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Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid
It is 30 June 2007...

do you know where Christopher Bollyn is?

Where is Osama bin Laden, Tim McVeigh, Barbara Olson, and Ken Lay? Some people think they are alive; some people think they are dead.

Bollyn supposedly wrote and posted this article at his site on 29 June 2007, but we have not heard directly from Bollyn, so we have no reason to believe that Christopher is alive, and if he is alive, we have no reason to believe that he is safe.

It is possible that the rumors that Tim McVeigh is alive were created by the Zionists in order to fool the people who work for them.

Imagine if I, Eric Hufschmid, were to vanish, and then some mysterious person tells you "Oh, don't worry, Hufschmid is safe in another country." Don't fall for such a simple trick; be more suspicious!

Did you know that in January 2005 Christopher Bollyn wrote about similar mysterious disappearances of the crew members of the ship Estonia when it sank mysteriously? There is evidence that they use private jets to fly kidnapped people to wherever they want to interrogate and/or kill them.

The Zionist movement is being exposed, and there is no way they can stop it. They are becoming desperate to silence us. It is too late for them, but they're not going to give up. There's going to be a struggle as their ship sinks. You will make the situation worse for all of us if you allow them to fool people with their tricks.

Do you see any of the 9/11 "truth seekers" showing any concern about Bollyn's disappearance? Do you think they would show a concern if you disappeared? The Zionist movement is big; don't underestimate it. Almost every one of the "truth seekers" are working for Israel, the Rothschilds, or some group connected with Zionism.

They are being exposed, so this is a great time to put extra pressure on people to take a look at what is going on.

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I have two styles of "business cards" that you can print, 10 to a sheet:
Many months ago Smith contacted Peter Kawaja to ask him if he would do an interview, but Kawaja behaved in a very bizarre manner.

Have you seen these accusations by a woman named Linda Kennedy that Kawaja was murdered, and that somebody is pretending to be him, and that Joyce Riley and Dave von Kleist are liars?

Update: a video made by Peter Kawaja years ago has been posted to show that Joyce Riley cannot be trusted:

The plots for many Hollywood movies seem to be taken from actual Zionist activities and fantasies. Did you see the movie Weekend at Bernie's in which people are fooled into thinking a dead man is still alive?

Where is Carol Valentine? How do we know she is still alive?

Nobody has heard from her for a couple years, except for Jim Condit Jr., who I no longer trust!

The London Bomb joke

As the Zionist ship sinks, they pump out more propaganda. Can you figure out how this amusing joke  about the London car bomb is actually propaganda?
London bomb 'Not Scary Enough', Brown tells MI5

One of the latest propaganda movies is "Zeitgeist the Movie":

Their site:

Try to recognize the pattern in their propaganda. Specifically, they steer you away from Zionism and onto the CIA, and MI5, the US military, or some other group not directly connected with Zionism or Israel. They are always trying to "Blame the Goys"

Also, they will avoid linking to our articles, audio files, and videos. They try to pretend we don't exist. They prefer to promote only their own people.



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