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Christopher Bollyn's
address to the Village Board
of Hoffman Estates
January 15, 2007
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


This speech relates to Bollyn's suspicious and illegal arrest, described here, and the attempt by high level authorities to cover it up. 

Hoffman Estates is outside of Chicago, and Chicago continues to have some of the America's most corrupt and immoral political leaders.

This photo shows Al Capone with deputy chief of police John Stege.

The Chicago police have been, and still are, dishonest fools who work closely with organized crime gangs. Al Capone is gone, but not the corruption.

The Chicago police do not understand that corruption hurts everybody, including the police and their families.

This photo of Bollyn was taken at an earlier village board meeting
Good evening Mayor McLeod, ladies and gentlemen of the village board, officials of Hoffman Estates, and members of the audience.
I am here tonight because of the criminal case that the police and Village of Hoffman Estates are pursuing against me.  Two months ago I presented a letter to the mayor and the chief of police with an offer to settle this matter.  To this day I have not received a response.
Why has the village not responded to my letter?
What occurred to me and my family at our home at the hands of the Hoffman Estates police on August 15, 2006 is not a trivial matter.  It has weighed heavily on me and my family and it should be a matter of serious concern for the members of the board, the officials of the village and the public.
What happened to me and my family is extremely disturbing and troubling.  The consequences of this case reach much further than the boundaries of Hoffman Estates.
After I had noticed a car with three heavily-armed men prowling around my house for two nights in a row, I called 911 to express my concern and ask for help.  My first concern was for the safety of my family and children.
Fifteen minutes later I was shocked to see the very same suspicious car in front of my house with three heavily-armed men standing on my driveway confronting my wife and 8-year-old daughter.
Extremely concerned, I ran out to my wife and child and asked these men who they were and what they were doing at my house.  
It should be noted that these men, wearing civilian clothes and body armor, adamantly refused to identify themselves or explain what they were doing.  It actually took us one month to learn the identities of these men.  Most importantly, they did not say that they were responding to my 911 call.  So what were they doing at my house?
I asked these men to identify themselves and explain what they were doing prowling around my neighborhood with body armor and weapons, but they refused.  Faced with three heavily-armed men who would not identify themselves or explain their business, I said that I needed to get my brother from the house.
I turned and went toward my house when I was suddenly attacked from behind and thrown to the ground.  My left hand was handcuffed immediately and my right hand was pinned beneath my body.  One man knelt with his full body weight on the side of my head while the other knelt on my right elbow, which he broke in the process.
At this point, with two men kneeling on me and unable to move my head or hands, I felt a square object pushed against my back.  What followed next is hard to describe.
It felt like electrocution, an extremely painful shock running through my entire body.  When it ended, I was offended to my core and felt deeply insulted and injured.  
I ask, why was this TASER shock of 50,000 volts given to me?  How was this justified?
And why was medical attention not given to me immediately on the scene or during the 6 hours I was held in a prison cell without water.  When I was pulled to my feet I saw that there were many police cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck on the scene but I was denied any medical attention the entire time I was in police custody.  Why?
Adding insult to injury, I was taken away in a police car and insulted continuously by an officer named Fitzgerald.  When he put me in a cell without water, he told me to drink from the toilet.
While I was held in the cell, the police began crafting a report that is full of lies and fabrications.  This report is the basis of their case against me, a case in which I have been charged with resisting arrest and aggravated assault on a peace officer.  
These charges are preposterous and Kafkaesque.  There was no reason to arrest me and I neither committed, nor suggested that I would commit, assault against anyone at any time.
Furthermore, when these men were on my driveway, I had no way of knowing if they were from the police or not.  Why would the chief of police send a tactical squad of three armed men to answer a non-emergency 911 call?  Especially when this heavily-armed squad was the object of my fears and concern?
I have seen the police report of this incident and can tell you with 100 percent certainty that it is full of lies, fabrications, and distortions.  Why is this happening?  What do the police hope to achieve with this malicious and dishonest report?  Is this the way police business is done in Hoffman Estates?
As the great Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. said in his letter from Birmingham Jail on April 16, 1963, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
The unjust attack and TASERing I was subjected to last August is a concern for all Americans and people around the world.  The supposedly "non-lethal" TASER kills Americans every week.  This hideous weapon is considered a tool of torture in nearly every nation on the planet.  
The unjustified assault on me in front of my wife and child and the completely egregious abuse of the TASER weapon on me is a very serious matter.  I would hope that you would appreciate the importance of this matter and act accordingly.
Why are the elected officials and the members of the village board silent about this? Why have you not answered my letter of last November?  Why do you tolerate such corruption of the truth to be presented by your police force in a court of law against a resident of the village?  What do you hope to achieve by such dishonesty?
As Dr. King said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."
I will not be silent about this and I will fight this abuse of police power with every ounce of energy and fiber of my being.  I am an innocent man who was unjustly beaten and TASERed in front of my wife and tender 8-year-old daughter.  This malicious attack has scarred me and my family for life.
I would seriously advise the village elders to look at the complete police report, which is in the court, and ask the three officers if they are willing to take the oath that what is in that report is the truth, because my wife and I, along with my 8-year-old daughter saw what happened on my front lawn that awful day and it is not what is presented in that report.  The position of Hoffman Estates rests on that report and I can tell you that it is a pack of lies.
In concluding, I want to offer you this thought from the great Martin Luther King, who we honor today:  
"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."
Thank you and good night.