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The disappearance of 
Christopher Bollyn and his family

Why are we so concerned?

by Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith
July 9, 2007

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A message from Christopher Bollyn was posted today, 9 July 2007 at Bollyn's web site:

Since he claims to be alive and doing fine, why are Hufschmid and Smith so concerned?

1) The Bollyns are still in hiding 

Any family that is in hiding is going to cause concern. If the family is safe, why are they hiding? Nobody remains in hiding for weeks if they are safe, especially not when they have two young children. His hiding is a sign that he does not feel safe. Since he does not feel safe, why should we feel that everything is okay with him?

His children have not had a normal life ever since he began writing about the September 11 attack, and living in fear is going to make it even worse for them.

It's possible that his shocking experience with the corrupt Chicago police, the corrupt Chicago court system, and the lack of support from the American people has caused him to become overly afraid of the police and the ordinary citizens. It's possible that as time goes on he will relax, but until he comes forward and lets us know that his family is back to a somewhat normal life, a lot of people are going to worry about them.

2) Our first contact with him was through other people
When we started to wonder about his safety, both Smith and Hufschmid received e-mail messages from people that Bollyn is okay. Why didn't Bollyn just contact one of us?

He knows that we are concerned about him, and we have been working with him for many years. Why wouldn't he have the courtesy to let us know directly that he is okay?

3) None of the truth seekers care

Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, the 9/11 "truth groups", and virtually everybody else is completely ignoring the Bollyn issue. They would probably respond that they don't see any problem; that the Bollyn family appears to be safe and, therefore, there is no reason to worry. They might refer to us as "conspiracy nuts", or "delusional paranoids".

However, their lack of concern could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to fool people into ignoring the issue. If people forget about Bollyn, they may arrange for his family to be killed.

Perhaps he is still in hiding because he senses that the ADL or some other group is still after him, in which case, he is not safe, and we are justified in wondering about his safety.

Nila Sagadevan complained to us that we were wrong to suspect him as a Zionist agent, but today 9 July 2007, he sent out a message to everybody on his e-mail list that the Bollyns are safe:

I was recently informed, by a usually reliable source, that Bollyn had been Ďtaken outí (because of his position re Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks). Iím pleased to hear he is alive and well...

Bollyn and Family Safe and Well
Christopher Bollyn
via Rumor Mill News

What would Sagadevan do if he received a message that Osama bin Laden is alive and well? Is this really a 9/11 investigator?

If you make the wrong decision about who to trust, you will promote and assist your enemies.

4) There is no evidence yet that he is safe or alive

So far we have not spoken with any of the Bollyn family by telephone. The only evidence that he is alive are a couple of e-mail messages, and a couple of articles posted at his website.

However, an e-mail message from Christopher Bollyn does not mean that he is safe or alive. As Eric Hufschmid mentioned here, more than a thousand e-mail messages went out under his e-mail address during Sunday night, but he never sent them. This is proof that somebody else can send e-mail messages under somebody else's address. Therefore, somebody could be sending e-mail messages using Christopher's e-mail address.

Christopher and his wife did not maintain their own websites. Rather, they paid somebody to do it for them. If the webmaster were to receive an article from Christopher, he might post it, but that doesn't mean the article came from Christopher. We don't even know if their webmaster can be trusted!

5) Helje Bollyn was also hated by the Zionists
Most people in America know Christopher Bollyn for his work in exposing 9/11 and Zionism. However, many years before 9/11, his wife, Helje, was trying to expose the sinking of the ship, the Estonia. Her web site is:

The sinking of this ship is another strange crime that involves Zionism. The point is that both Christopher and Helje have been targets of the Zionist movement for many, many years.

6) Why is Linda Shelton behaving like a guard dog?
The level of anger in Shelton's email messages to people who ask about the Bollyns makes it appear as if she is a guard dog that chases everybody away from the Bollyns.

As Smith wrote here, instead of understanding why we are concerned about the Bollyns, she tried to frighten Smith with such remarks as:

I will strongly consider filing a suit against both of you for defamation of character and ask the FBI to investigate your threats (through your audience) against me personally...
What threats have we made towards her? How have we defamed her character?

In another e-mail message she wrote:

I will be writing more on Rumor Mill News to inform the world about corruption in Cook County and Illinois. Their web site is not the only way that my information can be disseminated.
The Rumor Mill News website is not open to the public for posting. You have to be accepted by the woman, Rayelan Allan, who runs it. Almost everybody on that site posts Zionist propaganda under pseudonyms. Christopher Bollyn posts with his real name because he believes it's full of Zionist agents, and he wants them to read his articles. Which articles has Linda Shelton posted on that site? Has she posted anything under Christopher Bollyn's name?

7) Other people seem to be missing, also

Daryl Smith has tried to talk with Peter Kawaja and Carol Valentine, but Peter Kawaja behaves in a very strange manner, and Carol Valentine is supposedly in hiding. Why should we believe she is in hiding? Both of them may have been murdered, and somebody else may be answering their e-mail messages, as mentioned here:

8) Why would Linda Shelton want to help with a pro-Goy, anti-Zionist?

Linda Shelton says that she does "not agree with all of his writings": 105561

What exactly does she disagree with? She argued with Hufschmid on the phone that Zionists are not responsible for 9/11, and she told him a sad story about how she knows many people who died in the Holocaust. She also insisted that Apollo astronauts landed on the moon. Why is she "helping" Christopher Bollyn, who has opposite attitudes?


When people that the Zionists hate as much as Christopher and Helje Bollyn disappear in a strange manner and remain in hiding for many weeks, we have a legitimate reason to question their safety.

The Chicago police should investigate the people who arranged for Christopher's arrest, and they should drop all charges so that Christopher has no reason to worry about the police. His only concern should be the Zionists assassins, as it was in the "good old days", before his illegal arrest.

We will not rest unless and until one of us has direct verbal communication with either Christopher or Helje.