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What happened to the Bollyn family?


by Eric Hufschmid
5 Sep 2007
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It appears that Christopher Bollyn has been given an offer he could not refuse. This provides us with a lot of useful information, so let's learn from it.
Organized crime gangs have been bribing, blackmailing, and threatening people for centuries.

Don't think it happens only in the movies, or only with Italian gangs. The Zionist crime network does it, also.

Now that Bollyn is under their control, the Zionists are using him to lure people to their deception.
On 1 September 2007 Bollyn posted this 3-part article at Rumor Mill News.

On 3 September 2007 he allowed Dale Williams, radio host, to interview him. The site National Expositor boasted about the "exclusive interview" with Bollyn.

Alex Jones and Mike Rivero, who ignored almost everything Bollyn and I have done, are promoting that "exclusive interview", and Rivero also promoted his 3-part article.

As strange as it may seem, we are not helpless; we can deal with this situation, but you must understand what's going on and what you can do about it.
What I expected from the Bollyn family
After he escaped America, I expected him to contact me and other people he had been in contact with, and tell us that he is safe in another nation. If he was not safe, I expected him to tell us that he is having trouble, and that he needs help or advice.
What actually happened
There was no contact for weeks. When we worried about his safety, we received strange and sometimes angry e-mail messages from him, his wife, and other people that we should stop spreading false rumors that he is in danger.

We were also told that he has no interest in talking to us any longer. However, he recently developed an interest in talking to radio host Dale Williams.

I expected his friends to be concerned, also
If Linda Shelton is a true friend of the Bollyn family, I would expect her to be concerned, and I would expect her to tell other people whatever she knows. Why did she instead criticize us for worrying?
Bollyn gave in

It appears as if the Zionists gave Bollyn an offer to stop working with me and start working for them, or else... well, only they know what the option was.

Sofia sold out, now she gets publicity

Sofia produced the video 911 Mysteries. She mentions a lot of people in her video, and one of them was me. She was told that if she replaces the photo and audio of me with a photo and audio of David Ray Griffin, her video will be promoted in Europe. She decided to sell out, and so she edited her video.

Sofia and her video are now getting a lot of publicity. On 6 September 2007, the biggest television station in Austria will put it on national television:

She is also going to speak at a 9/11 conference in New York City for the six-year anniversary of the 9/11 false flag attack. Take a look at who she speaks with:
The Zionists realize that they cannot stop information about 9/11 from spreading, so they decided to expose 9/11 themselves.

In order to get away with this trick, they have to get rid of investigators who are not under their control. They just got rid of Bollyn, and they removed me from 911 Mysteries.

They use Sofia's video as bait to lure people over to the "truth seekers" who are under Zionist control, such as David Ray Griffin and Alex Jones.

Jones, Griffin, and other "investigators" put all the blame for 9/11 on George Bush and a few other people. Can you understand this trick? By sacrificing a few people, the Zionist crime network remains in control of the government, media, banks, military, FBI, and police departments.

Furthermore, what if the Zionists offer to buy Sofia's list of customers? Will she sell it to them?

William Rodriguez sold out

William Rodriguez lost his job when the World Trade Center towers were demolished during the Zionist false flag operation known as the "September 11 attack". He decided to live on his savings for a while and help the victims. Perhaps he thought he would be rewarded for his efforts, but eventually he ran out of money, could not afford his apartment, and had to live in his car for a while.

At some point he apparently decided to work with the Zionists rather than continue suffering in a futile attempt to help the American people. As a result, the Zionists have been sending him around Europe and America to speak at 9/11 conferences.
His site:
The Zionists are using Rodriguez as bait to lure people to their deceptive 9/11 conferences.

These conferences promote propaganda and liars. The Zionists may also be using these conferences to collect money, names, and addresses.


I worked with Bollyn for years

Since the spring of 2002, Christopher Bollyn and I have been in frequent contact, and we helped one another with our research. When Daryl Smith started doing Internet radio shows in 2005, all three of us were helping to spread information about the Zionist crime network.

Daryl Smith was always trying to convince me that I could not trust Christopher Bollyn and that I should avoid him, but I assumed it was just a personality problem. In fact, Smith has admitted several times in his audio files that he is not a very sociable person, and that he is not involved in this struggle with Zionism for popularity or to make friends. I assumed that Smith wanted to expose the Zionist crime network. So I disregarded his frequent complaining about Christopher Bollyn, and I encouraged him to interview Bollyn for his radio show.

When Christopher Bollyn was arrested and put in jail on 15 August 2006, Smith called the police to release him, and he called other people to help put pressure on the police. The police were so surprised that people were calling that they gave up and let Bollyn go home. It seemed that even though Smith did not like Bollyn, he was willing to help Bollyn.

Throughout Bollyn's trial, we struggled to help Bollyn, both helping him acquire financial support and to put pressure on the court system of Chicago to stop their illegal activities.

The Bollyn family disappears in June 2007

After the jury illegally convicted him of two absurd misdemeanors, Bollyn decided that the Chicago court system was too corrupt, and that it would be better to leave before they put him in jail. 

Why does the Bollyn family want to avoid me?

After not hearing from Bollyn for quite a while, many people began to worry, but instead of calling some of us and telling us that he is fine, he reacted with anger. He told us to stop spreading rumors that he was in trouble or dead.

If I had been working with you for years, and if I and other people had been helping you, and if we was concerned about your safety after you vanished for weeks, would you become angry with us for worrying about you? Or would you call us to reassure us that we needn't worry?

Have any of your friends or relatives worried about whether you arrived safely when you took a long trip? If so, did you send an angry e-mail message to them to stop worrying? Were you angry at them?

Some of the e-mail messages and articles from the Bollyns and from Linda Shelton mentioned that his wife was having medical problems, such as high blood pressure. If you had taken a long trip, and if you had medical problems during the trip, would you be angry if somebody worried about you?

For example, look at this message from Linda Shelton in which we learn that Christopher's wife is suffering:

My health is getting better. I still feel rather weak. My PB was 145/95 yesterday and is on a downward slope. I still have headaches at night which don't let me fall asleep. [deleted because this is personal and private medical information - LS] 107899

How can anybody read a message like that without worrying about their health and safety? Why would Linda Shelton be angry with us for worrying when it is obvious that something is seriously wrong?

You can find many of these articles at Bollyn's website:

We expected the Bollyn family to contact us when they reached a safe place to live. Instead, we received strange and angry e-mail messages to stop worrying about them; to forget about them; to ignore them.

Bollyn's bizarre behavior does not make sense unless you consider that he was given an option he could not refuse. Their medical problems and stress would indicate that they are actually prisoners, and they have no option.

Don't be frightened!
Learn from this incident

There are important lessons to learn from the bizarre behavior of the Bollyn family.

1) Bollyn gave up or is their prisoner

The evidence suggests that he has given up and agreed to their demands, such as to cease contact with me and everybody else. He probably also agreed to allow all of his articles to be edited.

This means that he has joined William Rodriguez, Sofia, and who knows how many thousands of other people. Bollyn is now going to be used as bait to lure gullible people to the deceptive sites. Mike Rivero and Alex Jones, for example, can now safely promote Bollyn's articles.

However, I suspect that the entire Bollyn family are prisoners

Notice that William Rodriguez, Sofia, and other people who sell out are walking freely around in public.

The Bollyn family will not even tell us which continent they live on.

2) Bollyn is no longer a serious researcher
We must keep in mind that all articles that come from Bollyn now should be regarded as bait, not as serious research. We should also realize that William Rodriguez is bait, and so is Sofia and her video 911 Mysteries.

If you understand that these people are now following orders from the Zionist crime network, you will:

a)  Avoid the bait.

Don't go to meetings where William Rodriguez or Sofia is speaking. Don't give publicity to a website that has any of the new articles from Bollyn.

If a fisherman discovers that the fish are not biting his bait, he has to give up. Likewise, if the Zionists offer a meeting with William Rodriguez or Sofia, and nobody shows up, what good does it do to use them as bait? Don't take their bait!

If you take the bait, then you are telling the Zionists "Go ahead and use more people as bait. We don't care. We are such dumb animals that we can be abused over and over."

Please make it impossible for the Zionists to get away with this technique. If you support what they're doing, they will do it again, and again, and again. If instead they realize that we no longer take the bait, it won't do them any good to make these types of offers to people.

b) Identify more of the Zionist rats.

The people who are promoting Christopher Bollyn, Sofia, and Rodriguez are part of the Zionist crime network. They are identifying themselves in their attempt to deceive us.

Once you realize that Bollyn is bait, you should wonder why Dale Williams decided to interview Bollyn first, and then the second guest is Captain Eric May, the commander of Ghost Troops. Is it just a coincidence that Williams decided to interview these two people in one show? Perhaps, but it is more likely to be a trick to get people to listen to Captain May. If you learn this trick, you will avoid becoming a sucker.

3) How many others are victims?
Organized crime networks have been bribing and threatening people for a long time. If we don't stand up to this, it's going to continue. We must stop giving support to people who take their bribes or give in to their threats. We should make it impossible for them to get away with this.

Bribery and threats have been a useful technique for controlling people for centuries, but until the Internet came along, it has not been easy for anybody to observe it. We must take advantage of our situation by using the Internet to spread this information and warn people about what just happened to the Bollyn family. Let's try to make the Bollyn family the last victim of this technique.

What is your breaking point?

Some people have a very low breaking point. All you have to do is show them a few thousand dollars in cash, or offer them a role in a Hollywood movie, or offer to promote their video. Other people need to be threatened with violence, and some people must be physically beaten or raped. How about you? What would they have to do to you to get you to cooperate?

There is an interesting difference between Rodriguez, Sofia, and the Bollyn family. Specifically, Rodriguez and Sofia are free to walk around in public, but where is the Bollyn family?

If the Bollyns voluntarily took a bribe, then the Zionists would not have to worry about them being seen in public or talking to other people. However, if the Bollyns had to be threatened, then they are not following the Zionists willingly, in which case they must be watched all the time, like a prisoner.

Many of the e-mail messages and articles about Bollyn mention stress, medical problems, and a difficulty sleeping. This does not sound like a family that voluntarily took a bribe. This sounds like a family that was under stress.

Who is Jan Gillberg?

We heard reports that the family flew to Norway, and that they spent about two months at the home of Jan Gillberg in Sweden, who runs the site DSM:

Gillberg posted an article by Bollyn about "enforced disappearances" in which a Gulfstream executive jet was used for kidnappings:

We ought to consider the possibility that Christopher Bollyn was tricked by his "friends" into getting into one of these executive jets, which then flew to Norway. Upon arrival, they were met by the Zionists and taken into custody. Someone who works for the Chicago airport might want to check for executive jets leaving Chicago on or near 11 June 2007.

Update, 4 October 2007
Jan Gillberg confesses... to a certain extent

Jan Gillberg posted a message at his site and claims that the Bollyn family stayed at his house after they fled Chicago:

Linda Shelton made vague remarks about disagreeing with Christopher's opinions, as mentioned here, and Gillberg does this, also. For example, he wrote:

“This, however, doesn't mean that I've allowed myself to get involved in Christopher's struggle againt zionism.”
Well, since Gillberg doesn't allow himself to get involved in the struggle to expose Zionism, why is he is involved in the the sinking of the Estonia, the 9/11 attack, and other crimes?

It's not that difficult to figure out. For example, he posted an article by Joel Hirschhorn about the 9/11 attack which promotes the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

Gillberg, Hirschhorn, and virtually everybody else in this 9/11 truth movement is a Zionist Jew or one of their Useful Idiots, and they are promoting Zionist propaganda.

Was Bollyn an anti-Semite?

The ironic aspect of the Bollyn disappearance is that many Jews condemn Christopher as an anti-Semite or a Nazi, but if he had truly disliked Jews, he would've avoided Gillberg, Shelton, and other people, and he would still be free today.

The lesson to learn is that we have no idea which Jews can be trusted, so it is best to assume all Jews all involved with the Zionist crime network. All Jews must get out of the 9/11 investigation. Here is a short video about it:

Incidentally, Gillberg claims the Bollyns arrived in Europe from Canada, so if he is telling the truth, unless the Bollyns flew in commercial airlines, we need to look at flights of private jets from Toronto, or perhaps Montreal, to Norway. Perhaps they also flew from Chicago to Canada by private jet.


Learn about their techniques, and expose them

It is difficult for a criminal to cover his crime without exposing more information about himself and how he operates. So, instead of becoming frightened by the Zionist criminals, learn from these incidents and help other people understand their tricks. Once you understand their tricks, you won't be fooled so easily.

Everybody who promotes Bollyn, Rodriguez, and Sofia should be considered dangerous and should be avoided. Dale Williams, for example, had an exclusive radio interview with Bollyn:

Mike Rivero, of whatreallyhappened, promoted the interview, and he promoted Bollyn's three-part article about the media.

Alex Jones promoted that interview.

Take a look at the website that Jones and Rivero linked to:

The National Expositor promotes a lot of propaganda. For example, some of their articles are:

"Congratulations to Michael Rivero", which obviously promotes Mike Rivero:

"BBC: Bush's Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America", by Paul Joseph Watson, which tries to demonize the Bush family, which they must do in order to convince people that the Bush family is the primary group responsible for the September 11 attack:

"Patriot Hero Aaron Russo Passes Away", from Prison Planet, which promotes Aaron Russo's propaganda about the banking system:

"Bankers Planned World Wars", by Henry Makow and a link to, which ignores the role of Zionism in the world wars:

"We Are Change gets Giuliani Again", which promotes the group We Are Change:

"Must See Movie", which promotes the propaganda movie Zeitgeist:  this link has vanished!

Watch out for people who try to influence you

Take a look at this e-mail message that Hufschmid received from Roland of Switzerland:

Subject: Disinformation 
Date: 09/04/07

I just read Chripher Bollyn's latest article concerning you and D.B.Smith.

I'm beginning to understand why others (such as the people at AFP) want nothing to do with you. You call everybody else liars, guilty until proven innocent, deceivers, Zionists or Zionist accomplices, and on and on. You are even advocating the use of violence! Are you cracking up? What is the matter with you? You are completely destroying your own credibility -- don't you realize that? What you do with Christopher Bollyn, and many others, is exactly the same as Zionists do with their enemies.

Do you consider yourself some kind of "Fuehrer" a la Hitler, who expects everybody else to follow and obey you? Do others require your ok in order to be allowed to contribute to the unmasking of corruption, lies and coverups? Are you the arbiter of who is and who is not a genuine "truth seeker"? Are you the one and only?

Dear Eric, you need help -- get it!


 Those of us who try to expose Zionism are frequently reprimanded by people who don't want us talking about certain issues. Try not to be easily swayed by these scoldings. Instead, ask yourself, "Do they have any intelligent reasoning? Or is this emotional manipulation?"

Watch out for people who probe you

We also get lots of e-mail messages from people asking our opinions about a certain person, website, theory, or video. Some of these people may be "real" people who want our advice, but others are Zionist agents trying to figure out what we know, who we are suspicious of, what we plan on doing in the future, and who we trust.

Please be careful about providing information to people you don't know. The Zionists pretend to be your friend, but don't be fooled by praise or compliments. Even if the information you provide seems meaningless to you, it may be of value to them.

We can defeat this crime network

The Zionist crime network is operating in front of us. We can see who they are; we can easily identify thousands of them. There are three reasons why we can beat them:

1) They have lots of money to bribe people, but it won't do them any good if we ignore the people who take the bribes.

2) They have money to produce deceptive websites, 9/11 conferences, and videos, but it won't do them any good if we ignore their propaganda.

3) They can threaten people to obey them, but it won't do them much good if we ignore the people who crack under the pressure.

My father believes that the "super rich" and the "corporations" are in control of the world, not the Zionists, and he also tells me that we cannot possibly beat the "super rich" because they have so much money.

My father doesn't understand that money has no value unless somebody is willing to do something for it. All we have to do is say "no" to the bribes, and "no" to the people who take the bribes. Their money will have no value to them if we refuse to work for them, and if we refuse to work with the people who do take their bribes. Take this concept one step further: if carpenters refused to build mansions for them, if farmers refused to provide food for them, and if pilots refused to fly them anywhere, they would not be able to do anything.

Don't be a frightened child; we can beat the crime networks. All we need is more people who understand what is going on. Let's try to make the Bollyn family the last victim. So help us spread this information!