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Why don't I work with Smith any longer? 

by Eric Hufschmid
21 Oct 2007

And why are Bollyn and Smith criticizing one another?

I continue to occasionally get questions about these issues, so here is some information for you.

Perhaps Smith will explain his side of the issue, and perhaps Bollyn will also, although it is questionable as to how honest Bollyn is allowed to be.

It might help you (and shock you!) if you listen to Smith's angry and threatening phone call to me:

January 2005: My first phone call from Smith

The first time I heard of Daryl Smith was when he called me in January 2005. He had just started doing radio shows for the RBN radio network, and he was calling people for interviews. 

After talking with him for a few minutes I could see that he didn't know anything about Zionism, 9/11, Israel's involvement in 9/11, or that most "truth seekers" cannot be trusted. My conclusion was that he was probably just another another Zionist radio host who was faking ignorance. However, unlike the other radio hosts, he showed some interest in learning about the 9/11 attack, so I thought there was a chance that he was honest.

When I noticed that he was promoting the same suspicious people that the other radio shows were promoting, such as Wayne Madsen, Greg Szymanski, Mike Rivero, and Karl Schwarz, it reinforced my opinion that he was probably just another Zionist agent.

However, as the months passed, Smith seemed to be learning from the interviews and from the information that I had provided to him, whereas the other radio show hosts were merely producing the same propaganda month after month. So I started thinking that Smith was truly naive to the issue of Zionism and deception.

Spring 2005: I help Smith with his website

Sometime in the early spring of 2005 he asked me to help him get a website started. At this time he was doing radio shows for the GCN radio network, and he did not need donations, so his website was very simple. It was a single page that had links to a few of his most recent audio files, links to a few news items, and links a few websites.

I assumed I would just get Smith going with his website, and then he would take care of it by himself. His site was so simple that I didn't mind maintaining for him while he learned how to maintain a website. It was very easy for me to maintain such a simple site.

Smith didn't want me putting links to information about the Apollo moon landing hoax, and he didn't want me talking about the issue when he interviewed me for his radio shows. Smith trusted people such as Mike Rivero, who defend the Apollo moon landing. Even after I tried to explain that Apollo was a scam, he told me that it would do more harm than good to bring up the issue.

I've heard this argument from many people in the 9/11 movement. It's just another Zionist trick to convince people to ignore one of their big crimes. My assumption was that Smith was still too naive to understand that he was being fooled by the Zionists.

Spring 2005: I tell Smith about Christopher Bollyn

Smith was always looking for guests for his radio show, so I suggested Christopher Bollyn. I can't remember exactly, but I think I told him about Bollyn in the spring of 2005.

Summer 2005: Smith moves to a rural area to avoid bird flu

I'm not sure of the date, but I think it was the summer of 2005 when Smith moved from his apartment in a large city in France to a farming area, also in France. He was extremely concerned that the bird flu, economic chaos, nuclear war, and/or other disasters that the would make life in a city extremely difficult. He believed that his best chance to survive the chaos would be to move to an isolated farming area.

At this time Smith was talking regularly to Henry Niman, who claimed to be an expert on the bird flu, and Smith didn't think it was strange that Niman was getting some of his funding from a Rabbi. Smith still didn't understand what Zionism was, or why there were so many Jews in these "truth movements".

Smith believed Niman's story that the bird flu was slowly mutating, and that at any moment it could develop into a variation that can infect humans, at which point it will kill most of the human population because our bodies have no ability to resist it.

My impression of the bird flu was that the Zionists were behind it. They were either trying to develop a human version of the disease, or they were just poisoning some birds and claiming that it was a bird flu in order to create economic chaos and manipulate nations.

Smith was so concerned about the bird flu, nuclear war, and other disasters that after he moved to a rural area, he tried to convince me to sell my house and move, also. He told me that America was on the verge of economic collapse, and that I better sell immediately while there are still buyers for houses. The house next door to him was for sale, and he suggested I buy it.

In 2005 I didn't see many Americans showing any interest in stopping Zionism, so there were moments that I actually wondered if I should sell my house and move, but most of the time I was wondering why he was pushing so hard to convince me to move next to him. Was he really this frightened of the bird flu and nuclear war? Or was he trying to get me to move next to him because of some other, more diabolical, reason?

To make the situation more strange, according to his own description of himself, he doesn't get along with anybody. So why would he want me as a neighbor, and why would I want to be his neighbor if he is as anti-social as he claims to be?

Although I wondered if he was a Zionist agent, my assumption was that he was just a naive sucker who was falling for all of the Zionist propaganda. Of course, if the Zionists are developing a bird flu for humans, or if they can get a nuclear war going, then Smith's move to a rural area might prove to be a wise decision.

Summer 2005: Jimmy Walter's Euro 9/11 tour

For about 3 weeks during May and June of 2005, Jimmy Walter funded some 9/11 events in Europe, and since he was promoting my book, he wanted me to speak at the events. Walter was naive about Zionism at the time, and so he did not realize that most of the people he invited to speak on this tour -- and to manage the tour -- were Zionist agents, such as Ilene Proctor and Lisa Pease. I didn't want to be on a tour with Zionist agents, so I suggested he also invite Christopher Bollyn.

Walter agreed to invite Bollyn. Jenna Orkin and other people tried to convince Walter to remove Bollyn from the tour, but fortunately Walter allowed Bollyn to remain as a speaker.

Bollyn made that trip a lot of fun for me. I spent most of my free time with him. He was always well behaved and pleasant, and if it had not been for him, the trip would have been very sad and lonely because I was surrounded by Zionist agents.

I will forever have pleasant memories of being with him on that trip. At that time William Rodriguez was fun to be with, also, but after the trip he became another victim of the Zionists, as I mentioned in my article about Bollyn:

By the way, it was virtually impossible for me to talk with Jimmy Walter during the trip because he was constantly "guarded" by the Zionists whenever I was near him. It was rather amazing that I could spend three weeks on a tour with him and only say a few words to him.

Walter had arranged for a 9/11 event in Paris, and Smith wanted me to call him when we got to Paris. Smith did not live in Paris, but he lived a couple hours away by car, and he was willing to drive to meet me. However, we didn't have a lot of free time, and at this time Smith was still promoting people I didn't trust, such as Mike Rivero, John Kaminski, and Henry Niman, so I never bothered trying to arrange a meeting with Smith. I still regarded him as a rather naive person who had a lot to learn.

I was happy to work with Smith and maintain his website, but I had never been to Paris before, and I may never be there again, so I prefered walking around Paris and the beautiful park nearby our hotel. I also took a walk with Christopher Bollyn and William Rodriguez.

Summer 2005? Canadian man says Bollyn is dishonest

I also don't remember exactly when it had started to happen, but I think it was by the end of the summer of 2005 that Smith told me that he was getting email messages from a man in Canada who claimed that Christopher Bollyn cannot be trusted. I told Smith that most of the people who contact us are Zionist agents, and that they are trying to manipulate us. I told Smith that he must be cautious about believing messages from anonymous people. 

Smith told me that he trusted this Canadian because he had previously sent Smith some information that turned out to be accurate. I tried to explain to Smith that this is the technique used by con artists. Specifically, they first try to gain your trust by giving you some truth, or some compliments, or some money, or whatever you want, and after you trust them, they start to abuse you. But Smith was still having trouble understanding the deception.

September 2005: I write articles for Smith's site

Smith was learning about the deception, and he had decided that Tom Flocco and some others were liars. By September of 2005 I started writing articles for the site. The first one I wrote seems to be this one, about Barbara Olson and Tom Flocco:

I wasn't expecting to maintain Smith's website forever, but he never learned how to update his site. The site became increasingly complex, but I was happy to do his website for free because it was starting to develop into a site for spreading information about Zionism and deception, and working with Smith was inspiring me to write some articles. The site was no longer just a simple listing of his latest audio files.

Even though he seemed naive and often promoted Zionist agents, he was the only radio host who showed an interest in learning about, exposing, and arresting the crime network that did 9/11. Smith seemed to have a lot of potential.

October 2005:  I write an article about deception

Smith, and many of the people who listened to Smith, were still having so much trouble understanding the issue of deception that I got tired of trying to explain the issue over and over on the phone and in e-mail messages, so I wrote another article for Smith's site:

When I wrote that article, I thought it was so simplistic and obvious that it was not worth putting on my own site, but it turned out that a lot of people found it valuable. It's one of the many articles that I probably would not have written if it had not been for working with Smith. Working with Smith was starting to become useful because it was helping me to understand what issues are confusing people, and it was motivating me to write some articles to clear up their confusion.

October 2005: The Bollyns stay at my house

Christopher would often travel to interview people for his articles, and in October of 2005, he and his family was in California. I let them stay at my house for about a week. A few weeks later they took off for Europe so that Christopher could speak at, and report about, the Axis for Peace conference in November.

Thanksgiving 2005: the Bollyns visit the Smiths in France

When Smith heard that Bollyn would be in Europe during November, he asked if Bollyn would visit him for the Thanksgiving weekend. Bollyn didn't have much money, and so he didn't want to make the trip, but Smith insisted, and so I sent Bollyn some money to help pay for his travel expenses.

The Thanksgiving visit was not pleasant for either the Bollyns or the Smiths. The Bollyns spent the night at the Smith's home, but went home the next morning, rather than remain throughout the weekend. I can't remember exactly what Smith told me, but I remember he said that his wife saw Christopher and his daughter in the nearby town many days later, and he told me that the only reason they would be in that small farming town would be to secretly observe Smith.

During several later phone conversations, Smith asked me if I had asked Bollyn if they had stayed in that town, but I assumed it was a silly thing to ask because I assumed that Smith's wife saw somebody who only looked like Christopher and his daughter. Besides, if he was spying on Smith, would he admit to it?

Smith was not requesting that I ask Bollyn; but by asking the question quite a few times, I was wondering if it was a subtle request to ask so that Smith could find out what Bollyn said. Maybe he was wondering if his wife was making a mistake, also. So eventually, maybe a year later, I asked Bollyn if he remained in France after the Thanksgiving dinner.

Bollyn denied remaining in France. When I then told Smith that Christopher denied it, he told me to forget about it. Why should I forget about it? After asking me many times if I had asked Bollyn, now he wants me to forget about it? Was Bollyn spying on Smith? Or was Smith's wife mistaken? Or was Smith lying about the situation in order to make me suspicious of Bollyn?

Was Smith asking me if I had asked Bollyn because Smith wanted me to ask Bollyn? Or was Smith worried that I had already asked Bollyn, and Smith wanted to know what Bollyn's answer was because he was worried about being exposed as a liar? What was going on?

My assumption was that Smith did not like the Bollyns, and he was trying to make me dislike them, also. By this time I had noticed that Smith does not get along with people very well, so I dismissed it as being due to his anti-social personality. Since Smith was starting to become suspicious of the "truth seekers", I also assumed he was just becoming more suspicious of everybody, including Bollyn.

May 2006: the Bollyns stay at my home again

Christopher was traveling again, and I let the family stay at my house for about three weeks. I don't have a large house, but they didn't mind staying in a small bedroom. I enjoyed the time I spent with him and his wife. His two children would get bored, want to watch television or play games, and would certainly be much happier if they could run around with other children, but otherwise it was a pleasant visit. I never saw any type of behavior even remotely resembling what Smith described at Thanksgiving.

Summer 2006: Smith stops being my friend

Sometime around the summer of 2006, I don't remember exactly, Smith called me and asked for the passwords and other information to his site. He said he would find somebody else to manage the site. It was a short phone call. He didn't explain why he didn't want me to work with him anymore, and I didn't ask. I assumed that he was being manipulated once again. So I sent him an e-mail message with the information he needed.

About a week later nothing on the site had been updated or changed, so I assumed he couldn't find anybody to manage the site for him. He called me on the phone as if nothing had happened and he was my friend again. My assumption was that after a week he realized that he was a sucker, but he was too proud to admit that he had been fooled once again.

Are Zionists manipulating Smith?

It seemed to me that Smith was being manipulated by Zionists the entire time that I have known him. Some of the people who were feeding him false information were Mike Rivero and Henry Niman, but even after he stopped talking with some of those people, it seemed that there were other, more secretive people, hiding in the background and manipulating him.
He spent a lot of time on the phone with a young woman named Nina, and I was wondering if she was one of the people manipulating him.

The person who created planetquo has photos of her. If he is correct, she was at an IDF summer camp, and this is a photo of her wearing her IDF shirt.
planetquo is gone, and he created a new page about Nina and her friends:

If she's a Zionist agent, she may have tricked Smith into telling her something that they can use to blackmail him with.

There is lots of evidence that Smith was being manipulated by Zionists. For example, there was a time when I got a frantic phone call from him (I can't remember which month, or even year) to remove anything from the website that mentions the Holocaust. Months earlier he had already told me to remove the Holocaust material because he was afraid that they would put him in jail as a Holocaust Denier, so I took off the article that I had written about David Irving, and moved it to my site. I had also deleted any links to Holocaust related material.

I didn't think there was anything remaining on the site that referred to the Holocaust. So why was Smith so upset? What exactly was on the site that he wanted me to remove? The strange thing was that he couldn't answer the question. He wanted me to remove the Holocaust material, but he didn't know where the Holocaust material was. So I did a search for the word "Holocaust" and found one or two trivial references to a news item about it.

Somebody had obviously told Smith that he was going to be arrested as a Holocaust Denier if he didn't get the Holocaust material off the site, but they didn't bother to tell him what the Holocaust material was. I couldn't see how mentioning a news item about the Holocaust could justify arresting somebody, but I deleted those news items anyway.

Another time I got a phone call from him to tell me to stop putting up so much information about the Apollo moon landing. There were two reasons this was strange. First of all, I had been occasionally putting links to news articles about NASA's "return" to the moon, and he never complained about it before, so why now? Second, there were only two or three links to news articles about the return to the moon, and by this time the site had hundreds of files, so how can this be "so much" information about Apollo?

Another frantic phone call from Smith was to tell me to put back the disclaimer at the top of the site that Smith does not discuss the Holocaust. This was a couple months after I had already searched for the word "Holocaust" and removed everything about it. After removing everything, I thought it was silly to keep that disclaimer at the top of the site, so I removed it also.

I told him that he doesn't talk about the Holocaust in his audio files, and that I already removed every reference to the Holocaust, so why does he need a disclaimer? He was afraid he would be arrested as a Holocaust Denier, and that a disclaimer would protect him. Months later, when I changed the format of the site, I quietly moved the disclaimer off to the left side and put it in a smaller font.

His paranoia about the Holocaust and the Apollo moon landing was so extreme that I assumed that some Zionists were fooling him into avoiding those issues. He seemed to be easily manipulated by mysterious people.

There was a time in 2006 when I did not hear from him for a couple days, and since he was having health problems at the time, I was concerned that he had died. At that time I was under the impression that he is truly trying to help us, but that he just didn't understand the battle he is in. If he had died at that point in time, I would have been sad.

December 2006: I make videos for Smith's site

In December of 2006 Smith asked me to make some videos for the site, and so I started making the series of short videos that have the file name Israel-not-their-Homeland.wmv, Back-Off-Jews.wmv, etc. If I had not been working with Smith, I would not have been motivated to create so many articles and videos. Nobody else wanted to work with me, other than Bollyn, but he was busy with his own work.
The videos are at this page: HowToHelp.html

So, even though Smith was having trouble understanding the deception, working with him turned out to be very valuable because it helped spread a lot of information about Zionism. We also helped give Christopher Bollyn a lot of publicity. Of course, Smith would have stopped promoting Bollyn sometime in 2005 if I had not been defending Bollyn.

June 2007, Smith wants Bollyn's files removed

The Bollyns vanished about June 11, 2007, and by the end of June we had received a couple e-mail messages that the Bollyns were alive and well, and that they didn't have any interest in talking with us. Bollyn also posted a file on his site on 29 June 2007.

Smith told me that Bollyn was an ungrateful jerk for not letting us know that the family arrived safely, and not telling us where they are, and that I should remove all of his files from the site, or at least remove the links from the main page. I had to argue with him that it appears as if the Bollyn's are dead or kidnapped. I told him that these e-mail messages could be from Zionists who are trying to make him angry at Bollyn.

Here is one of the strange e-mail messages that I received on 29 June 2007:


I found this on Bollyn's site. Please be more positive about him. He is not dead. He has made his choices. And he will surely continue writing.

Keep up the good work,

Who is this person named "Trehus"? I did not recognize the name or the e-mail address. About a month later I start getting messages from Christopher from three different e-mail addresses, and one of the addresses that he used was that same e-mail address! Was Christopher using the e-mail address of Trehus? Or was Christopher pretending to be Trehus? Or was Trehus pretending to be Christopher?

Everything about Bollyn was strange after his disappearance. However, Smith was continually trying to get me to attack Bollyn. He would get messages from mysterious people in Sweden that the Bollyn family is doing fine, and he would believe those anonymous people, rather than believe me. I had to spend a lot of time convincing him that the Bollyns are dead or kidnapped.

September 4, 2007: Bollyn posts a photo of Smith

Bollyn posted an article on his website to deny that he has been kidnapped or killed. He also posted some photos from that Thanksgiving visit to the Smiths in 2005, and he pointed out that nobody knows much about Smith. Bollyn also complained that Smith was spreading false accusations about the Bollyns in regards to that Thanksgiving.

The article Bollyn posted is at this page, but you have to scroll down to it. Look for:
Comment about Disinformation Spread by Daryl B. Smith & Eric Hufschmid

Bollyn's article, and especially the photos, upset Smith tremendously. A lot of us already knew that Smith was worried about letting people see a photo of himself, so I was wondering if the people who kidnapped Bollyn deliberately told him to post the photos in order to make Smith angry.

September 5, 2007: Smith attacks Bollyn

Smith was very angry that his photo had been posted. What difference does it make if his photo is on the Internet? He was on an Islamic television show in Britain, so a lot of Muslims saw his face. He doesn't care if Muslims see his face, so why is he so concerned that the rest of us see his face?

It is difficult to believe that a grown man would make such an issue about his photo, but I was not successful in calming him down; he insisted on criticizing Bollyn in an audio file. So he talked about that Thanksgiving dinner in 2005 with the Bollyns, and he claimed that Christopher and his wife became extremely drunk, and that Christopher was dribbling red wine on Smith's white tablecloth while singing the German national anthem.

I assumed that Smith was a sucker who had fallen for the typical Zionist trick to get fights started between us.

September 8, 2007: Smith demands that I back him up

Smith called me in the morning, as he usually does, but this time I could tell that something was very wrong. He seemed extremely concerned about something. Smith demanded that I back him up in his accusations and criticism of Bollyn.

I assumed that some of Smith's supporters were appalled by what Smith had said about Bollyn, and they were scolding him for it. I also assumed that Smith realized that he had made a serious mistake, and that his only hope for salvation was for me to back up his accusations.

I told Smith that I can't back him up because I wasn't at the Thanksgiving dinner. Besides, even if Bollyn had gotten drunk, that doesn't justify such an attack. To make the situation even more ridiculous, Smith is the man with the serious alcohol problem. You can even find people on the Internet complaining that Smith called them on the phone while he was drunk. Has anybody experienced that with Christopher Bollyn? Why would I want to help a man with a serious alcohol problem condemn Bollyn for getting drunk, when I can't even verify that Bollyn was drunk?

Smith also wanted me to criticize Bollyn for being a bad father on the grounds that his son needs psychological help, and that Christopher is not giving him any help. If I were to criticize parents whose children are not well behaved, I would have to criticize most of the human population.

The only accusation that I can verify is that the Bollyn children have a fascination with the television, but that is true of most of the human population, so that doesn't justify such an attack, either.

Smith also complained that I referred to him as "a voice on the phone". He found out about that remark because Bollyn mentioned it in his article. I made the remark when Bollyn asked me why I trust Smith, and if I had ever met Smith. I told Bollyn no, I never met Smith; that Smith is just a voice on the phone.

People use words differently. Smith complained that my remark was insulting, but I don't consider it insulting. Smith is just voice on the phone. I don't personally know him.

Smith was upset that I didn't fully trust him in regards to his accusations about Bollyn becoming drunk, but he was willing to trust e-mail messages from mysterious, anonymous people. I could complain that I am insulted that he would trust anonymous people more than me.

We are fools to trust the "truth seekers"

We must be suspicious of people in this "truth movement". Have you heard about Dan Wallace, the son of a firefighter who died during the September 11 attack? Dan Wallace trusted the 9/11 truth group in New York City, and he died mysteriously in January 2007.

Ed and Elaine Brown, the couple from New Hampshire who refused to pay income taxes, trusted Alex Jones, Dave von Kleist, Aaron Russo, Shaun Kranish, and others. Today both of them are in jail. The concern that Dave von Kleist and Alex Jones show for the Browns may be phony:

Jimmy Walter trusted a lot of people, and he was abused by them. Christopher Bollyn trusted a lot of people, also, and look at what happened to him. Perhaps one of the reasons I'm still free to do whatever I want is that I am more cautious of the "truth seekers". I was more trusting in 2002, but they missed their opportunity to get me. In 2002 they were still confident that they didn't have to worry too much about me. I bet they're upset about that mistake!

Most of the people involved with exposing 9/11 are Zionist agents. And most of the people who have been contacting me during these past 6 years are monitoring me, trying to find weaknesses that they can exploit, and trying to convince me to promote false information so that I can be ridiculed as a fool.

With so much infiltration, deception, and abuse, why should I guarantee that Smith is honest? Either Smith or Bollyn is lying about what happened on Thanksgiving, or both of them are lying, and if I had to take a guess, I would say Smith is lying.

Furthermore, I know that Smith "stretches the truth" a bit sometimes. For example, he is currently asking for donations, and one of the ways he justifies asking for money is that he "lost his equipment" when I left him. But what equipment did he lose? I recorded all of those audio interviews with a telephone recording jack that I bought at RadioShack for about $20, and a digital recorder that was about $50.

That's not much equipment. Furthermore, Smith cannot say that he lost that equipment because I went to RadioShack a year ago and purchased the same equipment for him, and I mailed it to him. He has the same equipment that I have. He didn't lose anything; he just never learned how to use what I gave him.


By 8 September 2007 I had been talking to Smith on the phone for almost 3 years. A lot of that time was spent trying to convince him to be more suspicious of the mysterious people on the Internet and watch out for their attempts to manipulate him. I was getting tired of it, so when Smith said he wouldn't work with me unless I back up his accusations about Bollyn, I refused to back him up, and I haven't done anything with him since.

Most of the time that I knew Smith he seemed to be an honest person who was being manipulated by mysterious people. On the 5th of September, when Smith criticized Bollyn, I assumed that he was a sucker who fell for the common Zionist trick of instigating a fight.

However, there's always the possibility that he's not being manipulated. It is possible that he is working with the Zionists, either because he wants to, or because of blackmail.

Smith's demand (it was not a polite request) that I back him up, thereby helping him to ruin Bollyn's image, makes sense only if Smith was working with the Zionists. This is what concerned me. Think about this situation carefully to see if you can find any alternative explanation for Smith's behavior.

If Bollyn was kidnapped or dead, then this would be the perfect opportunity for the Zionists to destroy his reputation because he wouldn't be able to properly defend himself. If both Smith and I started criticizing Bollyn, we might be able to turn people away from Bollyn.

Why is Smith so concerned about his photo?

Perhaps the reason Smith was so concerned about his photo being put on the Internet is that is he worried that people will say that he looks Jewish. Or, maybe he is worried that people will recognize him and exclaim,

"Hey! I know that jerk! And you should hear what I know about him!"
Perhaps he is keeping a lot of secrets from us, his current wife, and his children.

They attacked Bollyn when he was defenseless

After Bollyn disappeared, most people in the truth movement ignored him and his disappearance. A few people insulted him, and some spread rumors that he was actually an agent. If both Smith and I started criticizing him, we may have been able to destroy a lot of his support. But who benefits from this? The Zionists would have benefited because they would have fooled me into ruining one of their biggest enemies.

What if the Zionists then decided to get rid of me? I could disappear mysteriously like Bollyn, and then I could mysteriously reappear, and Smith could tell people the "truth" about me. He could then ruin my reputation.

The truth movement is a farce

Almost everybody who tries to become my friend has turned out to be a Zionist agent, so why should I trust Smith? Smith told me that Bollyn cannot be trusted, but it may be that Bollyn is correct that Smith cannot be trusted. Bollyn actually met Smith, so Bollyn may have a more accurate opinion of Smith than those of us who know Smith only as a voice. It's too bad that Bollyn didn't make a more accurate judgment of Linda Shelton, Jan Gillberg, and the others.

It is also rather peculiar that Smith's brother, Scott, works closely with Rick Adams, who is a radio host at the RBN radio network and is involved with The Barnes Review, as I mentioned here. Smith told me that his brother is just a naive, religious fanatic, but for all I know, his brother is working with Adams and the Zionists.

Why would Zionists expose their crimes?

There are still people who cannot understand how Rick Adams or the Smith brothers -- who criticize Israel and Zionism to an incredible extent -- could possibly be working with the Zionists. This is a very important issue that people must understand.

The answer to this paradox is that the Zionists have no other way of luring you away from people like me and Christopher Bollyn. If they don't provide something that is at least as good as what we provide, why would you leave us and go to them?

If they can lure you over to their sites, and convince you to forget about me and Bollyn, then they have total control over the information that you are exposed to. This concept is very simple. The difficulty is figuring out who among us can be trusted. The best solution is be suspicious of everybody, and don't allow people to disappear mysteriously.

Several years ago I mentioned on a radio show that everybody who contacts me should be investigated because most of them are Zionist agents. People like me and Bollyn have been relentlessly pursued by Zionists. All of the people who have been friendly with Christopher Bollyn should be investigated. I think that the people who kidnapped the Bollyn family are among those "friends".

What is Smith's problem?


When Smith first contacted me in January 2005, I assumed Smith was just another Zionist agent because he was promoting Zionist propaganda and Zionist agents. Were my initial assumptions correct? Is he voluntarily working with some faction within the Zionist movement?

Well-meaning but gullible sucker?

Most of the time that I worked with Smith I assumed that he was an honest but gullible person who was too naive to understand the battle with Zionism, and that the Zionists were outsmarting him without much effort.

Useful Idiot?

After Bollyn disappeared,  somebody at this deceptive website posted Smith's police record:

Some people have noticed that at the very bottom of the page is:

That is the same month that he started his radio shows, so some people are wondering if Zionist Jews offered to pay his court costs. They would explain to him that in return, he will become a radio host. However, as with other Useful Idiots, they may have deceived him about what he was getting himself into. He may not have realized that he was going to become an expendable pawn in this game of world conquest.

If Smith is a Useful Idiot, why doesn't he rebel?

If Smith has been manipulated by Zionists who paid his court costs, or who did other favors for him, hasn't he figured out by now that he is being taken advantage of? If so, why would he continue to let them manipulate him? Why wouldn't he rebel?

Perhaps he has already tried to rebel. You can hear him in one of his audio files talking about a very large, muscular man who came to his house and offered to sell him a photo of his house taken from a helicopter. He also complained that people were looking in his garbage at night.
So, it is possible that Smith did begin to rebel, and that he was put into his place by his "friends".

Why was Smith so concerned about being arrested as a Holocaust Denier?

Initially I thought he was just a gullible fool, but now I wonder if his Zionists masters were threatening to arrest him as a Holocaust Denier if he doesn't get back on his hands and knees and oink like a pig. That would explain why he would call me in a frenzy and tell me to immediately remove any reference to the Holocaust and put a disclaimer at the top of the site that he doesn't talk about the Holocaust.

Arresting a person for having child pornography on his computer or being a Holocaust Denier is an ideal way for the Zionists to get rid of their critics because the trial can be a complete farce. Nobody will ask for evidence in either case, and there is no victim to interrogate. It's also easy to fake evidence for these type of cases. So perhaps Smith thought that he could show the court that he had a disclaimer about the Holocaust on the top of his website.

If Smith is a blackmail victim, he should come clean and expose the people who are blackmailing him. I suppose that the Zionists are also threatening to get revenge on him by killing his wife or his sons, but a lot of people are dying are suffering right now because of these Zionists. Are Smith's children really worth more than everybody else's children?

David Ray Griffin praised my book in his book, The New Pearl Harbor, and during 2004 he would ask me about 9/11, but at some point in time he was told to stop contact with me, as I mentioned in my timeline of 9/11:

Why would Griffin allow Zionists to take advantage of him? Does he enjoy being a Useful Idiot who has to travel around the world to give deceptive speeches? Does he enjoy being told who he can talk to, and who he must avoid?

Perhaps he does enjoy it; perhaps when he discovered who he was working for, he thought it was a good idea, and he joined them voluntarily. But it's also possible that he doesn't like getting on his hands and knees and oinking like a pig whenever his masters tell him to do so.

If Smith and Griffin are Useful Idiots to the Zionist network, we could free them from their bondage by ignoring them. If we ignore all of the Useful Idiots, they will no longer be useful. We can stop the Zionists from using these tricks simply by refusing to respond to the tricks.

The situation with Useful Idiots is the same as with Bollyn. Specifically, we have to stop the Zionists from using these tricks. We must show the Zionists that we are not going to forget about Bollyn, and that they are not going to get away with kidnapping other people. We must also show the Zionists that we are aware of how they use Useful Idiots to spread propaganda and manipulate us, and that we are going to be more suspicious of everybody.

It is too bad that we don't have even one television show under our control. We could make fun of the Zionists and their Useful Idiots by creating a television show in which people compete to be the best Useful Idiot. Contestants would behave like blackmail victims who must do degrading acts in order to please their master and show their submissiveness.

We could make the show similar to Dancing with the Stars in which the famous people bring their Useful Idiots out on stage and show us the degrading tricks they taught them.
The winner gets financing for the 2008 US presidential campaign.

The second prize winner goes on a 9/11 tour with David Griffin and gets to meet Charlie Sheen.


Ignore the Zionist tricks and idiots

We need people we can trust. If David Ray Griffin and Daryl Smith are Useful Idiots, we don't need them; if they are truly naive after all these years, we should classify them as hopelessly stupid; and if they are voluntarily working with the Zionists, we don't need them. So no matter how you look them, it's best to ignore them.

What about Sofia? Did she sell out to the Zionists, or is she clueless, or has been working with them all along, as I asked here:

We should put pressure on the "truth seekers" to explain their strange behavior, and tell them that if they are being blackmailed, they should all stand up and identify the people blackmailing them. Perhaps we need a Blackmail Victims Union, but without Jimmy Hoffa as the union president.

You will get beaten if you can't understand the battle
There's a fight going on for control of the world. It's like a boxing match. However, this is an intellectual fight, so if you are an intellectual lightweight, you are going to get beaten badly. In fact, you may not even realize that you have been beaten until it's too late.

Some of us are not going to make it through this fight. The Bollyns appear to have been kidnapped, and there may be more deaths or kidnappings in the future.

As long as you follow my advice and investigate everybody, it won't make any difference how many of us they kill:

No blind trust!

If you give blind trust to anybody, you are asking for trouble. We must end the secrecy that has been protecting organized crime. Don't fall for the trick that we need secrecy in order to "protect our rights". Secrecy is a necessity for organized crime, not an option.

You and I can survive life without secrecy; the criminals cannot. If we get rid of the secrecy, we expose the criminals.


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