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Why I don't work with Smith

Technology allows us to expose
and destroy organized crime networks

The Protocols of Zion didn't anticipate telephones, computers, the Internet, or cell phone cameras.

by Eric Hufschmid
25 Oct 2007

Technology allows us to document the actions of criminals and spread the information around the world, but we have a dilemma to deal with. How much of this information should be exposed to the public, and how much should be kept secret?
Do you agree that Bollyn should have exposed Rodriguez?
Christopher Bollyn and his family were staying at my house in May 2006 when he wrote an article about the mainstream media ignoring both the Israeli and media involvement in 9/11:

He started the article by pointing out that William Rodriguez was voluntarily supressing what he knows about the Israeli involvement in 9/11. 

As Bollyn was writing this article, he wondered if he should mention William Rodriguez by name since it would likely cause some emotional discomfort for Rodriguez. Should he refer to Rodriguez as an anonymous witness?

Bollyn was also wondering how much he should say about why Rodriguez avoids the Israeli issue.

Since both Bollyn and I mention people by name so often, it may not have occurred to you that we actually contemplate these issues.

Bollyn asked me my opinion about his article, and I agreed that his decision to mention Rodriguez was a good idea because it could help other people understand why so few people are talking about the Israeli involvement.

Neither Bollyn nor I are trying to expose 9/11 in order to become popular or because we think this is fun. We want to expose and stop this crime network. This is a war, not a contest for Miss America. If Rodriguez becomes uncomfortable because of Bollyn's article, that's too bad. He should not be giving assistance to this crime network. He might benefit in the short term by getting some money and fame, but in the long term he is hurting himself and milions of other people.

Bollyn decided to mention Rodriguez by name, but not discuss why Rodriguez might be avoiding the Israeli issue  because Bollyn could never prove his accusations. Both Bollyn and I have seen and heard a lot of interesting things, but since we don't have any video of what we saw, we often have to avoid it.

Technology can help expose this crime network
If William Rodriguez had video recordings of the people who were telling him to avoid the Israeli issue, he might chose to ignore it, but it would put him into the position of being able to expose the people in this crime network who were trying to manipulate him.

It's difficult to make accusations that somebody is a Zionist agent when we don't have video recordings to back up our accusations. Fortunately, this is easy today. Cell phone cameras are probably the best device to for recording people because you have an excuse to hold a cell phone around other people, whereas you look suspicious if you point a video camera at somebody.

If you suspect somebody of being a Zionist, don't let them realize that you suspect them. Instead, observe them, and observe who they associate with. Try to get photos or audio recordings of what they do and say.

It's too bad that I didn't have a cell phone camera when I was on Jimmy Walter's 9/11 tour in Europe. A man from the so-called 9/11 truth movement, Michael Elliott, came to two of our shows, and he also came to our hotel to visit with us in the lobby. There was a point at which he got on one knee in front of Bollyn, as if he was going to propose marriage, and he begged Bollyn not to talk about the possibility of uranium being used in the attack of the World Trade Center.

Why would anybody get on one knee and beg Bollyn not to talk about uranium? Unfortunately, without video, Elliott could deny that he did such a thing, and a lot of people would assume that we are exaggerating or lying.

The issue of secretly recording people who lie about 9/11 and other crimes brings up the issue of whether it is acceptable to secretly record liars and criminals.

I say, Yes! We are in a war, not a contest for Miss America, and the Zionists are trying to take control and kill us. You should not feel guilty about observing and recording them. They are using all sorts of diabolical and illegal tricks on us, so we are suckers if we don't make an attempt to defend ourselves. Besides, there are only a few people willing to help us expose Zionism, so we should use all the technology we have available.

I've been yelled at, pressured, and lectured many times
I'm often reprimanded, yelled at, and lectured by people in this so-called "truth movement". However, without video or audio of what they say, most people dismiss it. They assume that I just like to criticize people because I'm jealous that I'm not getting as much attention as Dylan Avery.
Gabriel Day, that sweet, adorable man who travels around the country to 9/11 and political events to sell bumper stickers and T-shirts called me once to pressure me. I don't remember what he wanted me to do, but since I wasn't doing whatever it was, he started raising his voice and swearing. But who would believe me if I said this? He could deny it, and since most of the "truth movement" are Zionist agents, hundreds of "truth seekers" would support Gabriel Day and vouch for his honesty and his pleasant personality, and nobody would support me.
I decided to let Smith make the first move
After the phone calls on September 8, 2007 in which Smith told me I must defend him and attack Bollyn, I decided to say virtually nothing about the phone calls and let him make the first move. I was wondering if he was going to quit and shut down his website, so the first thing I did was to change my website so that I could put some of the files on my site.

However, he didn't shut down his site. So then I waited to see if he would provide an explanation of why he was attacking Bollyn, and why he wanted me to attack Bollyn. Did he actually have some evidence that Bollyn cannot be trusted?

However, Smith didn't seem to have any interest in explaining himself or justifying his attack on Bollyn. Meanwhile, I was getting e-mail messages once in a while asking what happened between us, and if we would work together again. I decided that I'd better explain the situation, so I wrote this article on 21 October 2007:

I was thinking that maybe Smith would respond to my article, but in his October 23 audio file, it seemed as if he was going out of his way to avoid responding. And of course, some people (Zionist agents?) responded to my document by accusing me of viciously attacking Smith.

Smith has had six weeks to explain why he insisted that I attack Bollyn, but he has done nothing. I was hoping that perhaps I would be able to figure out if he is a blackmailed victim of the Zionist crime network, or a willing participant, but I still can't figure it out.

So, that leaves me in a similar predicament as Christopher Bollyn during May of 2006. What should I say about that strange phone call on September 8? And what should I keep a secret?

Smith's weird phone call on 8 Sep 2007
Smith called me in the morning, as is typical. However, I immediately knew there was something wrong because after I said "hello", he announced that he was "Daryl Smith". I know his voice after nearly three years. It reminded me of the phone calls from Flight 93 in which Mark Bingham calls his mother and says "Hi Mom. This is Mark Bingham." This is a sign that something is seriously wrong.

To help you understand why there was such a dispute over Bollyn between me and Smith, there is a man in Sweden (Jan Gillberg) who told Smith that the Bollyn family stayed at his house for about two months, and that the Bollyns are doing fine, and that they didn't contact us because they don't like us.

Gillberg also told Smith that Bollyn called me more than two times on the phone, and that I am lying when I say I received only two phone calls from Bollyn.

In the phone call to me, Smith told me that he talked to Jan Gillberg on the phone, and that Gillberg claims that his phone records prove that Bollyn made more than two phone calls to me.

I only remember two phone conversations with Bollyn as of 8 September, but it is possible that Bollyn called when I did not answer. If my answering machine picked up the call, even if he did not leave a message, it would count as a connection, so it would show up on a phone bill as a short call.

I realize that my memory is not perfect, and since I received phone calls all the time from Bollyn, it's possible that I actually did get three phone calls. However, even if I did forget one call, so what?

I remember only two phone calls, so I was wondering if Gillberg was lying to Smith in order to make Smith angry at both me and Bollyn.

I had no idea what Smith would be saying, but I knew that something was seriously wrong after I answered and he told me that he was Daryl Smith. So I grabbed the audio recorder, set it up, and started recording the conversation. I missed the very beginning of the conversation, but perhaps these files will help you understand that I'm not exaggerating when I say there is something seriously wrong with Smith. 

Warning: Smith gets very rude in these phone calls, so do not play this in public:

He called back about an hour later, but the phone call disconnected after a short time. This time I was expecting him to call, so I was ready to record the entire conversation:

He immediately called back to finish the conversation:

If Jan Gillberg is trying to get Smith angry, he did an excellent job.

The final phone call after a night's sleep

Because of the time zone difference between France and California, after those three phone calls, which were in the morning to me, Smith went to sleep for the night, and when he woke up, he called again. He sounded calm and relaxed, and I assumed he had settled down and everything was back to normal. I actually thought that he was back to his normal self, and we would continue working together.

I explained to him that since Jan Gillberg knows where Bollyn is, then Smith should get information from Gillberg about Bollyn. Smith said that Gillberg was not cooperating, and I pointed out that if he doesn't want to cooperate, he should consider that perhaps Gillberg is trying to start fights.

I cut most of this conversation out because it has some personal information about Smith's family and other people:
Here is one excerpt: 

And this was a minute or so later:

That phone call was interrupted by a FAX signal (we have no idea how this could happen; it never happened to me in my entire life), and so he called back. After about a minute of a normal conversation, he started becoming angry, and this time it was about the remark I had made in an e-mail message to Bollyn that Smith was "just a voice on the phone":

Why would I put personal phone calls on the Internet?
These are not personal phone calls. I only extracted the sections that did not have the personal information. I would not refer to these as "personal" phone calls. I would refer to them as evidence that an organized crime network is desperately trying to manipulate me.

There is a fight going on between Zionism and the rest of us, and those phone calls might help people to understand how important it is to be suspicious of everybody.

Perhaps people will listen to me more seriously when I warn them that this truth movement is a farce, and that none of the "truth seekers" can be trusted. I wouldn't trust any of the political candidates, either, not even Ron Paul.

Zionism is a sinking ship, so why was Smith so angry?
If Alex Jones, Daryl Smith, and the other "truth seekers" were truly trying to help fight the "New World Order", they should be happier today than they were years ago. We are closer to defeating the Zionists today than we ever were. Every month we should see these "truth seekers" more excited than they were the month before. Instead we see them increasingly worried, stressful, and frantic.

Why is Smith and the others attacking or ignoring Christopher Bollyn rather than promoting his work? Bollyn is helping us to expose the crime network, and when you're starting to win a battle, you do not attack one of your better soldiers! This is something you'd expect a saboteur to do, not your friend.

If Smith is trying to defeat Zionism, then he should be happy to promote Bollyn's work, not struggling year after year to convince me that Bollyn is a bad person.

The incredible anger and panic in Smith's voice may be because the Zionists are being exposed, and the people in Chicago, Norway, and Sweden who kidnapped the Bollyns are also being exposed, and now Smith may be worried that he is going to be exposed.


Was Smith telling me his desires, or looking for my weakness?

There was more than one time in 2005, and I think even 2006, when Smith told me that he felt like going to Amsterdam for a few days to have sex with some of the prostitutes. I assumed that he was telling me the truth, so I reminded him that since he's married, it might cause trouble for his relationship.

Now I have to wonder if the reason he was telling me this was to find out if I would confide in him that I also go to, or would like to go to, prostitutes. Sometimes he would bring up the issue of drugs, or getting bribed, and perhaps that was also his attempt to find out where my weakness was.

The Zionist Jews pretend to be Christians, atheists, Muslims, anti-Zionist Jews, Democrats, Republicans, and environmentalists. They also infiltrate the police, military, universities, and libraries. When they find somebody that they don't like, they try to become his friend and find out what his weakness is. It is very important that you become more suspicious of people, especially if they are involved with drugs, prostitution, gambling, and Hollywood.

As I mentioned In my audio file about the Armenian genocide, the Zionist Jews are like intelligent maggots; they prey on  the sickly and dying people and nations. The people most likely to become their victims are the unhappy people who have cravings for drugs, prostitutes, gambling, money, and fame. There seem to be more unhappy people in this world than happy people, so the world is a Zionist Paradise of people to exploit.

Use technology to expose the criminals and idiots
The Zionists have control of the media, police departments, military, and governments, but we can use the Internet, computers, cameras, and audio recording devices to expose them. Take advantage of this technology.

Don't let the Zionists realize that you know who they are. Observe them and all of their associates and what they do. Be ready to record phone calls, and keep cameras ready to take photographs. The Internet is allowing us to analyze everybody and pass information around, and we must take advantage of this.

Yes, the Zionists have control of the world right now, but it's not going to last. Technology has removed their secrecy, and there's nothing they can do to stop it. As long as you help us  to spread this information, we can beat them!

So continue investigating everybody in this so-called truth movement. And investigate the police, politicians, media executives, news reporters, bankers, professors, and everybody else who tries to influence the world. Remove their secrecy and expose them.