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Astucia on Treachery of Michael Piper 

by Christopher Bollyn
1 November 2006

This is a continuation of the previous article by Bollyn:
FBI is a Huge Zionist Police Force
Salvador Astucia, author of the book Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination: The FBI's War on Rock Stars, wrote that it didn't take Michael B. Piper [a.k.a. Michael Collins Piper] long to respond.

Piper, who is near the top of the Willis A. Carto-owned newspaper American Free Press, seems to have been the driving force to push Christopher Bollyn out of American Free Press even while he lavished compliments on Bollyn whenever he was on Piper's radio show.

(Piper's compliments always seemed over the top to me and now I know why. He was trying to appear to be my friend and supporter as he conspired against me and stabbed me in the back.)

In email comments to Astucia, Piper now refers to Bollyn as "a lunatic with an axe to grind."

As Piper publicly complimented Bollyn as "America's best investigative journalist bar none," he was busy conspiring with his business partners Scott Makufka [a.k.a. Victor Thorn] and Lisa Guliani in his home state of Pennsylvania to attack Bollyn in a character assassination campaign.

Makufka and Guliani publish pornographic literature and attack well-known researchers of 9/11 through their Internet website WING TV. Makufka and Guliani also published Piper's book Dirty Secrets, although it says American Free Press on the spine. Is WING TV the same as American Free Press? What's going on between Makufka and Piper and the people at AFP?

It should be noted that Scott Makufka is a well-known writer and publisher of pornographic books and an on-line porn magazine called Babel. Makufka, which means "poppy head" in Polish, is based in State College, Penn. and works with Lisa Guliani, a woman who abandoned her husband, Cris Guliani, and her three sons in Minnesota to run off with Makufka, writer and publisher of porn. Her three sons are from three different men.

When Bollyn repeatedly asked American Free Press, a newspaper that supposedly supports family values, why they were doing business with such morally dodgy people as Makufka and Guliani the attacks on Bollyn, AFP's "star investigative reporter" only intensified.

Piper, a homosexual who has had a long-term relationship with a Jewish lover named "Phil," obviously worked closely with Makufka and Guliani to force Bollyn out of American Free Press.

A long-time insider at AFP and close personal friend of Willis A. Carto repeatedly told Bollyn that Phil is Piper's controller from the Zionist organization, the Anti-Defamation League. Phil and Piper have been seen walking down Pennsylvania Avenue hand-in-hand.

Bollyn was attacked and TASERed by undercover cops in mid-August. Makufka and Guliani immediately began to attack Bollyn's credibility although they never contacted him for his version of events. At the same time that Makufka, Guliani, and Piper conspired to attack Bollyn, the ADL issued a nationwide press release in which Bollyn was attacked for his research about 9/11 in which numerous links to Israeli intelligence have been exposed.

The Centre Daily Times of State College refused to review Makufka's pornographic book "Rebellious Confessions" (2002, Black Sheep Books, DuBois, Penn.). Responding to a published letter to the Centre Daily Times, the paper's editor defended his decision not to review Makufka's books saying, "Among the books that the CDT will not review are books that contain lewd sexual content or extreme and gratuitous violence."

It should be noted that in the summer of 2002, as Bollyn discovered and reported about the presence of molten metal in the basements of the three collapsed towers of the World Trade Center and other key bits of 9/11 evidence, Makufka and Guliani were busy writing and publishing pornographic books and magazines.

Do Makufka and Guliani sound like real 9/11 investigators? Piper and American Free Press seem to think so.

Do Makufka and Guliani sound like they fit with American Free Press readers or real 9/11 researchers? I don't think so.

AFP says nothing about their relationship with Makufka and Guliani of WING TV. Is it only money or is it the Anti-Defamation League?

As I say, it seems to me that Piper and the people at AFP have a lot of explaining to do. Astucia reveals more of the "dirty secrets" of Piper and AFP in the following exchange.

Astucia notes in the following correspondence that Piper seemed "awfully mad." Piper is probably mad at being exposed as the treacherous and treasonous person he has shown himself to be:

From Salvador Astucia Tue Oct 31 22:09:53 2006

Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 22:09:53 -0800 (PST)

From: Salvador Astucia

Subject: Re: Is there a problem?

To: Michael Collins Piper

MIKE (10/31/06): It's too bad that you don't wait for me to reply to your emails--one of hundreds I receive on three or four different emails---before you start attacking me in letters to Christopher Bollyn.

SALVADOR (11/01/06): Mr. Bollyn is a fine writer, and you have no business publicly attacking him without cause. I merely forwarded him the same email I sent to you. It was hardly talking behind your back as you suggest. If you have evidence that he has done something wrong, please present it. Otherwise, shut your pie hole.

SALVADOR (previous email): From your comments about pending trips abroad, it sounds like we will not be doing any follow-up Lennon shows as I had hoped,

MIKE (10/31/06): What I told you, Salvador, was that I was not prepared to schedule anything on such a broad scale as you hoped because I have an un-even schedule ahead of me myself.

SALVADOR (11/01/06): But you had that fruitcake John de Nugent on your show twice. How interesting.

SALVADOR (previous email): although I was led to believe otherwise from comments you made in an email you sent me a day of two after the Oct. 9th show. It isn't a huge deal, but it's disappointing.

MIKE (10/31/06): So therefore you assume that it's all been canceled and then go out and write an email attacking me and sending it to a lunatic with an axe to grind.

SALVADOR (11/01/06): Look Mike, it's obvious you're upset because I did a good job on your show, despite your efforts to discredit me. Afterwards you broke off communications with me. You gave me the big freeze and you know it. Why? Because I revealed too much cutting edge information about John Lennon's murder, just like Chris Bollyn revealed too much cutting edge information about the Israeli-Lebanon war and 9/11.

SALVADOR (previous email): Is Dec. 8th still a go? (That's the 26th anniversary of Lennon's murder.)

MIKE (10/31/06): Now you want me to do a show with you?

SALVADOR (11/01/06): I don't really care, Mike. In the recent email I sent to you and Chris Bollyn, I cancelled the Dec. 8th show because you never replied to my emails or returned my phone calls. I don't really give a damn about your show anymore. I'm not convinced you even have an audience anyway perhaps twenty people per show big deal.

SALVADOR (previous email): Regarding Rita, the religious nut who phoned in, she was definitely a fundamentalist Christian, meaning she gives as much or more weight to the Old Testament as the New. She more or less stated that. I would appreciate if you could screen nuts like her from any future shows, or pull the plug on them if they should get through.

MIKE (10/31/06): RBN doesn't screen the callers. She had her right to her opinion. Sorry if it offended you.

SALVADOR (11/01/06): Opinion? Screaming like a fornicating chicken is what she did. That's hardly expressing an opinion. Does the first Amendment protect people's right to sound like a fornicating chicken? I don't think so. And she said she was glad John Lennon was murdered. So she is no better than the people who had him bumped off, or the people who had JFK bumped off. People like that deserve a bullet in the brain, not the right to squawk like a fornicating chicken.

SALVADOR (previous email): Fundies are the craziest and stupidest people on the planet, so there's no point in wasting air time with them. It's pointless to talk with them because they have all the answers.

MIKE (10/31/06): She is NOT A FUNDAMENTALIST. She's a traditional Catholic.

SALVADOR (11/01/06): She's an Old Testament bible thumper. Go back and listen to the interview. She started quoting from the Old Testament, and I told her I didn't believe in the Old Testament. She was shocked with that comment, so she continued squawking like a fornicating chicken. And Zionism LIVES in the Old Testament. If you're defending Rita, then you're defending Zionism. And it's the worst form of Zionism. Not the secular Zionist who run Israel. The Old Testament Zionists are the really rotten ones. And you seem to like that crowd.

SALVADOR (previous email): Anyway, if you could let me know if I should plan to be on your program on Friday, Dec. 8th, from 8-to-9 PM (Eastern Time), I would appreciate it.

MIKE (10/31/06): Well, now that you have blasted me and claimed that I set you up to be attacked and that I made stupid comments, etc etc etc, it doesn't seem like you would have wanted to be on the show in the first (or, in this case, second) place.

SALVADOR (11/01/06): No. I went on the show because I had met you previously, communicated with you personally, read your book, Final Judgment, even though I disagree with parts of it. You seemed okay, so I accepted your invitation. I was a bit put off when that nut Rita called in and you allowed her to squawk like a fornicating chicken, which probably hurt my book sales (assuming you had more than five listeners, that is). But that wasn't a huge deal. I was particularly put off when you failed to return my call the next day, and the day after, and you were extremely slow to reply to my emails. Then you put that idiot John de Nugent on your show twice. That was the last straw. That's when I decided to cancel.

SALVADOR (previous email): I understand that you are busy, but I have a job too, and a life. So if I do not hear back within a day or two, I will assume the show is cancelled for reasons beyond my control.

MIKE (10/31/06): That's a pretty stupid assumption, considering the fact that I was away from my email for several days and then I've been having a whole hell of a lot of trouble accessing it, anyway, when I do get to it.

Well, I trust you and Christopher Bollyn will have a great time promoting your books together.

Anyway, you said you weren't happy with the promotion we did and you didn't get many sales. I really suggest that you team up with Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid, except they might call you an anti-Semite.

SALVADOR (11/01/06): When someone fails to confirm an appearance after they've been given several weeks to do so, at some point one has to draw the line and say enough is enough. I'm sorry you think it's stupid, but it's just business as far as I'm concerned. Big boys' rules, Mike.

Regarding Chris Bollyn, I don't know the man personally. I only know him through his articles in American Free Press. And I read AFP's smear page against him. And I read Mr. Bollyn's response to that smear page. Take some advice, Mike, either have your partners at AFP supply some evidence of wrongdoing by Mr. Bollyn, or AFP and you should retract your negative statements about Mr. Bollyn.

AFP's charges against him don't amount to a hill of beans and the negative comments are going to hurt AFP's reputation in the long run. The appearance is that AFP was pressured by a bunch of Zionists because of Bollyn's articles, particularly the stuff he wrote about the Israeli-Lebanese war while it was in progress.

As for Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid possibly calling me anti-Semitic, I don't know how to respond to that. It seems like you're calling them Zionists. Well, my friend, there are different breeds of Zionists. There are the secular Zionists, like Theodore Herzl, and there are the Old Testament Bible thumpers, which is where true Zionism lives. In fact, I get the impression that RBN's audience consists largely of Old Testament bible thumpers like your good friend Rita. That says quite a bit about your true loyalties.


Salvador Astucia 

Salvador Astucia's website:

Photo (below): Christopher Bollyn complains at August 21 meeting of Village Board of Hoffman Estates (IL) about being un-justly attacked and TASERed by three unidentified undercover cops at his home in front of his family. The attack appears to have been ordered by Michael Chertoff, the secretary of the Dept. of Homeland Security in order to silence Bollyn.

Willis A. Carto, owner of American Free Press, immediately began to collect funds for Bollyn's legal defense fund although they told their "star" reporter not to attend their conference in Washington. Although they had collected untold thousands of dollars for Bollyn's legal defense, when he appeared in court on September 12, Bollyn had not been given one cent from the fund.

A senior editor at AFP told Bollyn: "You don't expect us to keep track of your court dates, do you?"

But they certainly do keep track of the money coming in his name. Despite promises from Willis Carto to supply the list of donors, to this day no list has appeared. Piper tell his audience that AFP will not provide the list - despite Carto's promise to Bollyn.

For this reason, Bollyn has been unable to thank the many supporters who have donated - in checks made out to AFP - to his legal defense. (I can only send my thanks to these generous people indirectly. If I receive the list, I will thank them all personally - even if I don't get the money.)

One month later Carto fired Bollyn on trumped up charges although he still holds the thousands of dollars in funds he collected for Bollyn's legal defense.

Are these the actions of a truly populist newspaper run by patriotic Americans?