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Masterminds of 9-11?

If you believe that the Catholic Church is responsible for 9/11 and the world wars, please read this.

On 26 April 2006, Frank Whalen (who was a radio host on the RBN network and now has this site) told the audience that it appears that Eric John Phelps was correct about the Vatican being behind the world's corruption, and that the Jews will be "demonized". Here is the excerpt:
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Whalen refers to this article (from Jews!) as proof (it has been deleted, but it still on the Internet and in the archives):

Whalen mentioned several times that the mysterious evil monsters behind the world's corruption are going to demonize the Jews:
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Greg Szymanski, Eric Jon Phelps, Phil Jayhan, and many others, are promoting the theory that the Black Pope ordered the 9/11 attacks. Two of Szymanski's articles:

The Vatican is not the mastermind to the world's corruption!

  • The pilots of the planes who attacked the USS Liberty were Israelis, not Jesuits. Take a look yourself:

  • The "dancing Arabs" on 9-11 turned out to be Israelis with Arab clothing, not Jesuits with Arab clothing.

  • The "art students" that were picked up after 9-11 were Israeli Jews, not Italian Catholics.

  • The landlord of the World Trade Center is Jewish, not Catholic, and so are most all of the people pushing the Black Pope nonsense and trying to cover up the demolition of the towers.

  • The television, newspapers, and magazines that are suppressing evidence of these crimes are Jewish, not Italian or Catholic.

  • There are lots of reasons to believe Zionists are the problem:

  • Zion-Summary.html


    "We are watching you"

    The criminals are not getting away with these crimes because they are too sneaky to leave clues. Rather, they get away with them because most people turn their head and ignore the criminals.

    We can easily identify many of the criminals; and some of us are watching you, and recording your names. Some obvious examples:  

    Eric Jon Phelps is one of many people who are trying to convince us that Pope and other Catholic Church officials are the source of all evil in the world.
    His site is
    Here is one document.
    Sherman Skolnick and Lenny Bloom of and, also promote the Black Pope nonsense.
    Here is one of his Jesuit articles.
    And here is one about the Black Pope.
    Greg Szymanski, who often promotes the theory that the Vatican is behind the world's problems. He also promotes Eric Jon Phelps.
    His site is


    The Catholic Church is impotent

    The Catholic Church may have had significant influence in European life in 1200 AD, but their influence over life has been decreasing for centuries. For a few examples:

  • There are fewer priests and nuns than ever before.

  • The Catholic schools have to bring in lay teachers because there are too few Jesuits.

  • The Church is suffering serious damage because they are being hit with one charge of pedophilia after the next.

  • Catholic Churches around the world are losing attendance.

  • None of the top church officials have the intelligence or technical skills to plan or execute the demolition of the WTC towers, nor do the Church officials have the necessary control over the media of Europe, Australia, or America to suppress news of the scam.


    The City of London,
    British Freemasonry,
    the Knights Templars...

    are these the world's evil masters?

    Barry Chamish blames the world's problem on "British Freemasonry". In one article he claims that Israel was created by these "British Jewish Masonic families". 

    In another article he tells us about the "Nazi Jesuits":

    "The destruction of the Jews is a primary goal of the Jesuits." 


    Barry Chamish wants us to believe that the British Jewish Masonic families are also Nazis. And they created Israel because they really want to destroy Jews. Sure.
    Here is one site with his article about the "Nazi Jesuits".

    Do these Jesuits have so much control over the media of Europe, Australia, and America that they can suppress those of us who expose them? If not, they cannot be said to be in control.

    Watch out for the deception!

    "By way of deception, thou shalt do war."

    There is only one explanation for 9-11 and our current wars. All of the evidence points to Zionism.

    Only the Zionists have the organization, motivation, technical skills, and financial backing to risk and execute such phenomenal crimes.

    And only the Zionists have enough control of the media to cover up such phenomenal crimed.

    Any journalist, author, government official, or web site that promotes this Black Pope nonsense is bought and paid for. Nobody is stupid enough to believe accusations that have zero supporting evidence.

    Watch out for Sherman Skolnick, Lenny Bloom, Barry Chamish, and other Truth Tellers who promote unsupported, vague, and confusing  accusations, such as the theory that the Black Pope is in control of the world. Look for serious analyses.

    Some of what these liars say is true, but we should not promote people who mix truth with deception.

    Follow the money,
    and look at who benefits

    Look at the flow of money into the banking families, and the billion dollar per year river of money from Europe and America into Israel.

    Don't become one of their useful idiots. Take a look at who -- and which nation -- has been benefiting from the wars, suffering, and "hate crime" legislation.

    It ain't difficult to figure out that the real masterminds of this misery are the Zionist Jews. We may not know many of their names, but we know they are the people who control our banking system, our media, our military, and Israel.