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South Park

Harmless entertainment?
Or more Zionist subversion?


15 October 2006

South Park is a cartoon produced by Trey Parker and Matthew Stone.

Trey Parker

Matthew Stone

In March 2004 the creators of South Park tried to make Mel Gibson appear psychotic with a rude cartoon called "The Passion of the Jew":

Note: South Park had that video removed from youtube on the grounds that it was copyrighted.

Please note that one of the South Park cartoons made fun of musicians who did not want people to download their music for free. 
This is mentioned in Part 3 of my video MasqueradeParty_3.html

So why doesn't South Park let people watch their cartoons for free?

Are you smart enough to see the hypocrisy? South Park cartoons, the Jon Stewart show, and everything else on Comedy Central is propaganda disguised as entertainment.

In October 2006 the creators of South Park tried to convince their audience that people who don't believe the official story about the September 11th attack are retarded:

You may wonder, "Why should I care about the South Park cartoons?"

The reason is that 9/11 was a Zionist Job, and South Park promotes Zionist propaganda. It is also one of Comedy Central's most popular shows, supposedly watched by millions of people, including children.

You wouldn't want Al Capone's gang or Jeff Dahmer to produce deceptive television shows for your children, so why do we let Zionists flood our television with propaganda?

South Park also gets publicity by the mainstream media. For example, MSNBC:

And the BBC:

In 2006, when a South Park cartoon was supposedly upsetting a few Muslims,Michelle Malkin took advantage of it by writing:

"Everyone's buzzing about last night's South Park episode."

The Zionist denying, Useful Idiots such as Michelle Malkin, will promote a South Park cartoon when they believe it will instigate anger among or towards Muslims.

None of the people or news agencies that promote South Park will expose Zionism, or even talk seriously about the 9/11 attack. Obviously, the South Park cartoons have been approved as tools in the campaign of deceiving the world about Zionism.

This implies that the people who create and promote South Park are working with the Zionist criminal network in some way.

It has been five years since the 9/11 attack occurred, and virtually everybody who is still defending the official story should be considered a possible member of the Zionist criminal network.

These people are giving themselves away, and we should take advantage of it by saving their names in a list for when we finally overthrown them.

South Park is a Peabody and Emmy Award-winning show, so we should get the names of the people who gave out those awards, also!

South Park is distributed by Comedy Central, which also produces The Daily Show by Jon Stewart (real name: Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz).

The Daily Show is supposedly one of the primary sources of information about the world to teenagers and college students.

Is The Daily Show a "harmless" comedy program? Some people, such as professors Baumgartner and Morris of East Carolina University, believe the show encourages destructive attitudes among children by ridiculing government leaders without encouraging discussions, research, or anything productive.

A link to their PDF study is here:

Or take a look at this news article about it.

Jon Stewart lies about 9/11, Israel, Zionism, uranium, and a lot more. He entertains Goyim students with Zionist propaganda. Why are we putting up with this?

Do you really think it is just a coincidence that the effect of his deception is to encourage cynicism, hopelessness, hatred of Muslims, ignorance of Zionism, and pity for Israel? 

Can you understand why Crypto Jews pretend to be Nazis?

In our articles about the white supremacists, we explain that the Crypto Jews start and infiltrate these groups. For example:

Controlling groups of anti-Semites helps Zionism in many ways. For example:

The Crypto Jews can identify their opposition. This allows them to arrange for their eventual arrest, murder, or bribery.

The Crypto Jews can form "good" groups that recommend solutions to the "evil" white supremacists. Their solution is to create laws to stop "hatred" and "anti-Semitism".

The Crypto Jews inside the white supremacist groups can ensure that the members feel helpless and develop self destructive attitudes. For example, a common attitude among the white supremacists is that they are victims of Mexicans, Jews, and Blacks. The Crypto Jews encourage the white supremacists to feel sorry for themselves. I have more on that issue here:

Why would Zionists produce disgusting "entertainment"?

The obnoxious, vulgar, disgusting, and atrocious entertainment that comes from Zionists may not be merely a symptom of their neurotic minds. Rather, some of it may be a deliberate attempt to help their Zionist goal.

However, before continuing with this discussion, many people who visit our site are not aware of just how disgusting the entertainment is, so we must first provide an example.

All of us turn away from the entertainment we find annoying. The end result as we often do not have a good understanding of what the Zionists are producing, or what the Goyim children are watching.

Therefore, you should force yourself to look at some of the "entertainment" the Zionists produce.

For example, take a look at the South Park cartoon about the joke referred to as "The Aristocrats".

Do not play this in public!

Since there is nothing of value to see in this cartoon (the characters stand still throughout the cartoon), and because the audio of South Park is distorted, it is easier to listen to the audio excerpt that we slowed down:
SouthPark-TheAristocrats.mp3   audio only, 500 kb

If you want to see the unaltered video of that South Park joke, click here (new link). Update: somebody sent me this transcript.

Trey Parker (one of the two creators of South Park) tells another version of The Aristocrats joke (search here with google).


In 2005, Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza produced a movie in which 100 comedians told their version of The Aristocrats.

The list of comedians who "performed" in The Aristocrats is here:

Penn Jillette is the larger man in the Penn and Teller television show. Their show tries to deceive their audience about the September 11th attack and other Zionist crimes, as I explained in 2005:

Excerpts from The Aristocrats

Do not play these in public !

Bob Saget:

Sarah Silverman:

George Carlin: * video was deleted ! *

Martin Mull:  new link

You can find these by doing a Google search for Aristocrats
search video for aristocrats

Your reaction may be to avoid The Aristocrats, but you should force yourself to look at the excerpts, and then ask yourself, who would give that movie a favorable review?

The National Public Radio provided a review of it, and referred to it as a "documentary":

The movie critic in Florida for the St. Petersburg Times reviewed it, also:

Why would Zionists spend so much time and money creating a "documentary" such as The Aristocrats? Why would Zionist publications give it so much favorable publicity?

One reason may be to encourage the Goyim to behave in disgusting manners, which further breaks down relationships and society.

Another reason may be justify the censorship of "hatred" and "filth", and justify blocking "pornographic" and "hate" websites. After watching excerpts of The Aristocrats, your reaction may be:

"Well, I now understand why people are complaining about pornography! And I now fully support the censoring of pornography!"
What is Pornography? What is Hate?

Joseph Stalin is supposed to have said:

The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

The same concept applies to pornography, anti-Semitism, terrorism, racism, fascism, sexism, and hatred.

Specifically, the people who define our words determine who among us is suppressed or arrested.

There are groups of mysterious people (probably Zionists) trying to stop hatred in Europe by arresting and fining "Holocaust Deniers".

In America we find groups recommending the censoring of pornography and hatred on television and Internet sites. However, these people define the words in a manner that supports Zionism, not all of mankind. 

For example, some mysterious people (Zionists?) arranged for the bronzing of the first poop of Tom Cruise's baby, and they put it into an "Art Gallery". This bronzed poop was not considered "pornography". Rather, it is "art".,2933,211954,00.html,2106,3783763a1860,00.html

A statue of Britney Spears giving birth in an absurd position is also "art":

Here Sarah Silverman sings a "funny" song:

Her song is not considered racist or hate speech, however.

How about the "Amazing Racist"? Here is his "funny" video about the Chinese:

Here he is behaving in a "funny" manner with Mexicans:

How would you feel if there were millions of these "comedians" doing hundreds of these "funny" shows every day?

Why do we allow Zionists to define our words?

We allow mysterious people to count our votes, select our candidates, control our money supply, and dominate our schools. We have to start taking care of ourselves!

We are fools to allow French professor Robert Faurisson and other people in other nations to be fined or jailed for "Holocaust denial" while Jewish "comedians" behave like obnoxious jerks.

The Zionists "entertainers" are destructive. They are not providing anything of value to human life, and their effect on children is detrimental. They are Zio-Pornographers, Zio-Perverts, and Zio-Racists, not "artists" or "entertainers".

The media and the ADL don't complain about the Zio-Perverts because they all are Jews! This is an example of what we refer to as a "double standard".

All people are equal, but Zionist Jews are more equal than Goyim and non-Zionist Jews.

Learn a lesson from 9/11

Most of the 9/11 "truth seekers" are Zionist agents; most White Supremacists are Zionist agents; and so on.

We should expect most of people who offer to save us from pornography, hatred, anti-Semitism, racism, fascism, and sexism are Zionist agents, also,

Therefore, instead of giving blind obedience to any of these saviors, start asking yourself, "Who are they? Are they really providing leadership? Or are they just taking our money and making us feel good?"

For example, who is Brent Bozell?

Brent Bozell... hero, idiot, or liar?

Brent Bozell started the Parents Television Council (PTC) in 1995 to:

"...ensure that children are not constantly assaulted by sex, violence and profanity on television and in other media."

The PTC received $3.5 million in donations in 2005. However, what good have all those millions of dollars done? Is television getting better?

Why are people so willing to give money to an organization that has no accomplishments? Look for results, not promises!

Bozell created the Media Research Center in 1987. He boasts that it is the largest media watchdog organization in America.

Bozell created the Conservative Communications Center in 1997:

This is an organization that:

"...could serve as an umbrella for the growing number of conservative organizations by providing news and information about the conservative movement..."

Bozell has also written books about the media bias, such as "How to Identify, Expose and Correct Liberal Media Bias."

His resume makes it appear as if he is a hero who raises millions of dollars and fights pornography, bias in the media, and abuse.

However, he doesn't expose any corruption, and doesn't actually accomplish anything. As with virtually all other "leaders" who offer to save us from corruption, all he does is collect money and deceive the Gullible Goyim into believing that they are helping the world by donating money to him. Don't become one of his suckers!

Have you read any of our articles that point out that the Anti-War and Peace groups want to stop the war in the Middle East, but they do not want to expose 9/11 as a fraud?

The leaders of these movements are either unbelievably stupid, or -- more likely -- they are Christian or Jewish Zionists who are deceiving their gullible members into thinking they are stopping the war by chanting slogans as they walk down the street.

Reputable Bookstores sell South Park cartoons

Barnes and Noble and other bookstores that will not sell my book or video about 9/11 will offer the South Park DVDs.

South Park has a cartoon for Christmas, and it is available on DVD at reputable bookstores everywhere. It is called the Woodland Critter Christmas:

Note: South Park had that disgusting video removed, also. Did you watch Part 3 of my video: MasqueradeParty_3.html

Can you see that Comedy Central is propaganda disguised as entertainment.


Don't be fooled into following Zionists!

Millions of Gullible Goyim are listening to Zionist comedians, Zionist news reporters, Zionist "truth seekers", and Zionist Christians!

Stop following Zionists!

Also, counteract their deception with non-Zionist, pro-Goyim slogans. For example, when you hear people say "9/11 was an Inside Job", tell people:

9/11 was a Zionist Job!

When you hear "Bush lied, people died", or "Impeach Bush", tell people:

It's Bigger Than Bush!

When people promote Dylan Avery, Alex Jones, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, or Webster Tarpley, tell people:

We won't give in;
we want Hufschmid and Bollyn