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Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Kay Griggs
Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but Kay Griggs provides valuable information in these interviews


If you don't know who Kay Griggs is, please watch the two "Desperate Wives" videos at my other site:

Kay Griggs has first-hand information about how the Zionists look for emotionally insecure people and promote them into political and military leadership. This gives the Zionists a tremendous influence over our government.

Here is an interview with Kay Griggs from 3 August 2005 (it was when Smith was doing shows on the GCN network, so the audio is not too good). Griggs provides a good introduction to the information about how the US military is manipulated through blackmail and deception:

Kay Griggs, 3 Aug 2005, Part 1    2.2 mb

Kay Griggs, 3 Aug 2005, Part 2    2.8 mb

A later interview:

Kay Griggs, 5 Sep 2006    7.0 mb

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