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WLS Host Attacks Ads- 
Blocks Bollyn Response 

by Christopher Bollyn
2 November 2006

Roe Conn, the afternoon host on WLS radio in Chicago, spent the better part of an hour attacking Jim Condit's political ads, which are running on WLS prior to Election Day.
The ads are from Jim Condit Jr.:
Jim Condit's radio ads are here:
"Roe Conn at the Gay Games" - Roe Conn, the WLS talk show host who is offended by Jim Condit's "Arrest Chertoff" ad.
Conn attacked the ads as an "anti-Semitic rant" and said that his family was offended by the ads. He also said that he would contribute to a Jewish cause the equal amount of the cost of the ads on his show. He also said he would rip Jim Condit apart.

Roe Conn's webpage is here:

Mr. Conn, who is apparently a Zionist Jew, attacked Mr. Condit as a "jagdork" or something like that. He said he could not understand why Mr. Condit was running the ads in Chicago. He said he was personally offended that the ad mentions that Neo Con Jews are suspected of being involved in the attacks of 9/11.

Conn used vulgar and derogatory language to attack Jim Condit and Chris Bollyn, who were not mentioned by name.

I am the subject of the ads and went to the phone to explain why the ads are running in Chicago. I called the call-in number (312-591-8900) and spoke to the gatekeeper Todd Rosenkowski.

Rosenkowski said he did not understand what I had to do with the ad. I asked Rosenkowski if he had heard the ad. He said no.

Rosenkowski said he had no desire to hear the ad. I told him that Conn is attacking the ad and asking why it is running in Illinois, and that I would like to respond, as the subject of the ad. Rosenkowski said that there is no way I was going on the air.

The Roe Conn show runs for 5 hours, from 2 to 7 p.m.

After being told twice that I would not be allowed to speak on the air about the ad, I asked to speak with the station manager.

I called the WLS main number (312 984-0890) and was told that the afternoon manager, Mr. John Gallagher, was in a meeting for the whole afternoon.

I encourage readers to call WLS at: 312 591-8900 (call in) or the office at (312) 984-0890 and protest the way WLS host Roe Conn is attacking the ad.


Christopher Bollyn and his family are MIA

My response is here

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