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Why do
we believe Zionists
are the masterminds
of the September 11 attack?

Let us count the reasons...
updated 13 April 2006

Update August 2011: The website had a lot of important information, but most links no longer work because they removed their pages and are now pretending to be an honest, Christian site that is abused by Jews. In reality, they have been exposed as another of the Jewish wolves and sheep's clothing.
“So I said to the stupid goy,
'I hate Jews! They staged the 9/11 attack!'
And now he trusts me. What a fool!”

Please learn about the wolf in sheep's clothing trick. Don't let criminals outsmart you! I wrote this introduction to help you understand some of the tricks they use.

1) The Five Dancing Arabs

Five Arabs -- dressed in Arab clothing -- were seen celebrating after the World Trade Center towers were hit with airplanes. Later that day the police spotted their van and stopped them. The police discovered that they were Israeli army veterans, not Arabs.

Their Arab clothing was discovered in their van, along with box cutters and weapons, and their visas had expired, so they were in the country illegally. They were arrested and put in a federal jail in Brooklyn.

However, they were not investigated. Rather, they were released from jail and sent back to Israel. About 60 other young Israeli Jews were arrested in the weeks following the 9-11 attack. They were also sent back to Israel without any investigation: A3879-2001Nov22

One of the first news reports about them: Five-men-detained-on-911.html

Reports several months later claim that up to 200 young Israelis, some of them former members of military intelligence units, had been arrested and sent back to Israel without any investigation.
 • 2002/03/07/ixworld
 • article

You can watch 3 of the 5 "dancing Israelis" talking about this on Israeli television:
ForBollynsSpeech11Nov2006_DancingIsraelis.wmv  2.4 mb

The video is also here: Video-PhilosophyOfZionismAndIsrael.html

They told the Israeli audience that their purpose was to document the event. Who were they documenting the event for? How did they know the attack was going to be that particular morning?

Here the audio of the CNN television news report about two of the five in police custody:
911-van-arrest-CNN.mp3 220 kb

Here is the audio of Dan Rather describing the event for the CBS television news:
911-van-arrest-Dan-Rather.mp3  90 kb

New Jersey police officer Scott DeCarlo, one of the two officers who arrested the five Israelis in their van, said that one of the Israelis tried to avoid arrest by insisting that they our friends, not our enemies:
911-van-arrest-Scott-DeCarlo-NJ-police.mp3  80 kb

More on the "dancing Israelis"
Christopher Bollyn wrote an article about them:


2) The Israeli spy ring

Carl Cameron, of Fox news, has a four-part investigation into an Israeli spy ring. The exposÚ was shown once, and then erased from the Fox web site, never to be seen again. You can watch Cameron's video here: v552406rYaXEFgw  (new link, June 2011)

Since Cameron's report is coming from a Zionist media company, they try to twist the story to make it appear as if the Israelis were spying on the evil Arabs terrorists who did 9/11.

Cameron's program is what we refer to as "damage control". Try to learn from this deception so that you don't get fooled by it.

By spying on American military, FBI, and other officials, the Israelis would know how to avoid getting caught, and they could acquire blackmail material over the large number of immoral officials.

3) Larry Silverstein is a Zionist Jew

Larry Silverstein was the landlord of Building 7, and he got control of the World Trade Center towers a few weeks before the attack. He quickly replaced some of the security and maintenance personnel. He is receiving billions of dollars in insurance money as a result of the 9-11 the attack.

Silverstein announced on television that the fire department decided to demolish Building 7 rather than put out the fires. If you have not heard this video clip, please watch the video 9/11, A Closer Look, at my site:

Larry Silverstein and Benjamin Netanyahu are such close friends that Netanyahu would call Silverstein every Sunday:  itemNo=97338

I explain the significance of Silverstein's friends in a speech for a 9/11 conference in Italy: Italian-911-Conference-17Sep2006.html

4) Pentagon cannot account for $2.6 trillion

The accountants at the Pentagon claim that they cannot account for $2.6 trillion. The man at the top of this accounting mess is Dov Zakheim, a Rabbi. (He is also another man with a slanted forehead. As I mention in my Neanderthal articles, there are so many of these people involved with crime that I wonder if there is something different about them.)

In testimony before the Congress, Donald Rumsfeld minimizes the missing $2.6 trillion as an innocent mistake:

I know Dr. Zakheim's been trying to hire CPAs because the financial systems of the department are so snarled up that we can't account for some $2.6 trillion in transactions that exist, if that's believable. And yet we're told that we can't hire CPAs to help untangle it in many respects. 
And then he makes a joke about it:
REP. LEWIS: Thank you, Mr. Moran.

Mr. Secretary, the first time and the last time that Dov Zackheim and I broke bread together, he told me he would have a handle on that 2.6 trillion by now. (Laughter.) But we'll discuss that a little --

SEC. RUMSFELD: He's got a handle; it's just a little hot. (Laughter.)

The transcript is here:

5) The 9/11 attack follows a pattern

Israelis have been caught many times as they stage terrorist attacks and blame them on Arabs or Nazis. This is called "false flag" operations. I have a short video to explain "false flag operations" at this page: HowToHelp.html
The direct link to the video: What-is-a-False-Flag.wmv

For more information on previous Israeli false flag operations:
Warning: the site is another wolf in sheep's clothing site. Look at their information, but don't trust the people at that site!

Update: no longer exists, but you can find it at the Internet archives, at least until they remove it from that there, also.

• Zionist Jews got caught after they blew up the King David Hotel. A British documentary about it is at my page of videos:
This site has an article: chapter_5

• Zionist Jews got caught in Egypt in 1954: Lavon_affair

• The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967

- James Ennes interview
- Wayne Kyle interview
• The Zionist boycott of German products in 1933 was intended to create anger towards Jews. This is a complex but very important issue; when you find the time, here are some articles to help you understand this:
- Ben Freedman
- Samuel Untermyer (updated with image from 1933 newspaper)

6) Israelis may be instigating fights in Iraq

Update August 2011: judicial-inc had important information about how the mysterious terrorists in Iraq were actually Jews pretending to be Arabs, and it showed their special guns that had video cameras built into them, and which could shoot around corners. The links no longer work. Apparently, judicial-inc decided that they were exposing themselves too much, and deleted them. However, here are some copies of those pages:
Do Iraqi's have video cameras built into their rifles?
judicial-inc Israelis_In_Iraq

Who are the "contractors" in Iraq?
judicial-inc Mercs_ambush_marines

Who was really behind the abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison? Take a look at the Israeli ties to the abuse at Abu Ghraib:

Who is "John Israel"?

7) The media is controlled by Zionists

One the most important pieces of evidence that Zionists are the masterminds to almost all the world's corruption is that they dominate the media of Europe, North America, and Australia. (photo: Sumner Murray Rothstein of Viacom)

No crime network could get away with a crime as enormous as the September 11 attack unless they can suppress investigations and evidence. The media executives must either be under the control of the crime network, or members of the crime network. 

Some people claim that the media companies are helpless victims of a mysterious, nebulous group called the Globalists, or the New World Order, or the Illuminati. However, until somebody can identify these mysterious people and explain how they force media companies around the world to cover up horrendous crimes, it makes more sense to assume that the media is directly involved in these crimes, and they are among the top members of this criminal network.

The most logical explanation is that the Zionists are promoting other Zionists to top positions in the government, media, banking, Hollywood, and education. The more Zionists they promote, the easier it is for them to take control of the nation and suppress evidence of their network.

• Zionist Power Structure In America: chapter_7

• One of many lists of Jews (it claims that Senator John Kerry and Elvis Presley are partly Jewish. Did you know that?):

Update 2017: that list has been deleted, so the link now points to the copy in the Internet archive. There is also a copy here in case the copy at the Internet archive is removed, also.

The Zionists remove complaints about them, or they condemn critical remarks as "anti-Semitic".

Did you know that President Truman was irritated by Zionists:

Update 2017: that article has also been deleted, and it is not in the Internet archive, either. A copy is here however:

Truman was pushed into helping Israel get established. Here is a brief description of Israel's history to help you understand why Truman was irritated:

8) Zionists have a world-wide network

Millions of dollars of profit were made from suspicious stock trades. The governments of America, Europe, and Japan announced plans to investigate in order to determine who the investors were. However, every investigation was terminated.

When looking for the crime network behind the September 11 attack, we must find a network that has tremendous influence in many nations. Does the Bush family have this much control over the world? Does Dick Cheney? Does any Italian crime gang?

The only group that seems to have a network this large are the Zionists. The Zionists have been setting up organizations around the world since their movement became officially established in 1897. For example:

• The Zionist Federation of Australia
• In the UK
• In Hungary

9) Most of the 9/11 truth seekers are Zionists

Jews make up a small portion of America and Europe, and Zionist Jews are an even smaller percentage, but they dominate the 9/11 truth movement. Could this be because Zionists are more interested in exposing the 9/11 crime? (Photo: Mike Berger of

It is more likely because they are trying to fool people into thinking that they are the truth seekers, when in reality they are diverting everybody's attention away from Israel and onto Bush, Cheney, the CIA, and a few military leaders.

Please consider that the people you trust to expose corruption, such as Amy Goodman (of Democracy Now), Alex Jones (, Webster Tarpley (author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA), Dave vonKleist (The Power Hour radio show), and hundreds or thousands of others are deceiving us.

Why are so many truth seekers and investigators lying to us? Have you read my introduction about some of the tricks criminals use? Here:
To get away with crimes, pretend to be a crime fighter

Examples of Truth Seekers who are Zionists:
Crypto Zionists
What are Handlers?

10) Most people pushing UFOs are Zionists

Zionists promote a lot of idiotic theories, such as the idea that the airplanes that hit the World Trade Center towers were either holograms or illusions created by blue screen technology.

This is evidence that they are trying to send people down the wrong path, and create the impression that conspiracy theories are stupid.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to figure out who among us has been fooled into believing these idiotic theories; who is deliberately lying about them; and who has been threatened, bribed, or blackmailed into promoting them. Examples are Morgan Reynolds and Jimmy Walter:
The Bovine Gas Theory
Jimmy Walter promotes Blue Screens

Another example is a person who calls himself Ghostwolfemoon. He posts messages on the Internet. One of his recent messages promotes UFOs:
US astronauts spotted UFO's on moon???

And in this message he promotes Alex Jones, Bob Bowman, and the theory that Cheney is the main suspect for 9/11:
Cheney main 9-11 suspect????

Jeff Rense promotes UFO theories on a regular basis. One of his most recent:
Were US astronauts ordered not to report UFOs & aliens?

11) AIPAC and Jack Abramoff

Does Jack Abramoff -- another Zionist -- merely provide Israel with influence over America? Or did he assist with the 9/11 attack? Daniel Hopsicker thinks so; he reported that days before the 9/11 attack, Mohamed Atta and several other alleged hijackers were invited on Abramoff’s casino boats. Daniel Hopsicker is another Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, but as with all of those wolves, they provide lots of honest information with their propaganda, so take a look:

If Hopsicker's accusation turns out to be true, this is evidence that the hijackers were patsies for the Zionists. Furthermore, Abramoff’s connections with AIPAC, Tom delay, and other people should be investigated.

Professor Cole describes Jack Abramoff’s “charity” as a front for Zionist terrorism.

Warning: Daniel Hopsicker is like many of the "9/11 truth seekers"; specifically, he provides some valuable information, but he is trying to deflect attention away from Israel and Jews tries and convince us that everything is the fault of the Bush administration or the CIA.

12) Goyim are the victims, not Zionists

News reports frequently remind us that Arabs and Iranians are determined to destroy Israel. For example:,7340,L-3239476,00.html

However, most of their victims are other Arabs, or goyim from America and Britain. Why don't the Arabs attack Israelis? Why don't they attack American Zionists

For example, the Syrians are blamed for killing Rafik Hariri, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon:

However, the crater from this car bomb is a sign that the bomb was actually underground, not in a car:
 - Bollyn-Hariri-Feb2005.html
 - Bollyn-Hariri-Nov2006.html

On October 15, 2003, another large bomb destroyed a car, supposedly with CIA agents inside:

It also excavated a crater that has the telltale signs of the bomb that was underground: judicial-inc cia_in_gaza

Have you seen the enormous crater from the 1996 "truck bomb" at the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that killed US Military personnel:

How does Al Qaeda do this?
If you believe the Arabs are doing this with car bombs, please look at my "Science Challenge" and pass it to college students:

And if you think this is going to stop anytime soon, please read this, and think about it:

We do not yet have enough people who care. Will we in the future? Only if you can help us find more people who are tired of the corruption.

More information on the Zionist connection at my audio page, such as these with Christopher Bollyn:


Standing up to Italian crime gangs is not anti-Italian; standing up to American crime gangs is not anti-American; and standing up to homosexuals who have been blackmailed over their homosexuality is not anti-homosexual.

So don't be fooled into thinking that standing up to Zionist crime gangs is anti-Semitic!

When you are ready to stop being a victim of crime networks, join with us by helping to educate people.

You can print "business cards" about 9/11. Two styles to choose from here.
If you want a more printable form of this article, I formatted it for six pages in this PDF file.

And prepare to fight this criminal network! Two of my many early articles that might inspire you:

Prepare for the Battle