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We must eliminate our infestation of parasites

17 Aug 2007
Added these links to "Jews Against Zionism" on 18 Aug

If you were infested with ticks, would you remove only one or two of the smallest ticks?

The world is infested with organized crime gangs, and we will continue to be infested until we get rid of all of them. It doesn't do us any good to replace Tony Blair or George Bush because there are thousands of more important criminals who must also be removed.

Nobody accuses us of anti-Italianism when we complain about Italian gangs

We are permitted to publicly complain about organized Italian gangs; nobody will accuse us of being anti-Italian.

In fact, Hollywood and television have portrayed Italians as gang members for so long that most people believe that the primary crime gangs are Italian.

However, historians provide a different view of the situation. For example, the American Jewish Historical Society writes:

Historians speculate that Jews comprised half of the nation's leading bootleggers and that Jewish gangsters like Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel dominated organized crime [in] certain cities.

So, why are we anti-Semitic when we complain about Jewish gangs?

The Jewish gangsters have discovered the clever trick of accusing us of anti-Semitism when we complain about a Jew who is involved in organized crime.
The Jewish gangsters especially love to wear yellow stars and tell us Holocaust Survivor Stories.

Most Goyim react by feeling sorry for the Jewish gangsters. Some foolish Goyim go so far as to assume that the Jews had to get involved in crime because they were deprived of honest jobs by anti-Semitic businesses.

(Yes, this photo was edited; I added the Jewish star)

The real victims of the Holocaust, such as Professor Norman Finkelstein's parents, give us a very different view of the Nazis and the Holocaust. Professor Finkelstein wrote a book called The Holocaust Industry in which he explains how the criminal Jews  are grossly exaggerating the Holocaust and pretending to be victims in order to extort money and bring sympathy to Israel. Finkelstein also points out that the New York Times is working with these criminal Jews:

The New York Times serves as the main promotional vehicle of the Holocaust industry. 
For frequency of coverage, the Holocaust places a close second to the daily weather report.
Page xvi

Hardly a week passes without a major Holocaust-related story in the New York Times
Page 143


All organized crime gangs must be eliminated

The entire infestation of organized crime must be eliminated. We cannot stop with Italian gangs. We cannot be concerned about the race, religion, or nationality of a gang. We cannot be fooled by the criminal Jews who use the Holocaust or anti-Semitism to bring them sympathy. We must get rid of all of these criminals. For example:

• The bankers

The Rothschild family and other families that control the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, and European banking systems must be eliminated. They have caused an amazing amount of suffering, and there is no reason for any of us to feel sorry for them. We don't owe them anything.

These people have created economic monarchies, and monarchies should have been destroyed centuries ago. It is 2007; it is time for people to earn their position in life.

However, we cannot fix the problem simply by replacing the criminal bankers with "honest" bankers because their concept of a secretive, private banking system that controls our monetary supply must be discarded, also. Only the government should be allowed to control and regulate money, and the government officials who control the money should not be allowed to operate in secret or put their family members in important government positions.

We should also consider whether we want to continue the practice of usury. There are other ways of operating a banking system, as we see in Muslim nations.

To summarize this, we must get rid of both the criminal bankers and their banking system.

• The media 
As of 2007, it should be obvious that there is a deliberate attempt by the media in America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan to cover up 9/11 and other Zionist crimes. The reporters and media executives could claim naivety many years ago, but not today.

Many people try to create sympathy for the media by claiming that the Bush administration or the CIA is in control of the media, but a small number of CIA agents cannot control thousands of radio stations, newspapers, television networks, and magazines that are scattered all over the world.  

“My dear little ones; I want my media companies to tell you the truth and treat you with decency, but the CIA forces me to abuse you. I am a helpless victim, just like you. I feel your pain.”
A small number of Jews are dominating the media around the world. There is no evidence that those Jews are following orders from George Bush or the CIA.

We must get rid of the criminals in the media, and we must change our laws so that a few gang members cannot get virtually total control of the television, magazines, newspapers.


• The Zionist organizations

These organizations are all over the world, and every one of them must be eliminated. For examples:

• The economic and political monarchies and monopolies 

As mentioned earlier, we are fools to allow monarchies in our era. The Oppenheimers, Bronfmans, DuPonts, and other families are behaving as if this is still the Middle Ages. We must remove all of these monarchies and all of their monopolies.  
If these people were to get their wish, a few incredibly wealthy families would rule over thousands of ignorant morons.

It's time to get off your knees! Stop behaving like a Medieval peasant.

People centuries ago rebelled against the Kings and Queens. Don't let their efforts go to waste. 

Let's finish the job they started!

• Professors, engineers, architects, and other phony "truth seekers" 

Some of these people may simply be naive, but they should all be considered guilty until proven innocent.  
Professor Steven Jones, for example, has been associating with Jim Hoffman for years.
Fortunately, in their attempt to deceive us, they identify who they are. Here are five lists of people who need to be investigated:

They have a sixth list (Survivors and Family Members), but most of them might be real victims who were included to make the site appear honest.

Here are three more examples of "truth seekers" who should be considered as Zionist agents: 

Jim Condit Jr., was a guest on the Mike Piper radio show on 14 August 2007. He had no reason to be cautious about blaming Zionists on that particular show. However, listen to this excerpt of him blaming the CFR, The Trilateral Commission, and the New World Order:
Jim-Condit-Piper_14Aug2007.mp3   only 380 k bytes
A. K. Dewdney created Scientific Panel for the Investigation of Nine Eleven (S.P.I.N.E.) where some of the same people are listed, but there are also some others:
G. Edward Griffin created and provides information similar to the Money Masters with his book The Creature from Jekyll Island, but Griffin should not be trusted.

• FBI, CIA, Police Departments 

Our FBI, CIA, police departments, and other law enforcement agencies have done absolutely nothing to stop organized crime. In fact, the evidence is overwhelming that some of the people in these agencies are protecting and working with the organized crime gangs. Don't let their badges fool you. You can dress a dog in human clothing, but it is still a dog.  
The chief of police, Clint Herdegen, and other Hoffman Estates police, allowed or participated in the illegal arrest of Christopher Bollyn.

We don't know who in our law enforcement agencies are honest, so we need to investigate all of them.

It is not enough to eliminate the criminals within the police departments. We also have to change our police department policies so that criminal gangs cannot influence them so easily. Did you know the ADL is providing training courses for America's police?

What would you think if an Italian organized crime gang was training the police? The police are suckers, and so are we, for allowing this.

Have you seen some of the issues the Chicago police don't seem interested in investigating? For example, Vicky Polin claims that her prominent Chicago Jewish family engages in the bizarre rituals of killing babies:

Some tricks to watch out for

In their desperate attempt to deflect attention away from themselves, the Zionists are putting out a lot of propaganda. There is too much to mention, but some of the propaganda they're promoting as of August 2007:

• Americans created and/or funded the Nazis

David Rockefeller, the CFR, IBM, and/or the Bush family are most commonly blamed. There is never any sensible explanation for how a few Americans could create and control the Nazi party, and never any explanation of the role the Zionist crime network played in the Nazi party.

The people who write these articles, and the sites that post them should be considered guilty until proven innocent. For some examples:

• Prescott Bush, the Nazi’s American Banker, by William Bowles:

• How the Bush family made its fortune from the Nazis, by Attorney John Loftus:

• Rockefeller, Nazis, The UN, & Genocide, by Anton Chaitkin:
Also at the website of Len Horowitz:

• The Omega Files, by "Branton"

• The Bush family destroyed the World Trade Center
Marvin Bush had a minor role in the company Securacom from 1993 to 2000. Some people imply that during this time he arranged for the explosives to be placed in the World Trade Center towers. The people pushing this theory never explain how Marvin Bush manufactured or purchased the explosives, transported them to the World Trade Center, or installed them in the building.

They also fail to explain how Bush detonated the explosives in the proper sequence during the day of the attack. They also ignore or minimize the role of Larry Silverstein, Israel, and and the media. Examples:

9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush, by Mike Rivero:

‘Frauds-R-Us’, The Bush Family Saga, by William Bowles

• The CIA controls the world?
The CIA needs to be investigated, but they cannot be blamed for all of the world's corruption. Furthermore, it may be the Zionists within the CIA, not the Americans, who are causing trouble. Here is an amusing clip of Alex Jones putting all the emphasis on the CIA:
Jones-CIA-16Aug2007.mp3  80 k bytes

Alex Jones may be telling us the truth when he says that "they have spent tens of billions of dollars per year since the 60s" on their plan to take over America.

Where has NASA's money been going since the 1960s? Where has the Star Wars money gone? What have the FBI and other government agencies been doing since the 1960s? Alex may be telling us the truth that "they" have been spending a lot of time and money on a takeover of America, but he wants us to believe that some Americans within the CIA are responsible.

• CIA uses Wikipedia to spread propaganda

The news reports in August 2007, such as this one, tell us "People using CIA and FBI computers have edited entries..."

These reports imply that only a few Americans in the CIA and FBI are trying to deceive us and that everybody else is honest. However, there is a lot of evidence that Wikipedia is dominated by Zionist Jews, and they use the Wikipedia to spread Zionist propaganda. For example, Wikipedia will not allow any entry for Eric Hufschmid or Christopher Bollyn.

Follow the rats!

Once you identify some of the sites and people who are lying to you, you should be suspicious of everybody they promote. For example, have you noticed that the suspicious people promote Clifford Carnicom? If Carnicom is telling us the truth about "chemtrails", why are the Zionist Deniers promoting him?

Either chemtrails are not coming from the Zionists -- in which case they are happy to expose it -- or chemtrails are propaganda to divert us from what's really happening, such as the testing of chemical and biological weapons on cruise ships, salad bars, and schools. While you complain about the "chemtrails" high in the sky, "they" are testing the weapons on the ground.

Aerosol Crimes (Chemtrails), by Clifford E. Carnicom:

Did you know that Alex Jones also promotes Carnicom?

It doesn't do us any good to get rid of a few Italian crime gangs. In fact, if we get rid of only the Italian gangs, that will leave the Zionist gangs with even more control.

We cannot simply elect a replacement for Tony Blair or George Bush, either. We need a completely new and better group of leaders in government, the media, banking, schools, the military, and law enforcement agencies.

Don't settle for a partial solution. We must drown all of these selfish, criminal rats.

How can the Zionists lie so successfully?

One of the problems with lying is that you must remember what you said and then maintain those lies forever. That's not easy to do, so how are so many Zionist Deniers, such as Alex Jones, the American Free Press, David Duke, and Chris Bjerknes, successfully lying year after year without making mistakes?

The incredible ability to maintain their lies is one of the reasons people have a hard time believing that they are lying. How could so many people lie without occasionally making mistakes that expose the lies?

The clue comes from looking at the Nazi philosophy. That philosophy is attributed to Alfred Rosenberg. Even the Zionist propaganda encyclopedia admits this:

Accusations even more amazing come from the Jews against Zionism. For example, take a look at their page about "The Brutal Zionist Role In The Holocaust":

And take a look at their page that has such an incredible remarks as:

"Hateful views of Jews as being subhuman did not have to be invented by Nazi theorists such as Hitler, Goebbels, Rosenberg and Streicher. This ideology was simply adapted from statements of political Zionists..."

The Nazi philosophy is the Zionist philosophy. This makes it very easy for the Zionists to lie about the Nazis. The Zionists simply take their own philosophy and change "we" to "they". For example, the Zionists tell us:

"The Nazis believe that they are the superior race, and they want to exterminate the Jews. The Nazis want to take over the world."

What the Zionists really mean is:

"The Zionists believe that we are the superior race, and we want to exterminate the Goyim. The Zionists want to take over the world."

This type of lying is very easy. Listen to Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Michael Hoffman II, and other suspicious people. How can they keep their lies coordinated with thousands of other liars?

The best way to explain this is that these so-called truth seekers are actually working for the Zionist crime network, and they are telling us the Zionist philosophy and plans when they tell us about the mysterious New World Order, the CIA, and the Bush family. Here is an excerpt of Alex Jones on 17 August 2007:
Jones-hates-NWO-17Aug2007.mp3  1.1 mb

He starts by complaining about how much he hates the New World Order. Consider the possibility that what he is saying is partially the truth; specifically, that as of August 2007, Alex Jones has lost respect for the leaders in his Zionist network and is now disgusted by them.

Notice that he says he knows that "the info war is having a big victory on them". He also says "the jig's up", and "everybody knows who you are now, New World Order."

Alex Jones may be telling us the truth. The Zionist crime network may realize that they have been exposed, and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

Alex continues his tirade about the New World Order and says: "I'm mad that you've ruined my life, you pieces of filth". Again, he may be telling us the truth. He may realize that he made a mistake by joining the Zionist crime network.

Jones also points out that "they" will kill us, even if we serve them. How would he know that they kill people who serve them? It is possible that Jones knows the policies of the New World Order because he is a member of the group, and he knows that they routinely torture their own members for the slightest infraction. Do you know what happened to Alberto Agueci when his Italian gang was worried about him?

Some people believe the Zionist crime network is a wonderful, peaceful movement to bring a homeland to Jews, but it seems to be dominated by the same psychotic, violent, miserable creatures that we find in other organized crime gangs. Alex Jones may have finally come to the same conclusion. This would explain why he refers to "them" as carpet-bagging filth from Europe; retarded; a bunch of scum; and pieces of filth.

The Zionists might destroy themselves in their last desperate attempt 

In this excerpt, Alex Jones uses a statue analogy of how "they" might destroy themselves in their attempt to conquer us:
Jones-statue-destroyed-17Aug2007.mp3  230 k bytes

Notice that Jones says that from "where I'm sitting", they seem to be delusional. Where is Jones sitting? He sits in Texas, and he notices that his supporters are becoming increasingly stupid as the more intelligent people abandon him. He is also noticing that people are talking about Zionism, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and many other crimes that almost nobody was talking about a few years ago. The Internet as allowing us to expose them, and there is nothing they can do to stop it from getting worse.

Jones senses that he and his gang of Zionist criminals are losing. So, why doesn't Jones or others give up? Why don't they turn on their criminal friends and help us stop them? Are they afraid of the gang retaliating against them? Do they hold on to the faint hope that they will beat us? Or are they worried that even if they tell everything they know, it won't have any effect because the majority of people are too selfish, stupid, and/or irresponsible to act on it?

Alex Jones and other Zionist Deniers often imply that the only way to stop "them" is with violence. We should consider the possibility that he is telling us the truth. The Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Chertoffs, and everybody else in this Zionist crime network may never give up. They may not allow themselves to be arrested.

Supposedly the bank robber known as Baby Face Nelson bragged that he would never be taken alive, and he proved it in a shootout with police. The police were not expecting this behavior, and so two of them died in the amazing shootout. We would be foolish not to consider the possibility that many Zionists have a similar attitude of fighting to the death. We may have to kill the Zionists rather than try to arrest them.

Alex Jones often complains that "they" prefer to hire stupid people as policemen because stupid people are easier to control. What if he is telling us the truth about that, also? What if "they" have been deliberately filling our police force with idiots and criminals? This would certainly explain why our law enforcement agencies protect the Zionist and other crime networks.

Don't assume that the police, FBI, or other law enforcement agencies will figure out what's going on, switch sides, and join us. Take a look at what happened with Christopher Bollyn. Alex Jones may be correct. The Zionist crime network may have filled our law enforcement agencies with mentally unstable and stupid people who are easily tricked into becoming attack dogs for Zionism.

Do you know about Kay Griggs yet?

Have you ever wondered why top US military leaders never say or do anything intelligent? Kay Griggs explains the mystery of why the US military is serving Israel rather than protecting America. She explains that the Zionists within the military are looking for and promoting the men with emotional problems because they are easier to control. Please watch the short excerpts of her interview:

Smith also interviewed her:

If violence erupts, the FBI and police may have to be our first targets. If the police don't clearly switch sides and go after the Zionists and other organized crime gangs, then we must assume the police are our enemies.

“So I told the suckers, 'The CIA is running a secret, shadow government, and they are taking control of the world. Vote for the lesser of the evils, Hillary Clinton, and the problem will be solved.”