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Note, unlike my philosophy articles, the Sam Danner episodes were about current events, so they never had any structure or planning. Reading these type of articles is like reading old newspapers as opposed to reading history books. It's more effort for you, but these articles may still be useful to you. Ideally, I would rewrite these type of articles, but I don't have the time.

The 2010 Season: Sam Danner and the Christopher Bollyn Controversy

In the 2010 episodes,
Sam Danner tries to trick me into believing
that the Bollyn family is free, not kidnapped!

Part 1: Sam Danner, a CIA agent, and a 3-star General contact me!

Part 2: "Team Danner" investigates Christopher Bollyn

Part 3: Bollyn refutes “Team Danner”!

Part 4: Sam Danner threatens me

The 2006 Season: Sam Danner and the Flight 77 Controversy

In the 2006 episodes, 
Sam Danner claims to have seen the Global Hawk crash into the Pentagon!

Part 1: the first interview with Sam Danner on June 29, 2006

Part 2: the fight between Sam Danner and Matthew Danner

Part 3: messages from Russell Pickering (not of much value)

Part 4: The Sam Danner controversy is over!