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Report on Bollyn's 11-11 event

"In remembrance of those lost"

by Christopher Bollyn
13 Nov 2006

In honor of the thousands of veterans and victims of 9/11 and the War on Terror, independent journalist and 9/11 researcher Christopher Bollyn presented a Veterans Day seminar and discussion of the evidence that the media's accepted version of 9/11 (and the War on Terror) is a hoax.

"In remembrance of those lost," Bollyn presented "9/11 & the War on Terror - A Discussion of the Crucial Facts and Evidence."  This was Bollyn's third major 9/11 event held at the Schaumburg Township District Library in Schaumburg, Illinois.

The three-hour event, held in the afternoon of November 11, was attended by some 75 people from around the Chicago area.  Two young men drove more than 6 hours from Cleveland, Ohio, to attend Bollyn's event.

Although the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, Daily Herald, and Pioneer Press (owned by the Sun-Times) had all been informed in advance, not a single reporter from the Chicago area print media attended.

The press release posted on the Internet and sent by fax to the print media said that the event would present and discuss physical and photographic evidence that Thermite had been used to demolish the three towers of the World Trade Center.

The press release promoting the event read:

"Five years after George W. Bush launched the War on Terror, it has become clear that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are based on a series of fabrications and lies.  Untold thousands have died because of these lies.  How many more will die?

"9/11, the seminal event used to justify these wars, is the core falsehood behind the bloodshed.  19 Arabs with box cutters did not bring down the towers of the World Trade Center.  The government and Zionist-controlled media have lied to us for years.

"Among other things, Bollyn will present photographic evidence that Thermite was used to cut the core columns and bring down the three towers of the World Trade Center.  Severe and painful consequences have befallen both Bollyn, who discovered that extremely hot molten metal was found under the rubble, and Professor Steven E. Jones who analyzed the molten metal and proved that the towers were demolished using Thermite.

"The data doesn't lie," Jones says.  "Indeed it doesn't the data exposes the lies of 9/11."

Eric Hufschmid, author of Painful Questions: An Analysis of the September 11 Attack and the DVD Painful Deceptions, provided video clips with rarely seen footage for the event.

In remembrance of those lost on 9/11, Bollyn began the event with Jimmy Walter's musical tribute.

Because the event was intended to present the positive physical evidence that the government and media version of 9/11 is a hoax, Bollyn presented three video clips to support his case:

1) Video, photographic, and physical evidence of large amounts of molten metal falling from the 81st floor of the South Tower and the presence of molten metal discovered in the basements of all three collapsed towers.

ThermiteAtSouthTower.wmv  5.3 mb video

Photo: closeup of the molten iron
pouring out of South Tower
only seconds before it collapsed
2) Photographs of a small wheel from a jet engine (about 3 feet in diameter) with its insulated housing of the same size found at the Pentagon attack site.

ForBollynsSpeech23Oct2004.wmv   5 mb video
The link to this is at

A newer, related video:
MikeWilsonSupportsOfficialLie.wmv  6.7 mb video

Photo: The engine at the Pentagon, 
with housing for the engine in the left-rear.

3) Video evidence of three of the Israeli "movers" who were caught in New Jersey videotaping and celebrating the attack on the World Trade Center.  Three of the five captured Israeli agents, working with Weehawken-based Urban Moving Systems, a Mossad front company, appeared on Israeli television in November 2001 and admitted that their mission on 9/11 had been to "document the event."

This video is at youtube:

The link is also at our page of videos.

Bollyn also explained how the findings of Professor Thomas Cahill of University of California at Davis confirmed that the hot spots beneath the rubble were hotter than the boiling point of iron (2,735 degrees Celsius) and the other elements present.

Cahill sent a Davis drum to analyze the contents of the plumes of smoke that rose from the World Trade Center rubble from October 3, 2001, until the fires were extinguished shortly before Christmas 2001.  What he discovered was that the great majority of the particles in the bluish smoke rising from the rubble were in the nano-size range (i.e. 1/10 of a micron and smaller).

Asked what would be necessary to create such small particles, Cahill told Bollyn:  "Temperatures at or above the boiling point of the metals."

Bollyn's article about Professor Cahill's research is here:

Bollyn also discussed the health effects faced by residents of New York City from absorbing such small particles.  He explained that it is similar to the dangers caused by the military's use of depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The particle effect of depleted uranium is known to be responsible for the high rates of birth defects, cancer and other diseases afflicting many thousands of the veterans of these wars.

Please warn people about the deception in regards to the health problems of the WTC dust:

The audience participated in a lively and informative discussion that continued well after the library closed at a nearby restaurant.

Participants were extremely appreciative of the event and supportive.  The Veterans Day seminar in Schaumburg clearly revealed that 5 years after 9/11, popular interest in the truth of the terror attacks is only increasing.

The public is clearly looking for answers to questions that are not being discussed in the mainstream media.