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It is August 10, 2007...

do you know where the Bollyn family is?

The Bollyn family claims to be hiding from Chertoff and other Zionists, but they don't want us to be concerned about them. They want us to believe that they are doing fine, and that we should stop worrying about them.

If you were in their position, would you be trying to convince us to forget about you? Or would you be asking for help?

In the latest of two brief phone calls that I received so far, Christopher Bollyn told me that they are under stress and don't want to disclose their location because they are afraid.

He also told me that his wife's blood pressure is dropping, but he did not answer the question as to what is wrong with her. Torture?

Why wouldn't they ask for our help? How can they be doing fine if they are under terrible stress and sick? Can you see a contradiction here?

If they are too afraid to give an interview, how can they feel safe taking money out of their bank account? How do they buy food? What are their children doing every day? What is causing his wife's blood pressure to drop? And why don't they want our help? Who would turn away help in such a terrible situation? Why would they tell us they are doing fine?

Can you understand why we worry? Their strange behavior makes sense only if they are prisoners. In such a case, the Zionists would want to convince us that the Bollyn family is fine and that we should forget about them. They would also threaten Christopher to make a brief phone call to me in a desperate attempt to convince us that they are fine. Then, if they can succeed in causing us to forget about the Bollyn family, the Zionists could kill the family.

This would also explain why so many other people in this "truth movement" are trying to attract our attention to exciting exposés of Zionism, or Ed Brown's exciting fight with the IRS over taxes.
For example, Mike Rivero of whatreallyhappened is trying to attract our attention with articles that expose corruption and Zionism, but once you realize he is a liar, you can use his site to identify other Zionist sites. For example, on 10 Aug 2007 he promoted newsfromthewest:
A List of Jewish People That Help Control the World 
Posted Aug 10, 2007 08:50 AM PST

That site has an image of the Statue of Liberty to make them appear to be patriotic Americans, and it identifies some of the Jews in control of the media, but take a close look at their articles and who they link to. For example, they promote the theory that the bridge in Minnesota collapsed because of Mexicans, blacks, and other minorities! The article has such stupid reasoning as:

"The federal and state governments throughout the US are obsessed with diversity."

And look at the sites they recommend, such as sites from David Duke, Mark Glenn, Pat Buchanan, Birdman Bryant, and the Reverend Ted Pike.
Mike Rivero also promotes smokingmirrors.blogspot.

Did you know that Christopher Bollyn just promoted that same website? Or was Bollyn forced to promote that site? 107572

Bollyn has been doing original research for years. Does that look like one of his investigative articles? Or does that look like somebody wrote it for him, or that he is a prisoner who was ordered to write it?

Follow the rats, such as Mike Rivero, and you can identify the network. You can use the deceptive websites to get an idea of who to trust. The deceptive sites might occasionally promote an honest person, but don't let that fool you.

We cannot forget about the Bollyn family. If we allow the Zionists to get away with kidnapping and murdering the family, we will be showing the Zionists that Harold Rosenthal is correct, and that they can safely go after the rest of us, also. How many of your names are already on one of their lists of people who need to be dealt with? Take this situation seriously.
Have you read what Rosenthal said? Harold_Rosenthal.html

Release the Bollyn family! Give it up! Zionism is a lost cause.

Look at what has been happening over the past few years. The Internet is allowing us to expose Zionism, and there is nothing they can do to stop it

The problem we face is that the more intelligent Zionists will abandon the movement, and that will leave the more insane and stupid Zionists in control, and that could result in more crazy stunts, such as the kidnapping of more of us.

The Zionist movement is a sinking ship, but we could be in for a lot of chaos as the more insane Zionists fight to the death. Help us put a quick end to this nightmare by educating people about this situation.

They are also fighting with each other. For example, Jim Hoffman's girlfriend, Victoria Ashley, exposes some of the Zionists:

Somebody has to get blamed, so who will it be? Will it be Jim Hoffman and his group? Will it be Alex Jones and his group? Will it be Rahm Emanuel or Mike Chertoff?


David Shayler claims to be God!

David Shayler is an ex-MI5 agent, and he is referred to as a "whistleblower", but as I've pointed out before, we are fools to believe that there is such a thing as an ex-secret agent. He gets lots of favorable publicity, such as this on British TV and this in the UK news. However, since our media is controlled by Zionist Jews, any "whistleblower" who gets favorable publicity should be considered as one of their agents who will never do any "whistleblowing" on Jewish crimes.

Daryl Smith used to promote Shayler, and Smith tried to convince me to trust Shayler, Michel Chossudovsky, Karen Kwiatkowski, and others who have since proven themselves to be a Zionist agents.

Update July 2009: Shayler has become a transvestite squatter named Delores!
Shayler is like Morgan Reynolds; both of them began as honest investigators, and after they acquired credibility, they started acting crazy. Today Morgan Reynolds is claiming that the airplanes that hit the towers were illusions.

Today Shayler is behaving like a lunatic, such as claiming that he is God (video is here), perhaps because he is no longer useful to the Zionist movement and was given orders to destroy his reputation. A wierd videos he made of himself is here.

Annie Machon -- another ex-MI5 agent -- was Shayler's ex-girlfriend, but we should assume she was actually Shayler's handler.

She is given favorable publicity by the Jews in the 9/11 "truth movement", such as this. Don't assume this is a coincidence. She is working with them. Here is an interview with Annie Machon. Here is one news report that creates the illusion that she's an honest whistleblower.

In this news report you can see how they are trying to fool us into believing that Britain is not dealing with "global terrorism"; ie, Arabs.

Jimmy Walter spent a lot of his personal money during the summer of 2005 to have meetings around Europe to expose 9/11. Unfortunately, he was fooled into letting Zionist agents and their puppets infiltrate and organize his meetings. David Shayler, for example, was allowed to speak at the London event. Webster Tarpley's description of the event is at the "community currency" site:

Notice that Tarpley misspells "Hufschmid". This is very common among Zionist agents as a way of reducing the chance of people successfully using Google to search on my name.

The "community currency" site comes from Carol Brouillet and the other Zionist agents in the San Francisco area. They created the "Deception Dollar" to fool us into thinking that George Bush and some oil company executives are behind all the corruption, as I described here:
During 2007, William Rodriguez was sent around Europe to talk about 9/11, and David Shayler was selected to speak at one of those meetings with Rodriguez:
Did you hear about the stray dogs that were used as shark bait?
nationalgeographic news 051019_dog_shark.html

William Rodriguez became homeless after the World Trade Center was destroyed because he spent his money trying to help the victims. The Zionists are now using this "stray", homeless man as bait to lure Gullible Goyim to deceptive websites and deceptive 9/11 meetings all over the world:

It would help people understand what is going on if the Zionists would put a giant fishing hook into Rodriguez's nose.

By the way, Shayler's website (  is registered to and hosted by the Alex Jones group:

The name of person it is registered to is Dwayne Coots:

Learn about wolves in sheep's clothing

Almost all of the people in this "truth movement" are Zionist agents. You must be careful. Be  more suspicious of these mysterious 9/11 "truth groups".

We leave you with this brief excerpt of Alex Jones complaining about the "New World Order":