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Mark Lane
A Zionist lawyer in control of patriot groups

by Christopher Bollyn
4 January 2007

Note: Bollyn will have more on Mark Lane and the Zionist control of the "Patriot" groups.

In the meantime, warn people to be suspicious about everybody who call themselves "patriots" or "truth seekers".

The photo below is from 1970. Jane Fonda and Mark Lane are on an airplane in Cleveland, Ohio.
Mark Lane, who controls the American Free Press (AFP) and The Barnes Review, was in Army Intelligence. This is not a secret; it was reported in the newspaper in 1949.

Mark Lane's connection to Army intelligence will mean nothing to you unless you realize:

1) Lots of the people who lie about 9/11 and Zionism are in (or were in) the intelligence agencies, such as Army Intelligence, Navy Intelligence, the FBI, and the CIA.

Once somebody gets to a certain level in these agencies and is exposed to their secrets, they never actually leave.

2) Kay Griggs explains that the Zionists get into the intelligence agencies to control the nation, and to look for emotionally disturbed people to take advantage of.

This could explain Mike Piper and other suspicioius people in this patriot movement.

Have you seen the Kay Griggs excerpts? You can find them at this site:


Mark Lane was a lawyer in the Martin Luther King case, the Jim Jones massacre, and other suspicious events. What did Mark Lane do to expose the truth about those events?

It seems that Lane's real purpose is to make sure the truth remains hidden with these court cases.
Phil Berg does the same for the 9/11 victims.

Specifically, he takes their cases, but they never go anywhere.

By the way, how does he support himself when the cases never bring him money?

The suspicious behavior of Mark Lane and others at the American Free Press should help you to understand why the AFP told Christopher Bollyn to hire Mark Lane as his lawyer.

This should also shed light on why the AFP wanted to stop Bollyn from investigating Zionism.

Our military should investigate everybody in their intelligence agencies.


Christopher Bollyn and his family are MIA

My response is here

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