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Lesson # 6
Deceiving with the Truth

updated 7 Sep 2009

The WTC Dust
Most of the people who helped with the rescue and clean-up effort are now suffering serious health problems.

For example, from 2007,16 Feb 2007

Some interesting remarks in that article:

• 33,000 people who are now being treated...

• Mount Sinai monitors nearly 20,000 first responders on a continual basis. 

• massive migraines, unexplained rashes and aches and pains that defy explanation...

Update May 2018: 

Now 8,299 people have cancer from the debris.

PBS admits in a video documentary that 60% of the rescue workers are sick. Here is the PBS site with video, transcription, and audio:
On 11 April 2006 a medical examiner confirmed that the autopsy of the 34 year-old police detective, James Zadroga, shows that he died due to breathing dust and fumes while he was helping search the rubble for survivors.

However, on 26 Oct 2007, the city's chief medical examiner, Charles Hirsch, said that Zadroga died from prescription drugs: city_says_drug_use_not_dust_killed_911

How about these articles about the evidence that the dust was dangerous:

 • "Absolutely Horrifying" - Newsweek
 • at least 15,000 people with medical problems
 • WTC rescuers suffered 12 years' worth of lung loss
 • NYC officials use money for victims to fight lawsuit by victims! (this article was deleted !)

Tiny particles of metal from extreme heat

Professor Cahill, of the University of California at Davis, an expert on airborne aerosols, says that an analysis of the "dust" at the WTC shows ultra-fine particles that are created only by temperatures far beyond ordinary fires, as explained in this article by Christopher Bollyn:

These tiny particles explain why thousands of people are suffering health problems.

The victims blame the wrong people!
The health problems are extremely serious, but the victims are angry over the wrong issue, and the lawsuits complain about the wrong people.

Thousands of people are suffering health problems, and some have died, but -- as of February 2007 -- the victims only care about who pays their medical and funeral bills!

This is equivalent to a criminal gang raping your children, one of whom dies, and you respond by asking for help with the medical and funeral bills! Meanwhile, the gang remains free to rape some more. What is wrong with American people?

Some people hold "vigils" for the victims, such as this:

If a criminal gang were to rape your children, would you react by holding vigils? When will the foolish Americans demand the criminals be arrested? When will the people at do something useful?

When will the foolish Americans realize that the media executives are suppressing information about this gang because they are members of the gang?

It was demolition debris, not dust
Those clouds of dust were not ordinary "dust", nor were they "fumes". Rather, the explosives inside the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 pulverized the buildings and their contents. 

The people who breathed that "dust" were inhaling microscopic shards of glass windows, computers, asbestos, mercury, fluorescent light bulbs, coffee makers, carpeting, firemen, toilets, garbage, electrical wires, and other dangerous items.

The particles damaged their lungs, cut into their eyes, and caused skin rashes. Some of the toxic chemicals and metals got into their bloodstream, which in turn harmed their liver and other organs.

The news reporters are deceiving us when they refer to this material as dust or fumes

NOTE: If you are new to this site and confused by what we mean by the "demolition" of the World Trade Center towers, please watch the free video 9/11; A Closer Look, at this web site:
Christie Whitman of EPA lies to Congress in 2007
Most of the 9/11 "truth seekers" blame Christie Whitman of the EPA for the health problems that rescue workers are suffering from in New York City. She told people that the air was safe to breathe. By claiming that her incompetence is responsible for everybody's sickness, it distracts people from the truth; namely, that their health problems are due to the explosives that were used to destroy the towers.

On 25 July 2007, she was called to Congress to explain her remarks about the air being safe. One news article about her testimony in Congress is here. She told Congress:

"There are indeed people to blame. They are the terrorists who attacked the United States, not the men and women at all levels of government who worked heroically to protect and defend this country," 
By June of 2007, almost everybody has heard the rumors that the World Trade Center towers were demolished with explosives, and that the September 11 attack with a false flag operation, but she continued to promote the lie that those mysterious Arab terrorists are responsible.

Don't make excuses for your government employees. If they are truly as ignorant as they claim to be, they should not be in positions of importance. You can be certain that they all know what happened, and that they are deliberately lying.

How many people have to suffer?
Tens of thousands of people breathed the demolition debris on September 11, and thousands of others breathed it as they sifted through the rubble to search for survivors or clean up the rubble. Many of them, possibly all of them, are suffering permanent health damage as a result.

Some of their problems may be minor, such as a reduction in lung capacity, or a liver that does not work as well as it should, but some of the people have already died a slow death at an early age.

How many more policemen have to die before the other policemen show an interest in this issue? What is their problem? Are the police being blackmailed into silence? Or are they so emotionally weak that they can only deal with small crimes, such as parking tickets?

Have the police been blackmailed?
There have been reports that the policemen, firemen, and everybody else in the area was encouraged to take money from the broken ATM machines and steal other items. Furthermore, there are reports that somebody was filming them as they stole the money and other items.

This could explain why everybody has remained silent. Specifically, they were tricked into doing something illegal, filmed while doing it, and now they are being threatened with arrest if they talk about what happened on September 11.

Tell the police and firemen to stand up to their blackmailers! They are assisting with the criminal network by remaining silent.

Do you know what a "false flag" operation is?
How many more of these "false flag" attacks have to occur before we find enough people to help us drive the media companies to bankrupcy and put an end to the corruption in government?

Note: If you don't know what a false flag attack is, please watch this short video:

You can find that and other videos at this page:

Omitting some truth to deceive

The reason most people don't realize how dangerous that dust was is because most of the 9/11 "Truth Seekers" are trying to suppress evidence that the towers were demolished with explosives.

A clever way to deceive people is to tell them the truth about an issue, but don't tell them the complete truth. A simple example is a person who says to you:

"Somebody just stole your car!"

That statement could be 100% correct, making it appear as if the person is being honest. But by leaving out the statement "My friend stole your car", he is deceiving you into thinking he is honest.

Deception with the WTC Dust
This type of deception is happening with the dust from the World Trade Center towers. For example, a woman named Jenna Orkin was invited to speak about the dust at a meeting that Jimmy Walter held in New York City on September 11, 2004.

Jenna Orkin was honest when she explained to the audience that the Environmental Protection Agency officials reassured the residents of New York City that the air was safe to breathe. She also honestly explained that the dust was actually quite dangerous.

By speaking honestly about the dust and the EPA officials, she gave everybody the impression that she is an honest person who cares about the residents of New York City.

However, she avoided the issue that the towers were pulverized with explosives, and those explosives are the reason the dust was so dangerous.

Your first reaction might be to assume that she simply did not realize that the towers were blown up. However, she was speaking at a 9/11 meeting where Christopher Bollyn and I presented evidence that the towers were indeed blown up, so what are the chances that she did not know about this evidence?

She knew about the evidence, so the only issue to wonder about is: why was she ignoring it? Do you think she truly believed that fire caused the towers and Building 7 to collapse? The evidence suggests that she is part of the Zionist criminal network, and her job is to control and confuse the victims of the dust.

Making a mistake in this type of situation can be dangerous. If you trust her, and if she is part of the criminal network, that means you are trusting criminals, and you are allowing them to run free.

Are you a good judge of people?
The inability to figure out who among us is lying and who can be trusted is one of the major problems the world is facing. Take a look at government leaders around the world.

Most of the human population is incapable of figuring out that most of these government leaders are liars, criminals, pedophiles, incompetent nitwits, or emotionally disturbed freaks.

Suppressing the truth is lying
There may be tens of thousands of people suffering health problems from breathing that demolition debris. Some have already died, and others are suffering painful, miserable lives.

However, instead of investigating the truly suspicious people, such as Larry Silverstein, the media executives, Governor Pataki, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and hundreds of other people, many of the New York City rescue workers are foolishly blaming their health problems on the incompetence of one woman, Christie Todd Whitman, who was working at the Environmental Protection Agency at the time.

Solving the 9-11 attack requires more than simply investigating the truly suspicious people. It also requires avoiding the deception from people like Jenna Orkin. We must not fall into the trap of assuming that these "Truth Seekers" are on our side.

Should we trust the charities?
Organizations are developing to collect money for the victims of the dust, or to provide the victims with "help". For example:


Here is a site that has a forum for the victims, but you have to register to see the messages. Why isn't it public? Why the secrecy?

911blogger has proven itself to be working with the Zionists, so why would they suggest people donate money to the victims? For the same reason the Zionists pretend to be patriots, Nazis, Democrats, Republicans, antiwar activists, and news reporters:

• The Zionists want to be in control of the victims of the dust so that they can suppress information about it and keep the victims ignorant.

• The Zionists want their victims to believe that a few EPA officials are solely responsible for their health problems.

• The Zionists don't want the victims to realize that Larry Silverstein and his Zionist friends destroyed those towers with explosives in a false flag attack to make Americans angry at Arabs.

Have you seen my video explaining False Flags:

Most of the organizations that claim to be helping the victims of 9/11 dust are likely to be similar to most of the groups of 9/11 "truth seekers"; ie, Zionist fronts to identify and control the victims. For example, watch John Feal in this interview with Dylan Avery, who made the video Loose Change, and who protects Zionism:

John Feal's foot was hurt during the cleanup of 9/11, but all he wants to do is blame Christie Whitman of the EPA! He doesn't care that those buildings were demolished with explosives, and that a war was started as a result.

Is John Feal as stupid or naive as he appears? Or was he a Zionist stooge who hurt his foot during the cleanup process, and is now using his injury as a way to infiltrate the organizations of sick rescue workers?

Note that Dr. Bill Deagle was at the Columbine school shooting and at the Oklahoma City bombing to prescribe mental-health drugs to victims. These type of drugs will make the victims docile:

If you think Dr. Deagle can be trusted, please watch my brief video of him at this page:

Please spread this information so that the victims of the 9/11 demolition debris can watch out for the people who lie to them about what the dust is, and why they are so sick.

Furthermore, uranium may have been used to ignite the fuel when the airplane crashed into the South Tower. The uranium would cause rapid health problems and cancer. Take a look at the photos:

What can you do?
Help expose the lies and the crimes! The victims of the 9/11 attack are filing lawsuits against the wrong people. They should be complaining about the media companies and news reporters who have lied to them about the attack.

They should also be demanding an investigation of Jenna Orkin,, and all of the other 9/11 "truth seekers" who deceive them.

We cannot solve a crime when people are blaming the wrong group. The media company executives and most "truth seekers" are working with the criminal network!

Where is Alex Jones on this issue? Where is Jeff Rense? Webster Tarpley? Wayne Madsen? Charlie Sheen?

Please take a look at how these "truth seekers" deceive us. Look through the articles at and compare what I tell you to what they tell you. For example, notice that those truth seekers also ignore this issue:

Please help us educate people the media is part of the criminal network. Tell people about the attack on the USS Liberty; tell them to watch videos on 9/11; and tell them to look at reasons why we accuse the Zionists of 9/11.