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Christopher Bollyn interviews
Stanley Praimnath

A survivor of the 9/11 attack
on the 81st floor of the South Tower.

by Christopher Bollyn
28 January 2007

Bollyn was told about a large number of computers and backup batteries on the 81st floor, and that the batteries were never turned on.
The article is: Bollyn-Fuji-WTC.html

The Fuji Bank occupied the 79th to 82nd floors. Bollyn spoke with Stanley Praimnath, who worked on the 81st floor to learn more about the Thermite and Fuji Bank.

The diagrams and information below will help you understand this interview.

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Photo: Stanley Praimnath, his wife, and two daughters.

His story and web site is here:

Praimnath's office was located at the southwest corner of the 81st floor of the South Tower.

The Fuji Bank had a large computer room (estimated 40' x 40') with an adjacent UPS backup power room along the south side of the 81st floor.  According to Praimnath, the computer room is exactly where the nose of the plane entered the tower.

Note: there was never any fire along the west half of the South Tower (the left side of the tower in this photo):

This diagram is from USA Today, and is available here.

Praimnath's office was located at the corner of the building near the arrow showing North. The airplane crashed into the east side of the tower, where the computers and backup batteries were located.

Praimnath crawled through the rubble of office furnishing and ceiling tiles from his corner office to Stairway A. The row of elevator machines helped protect the west side of the building.

Stanley Praimnath brings
up several important issues

The airplane destroyed only a small area

The official story claims that the airplane caused tremendous damage and started horrendous fires in the South Tower, but the fact that Stanley crawled through the rubble is proof that most of the floor was intact, and that the fires were limited to a small area.

Photos also show that there was no fire on the west side of the tower.

The lack of fires allowed Brian Clark to walk down Stairway A from the 84th floor.

When he reached the 81st floor he heard Stanley Praimnath yelling, and he stopped to help Praimnath break through a gypsum wall.

The ground rumbled

Before the tower came down they felt the ground rumbling. They also heard three loud explosions.

The rumbling could have been the first explosives that started to break apart the frame of the building.


Christopher Bollyn and his family are MIA

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