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Note from Eric Hufschmid:
Somebody sent me this transcript to the South Park joke "The Aristocrats." 
The Aristocrats & South Park - Supplement

Harmless entertainment? 
Or more Zionist subversion? 


14 October 2008

This is a supplement to this article that you should read before you proceed.

Extremely obscene!

Here is the transcription of  the South Park video "The Aristocrats."
Some words are partially masked with the symbol "#" or "=".

(In the scene the following characters appear, from left to right, Stanley "Stan" Marsh, Eric Theodore Cartman (EC), Kyle Broflovski (KB) and Kenneth McCormick; the first and the last one stay silent. Note that KB is a Jew.)

: You guys wanna hear a funny joke my Grandpa told me?
KB: No.
EC: Okay. The- this family walks into a talent agency. It's a mother, father, their son and daughter, and a little baby. The father says to the talent agent,

"Sir, our family has an amazing act. We know if you would let us perform it for you, you would want to sign us."

And the talent agent says,

"Sorry, we don't sign family acts. They're too cutesy."

But then the mother goes,

"Please, sir, if you just give us two minutes, we know you'll like our act."

So the talent agent says,

"All right, you've got two minutes."

The family jumps right into it. The mother smiles and points to the son, who hits "Play" on a boombox. Thrilling circus music starts to play as the father spins his daughter around, bends her over, lifts up her skirts and starts licking her a#shole.
(Stan's jaw drops)
KB: What??
EC: Then the son lays down on the floor and opens his mouth, and the mother tears off tear-away pants, squats down over his face and starts s#itting all over him.
KB: Dude!
EC: Hold on! Hold on. The father grabs the baby, takes off his diaper and starts sucking his c#ck, right? While the son, still with his mother's s#it in his mouth, goes over and licks the baby's tiny little b#lls.
KB: Dude.
EC: Hold on, Kyle. Now the mother lays down on her back on the floor while the daughter gets up high on a chair and starts p#ssing all over. Then the father and son take the baby and start stuffing it head-first back into the mother's v#gina, while the daughter's p#ss rains down on all of them.
KB: Dude, just stop. It-
EC: They get the- towait. Hold on, Kyle. They get the baby halfway in so that just his legs are sticking out all kicking and flailing around, and the son takes the mother's s#it out of his mouth and starts rubbing it all over everyone while the father sticks his c#ck in the baby's a#shole and f#cks it while it's still inside the mother, until he c#ms all over the baby, the wife, the son and the daughter.
KB: Car-Car-Cartman, I don't want any-
EC: Kyle?! Will you hold on, please! Then the father gets up and says,

"And now for our impersonation of the victims of 9/11."

And the whole family starts running around screaming and laughing with their d#cks and t#tties all flapping around, covered with p#ss and s#it and c#m, goin' [falsetto]

"AAAAAaaAAAAhhh! AAAAAaaAAAAhhh!, the building's comin' down! Heeelllppp!!!"

[normal] And finally the family runs back to the center of the room and goes,


And the talent agent, he just sits there for the longest time, and finally he says,

"...J=sus, that's a hell of an act. What do you call it?"

And the father says,

"The Aristocrats!"