or want to help you find a job. You may also encounter variations of the damsel in distress trick in which a wonderful man or woman has some type of problem, and needs a knight in shining armor.

Emotional candy comes in a variety of flavors
I discussed the concept of emotional candy in my article about Katie Piper. In order to protect yourself, you have to be able to recognize variations of this concept. Here are four examples in regards to religion.

Perpetual forgiveness!

“God and Jesus love you no matter what you do!

When you steal something, molest a child, or murder somebody, don't worry!

Just ask God to forgive you, and He will. He always forgives people who love him.” 

“Let's follow him!
He makes us feel good!”

 Eternal happiness!

“Don't worry if your life is unhappy right now. Those of you in this church are going to have eternal happiness in a beautiful place called heaven

Heaven is a paradise beyond your wildest dreams! You will be in eternal bliss forever and ever! You will love it!” 

 No need to deal with problems!

“Don't worry about the war or the corruption, or the rumors that Jews are lying about the Holocaust. Let God take care of these problems!

You don't have to do anything about the problems in your personal life, or the world. All you do is pray to God and ask Him to solve the problems.” 

 The superior people!

“Our religion is the true word of God. The people of this church are the enlightened people who have the ability to distinguish between the true and false religions. You are the superior people!

Atheists and people of other religions are ignorant fools who will suffer forever in hell.” 

“I need it now!  I can't wait any longer!”
If you need another example of how similar humans are to animals, and how businesses and crime networks take advantage of our animal-like characteristics, consider that when something titillates our emotions, we want it immediately. We don't want to think about the issue, and we don't want to wait.

Animals cannot wait for something that titillates them

When an animal's emotions are stimulated by something, such as food, the animal cannot think about the issue. Rather, its emotions drive it to acquire the item immediately.

An animal cannot wait until dinnertime to eat food. Rather, when it sees food, it wants to eat it immediately. Likewise, when a dog sees a person with a stick, it wants the person to throw the stick immediately, not arrange for some time later in the day to throw the stick.

 Humans don't want to wait, either

When I purchase a product, I want it shipped overnight, but I control myself because I am aware of this animal-like characteristic. I tell myself, “Calm down! I don't need it tomorrow!”

The Federal Express company makes an enormous amount of money by shipping items overnight, and I suspect that most of the items that they shipped overnight could have been shipped in a regular manner. I've shipped items to people overnight, and then when I checked to see if they got the package, I discover that it's just sitting somewhere. They didn't need it overnight!

“Ship it FedEx, overnight!  I don't care how much it costs!
I need it now. Immediately! I can't wait any longer!  Hurry!  Get it to me!!!”
I suspect that we are wasting a lot of money, fuel, and resources on overnight shipping. And it's only because most people don't understand that we are nothing more than intelligent monkeys, and so most people make no attempt to behave better than animals. Instead, most people follow their crude emotional cravings. The end result is that we frequently behave just like stupid animals.
People who turned on me years ago
Trond Halvorsen
As I described in 2008, a man in Norway, Trond Halvorsen, tried to convince me to take a trip to Thailand to have sex. After a few months he gave up, stopped contacting me, and began posting videos that expose me as a liar and a Zionist Jew.
“Eric, you're my hero for exposing 9/11.

I'm going to Thailand to have sex with young girls.
Why don't you come along? It's lots of fun!”

Jon Gold

Another example that I haven't mentioned before is Jon Gold, who is involved with 911blogger. Many years ago he was sending me e-mail messages in which he would praise me and my work on 9/11, and he would make lewd remarks about how my information would get him sexually excited. My assumption is that he is homosexual, and he was trying to determine if I would respond to his sexual comments. He also eventually gave up and stopped contacting me.
“Eric, I love your 9/11 book!

Turning the soft, flexible pages,
and reading the words from your brilliant mind,
just totally turns me on!


Dave vonKleist, Joyce Riley, Stan Monteith, Alex Jones, and dozens of others

During 2002 and 2003, a lot of the so-called truth seekers were my friends. They would invite me on their radio show, they would sell my book and video, and they would invite me to speak at their meetings. Today they all pretend they don't know me, or they criticize me.

For example, in 2005, The Scholars for 9/11 Truth liked me so much that they asked me to be their webmaster when they first started their operation. David Ray Griffin would also frequently contact me and ask me for my advice and opinions about 9/11 and other issues. But a couple years ago those phony truth seekers stopped talking to me. They now try to avoid giving me publicity. (As I describe in my 9/11 timeline, I think David Griffin was a naive sucker who didn't realize that he was being used by the criminal Jews.)

In June 2006, Christopher Jon Bjerknes contacted me and asked me to interview him about his book, and I did here, but he has since turned against me. He also complains about Daryl Smith and many other people, although he seems to support Brendon O'Connell.

Of the hundreds of "truth seekers" who wanted to be my friend, only Christopher Bollyn remained my friend through the years... until he disappeared mysteriously in June, 2007.

Leon Catchatoorian
Yoga, vegetarianism, and pornography
Update 26 June 2013:
Leon Catchatoorian recently contacted a lawyer who sent me a certified letter to remove a few of my speculations on Leon's behavior. The lawyer wrote that my statements "fall under the Constitutional guise of Defamation, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Privacy Tort."

Strangers from around the world have been contacting me ever since January 2002, which is when I first got involved in pointing out that I believe the World Trade Center towers were blown up with explosives. I never knew any of those people before they contacted me. I never asked any of them to be my friend, or to contact me. They pursue me, I didn't pursue them. Some of them call me on the telephone and others send email messages to me, sometimes many times a day. Some of them patrol my neighborhood, and some contact my relatives and other people I come into contact with. This document mentions only some of those people.

The people who contact me have a tendency to promote drugs, sex trips to Thailand, pornography, and in the case of Peggy, marriage. They also regularly lie about me. For example, in Leon's email message to other people (see the colored box below), he wrote that I am "desperately to regain" his friendship. However, I was never interested in his friendship. In fact, when he asked me if he could visit me, I told him no. I didn't want him as a friend, or as a visitor in my house. He and the other people are pursuing me. I don't want any of them.

Why are these people contacting me? Are they truly interested in becoming my friend? I don't think so. I think all of them are working for the same network of criminals that is responsible for the 9/11 attack, the world wars, and the attack on the USS Liberty. Some seem to be looking for a weakness that they can exploit, and some seem to be trying to manipulate my opinions with propaganda, and some seem to be looking for ways to set me up for blackmail, kidnapping, or murder. They have recently convinced my mother, who is becoming feebleminded with old age, that I am an anti-Semite. I would recommend that all of the people who contact me and my relatives be investigated.

Imagine if you were trying to expose a crime as significant as the 9/11 attack. Imagine that hundreds of people from around the world were regularly contacting you and your relatives, and that lawyers insisted that you not speculate on what their motives are. I think this is another example of why we need to change our legal system and our attitude towards lawyers. In America, lawyers have no responsibility to be honest, and they are legally allowed to defend people that they know are guilty of crimes. Lawyers are not working for society. They are working for their own financial benefit or - in the case of lawyers who are members of a crime network - working for their network.

Anyway, I modified the following paragraphs to appease the lawyer.

For several years, up until about September 2009, a man named Leon Catchatoorian had been trying to become my friend. He would promote yoga, vegetarianism, and pornography websites. This is the same Leon who almost became a victim of the Russian con artist that I described here. Leon looks for women on the Internet, such as through this personal ad, and the Fresno Pagan Meetup Group.
Leon would send me lots of e-mail messages, and there were occasional periods of time when he was calling me on the phone every day, sometimes several times a day. I would get the most phone calls after I posted something on my website about Bollyn being kidnapped. One of his primary objectives was to convince me that the Bollyns are free.
Leon would also promote certain people in the truth movement, such as Brandon Schaefer of KeepTheTruthAlive.

As I wrote in my FAQ_#1 in May 2009, I think Brandon Schaefer is part of the crime network that is trying to cover up the kidnapping of the Bollyn family.

In the smaller photo to the left, from his website, he is hiding his face, but that larger photo from a video might be of him.

A couple months ago Leon suddenly stopped contacting me. I recently discovered why; I was sent a copy of an e-mail message that Leon sent to Daryl Smith and several other people in November 2009. In that message, Leon apologized to Smith for being friendly with me! Here are some of the idiotic remarks about me that Leon was telling Daryl Smith:
“I can now see why you gave him hell in those phone calls.”

“He is trying desperately to regain my friendship. He let me down BIG TIME and his true colors are glowingly showing.”

“Please forgive my tirades with you in the past and my senselessly backing Eric. He had brainwashed me and I given him all my confidences and didn't notice the forest for the trees as the saying goes. He is very sly, cunning and now getting more and more stupid and senseless. His ship is sinking and he is trying to give the impression that he's the clever and good guy but one can now plainly see through his "ruses" and "tricks" as it were!!!”

I am now convinced that Leon is working with the criminal Jews, although he may not want to. He may be in the situation that many Hollywood stars and politicians are in; namely, bribed, blackmailed, or pressured in some other manner. It's easy to blackmail people, especially in nations where there are lots of corrupt lawyers, judges, news reporters, and police. For example, when Leon first moved to Fresno California, he had a full-time job as an apartment manager, and he had his own apartment in the building. However, after a certain number of months a woman who was one of the tenants of the apartment building accused Leon of making sexual advances towards her son. Leon told me that she was making a mistake; that he was innocently discussing the issue of circumcision with her son.

It is possible that the woman was simply overreacting to an innocent conversation, and it's also possible that she was trying to take advantage of an innocent conversation in order to pressure Leon into doing something for her, such as giving her money, or providing her with some other favors. We are fools to assume that victims are innocent. Some women have already admitted to lying about rape accusations, and you may know of people who have lied about something in order to collect insurance, so it is possible that Leon was innocent and the woman was trying to manipulate him.

If we had a more sensible legal system, Leon's lawyer would first investigate the issue before defending Leon. A father should not assume that his child, who is complaining about another child, is telling the truth. He should investigate the dispute between the children before making his decision about who is right and who is wrong. Likewise, Leon is claiming that a woman has falsely accused him of making sexual advances towards her son, and that I am defaming his character, and in a more sensible legal system, a lawyer would investigate this dispute before defending Leon.

A lawyer's purpose should be to help understand and reduce disputes and crimes. He should talk to the woman and her son, and get their side of the story. If the lawyer finds any evidence that the woman was making a false accusation in order to manipulate Leon, then he should call the police and recommend an investigation. Why should women be allowed to blackmail men?

Or, if the lawyer suspects that the woman was simply overreacting to an innocent conversation, then he should help resolve the dispute. In such a case, the woman should apologize for her accusations, and Leon should be able to return to his job as the apartment manager.

Or, if the lawyer finds evidence that the woman's accusation is true, then instead of defending Leon, he should tell the police that Leon should be investigated as a potential pedophile.

I don't know if Leon is innocent or guilty,  but from my personal observations of people, especially those who have been contacting me since 2002, we should be suspicious of everybody, especially people who try to convince us that the Bollyn family is free, that the World Trade Center towers fell down because of fires, that Jews are telling the truth about the Holocaust, and that astronauts really did land on the moon.

Also, be suspicious of people who try to push you into joining pornography sites, taking trips to Thailand to have sex, or anything else that is illegal or embarrassing. Some of those people may simply be naive or stupid, but that doesn't justify becoming their friend or trusting them. Raise the standards for your friends, and especially the people you look to for advice. You should also consider this when you are looking for a lawyer. Do you want to trust a lawyer who tells you that Jews are innocent of 9/11, or that Jews are telling the truth about the Holocaust? Do you think that a lawyer who defends Jewish pedophiles, Jewish murderers, Jewish kidnappers, and Jewish criminals is going to give you good service?

Getting back to Leon's case, he immediately quit his job as an apartment manager after she complained. He then had to find a new place to live and a new job. He didn't have much money, and finding a job in 2009 was not as easy as it was years earlier, so during the final months that I was talking with him, he was sharing a two-bedroom apartment with a man who had recently gotten out of jail. However, even though Leon didn't have much money, and even though a lot of pornography is free, he decided to subscribe to a pornography website that charged a monthly fee! He obviously has an intense craving for pornography.

It seems that every man has trouble resisting pornography, but you should be suspicious of people who subscribe to pornography sites. The reason is because if somebody subscribes to a pornography site that is operated by criminals, those criminals will know his name and address, and it is conceivable that they will try to blackmail him in return for remaining silent about his pornography habits. This is especially true of the people who take trips to Morocco or Thailand to have sex with children. The criminals who arrange those trips could very easily blackmail their customers. You should be suspicious of everybody who may be in contact with criminals, even if the contact is indirect.

Some of the people who have contacted me didn't seem to have any interest in me or what they were doing.  My impression was that they were being told to contact me, and they didn't really want to do it. My assumption was that they had been caught doing something illegal or embarrassing, and were now blackmailed. Many criminals prefer to hide in the background and find some blackmailed or bribed fool to expose himself and do the risky activities. The point I'm trying to make is that somebody who contacts you may not be a "criminal" and have no intention of hurting you, but he may be a puppet of a crime network, which makes him just as dangerous.

Some people are paranoid that the government will spy on us, but private businesses are watching us all the time. They know what we purchase, and some companies analyze our purchases in order to figure out what we might purchase next. They also know our credit card information and our banking information. The people who work at hospitals can get access to our medical records, and the people who work at phone companies can get access to our phone information. Lawyers have access to whatever you tell them. We want to trust doctors, policemen, lawyers, sheriffs, and secretaries, but take a look at the arrest records. Many "reputable leaders" of society have been caught committing crimes, such as doctors committing pedophilia. The people who are paranoid about government spying ought to be even more paranoid about the millions of other people who have access to even more information. For all you know, the doctor you go to is a pedophile, and he is providing your medical records to a crime network.

The reason I wanted to mention my experiences with Leon and others is that their behavior follows a pattern that I've described before. Specifically, the Jews tell one person after another to become my friend and then try to manipulate my opinions, or set me up for blackmail, or find my weakness. Fortunately, none of them have discovered my weakness yet, which is... uhh... well, I'll tell you later.

Anthony Hmura
Anthony Hmura first contacted me when I was working with Daryl Smith, perhaps in 2006 or 2007. He had been a member of an organization that presented Benjamin Freedman with an award. He told me that he wanted to help us expose the criminal Jews. He had a blog, and he would occasionally promote something that we had done. However, he eventually began working with Scott Smith, who is Daryl Smith's brother, and Rick Adams, a radio host of RBN, and who is also an editor for the The Barnes Review, as I mentioned here.
Anthony Hmura (left) and Scott Smith (right), on their access television show. Rick Adams also works on their television program, but he wasn't in this particular photograph.
Hmura now criticizes me for making the accusation that Christopher Bollyn and his family have been kidnapped. He insists that the Bollyns are free, and he has recently interviewed Christopher two different times (here is the latest, and the earlier one is here). Why would Bollyn be willing to talk to Anthony Hmura but not to me or anybody else that he used to talk to on a regular basis?

Hmura also criticized Mike of Prothink.org for agreeing with me that the Bollyn family is kidnapped. Here and here are two of Hmura's blog entries that "expose" me and Mike as liars. Also, Hmura treats me and Mike as if we are a team that works together. Why is he trying to create the impression that me and Mike are a team? (I discuss this issue further down in this file.)

Hmura's description of himself
The text below are excerpts of Anthony Hmura's description of himself.

Can you see his subtle attempt to focus attention on the bankers?

If people are fooled by this trick, an enormous number of criminal Jews will get away!

“I am a veteran of WW II, serving in the Air Force as Gunner on B-24 Bomber planes. I flew on 28 missions over Europe. I was privileged to touch on European "soil" too, for a crash-landing, on occassion.

It was risky business, and yet I'm proud to have served alongside the good men in my squadron. Actor Jimmy Stewart joined us- as our fine Squadron leader.
With help from my confidante, ex-FBI agent George Wallace, I stared into the face of the "powers that be." So it was that over a half-century ago it became evident to me that the War Racket is made up, by and large, of Zionist World Bankers.
I have given my best efforts in the cause of peace, and to prevent more useless Banker wars for these so-called "Globalists"...all serving in the end under the same hexagram-emblem of Zionist world dominion.”

Note: his description of himself is on every page, along the right column, colored in blue, under the title My Life in the Public (and Private) Eye


The criminal Jews are on the defensive! Keep them this way!

There is a growing minority in many nations that realizes that there really is an international network of criminal Jews, and those Jews are panicking. They are now trying to fool the sheeple into believing that only a small group of Jews are responsible; mainly, the bankers.

I updated the Alex Jones page here with audio of his amusing remark on January 12, 2010, about how the "population of the world is wising up" to the fact that the bankers are the "Globalists". Help people understand this trick!

Jones also plays the victim by complaining that everybody is attacking him with insults and crazy accusations. And mixed in with his complaints, he boasts that these attacks are actually making him stronger, and inspiring him to fight harder, and bringing him more publicity. So, if the attacks are so wonderful, why does he complain about them? Because in reality he is losing credibility, and he is becoming frightened.

Keep in mind that I'm using Alex Jones as an example, but a lot of their agents are using these same techniques, so learn the tricks, and help other people understand the tricks.

Here are three brief excerpts from his show on January 14, 2010 in which he plays the victim, and tries to shift the blame to the bankers:
Jones-pouts-blames-bankers-14Jan2010.mp3  only 170 kbytes

Websites that pretend to like me
Be suspicious of websites
Some websites put a link to my website, or to one of my articles, and then their webmasters will contact me and point out that they have a link to one of my articles and, therefore, I should put a link to their site, also. I also get e-mail messages from mysterious people telling me to link to a particular site.

However, this is just another of their tricks. The criminal Jews are trying to fool me into promoting their propaganda sites, but all they do for me is put a link to my site among lots of links to their propaganda sites.

Furthermore, by putting a link to one of my articles, they may trick you, also, into thinking that they are unbiased people who promote a variety of people and opinions. However, you cannot judge a website by one or two of its links. Take a look at its primary message. And notice how secretive many websites are.

Don't be fooled; suspicion is different from fear
I encourage people to be suspicious of everybody, and some people imply that I'm encouraging fear or fights. Don't be fooled by this trick! Being suspicious of somebody is not the same as being frightened of him, or fighting with him. And you cannot hurt a person in any manner by being suspicious of him, so don't feel guilty about being suspicious of people.

When you are trusting, you're like a baby who eats whatever somebody feeds to you. When you are suspicious, you are more difficult to fool because you are cautious; you are careful; you think for yourself. This world is full of criminals and psychos, so it's risky to trust people. So be suspicious. And don't be ashamed of it.

Example: judicial-inc
As I've mentioned before, judicial-inc has a lot of interesting articles, but you must be suspicious of the site. It's possible that the reason they have so much information about Jewish crimes is because they are criminal Jews. Therefore, they know more about their crimes than any of us could possibly figure out. Here are three reasons to be suspicious of them:
They are very secretive

 Don't believe the stories that people who are secretive are hiding from Israel, the CIA, or MI6. Government agencies can easily find those of us who have websites, bank accounts, or donation buttons.

Judicial-inc and other secretive people are hiding from you and me, not the governments.

Don't be afraid to look at their website; instead, be cautious about trusting them and the people and websites that they promote.

Be like a smart fish that takes their bait, but leaves the hook.

They deceive us

Judicial-inc regularly edits photos to make Jews look ugly, such as in their article about the wife of Iceland's president in which they altered her eyes and nose.

A lot of Jews are naturally ugly (to us Goyim, not to them), so why do they alter the photos?

I suppose they are trying to attract people who are angry with Jews, but don't be a sucker! Don't fall for this trick!

They promote Zionist agents

My website is listed in their recommended websites, but they won't spell my name correctly. Their primary emphasis is promoting Jewish propaganda. For example, in this article they promote David Irving and the IHR.

The image to the right is a portion of their main page in which they claim that terrorists published David Irving's e-mails. Terrorists? As I described in my article about Katie Piper and David Irving, I think Jews did it. Possibly his “girlfriend”!

Note: this image was on their front page during December 2009, but it is not on their main page any longer
The Jews try to associate me with freaks
Don't assume I know the people that the Jews claim I know
A trick that I've briefly mentioned and which I will give two more examples about is that the Jews will have somebody contact me, or invite me on their radio show, and then the Jews will accuse me of working with that person, who either turns out to be some type of freak, or who is working with some freak.
Example: Greg Palino
As I mentioned above, Anthony Hmura implies that I work with Mike of Prothink.org, and as I mentioned in my audio file for 20_September 2009, Daryl Smith has also claimed that I write articles for Mike. They don't have much criticism for Mike, but some of the people that Mike has worked with are extremely suspicious, such as Greg Palino, who has the website goyimpride. Not surprisingly, on October 5, 2009 Noel Ryan accused me of working with Palino:
Ryan-Noel-goyimpride-5Oct2009.mp3  only 110 kbytes

I don't know who Greg Palino is, but he was promoting something that he refers to as "Positive Fascism", so I suppose he is another Jew (or one of their agents) who is trying to create the image that there are crazy Nazis scattered around the world. I also suspect that Smith, Ryan, and others were hoping that they could associate me with Greg Palino so that they could accuse me of being a crazy Nazi who promotes “positive fascism”.

Fortunately, I think people figured out that positive fascism was a Jewish trick because on December 7, 2009, he posted a message that he will no longer be updating his website. So let's hope that he gave up because people are becoming wise to the Jew in positive fascist clothing trick! However, expect the Jews to try some new trick; they're not giving up yet.

“Well, positive fascism didn't catch on, so what should we try next? How about conservative socialism? Or multicultural equality?

Oh, wait... 'Moderate Secularism and Multicultural Equality' is already used as a title for this publication.”

Example: Lenny Bruce

On November 10, Brendan O'Connell of Australia, who I criticized on 20_September 2009, wanted to interview me via Skype. A man who calls himself Lenny Bruce told O'Connell that he wanted to be involved with the interview, and he offered to record it for O'Connell and send him a copy so that he could post it on his Internet site.

However, Lenny Bruce never sent O'Connell a copy of the audio file. O'Connell has since come to the conclusion that Lenny Bruce is just another Zionist Jew. I suppose Lenny Bruce didn't send a copy of the audio file because I didn't say anything that would make me look bad or make the Jews look good. However, I also recorded the idiotic interview, and although it's not worth listening to, you might enjoy this brief excerpt of Lenny's whiny, nasal, Jewish voice as he complains about a world government:
Lenny-Bruce-world-government-10nov2009.mp3  only 55 kbytes

Be suspicious of information about me!
 I've had contact with possibly thousands of people since 2002. Don't be fooled if somebody claims that I "know" or work with Lenny Bruce, or any of the other people that I've had some type of contact with. When someone provides you with information about me, your reaction should be:
"Thanks! I'll keep that information in mind, but we have to end the secrecy and openly investigate everybody in order to figure out how much of the information is accurate, and what the truth really is. I don't believe something simply because somebody tells me that it is the truth.”
Sam Danner contacts me, once again!
All episodes with Sam Danner are here.

Some background information on Sam Danner

In June 2006, Sam Danner contacted me and told me that he was a witness to the airplane that crashed into the Pentagon during the 9/11 attack. I had no way of verifying that he really was a witness, but I put his story on my website. He appeared on some radio shows, and Christopher Bollyn wrote about him, also. Less than two months later he had lost credibility because his son went on a radio show and told the world that his father was lying about seeing the airplane crash into the Pentagon because he had arrived at the Pentagon later in the afternoon.

During the next couple of years I heard from Sam Danner occasionally. He told me that he has a pilot's license, and that he was thinking of flying out to California on a private plane, and then we could visit, but I didn't show any interest in meeting him. Later, in 2008, he admitted to me that his son was correct; that he arrived at the Pentagon several hours after the plane had crashed.

Why did Sam lie to me? As I wrote in my update for August 2008, I suspect that his wife is Jewish, and they were trying to set me up to look like a fool. In 2006 Sam told me that his son bought himself and Sam some type of Israeli military shirt or jacket, (I forget the details), but Sam reassured me that his son is not a supporter of Israel or Zionism. Rather, his son is a devoted Christian who regularly goes to church, but he was attracted to the Israeli jacket because of its design.

Don't hide from criminals; instead, learn about them!

Some people might wonder why I bother talking with Fred, that homeless Russian Jew, or even San Danner. My attitude is that once you figure out that somebody is working for the Jewish crime network, don't be afraid! Instead, observe the criminal. This can help you to understand the tricks they use, which can help you avoid becoming their victim. And you may also be able to identify other people in their network, or learn how the network operates.
So try to understand and outsmart the criminals!
Other Pentagon witnesses plan to come forward!
December 28, 2009: Sam Danner contacted me once again via e-mail with some wonderful news! He said two other witnesses to the attack on the Pentagon were willing to come forward with their information, and they would exonerate Sam Danner and expose the 9/11 attack.
The other witnesses are using Sam Danner's IP address
Jan 3, 2010: I received an e-mail message from one of those two Pentagon witnesses, Doc Henson. A week later, January 11, Henson admitted that he was using a false name, and that his real name is Richard Gear, and that "We use Mr. Danners I.P. address because we have encrypted his address."  I'm glad he told me that! That reassures me that Richard is a real person rather than Sam Danner pretending to be Richard Gear.
Sam Danner's wife is not Jewish
Instead of providing me with details about what happened on 9/11, Richard Gear told me that I should remove the photo of Sam Danner's wife and remove my remarks that she may be Jewish because "She is not Jewish and we did an extensive back round report on her." That is wonderful news! That reassures me that she is not Jewish!

I'm no expert in Jewish facial characteristics, but Sam Danner's wife has a slightly Jewish look to me, and so do his children, and the entire Danner family seems suspiciously protective of criminal Jews and Israel, but I will believe Richard rather than my own lying eyes!

They have ways to make FBI agents talk!
The next day, January 12, Richard Gear sent me an e-mail to let me know that David Eckstein, the FBI agent who Sam Danner claimed to be one of the Government officials who were trying to suppress and control information about what happened during the attack, was reluctant to become honest and expose what he knows, but Richard told me "However we have ways to make people talk Eric.

I'm glad to know that! Now I am reassured that Sam and his friends will get the truth out of those criminal FBI agents. But I wonder, are they using some form of waterboarding or other water torture that could bring them bad publicity?

Sam and Richard spoke to government officials!

Apparently there are people in the government who are becoming aware that they have been lied to about the 9/11 attack, and they want  more information because Richard Gear told me that: "Sam is driving to the NSA today and there will be a meeting at Fort Meade Maryland and He is the featured one who will turn it over to me and some of the Joint Chiefs of staff will be there."

Such wonderful news! That reassures me that the respectable people within our government will soon rise up against the criminals and bring some improvements to this world. Thanks to Sam Danner, Richard Gear, and other heroes.

Sam is flying out to California and wants to visit me!
Today, 14 January 2010, Richard Gear contacted me via e-mail and told me that Sam Danner will be in Los Angeles soon, and he will be with a man named David Clark, and they would both like to visit me and provide me with information about the attack on the Pentagon. When I told Richard that I'm several hours away from Los Angeles, he replied with such comments as:
Sam and David said "Well if it is truth He wants so bad , then we will deliver it in person"
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I am a United States General of one of the service branches and served over seas in the middle east.
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So you do not want a meeting with perhaps all of us? That would be too much. One other alternative would be in a week or two and stop by and pick you up for a few hours. 
Isn't that interesting? Richard Gear - who is using San Danner's encrypted IP address to communicate with me - is a United States General. I wasn't going to waste my time looking up the name Richard Gear on the Internet to see if there really is a military general with that name, but then I decided that it might be amusing to see what comes up. Sure enough, the first item with "Richard Gear" in Google is the news report "Richard Gear Sentenced in Fatal Shooting of Cyclist".
David Clark is a colonel in the US military!
I asked Richard Gear - or should I call him General Gear? - who David Clark was, and General Gear replied that he is a Colonel. Wow! Two top officials in the US military are interested in telling me what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11. General Gear's final sentence of that brief e-mail was, "Can you stomach a visit?"
The Pentagon will deny everything
When I asked General Gear what times and days Sam Danner and Colonel David Clark were planning to visit me, I was told that Sam will give me a phone call, and that:
I would like to caution you that if you contact the Pentagon to check us out they will deny everything as they did Bolynn and then you will be moved up a notch in there legal terms.
Well, that explains why I couldn't find General Gear on the Internet, and I'm glad I never wasted my time looking for Colonel David Clark! And I don't know what it means to "be moved up a notch in there legal terms", but it sounds scary, so I'm not going to contact the Pentagon to verify anything they tell me!
Should I believe General Gear?
Somebody could easily interpret this latest group of e-mail messages as setting up a fictional story in an attempt to fool me into trusting Sam Danner and the mysterious Colonel David Clark, and then letting them visit me, or pick me up for a few hours. Wouldn't it be exciting to be picked up for a few hours by those men? I wonder, what would they do with me?
General Gear cancels the visit!
I asked General Gear what days Sam Danner would be in Los Angeles, and when he would be available to meet me, but instead of providing times and days, he canceled the visit with this strange, brief message:
In a message dated 1/14/2010 4:16:52 P.M. Pacific Standard Time:

      We know about you and Jimmy Walter's 9/11 tour. This is Clarks's department. Sam does not want to talk about any of this. It appears to us that you also have a tarnished record. Have you been involved in baseless allegations against a one Dr. Steven E. Jones? Christopher Bolynn kidnapped? It looks like another Sam Danner case. Now Sam knows why you act the way you do about Bolynn. Linda Shelton is a waste of time.

      We are changing plans as of now. We are not truth seekers nor any of the other silly stuff but Clark and Sam for what ever reason are really uptight about your relationship with Bolynn that does not appear to exist.

Notice that in the last sentence he writes "We are not truth seekers..." I responded by asking him what he means by that remark, and if he has any evidence that Steven Jones is honest, or that the Bollyns are free.

Colonel Clark knows where the Bollyns live!

General Gear didn't answer my question about his remark "We are not truth seekers...", but he provided other information, such as this:
According to our Zionist Expert David Clark who is now talking to Sam, He knows where Bollyn lives and the kids and Heje.
Update 15 January 2010
The Bollyn family has been located in Israel
After I posted this article (late at night on January 14), I went to sleep, and I woke up to find the following exciting message from General Gear that the Bollyn family has been located in Israel. I have since received a lot more updates, and I put them all here:


So, why should you care about Sam Danner?

Sam Danner's e-mail messages may seem silly, but you should understand that the Jews use variations of this trick all the time for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they're simply probing for information about me and the people I know, and sometimes they're trying to sway my opinions, such as when Sam Danner tried to convince me that the Bollyns are free. Don't let these Jews outsmart you! Learn their tricks!

Ever since I've been involved with exposing the 9/11 attack, packs of Jewish hyenas have been pursuing me. It is truly incredible! I can understand why - many decades ago - people would get frustrated and give up fighting them. The ordinary people will not come to our rescue. And we can't go to the police or the military for help, either. And the FBI seems to be the Federal Bureau of Israel.

We end up completely alone... actually, we end up surrounded by hundreds of wonderful people who love us, offer to help us, want to be our best friend, want to marry us, and then, when we're not expecting it, stab us in the back!
Learn their tricks!
Educate people about their tricks.
We don't need any more victims!
We need to start defeating them!
“I need you, Eric! Now!  I want to marry you!”
As of today (January 14, 2010) a married woman is in love with me, and she wants to marry me. Although I'm leaving out a lot of details, you might find it interesting to think about this, and if you have any comments, you can send them to me at PainfulQuestions@aol.com

“Eric! I can't wait! I'm dying inside! I must meet you now!

A year or two ago, I don't remember exactly, a female attorney named Peggy Brabender (Iduna Borger) contacted me via e-mail to ask for advice. She told me that the Jews were making it difficult for her to get a job as an attorney, and they were pestering her all the time. She told me that her relatives and former friends were ignoring her because the Jews had talked to them and given her a bad image.

I couldn't give her advice, and besides, her husband had a job and was capable of supporting her and their young child, so she didn't need a job. She has been occasionally contacting me by e-mail since then, usually to complain about the Jews.

In December 2009, or possibly earlier, I don't remember exactly, she told me that she was in love with me. She told me that she wanted to lose some weight, and then come out to visit me, perhaps in April of 2010. I told her that I was avoiding people since June 2007, when Christopher Bollyn vanished, but the Jewish crime network may be gone by April, in which case people everywhere will feel safe to visit one another. So I told her that we could possibly meet in April.

To shorten this story, on 12 January 2010, she told me that she had lost weight faster than she had expected, and she was ready to meet me, and she begged me for an hour or two during several phone calls to arrange for her to visit immediately. She insisted that she couldn't wait any longer.

She has to wait until about May 2010 before she can file for a divorce, but she was certain that we would get along so well that she would remain with me, and she would complete the divorce from my home, and then we could get married, and we would live happily ever after. And she spent a lot of time telling me how much she wants to have sex with me.

I need you now!
I love you!
Please! Please!

 Why does Peggy have such an extreme attraction to me?

Some possibilities:
1) She has truly developed an attraction to me and is following her emotions, which are telling her that she needs me now, immediately, overnight, next day delivery.

2) She is a Zionist whore who is only pretending to be in love with me for some diabolical reason.

3) She is suffering from some type of mental illness and has become attached to me, similar to how Daniel Lynch became attracted to Katie Piper.

4) She has become attached to me for the same reason that people become attracted to entertainers that they see on television, the Internet, and in movies.

Considering how many people since 2002 have tried to become my friend and later turned on me, should I trust her?
Update 18 January 2010
I no longer want anything to do with Peggy
She inadvertently made me look through my old e-mail messages, and I put an analysis of her at this page:  Peggy.html
When does a “normal desire” become a “psychotic craving”?
Of the four possibilities as to why Peggy is in love with me, numbers 3 and 4 are more relevant to all of us than they may appear. All of us are occasionally attracted to people we've seen on television or the Internet, or we become attracted to certain concepts, such as becoming rich, or a corporate executive, or an Olympic athlete.

Everybody seems to do this, so we can't say that there is something "wrong" with it, but there are differences between us, and we need to pass judgment on when a person is "normal", and when they have crossed the line into the "psychotic". For example, we all have an attraction to money and fame, but when does that attraction become a psychotic craving rather than a normal desire?

Peggy is certain that when she meets me, I will be as much in love with her as she is with me, and we will both be in ecstasy. How can she be so certain that we're going to be so incredibly in love with each other? Is her attraction to me "normal"? Or is it the type of psychotic craving that Daniel Lynch had for Katie Piper?

Children are often 100% certain that they will be incredibly happy if they can get a particular toy or product, and that they will be miserable if they don't get that toy, but as we grow up, we discover that we don't need any particular product to be happy. Or, I should say, some adults learn this lesson, whereas other adults continue making the false assumption that they must have a particular job, spouse, or product in order to be happy.

“I need that toy!
I can't live without it!
Give it to me!”

Unhappy people have extreme attractions to things

From my casual observations of people, the adults who are most likely to insist that they must have something in particular, or who have extreme cravings, are those who are suffering from some type of mental problem that keeps them in a state of perpetual misery, but they don't realize, or they refuse to consider, that their misery is coming from within their own mind. Their misery may be due to their terrible diet, or injuries to their brain, or genetic defects in their brain or body. Regardless of why these people are miserable, their perpetual state of unhappiness causes them to constantly look for something to make themselves feel better. And they are so desperate to be happy that they often convince themselves that they will experience ecstasy if they can achieve their latest goal.
The most common assumption that we make in regards to happiness is that money will make us happy. We are fascinated by material items, and we get momentary pleasure when we acquire items, and so we often fantasize about money. When does this attraction to money become psychotic? That is not an easy question to answer, except for extreme cases, such as people who are making "plenty" of money, but who want more money so badly that they will commit crimes to get more of it, or they will marry people who are wealthy simply to get access to their money.

People who are perpetually unhappy will experience momentary pleasure when they acquire some money, but soon they will return to their miserable condition, so they'll need more money. This would explain why some people, no matter how much money they get, are never satisfied.

Some people notice that they feel better when they use alcohol or other drugs, or by turning music up to very high volume levels, and so they may engage in those activities over and over. They assume that their extreme use of drugs or loud music is "fun", but I think these people are suffering from some problem that is keeping them in a state of unhappiness, and the drugs and loud music are helping to mask their misery.

Some people notice that they feel better when they do extremely dangerous activities or sports, and so they do those activities over and over under the assumption that the activities are fun and exciting, but I suspect those extreme activities make them feel better only because they have to concentrate so much on the activity that they become less aware of their misery. And when they survive a dangerous activity, they experience some momentary pleasure, and so they want to do it again in order to continue stimulating themselves with those pleasant feelings. I think they are suffering from some type of problem that is keeping them in a state of misery, and they are doing these extreme activities over and over in order to bring some momentary pleasure into their miserable lives.

The point I'm trying to make is that even though we all have the same desires, we need to pass judgment on when a person is behaving in an "abnormal" manner. We all want the same things in life, such as food, a spouse, attention, and money, but we want these things to different extents. Some people want these things so badly that they will cheat, lie, and kill to get them. We have to decide when a person is normal, and when he is psychotic and dangerous. And we must be especially critical of people we put into leadership positions.

When a person is perpetually miserable, his life will be an eternal quest for happiness. Nothing will ever satisfy him. No matter how much money he gets, it won't be enough to make him happy. No matter how big his house is, it won't be large enough. No matter how famous he becomes, he won't be famous enough. He will always be unhappy. He will always be struggling for more than he has. He may as well chase after a rainbow.

Consider how this concept may apply to Peggy Brabender. She insists that she is deeply in love with me, but it's possible that she's suffering from some sort of mental disorder that is keeping her in a perpetual state of misery, and she may be fantasizing that her misery will end when she meets her knight in shining armor. And she may have assumed that I am that knight, and so she fantasizes about being in perpetual ecstasy when we are together.

Peggy's description of her life makes it seem like she is a typical American. She has a home, husband, son, food, an automobile, etc. She doesn't complain about her husband, and her son is apparently well behaved. She told me that her husband was just a friend, and that she gets bored at her home, but is that a sensible reason for a mother to abandon her husband and child, and while she is still married? There are women all over the world who would be happy to trade places with her. So why does she want to abandon what seems to be a normal, acceptable family? Does she really love me that much?

If Peggy is suffering from some type of mental illness that keeps her in a perpetual state of misery, then she will be excited to meet me, but after a while her misery will return, and then she will repeat the cycle of searching for happiness. I find it interesting that she complained to me that her relatives and former friends don't want anything to do with her. She claims that the Jews gave her a bad image, but it's possible that everybody avoids her because they consider her to be mentally ill.

Leaders should be happy; not chasing rainbows
I think a lot of people who struggle to be rich and famous, or who struggle to get into top leadership positions, are perpetually unhappy, probably due to mental illness. I think they are searching for relief from their misery, and they have idiotic fantasies that they will become happy once they acquire wealth, fame, or that magic substance they refer to as "power".
Our leaders don't have any intelligent opinions about life, and they don't seem to be interested in society. Rather, they wanted to be leaders because they are trying to relieve their misery. But because their misery is coming from within them, no matter how much money they make, it's not enough. No matter how many businesses they have control over, it's never enough.

I think the reason they're so willing to commit crimes is that they are desperate to relieve their misery. They are like a heroin addict who will do just about anything to get his drug.

When we select leaders, we have to pass judgment on whether a person wants to be a leader because he truly has an interest in helping society, or if he is unhappy and is assuming that by becoming a leader, he will find happiness. We need leaders who are naturally happy and healthy. We have to avoid the lunatics who are chasing rainbows.

“All I need is more fame and money, and then I'll be so very happy!”

We don't have to live among freaks!

Katie Piper was not critical of Daniel Lynch because humans were not designed to be suspicious of our potential friends and spouses. Our emotions assume that we can trust the people we live with. Why should we force ourselves to be suspicious of everybody? Why should children be taught to be frightened of strangers? Why should women be taught how to defend themselves from rapists? Why should we have to protect our house from burglary? Why should we have to worry about whether a business is going to cheat us? Why should we live among people who are dangerous, anti-social, or destructive? Why should we live among people who are miserable, depressed, nasty, or sarcastic?

We don't have to live among freaks! There's no law in this universe that requires that all people be mixed together at random. We can put the criminals, parasites, and weirdos in their own cities, and we can sterilize them. We don't owe them anything! They should be grateful that they are alive! During prehistoric times, they would have been murdered, or they would have been pushed out of society, which would have resulted in their eventual death.

How can so many people be certain that the Bollyns are free?
Anthony Hmura,  Leon Catchatoorian and Sam Danner are just a few of many people who insist that the Bollyns are free. They don't have any doubt that the Bollyns are free, rather, they are definitely 100% certain that the Bollyns are free.

How could anybody know this with such certainty?

One of the lessons to learn from the mysterious people who have contacted me through the years is that when you encounter somebody who spends a lot of his time trying to convert your opinions, you ought to wonder:

Why is he spending so much of his time trying to convince me that my speculations are incorrect? Why doesn't he want to discuss or investigate the issue? How can he be so certain that he knows the answer to an issue that everybody else is confused about?
Anthony Hmura might respond that he has talked to Christopher Bollyn on the telephone, but your response should be:
Why is it that only Anthony and a few other people are permitted to talk to or visit with Christopher Bollyn?

Be as critical of “your people” as you are of other people!
Every nation and family has wonderful people, but every nation and family also has criminals, retards, parasites, and freaks.

The "patriotic" people who regard the people in their nation or family as superior to the people of other nations and families are potential victims of the freaks within their own group!

When I told Christopher Bollyn that almost everybody in the so-called truth movement was a criminal, it would upset him. He didn't want to believe that America could have so many criminals. He wanted to think that most Americans were truly wonderful people.

He didn't like it when I told him that Dr. Linda Shelton, Professor Steven Jones, Leuren Moret, and other people cannot be trusted. He thought I was getting carried away.

“I'm an honest doctor!”

So, who should you trust?
Don't trust anybody!
My recommendation is that you don't fool yourself into thinking that you can figure out who is honest and who isn't. Sure, you can identify a lot of the criminals, but all you have to do is make one mistake about who to trust, and it could be your last mistake. You could end up like Christopher Bollyn. So don't trust anybody. Be suspicious of everybody. None of us have the time, resources, or manpower to investigate the possibly millions of people involved with the Jewish crime network.
We must get the police and military involved - preferably from other nations as well - because only large organizations will be able to investigate such a gigantic, international crime network.

Of course, before the police and military can do anything, they have to clean up their own organizations!

So one of your goals should be to help people understand the wolf in sheep's clothing trick. It's especially important for the police and military to understand this trick.


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